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  • Item #: 042293
    ISBN: 9780794514525
    Retail: $19.99
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    This book could make a wonderful art program for younger students, incorporating both art appreciation and projects in a beautiful, easy to use format. The book features 22 impressive works of art from around the world and from a variety of periods. Each work is shown on a spread of pages along with a few short, interesting paragraphs of information about the work itself, the techniques used, and the artist who created it. Then you flip the page to see how you can imitate that work and style using simple materials and methods. For example, the first work highlighted is Van Gogh's "The Starry Night." After looking at the painting and reading about it, you turn to the next page, which has step-by-step directions to help you make your own swirly landscape using thick paints and a plastic fork. In six steps you go from drawing a simple landscape sketch, adding color, and using the fork to manipulate the paint into swirly patterns like those found in Van Gogh's painting. The end products are very attractive, and completing the projects will help students remember the distinctive styles of the artists they've studied. The projects pages are very colorful and offer beautiful illustrations of the finished projects to give students a visual aid. Throughout the 22 works/projects, students will be introduced to 3-D art, paintings, abstract art, prints, collages, Chinese brush painting, and other styles/types of art for a well-rounded but fun early art education. Hc, 96 pgs. – Melissa

  • Item #: 015641
    ISBN: 9780064438568
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    This book is a wonderful celebration of nature and a great read aloud or read alone. It evokes wonderful memories of childhood and strikes a particular chord if you have a love-affair with rivers, woods, or both. What promises to be a lonely, boring summer for Nicky turns into an unexpected summer-long adventure that transforms him into both nature lover ("river rat") and budding artist. The author leaves a mystery to leave you wondering... and has you reveling in each new discovery. It'll have your kids running outside with sketchbook and crayon in hand. The artwork is wonderful - capturing the warmth of summer and the hazy mists of sunrise on the river. This is one you'll be glad to add to your library and read again and again.

  • Item #: 064909
    Retail: $99.00
    Rainbow Price: $32.77

       Let’s play math! This hands-on kit includes everything you need to help young children develop early math skills. Set includes 4 EVA foam boards that attach like a puzzle for the base; 12 laces in 3 primary colors; 144 stackable giant pegs in 6 bright colors and 3 shapes; and 12 double-sided activity cards. Varied activities of increasing difficulty include sorting by color and shape, patterns, designing figures and objects, sequencing and symmetry and rotation and turns: all designed to help young children develop foundational pattern and sequencing skills, creative design, logical reasoning and even learn a little addition and subtraction. A wonderful way to introduce young children to numerous skills that pave the way for success in math and critical thinking! Components are neatly stored in a sturdy plastic container (on wheels!) with a locking lid. Perfect complement to your preschool or math curriculum! ~ Deanne

    1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: MPKSSE
    Retail: $358.51
    Rainbow Price: $258.00

    A wonderful collection of books which open up worlds of discovery for kindergarteners and first graders. Memoria Press uses this set as a supplement to their regular kindergarten study, but it would be an excellent set of books for any home library. Discover how a house is built, how a seed turns into a plant, why deserts are dry, what the world is made of, what lives in a shell – and so much more. ~ Janice

    Includes the following books:

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  • Item #: 073116
    Retail: $34.99
    Rainbow Price: $26.96

    Exeo Duo, or “Exit Two,” is an intense game of strategy and double-meanings for two competitors! Overall, it resembles a polished mash-up of Sorry! and Chess. The game board is divided into mirrored halves which cannot be crossed. Players begin with 8 pieces – 4 on each half – of 4 different shapes, lined up against the opponent’s. Each turn, you must move two pieces, one on each side of the board. One piece can move 2 spaces in any direction (orthogonal or diagonal), while the other can move only 1 space. The goal is to reach a mirrored Exeo (Exit) space in each corridor simultaneously with a single shape. Beware; opponents can use a full turn to “bump” one of your adjacent pieces, delaying its progress by sending it to a corner of the board! The game ends when one player has successfully escaped with all 4 sets of shapes. While not a revolutionary concept, this is a wonderful choice for strategists young and old seeking a fresh head-to-head experience. 30+ minute game time.

  • Item #: 070329
    Retail: $49.99
    Rainbow Price: $32.36


      You are a member of a noble family leveraging for power in European courts, ousting kings and dukes alike in favor of those partial to your cause. In this Ticket-to-Ride-like game, players take turns drawing and playing sets of colored cards (representing England, France, Germany, and Spain) to place nobles in cities throughout Europe. Intrigue Cards allow players to depose opponent’s nobles and place their own! This adds a wonderful layer of strategy and tension to the game. Acquire the most victory points by placing nobles in key cities and earning bonuses. Being the first player to acquire a noble in a city, having a noble in every city of a country, and having one of each type of noble (Marshal through King) earns bonuses. Three “Time Periods” also divide the game and allow for scoring: whoever is the most and second-most influential in a country gains major bonuses. When three periods are completed, final scoring takes place and the player with the most victory points wins. 2-5 players; 60 minutes.

  • Item #: 042806
    ISBN: 9780465027989
    Retail: $25.00
    Rainbow Price: $7.25
    Subtitled "How screen time affects children from birth to age five." This isn't a new question; people have wondered for years about the usefulness or harm of television. Author Lisa Guernsey has been a technology writer for the New York Times and decided as the mother of two to research this topic thoroughly. Her purpose is to give helpful glimpses into the research on media and the minds of babes.

    Each of the 12 chapters is dedicated to a frequently asked question on this subject. What is this doing to my baby's brain? Is it turning my tot into a zombie? and Can children learn from baby videos? are a sample of the questions addressed. Lisa offers examples, stories, interviews, and research in each chapter. Helpful resources are found in the appendices for movie review websites, reviews of interactive media websites, and resources on the use of electronic media with children who have special needs. She even offers tips on how to make smart media choices for your family.

    When trying to decide what your children should watch, focus on the 3 C's - content, context, and the individual child. Research is still being conducted in this area of interest, but the bottom line is that television can be harmful if not controlled. 287 pgs, hc. - Donna

  • Item #: 037660
    Retail: $12.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.18

    Zing-shot, sling-shot… Wonderful. This tough, compact sling shot will send the soft foam balls over 45 feet. Turn your front yard into a perfectly safe war zone with the Zing-Shot. Includes one sling shot and three RedX foam balls.

  • Item #: 034817
    ISBN: 9781578960811
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $7.16

    It is generally acknowledged by my family that I crashed and burned with unit studies. A summer spent in planning went down in flames the first month. Returning to more comfortable curriculum choices, I didn't abandon this educational methodology but entrusted my children into more capable "unit study" hands with our involvement in a homeschool co-op. After reading this amazing unit study manual by Barbara Wagner, I recognize that "my problem" was that "I" spent the summer in planning. Had I used her simple yet incredibly thorough planning methodology I would have met my needs for structure and control and let my children's creativity emerge, all while reigniting the love for learning. Mom becomes the administrator, facilitator, and co-learner. This, I can handle.

    A powerful planning tool deceptively housed in a small 1" three-ring binder, you find yourself wondering if anyone can effectively explain How to Teach with Unit Studies in only 92 pages. Yes, she can! Start with an appealing analogy to eagles; add the I3 (pronounced I-three) Unit Study; stir in a cup of wisdom and a dash of simplicity and you have the recipe for successful unit studies.

    What exactly is the I3 Unit Study? The first "I" refers to Individual. This is the first step in unit study planning and where you and your child decide on a topic for your study. This is the time to yield to the childlike wonderments that tease our minds (i.e. why do stars shine?). The second "I" stands for Inquiry - the time to ask questions; narrow a topic down to a specific question or thing. We want our children to capture a discovery spirit - to create and spin a web of knowledge. The third "I" refers to the instruction portion of the study - pick a thinking skill, choose a project, state the assignment, and determine the learning objectives. The really important aspect of this entire process is that until you get to the very last "job" (determine the learning objectives), the process is student-directed and adult-assisted. This is where I made my big mistake - not getting my children involved in the planning. In Mrs. Wagner's method only the learning objectives part is adult-directed but still student-assisted.

    If all this sounds a bit confusing, you will not be confused by Mrs. Wagner's clear presentation of her approach. She thoroughly explains each step showing how you can facilitate your children's participation in the planning; her graphically pleasing layout adds to the clarity. She also provides some stunningly simple, yet surprisingly empowering techniques for determining both the "pick a thinking skill" and the "choose a project" parts. Relying on Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives for thinking skills and a useful chart for possible projects, she brings both together into a handy Dial-a-Unit-Study tool. This makes the whole assignment planning process not only manageable but also FUN (and part of the learning process).

    Giving practical guidelines for putting it all together, Mrs. Wagner suggests that six assignments make up one unit study and that you can do six to twelve unit studies a year. Since there are six fact-finding questions, six thinking skills levels, six project delivery modes, one of each makes for a well-rounded unit study. Yet, she cautions that this is just an "ideal" - not essential - and families need to stay flexible. There are lots of reproducible forms for your planning pleasure as well as many examples of unit studies and assignments the Wagner family used.

    Those of us with perfectionist tendencies will appreciate the time and attention the author gives to determining learning objectives, study evaluations, and keeping records. Although she relates all of her studies to Hewitt's Learning Objectives for Grades K-8, I think any set of learning objectives would be useable. Surprisingly simple, her approach to record keeping produces an amazing portfolio of the student's work. Mrs. Wagner encourages evaluation of all assignments and studies and occasionally uses standard testing methods but typically this is another area where both student and teacher are interactively involved.

    The wisdom referred to earlier is both sprinkled throughout and concentrated into one section of this manual. Addressed are such issues as philosophy, multiple ages & levels, creating a learning environment, building relationships, and getting to know your child as well as FAQs (frequently asked questions) such as the ubiquitous "What about math and language arts?" (For your information, Mrs. Wagner suggests that you incorporate these into studies as much as possible but work on them every day.)

    Wanting to see if I could actually plan a unit study following this procedure but not having students to help with my planning, I was nearly derailed by trying to choose a topic to study. I just didn't have any pressing questions I needed to answer (too far from youthful wonderment, I suppose). But then in a flash of inspiration I decided that I would really like to know why (fact-finding question) chocolate has such a universal appeal. Using the Dial-a-Unit-Study, I concluded that I could describe (thinking skill) this appeal by telling a story (delivery mode). And the wheels started turning (slowly and rustily, I admit). Let's see, first I will need to find out a bit more about those endorphins lurking in chocolate and what function they serve in our body and then decide if my story will be about a family who always incorporates chocolate into family traditions (Hershey's kisses at Christmas) or about a group for homeschooling moms who recognize chocolate as a suitable way to pamper themselves for a job well done.

    One last note about that Dial-a-Unit-Study gizmo. Although the instructions were clear, I did have some difficulty and had to rely on scissors to punch the hole rather than the provided brad. The whole affair took just a little loosening up to provide satisfactory results. A small quibble for an exceptional product. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 034563
    Retail: $39.95
    Rainbow Price: $35.90


      Imhotep, the legendary architect of Egypt... many say his wonders will never be surpassed. As an Egyptian architect, you are confident you can make some pretty nifty monuments yourself! The basic goal of the game is to transport stones of your color to various building sites on a communal board, earning points if certain goals are met. Each turn, players can do one of the following: acquire new stones, place a stone on a ship, sail a ship loaded with stones to a building site, or play a card to earn its benefit. Players take turns doing these actions until 4 ships have been sailed. The round then ends, additional points are given, and the ships are reset. The game ends after 6 rounds. Final points are distributed, and the player with the most victory points wins! Though sorting out all the different options available is a little intimidating at first, this is a very good family game. Nominated for the 2016 Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year). 2-4 players; 40 minutes.

  • Item #: 029303
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.87
    If you've ever been curious whether you belong on the light or dark side of the force, wonder no more! This 8 ½" saber will peg you as a Jedi or Sith master when you build it and turn it on, revealing your true nature to all your friends.
  • Item #: 025252
    Retail: $5.19
    Rainbow Price: $4.05

       One never knows when having a hand tally at home will come in…handy! In fact, you may quickly wonder why you have not purchased one in the past! Count liquid drops in chemistry class, seconds between thunder claps, birds on your nature hike, and even laps run around the house! Versatile for family and classroom use, this hand tally is lightweight, metal composition with a ‘fold down’ finger loop. Counts 1-9999 and easily resets with a quick turn of the side button. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 018382
    Retail: $39.99
    Rainbow Price: $31.99

    Take on the role of chieftain of a clan competing to build the best land in this thoughtful game of buying and selling land. Aspects of this game are reminiscent of Carcassone, but the variability and mechanics of this game offer more strategy than the aforementioned. Whereas both games revolve around square tiles featuring different landscapes that have to be connected, Carcassone tiles are placed in a central map, while Isle of Skye players each build their own swath of land that scores them points. The main strategy in this game lies in the buying and selling of land tiles. At the beginning of each round (either 5-6 total, depending on the number of players), players receive their income based off of their current landscape, and then each player randomly draws three landscape tiles from the bag. Once everyone has drawn and all of the new tiles are visible, each player secretly chooses one of their three tiles to discard back into the bag and sets the prices for the other two from their money supply. You have to keep an eye on which tiles other players may want to buy from you to complement their landscape as well as which tiles will most benefit you. Setting prices too low means you wont profit much from the sale, but setting them too high may deter other buyers and cause you to spend more of your own money. Once everyone has set their prices, the player screens are moved so that the prices are revealed, and then players each have a turn to buy a tile from another player. If a player buys a tile from you, you receive your money back as well as the coins paid by the buyer. However, if no one buys your tiles, you pay the bank the price and may add the tile to your personal map, always connecting like landscape to like. As with most great games, there is a good balance between resources, causing you to choose your purchases wisely. The round closes with players scoring based on their current landscape. The scoring is an aspect that brings wonderful variability to the game players randomly select four of the 16 scoring tiles at the beginning of the game and set them in the middle of the scoring track in the spaces marked A, B, C, and D. For example, you may score victory points (VPs) for each sheep in your territory or if you are the player with the most gold. However, each round only scores a combination of the scoring tiles after Round 1, you score using the A and B tiles; after the fourth round you score based on the criteria of tiles A, C, and D. This makes all the scoring tiles important, but each at varying points of the game. At the start of each round players receive additional income based on their land and the land sales start all over again. After the final scoring, the chieftain with the best kingdom wins! Steph

  • Item #: 016600
    Retail: $34.99
    Rainbow Price: $27.95

    The fact that Robin Hood doesn’t play a role in this game doesn’t make it any less fun. Three to five players are merchants, transporting goods into the city of Nottingham to sell. Each round, one of those players takes on the role of the corpulent Sheriff, whose duty is to ensure that only legitimate goods are making their way into the city… or at least, that he gets compensated to ignore any contraband among the goods. Each round consists of five steps: players discard and choose new cards for a total of six, then choose 1-5 cards to pack into their sack. Now it’s time to take turns declaring your goods hidden in the sack. The Sheriff may decide to search your sack… or not. If you’re smuggling contraband with your goods, you may opt to pay him rather than lose the contraband and pay a penalty, but if you were honest and telling the truth, the Sheriff pays you! Players take turns acting as Sheriff, and the game is over after everyone has played the Sheriff twice (or three times in a 3-player game). This one was heartily enjoyed at game night, as everyone enjoyed balancing the risks of smuggling with the rewards – and using their best poker faces!

  • Item #: 012492
    Retail: $49.99
    Rainbow Price: $44.99
    It's anybody and everybody's game in Smallworld, from elves, to giants, to skeletons and more! Four different maps for 2, 3, 4, or 5 players are included, each larger than the last (but never big enough for everyone!) Mountains, Woods, Hills, Farmlands, Swamps, Lakes and Seas are spread across each board. To kick off the game, players select a combination from the shuffled column of Races/Special Powers. Each race has its own inherent abilities. Giants, for example, require one less token to conquer regions next to Mountains they own. Special Powers involve the ability to fly, colonize water, earn points for terrain, and more. Racial Abilities are combined with Powers to create a playable race. These could include Diplomatic Ghouls, Forest Dwarves, or even Commando Trolls. Once you've picked a race, you attempt to conquer regions which have the highest benefit for your Race/Power, earning Victory Coins at the end of each round. However, it costs troop tokens to invade regions, and before long you'll find your race stretched to its limit! Once you bring your race into dominance, don't be afraid to abandon it when a more advantageous group comes along… Your previous race becomes inactive, a new race is chosen, and you attempt to earn more Victory Coins with your new Race/Power. This cycle of conquering, earning coins, and sending races into decline continues until 8-10 turns (depending on the board) have passed, and the player with the most Victory Coins wins! Note: one race, the Amazons, may be slightly racy for some families. They wear a leaf bikini but are fairly cartoonish. Additionally, the box's tagline is, "…It's a world of Slaughter, after all!" but the game itself is not violent and does not indicate violence beyond taking over regions from other players. For 2-5 players. 40-80 minutes.
  • Item #: 010089
    ISBN: 9781624143731
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.95

    Whether you are shy about getting outdoors or you absolutely love to spend every free minute outside, this activity book is for everyone. All you need is an investigative mind and a few household supplies to turn your backyard into a science lab. Written in an engaging format by a well-known author, Colleen Kessler, the experiments are simple and easy to follow. The wide ranges of activities captivate a child's curiosity and teach the scientific process in a way this is easily understood. Observe ants, have chariot races with beetles, and earthworms and much more as you get up close and personal with these critters. Filled with fun facts with lots of information, there are two or three experiments per critter, so children really have a good understanding of what they are exploring. This would make a great gift for a nature lover or a wonderful book for outdoor summer activities. ~ Gina

  • Item #: 008491
    ISBN: 9781908489036
    Retail: $13.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    Beautifully illustrated, these charming “fold over” alphabet cards are inspired by nature to provide young children an introduction to the beauty of the world around them while teaching the alphabet. Each glossy card measures approximately 5” x 7.5” and contains a lower case letter with a representative image on the front. The back of the card contains the upper case letter in a lightly shaded box with an illustrated background. Open up the activity card to see some “snuggle time” activities to do with your child. Let me a share an example of the “O” card. The front of the cards says, “o is for old oak” with an image of an oak tree in the center. The back of the card is an upper case “O” in a shaded box with oak leaves illustrated around the edge of the box. Inside the card is the “Oak Tree’s Story” with illustrations. “An acorn fell from an oak tree. Bump! (Acorn image). Then the rain fell and the sun shone and the acorn began to sprout leaves (image). Slowly it turned into an oak tree and lots of animals made their homes there (squirrel image). The animals then invited their friends. Soon there was quite a PARTY. On the following page is an image of the oak tree that says, “Oak Tree Party” with photographs of common insects/animals/fungus that reside in/on an oak tree. Worth mentioning: there are occasional British references/spellings-for example, “C” is for Conker (commonly called buckeyes in the US and one reference some families may not wish to introduce to young children- “P” is for poo with scat (feces) illustrations. Varied activities and vibrant graphics will make this a wonderful resource for the nature loving family. See also the 123 Nature Activity Cards from the same publisher (#008487). ~ Deanne