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Zoo Animals Coloring

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    ISBN: 9780486277356
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    ISBN: 9780486264035
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    ISBN: 9781573100106
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    35 colorful zoo animals to create.
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    Set includes zoo entry gate with sign, clock with feeding schedule, penguin habitat, lion habitat, souvenir shop, seven people figures, 2 adult lions and 1 cub, 2 adult and 4 baby penguins, peacock, fish with bucket, wheelbarrow with meat, child stroller, postcards, cash register, camera, fencing, and lots more!

  • Item #: 032336
    ISBN: 9780486437699
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    This maze book contains lots of fun to color pictures of favorite zoo animals. In these thirty simple mazes, children can help a lion find shade, a rhinoceros find a patch of grass, and a giraffe find a way to the nearby watering hole. This book is ideal for younger children, as the drawings are not incredibly detailed.

  • Item #: 008079
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  • Item #: 072921
    ISBN: 9781338216240
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  • Item #: 018383
    ISBN: 9780890515006
    Retail: $18.99
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    Whether you’re planning a trip to the zoo or would like to complete an animal study within the comfort of your own home, this creation-based resource provides you with lots of information, tips, and activities for a fascinating look at 27 different animals. The book speaks to the user in either situation; however, it certainly leans toward the zoo-goer. The hardcover “field-trip-in-a-book” houses a spiral bound book as well as a “tool kit” – a pouch in the back cover holding additional materials. The book is divided into the following four sections: Before the Zoo, At the Zoo, After the Zoo, and Appendices. In the Before the Zoo section, you’ll become acquainted with the Complete Zoo curriculum, utilize the planning calendar and supplies list if you are taking a trip to the zoo, and enjoy 7 devotionals meant to prepare you for the trip and the amazing creatures God has designed. The At the Zoo section is the heart of the book. Here there are a couple of pages with information about field assignments (assigning children to different roles at the zoo – photographer, trail finder, etc.), field journals, and tips for behavior while at the zoo. Then it’s on to the animals! The 27 animals detailed are organized in 5 tabbed sections - birds, paws and claws, hooves, reptiles, and amphibians. There are 2-3 pages devoted to each of the 27 animals. These pages include lots of interesting text about unique characteristics/design, behavior, and lifestyle as well as photographs, fun facts, and a map showing where in the world the animal lives. The After the Zoo section holds several reproducible follow up activities for younger ages, intermediate students, and advanced students including matching exercises, word searches, coloring pages, and other activities to complete using the materials found in the tool kit. In the Appendices section, you’ll find helpful resources such as scripture verses to memorize, educator notes for parents/teachers, and a glossary. Throughout the entire book you’ll enjoy lots of colorful photographs of a variety of animals.

    The Tool Kit holds 4 different resources. First, there is a field card for each animal covered in the book. These cards hold general statistics for the animals, including how big, how heavy, diet, habitat, life span, special features, and more. Each statistic appears in the same order on all of the cards for easy comparison and information gathering. Next there are 7 biome cards, each with a picture of the biome on the front (along with a map showing where in the world that biome exists) and information on the back. Thirdly, there are 3 field journals included with the book (a reproducible form is included in the book in case you need more than 3). These “journals” are pamphlet-sized and made out of cardstock (an 8.5” by 8.5” sheet folded in half). The journal features 32 boxes to fill out on the trip to the zoo (or on the trip through the book!). The students record the type of animal, write its name in the blank, and draw or describe any special features in the blank space. Lastly, there are 12 name badges, which are glossy cardstock and feature space for the student’s name as well as their field assignment. All in all, this curriculum offers a great way to expand your trip to the zoo and does an excellent job of dispelling evolutionary myths about God’s creation and instead pointing to our wonderful Creator. – Melissa

  • Item #: 016030
    ISBN: 9781933241395
    Retail: $7.95
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    A follow-up to the title above, this book will help build on that foundation and solidify their fine motor skills. 80 pages of fun, zoo-themed coloring activities.

  • Item #: 008486
    ISBN: 9780394800813
    Retail: $16.99
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    Have you ever seen a ten-footed lion or an elephant-cat? Well if Gerald McGrew ran the zoo, you would see them and more. Gerald is bored with all the typical zoo animals and wants a zoo that would make everyone marvel. Follow Gerald as he travels to the mountains of "Zomba-ma-Tant" to bring to his zoo the bird called "Bustard," and join him in the "Desert of Zind" to hunt the "scraggle-foot Mulligatawny." When Gerald finishes gathering all his unusual creatures there won't be a person left in the world that doesn't want to see the "New McGrew Zoo." A Dr. Seuss classic. 56 pgs, hc.

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  • Item #: 012898
    ISBN: 9780486260525
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    ISBN: 9781633221031
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  • Item #: 018388
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    Set includes fencing, shelter, four figures, sheep, goats, guinea pigs, rabbits, rabbit hutch, logs, trees, rocky terrain, birds, trough with hay, and much more.

  • Item #: 043854
    ISBN: 9781600924354
    Retail: $12.99
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    How about a trip to the zoo? - the seal tank is a lot of fun, and most of us can't wait to see the big cats, right? The fun is sometimes spoiled by only one thing (other than sunburn and ice cream spilled on your shorts, that is): the evolutionary descriptions that are so commonplace on the info plaques. While that is not worth canceling your trip for, it can spoil it a little, as you read through paragraph after paragraph of assumptions and unsubstantiated theories. So take the Zoo Guide with you! Packed with info and colorful photos, more than 100 animals are detailed through aspects of their individual design, their specific features, fun facts, and related family members. A fact file for each animal also gives information on class, order, family, genus/species, size, weight, original diet, present diet, and habitat. Published by Answers in Genesis, these guides promote a 6-day creationist point-of-view, and use a few pages in introduction to briefly discuss this perspective. Each animal's information includes a full-color photo highlights on God's design in the animal, features, fun facts, and biological data such as the animal's class, genus, size and habitat. –Zach

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    ISBN: 9780761189602
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  • Item #: 041457
    ISBN: 9780486444406
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  • Item #: 014569
    ISBN: 9780756619725
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    Although most Dorling-Kindersley books are known for their gorgeous photography and eye-catching layouts, this encyclopedia is downright amazing. It is packed to the gills with close-up photos of mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians, with plenty of fascinating details on every one. The first part of the book presents general animal topics, including classification, senses, communication, camouflage, birth and growth, habitats, ecology and much more. The second part of the book, which is the largest portion, presents over 2,000 animal species, organized alphabetically by common name. I love this aspect, as it makes it very easy for children to look up the animals they are familiar with, whether they are dogs or penguins. A variety of species for that general name are presented within, so children can see the diversity that exists within each animal group. Most topics and animals are given a two-page spread which features a mix of general text, captioned full-color photos and illustrations, and often a striking, full-page photo of the animal as well. Fact boxes scattered throughout offer a succinct list of information on animal family, habitat, distribution, food, and approximate size for each group of animals. Although enjoyable purely for browsing, an index and glossary are also included. This "feast for the eyes" could easily capture the attention of your resident animal-lover for hours! 376 pgs, pb. – Jess

  • Item #: 014619
    ISBN: 9781935800873
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  • Item #: 073561
    ISBN: 9781593279226
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    ISBN: 9780486456966
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    ISBN: 9780486486819
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    You can always count on games to make things fun – and when you can also reinforce reading skills, grammar skills, and sentence construction skills at the same time, you have a win-win situation. Settle back, play a game, and watch your child's language arts skills blossom. This game consists of two decks of cards which include: red cards (sentence starters), other-colored cards (sentence parts and finishers), "the" cards, animal cards, and animal reward cards. Sentences begin with red star cards. Then players follow the color-coded arrows on other cards (matching the card previously played). Sentences that have at least 5 words win an animal card. Reward cards for the animals (i.e. bowl of food, ball) are earned when a child can also read their sentence correctly. The first player to build a zoo of ten animals wins the game. Several game variations are suggested as well. If grammar or reading or beginning writing has become boringly tiresome for your young student, then it might be time to switch things up a bit. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 025360
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  • Item #: 027740
    ISBN: 9780486433318
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    ISBN: 9781603572798
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    ISBN: 9780385371902
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    ISBN: 9781600584879
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    ISBN: 9781680221831
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  • Item #: 026249
    ISBN: 9780794520335
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    Extensively illustrated with actual photographs and colorful images, this unique resource is a tremendous complement to any zoology or geography studies. The uniqueness of this book is found in how the content is arranged. Beginning with a general overview of the animal kingdom, the book organizes and studies the animals based upon where they may be found: South and Central America, North America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australasia, Artic and Antarctic, and the Oceans. Also included are Internet links, and the book concludes with a fact file, animal quiz, and glossary and index. Note: this book is from a secular publisher and does contain evolutionary content. ~ Deanne