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Zoob Instruction

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  • Item #: 019292
    Retail: $100.00
    Rainbow Price: $64.95

    For the keen ZOOBist ready for a challenge, here’s an excellent kit to put your child’s ZOOB building skills to the test. The kit is designed to help kids learn, understand, and apply S.T.E.M. principles by building functional contraptions. Included in the kit is everything needed to solve various physical challenges, such as making balls bounce and hitting targets. Additionally, a guidebook aids you in constructing advanced builds like a catapult, a zip line, a trampoline, and more!

    Includes 255 ZOOB pieces, 2 foam building pads, 4 wheels with tires, 1 rubber ball, 1 nylon string, 23 rubber bands, 14 challenge cards and instructions for multiple builds.

  • Item #: 013743
    Retail: $39.50
    Rainbow Price: $25.16

    This deluxe set comes with parts to create up to 3 Zoob cars and trucks at the same time. Comes with 76 Zoob pieces, 12 wheels, axles and tires, and a building guide with instructions for 13 builds.

  • Item #: 035989
    Retail: $65.00
    Rainbow Price: $35.96

    The first motorized Zoob set ever, this awesome kit lets kids build their own vehicles and then drive them around the house or driveway with the radio controller. Building your own R/C car has never been so easy! Set includes 55 Zoob vehicle parts, plus 4 additional high-performance wheels and tires (8 wheels total), and 3 "owner's manuals" featuring instructions for building thirteen ready-to-race ZoobMobiles.

  • Item #: 019331
    Retail: $53.00
    Rainbow Price: $27.50

    Includes 73 ZOOB pieces, 2 monster tank treads, flip top cab, auger drill, 2 road cones, and a construction worker. Builds a Scorpion Driller, Tunnel Driller, Vertical Driller and a Mine Cart.

  • Item #: 019298
    Retail: $80.00
    Rainbow Price: $43.34

    Includes 158 ZOOB pieces, 4 monster wheels, 2 smoke stacks, flip top cab, scoop, loader, excavator bucket, platform, 2 road cones and a construction worker. Builds a Loader, Plow Truck, Excavator and a Lift’N Loader.

  • Item #: 019311
    Retail: $140.00
    Rainbow Price: $72.86

    Includes 372 ZOOB pieces, 8 wheels, flip top cab, reel assembly, tow hook with clamp, tow line, rotating axel, 3 platforms, 2 road cones and 2 construction workers. Builds a Hauler, Tow Truck, Rolling Crane, Container and a Z Lift