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Zoology 2 Lab

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  • Item #: 048427
    Retail: $80.00
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    Personal-sized fans, AA batteries, pepper packets, balloon, construction paper, glue, plastic cup, paper cup, nails, blue drink mix, yellow drink mix, spoon, cardstock, clear tape, small cups, table salt, paper clip, pencil, colored yarn, petroleum jelly, gloves, stopwatch, plastic bags, chalk, tape measure, small box, vanilla, sea shell, Cheerios, disposable containers, sand, modeling clay, black permanent marker, plaster of Paris, thermometer, wooden ruler, battery holder, insulated copper wire, electrical tape small light bulb, light bulb holder, file folders, index cards, six-sided die, sea animal game pieces, Triops, colored pencils, scissors, cardboard, sheets of foam, dropper pipette, water bottle w/lid, large & small google eyes, brown & red pipe cleaners, cotton string, red drink mix, coral specimen, plastic tubing, binder w/lined paper, toothpicks, feathers, straws.
  • Item #: RBW6TH
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  • Item #: 067624
    ISBN: 9781943645053
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.95

    More than just a journal or bird log, this book is packed with games, activities, and information to help children learn about the birds they are sighting and journaling. Activities include games, quizzes, fill-in-the-blanks, challenges, experiments, and science projects. Children will even learn to draw 5 different birds. Bird facts are printed in the right margin of each two-page spread and presented in bite-size pieces. There are 17 journal pages on which to record sightings along with spaces for the name of the bird, date and time sighted, location, and other details. Answer keys and expansion activities are found at the back of the book. 98 pgs, pb. ~ Donna