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Zoology Curriculum Set

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  • Item #: 067712
    ISBN: 9781683440505
    Retail: $297.86
    Rainbow Price: $204.95

  • Item #: 006175
    ISBN: 9781683440543
    Retail: $613.82
    Rainbow Price: $419.95

    Courses include: Basic Pre-Med (biology); Paleontology: Living Fossils; Survey of Astronomy; American Literature; and American History.

  • Item #: 059837
    ISBN: 9781613749616
    Retail: $18.95
    Rainbow Price: $13.95

    Children are fascinated by animals and capitalizing on their interest and passion will help them to love learning (and who knows, maybe provide a career opportunity for them in the future!). Divided into two parts, this book takes children from understanding Zoology at its most basic definition through the foundational concepts of animal forms and functions, animal behavior and environment. Then, it forays into zoology (in real life) with a survey of career paths and experiences for zoologists. Intermingled within the text are full color illustrations and abundant hands-on activities. A sampling of activities includes playing a dolphin echolocation game, demonstrating a butterfly’s life cycle, communicating like a deep sea animal, molding “tiger teeth”, planning and drawing an animal’s exhibit and following recipes to create an edible animal cell and bat fruit salad. The over 20 activities usually use easy to find items. Includes bolded vocabulary words, a glossary, an index and resources to learn more. A perfect supplement to any science curriculum or unit study/summer study resource. 131 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 067710
    ISBN: 9781683440482
    Retail: $298.84
    Rainbow Price: $205.50

  • Item #: 067709
    ISBN: 9781683440475
    Retail: $246.87
    Rainbow Price: $165.75

  • Item #: 067711
    ISBN: 9781683440499
    Retail: $311.79
    Rainbow Price: $214.95

  • Item #: 006223
    ISBN: 9780890519578
    Retail: $626.81
    Rainbow Price: $199.95

    Courses include: Earth Science & Chemistry; Speleology & Paleontology; Applied Science (engineering); Christian Heritage; Skills for Rhetoric; Adams' Chart; and Studies in World History, Volume 3.

  • Item #: 006189
    ISBN: 9781683440550
    Retail: $372.82
    Rainbow Price: $254.95

    Courses include: Biblical Archaeology; Intro to Economics; British Literature; British History; and ACT College Prep.

  • Item #: 006202
    ISBN: 9780890519561
    Retail: $560.77
    Rainbow Price: $239.95

    Courses include: Intro to Archaeology & Geology; Christian History: Biographies of Faith Package; Concepts of Math & Physics; Skills for Literary Analysis; Christian Reading Companion for 50 Classics and Studies in World History, Volume 3.

  • Item #: 015438
    ISBN: 9781683440567
    Retail: $260.90
    Rainbow Price: $179.95

    Courses include: Advanced Pre-Med (biology); Natural Science; Intro to Biblical Greek; World Literature; World History; ACT College Prep.

  • Item #: 006199
    ISBN: 9781683440512
    Retail: $320.87
    Rainbow Price: $209.95

    Courses include: General Science I, Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology, Principles of Mathematics Book 1, Writing Strands Intermediate 2, Studies in World History Vol. 1.

  • Item #: 001834
    ISBN: 9781935614203
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $14.95
  • Item #: 015464
    ISBN: 9781683440871
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

    This Teacher Guide creates a zoology unit study for elementary students using The World of Animals, Wonders of God's World Dinosaur Activity Book, The Complete Aquarium Adventure, and The Complete Zoo Adventure. The 180 daily lessons are detailed in the suggested schedule chart, along with space to record due dates for assignments and grades. Also included in the planner are student worksheets for The World of Animals, quizzes and tests, and the answer key. The worksheets are simply answering questions concerning the assigned reading, and permission is given for copying to small groups of ten or less and homeschool families. Students will learn about simple animals, worms/snails/starfish, insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Five bonus activities are included in the planner for a hands-on experience in each subject area. These activities are optional, but even choosing just one in each section will enhance the learning experience. ~ Donna

  • Item #: WPGPCP
    Retail: $394.75
    Rainbow Price: $319.95

  • Item #: WP9NAN
    Retail: $556.41
    Rainbow Price: $379.95

  • Item #: WP11EA
    Retail: $471.88
    Rainbow Price: $329.95

  • Item #: 029774
    Retail: $335.00
    Rainbow Price: $299.00

    Teaching language arts has never been so fun and easy! Watch your student’s eyes light up with understanding… English does make sense. With The Phonics Road, your student will learn to spell and write as well as they read.

    Combining seven (7) language arts skills in one program?! YES!

    Complete video teacher training through every word, rule, and lesson? YES!

    Everything you need already included? YES!

    Easy to learn/Easy to teach? YES!!

    Something for every student’s learning style? YES!

    Extra help and resources for our teachers? YES!

    Help stop/reverse Dyslexia? YES!

    Homeschool Friendly? YES!

    Charter/Flex School Friendly? YES!

    School Friendly? YES!

    There are four levels in The Phonics Road system. Each new level builds upon the skills learned in previous levels. This allows students starting with any skill level to become great spellers, writers and readers – FAST!

    This method creates greater results, in a shorter time span and with less homework.

    The Phonics Road Level Four is designed to follow Level Three. This level completes the skills your students have been building in The Phonics Road and includes all 7 language arts skills: Spelling, Handwriting, Reading, English Grammar, Composition, and Literature Studies with an Introduction to Latin while incorporating Music, Art, and History. As the teacher, you are guided step by step in how to finish teaching all these skills seamlessly, with ease and confidence.

    In Level Four, we have produced and provide twenty-two (22) hours of explicit teacher training via our video/text. This is the core of the curriculum and allows even a new teacher to begin teaching this method and level with very little preparation time needed. You also receive the physical pieces for both teacher and student. This includes the Teacher’s Blueprint Manual, with Literature Study Guide, and the Student Workbook, Student Literature Study and the book Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, by Jean Lee Latham.

    It’s still as easy as 1-2-3…

    • 1) The Teacher watches the video/text for the week’s lesson (averages about 30-45 minutes per week) …
    • 2) …and using the completed Teachers Blueprints provided, takes any notes needed for that day.
    • 3) Follow exactly what was modeled on the video and begin with your students.

    The magic of this method continues through the interaction between teacher and students, building advanced reasoning and thinking skills. Each student will continue to learn with their natural learning-style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) while mastering the others. This continues to create success for both the teacher and the students!

    “I wish Barbara had been my grammar teacher. I feel like I'm learning alongside my student. There are many things in The Phonics Road programs that were never explained to me as a student.” – Emma M.

    “Even with my PhD, I realized just looking at the knowledge I have gained, and the ability to read, decode, spell, and memory my students have gained, this program is without peers when it comes to English Language Arts for the Elementary age.” - Phil D.

  • Item #: WP9EAN
    Retail: $439.28
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  • Item #: WP9CAN
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  • Item #: WP10EA
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  • Item #: WP11NA
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  • Item #: WP10NA
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  • Item #: 014251
    ISBN: 9781935495116
    Retail: $29.00
    Rainbow Price: $19.25

    For a detailed comparison between several lapbook products designed for Apologia Science courses, check out our Lapbook Comparison Sheet

  • Item #: WP12NC
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