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Your Health And Fitness

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    ISBN: 9781578262748
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    When our kids aren't involved in business or household duties, they tend to jump on the trampoline, hike, bike, swim, or play baseball or volleyball. So we did not see the need to offer a book on physical education. However, not all children are so inclined. With childhood obesity on the rise, physical fitness is becoming increasingly important in the schools. As of 2005, 48 states now have physical education requirements which need to be met for graduation. If P.E. needs more attention in your home, don't panic. Dr. Bruce Whitney (also a homeschool dad) has all the planning and instruction right here in this recently updated guide that's easy to read and use. In seven chapters, he offers a "quick start" with weekly lesson plans; ideas for motivating your family; information and instruction on building muscle strength, endurance and flexibility; information and instruction on aerobic fitness, instruction for games like Capture the Flag, Around the World Table Tennis and snow soccer; fitness tests with scoring charts; lesson plans to help build specific skills and even rules and teaching labs for sports. From specific exercises to strengthen your ankles to how to play softball, it's all here. Just think of this book as your family physical fitness trainer.Get moving! 166 pgs, pb.

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    ISBN: 9780740338267
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    A practical, one-semester elective that nurtures your child's body and mind with interactive lessons. Lessons cover basic nutrition, flexibility training, cardiovascular fitness, resistance training, and motivation and mindset. Students are also required to design personal fitness goals and complete exercises using a daily activity log. Quizzes and Tests included. System requirements: Windows Vista Service Pack 2 / Windows 7/ Windows 8 & 8.1 / Windows 10. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 027093
    ISBN: 9780979321917
    Retail: $10.95
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    Has the young man in your life looked at a famous athlete and said "How do I become strong like him?" If you have heard this before and want to offer more advice than "Eat your Wheaties," The Boy's Fitness Guide is a great way for your child to get started on living a fit lifestyle. The book starts off with understanding basic human physiology and how being physically fit is really three components: flexibility, aerobic fitness, and overall strength. After explaining the importance of each, the book goes on to explain in practical detail, exercises and activities that can increase individual fitness. This work also covers the importance of a good diet and hygiene and how looking fit can become something to be proud of. At the conclusion of this read the student is given a specific workout routine that is easy to follow and leads to a path of overall athletic fitness. - Steve

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      Keep track of your daily nutritional information in this pocket-size yellow journal. 120 pages printed on manila paper with soy ink (made in the USA), and spiral-bound for ease of use, and a hardcover for durability. For every day, there is a two-sided page with space to write what you eat with nutritional info for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, beverages, snacks, and water intake. The back of the page has space to record three activities with duration and calories burned, along with space to write how you are feeling and goals. It doesn’t take long to keep a log this simple, and the results can be very rewarding.

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    ISBN: 9780981695457
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    When you're homeschooling it makes sense to study nutrition as a family, right? After all, you probably are all preparing and eating the same meals, and meal planning and shopping may even be cooperative efforts (if not, Mom is probably overworked!). Nutrition 101: Choose Life! was written for homeschooling families by a team of four moms (including two homeschool moms) to educate families about the relationship between our bodies and the food we eat. It's a unique book in that it is part textbook, part reference, and part cookbook. It's also a beautiful book, with glossy, full-color pages and good quality illustrations and photos. Finally, it's also biblically-based with plentiful Scripture references (KJV version) and a constant reminder that we are charged with maintaining the incredible body systems that God endowed us with. The course is divided into six main units, covering the major body systems: the brain and nervous system; digestive system; respiratory system and the senses; muscular and skeletal systems; cardiovascular and immune system; and the endocrine system and emotions. Units are further

    divided into four chapters, each designed to be completed in about a week. The authors provide a suggested daily schedule; however, you can easily adapt this to fit your needs. Each body system studied ties into a study of a particular nutrient or nutrients that you are encouraged to work into your diet, and to this end, quite a few healthy, whole-food recipes are included. The end of the book is also literally packed with a huge assortment of appendices (including lots of helpful charts!) and a thorough answer key for the activities. Each chapter includes text for reading, discussion questions, activity suggestions for elementary and secondary students, additional resources for further exploration, a "power recipe" and related activities. Typically, you'll first read about a body system, learn its function and all of the major parts, then continue on to learn about common health issues related to that body system and their causes. This is usually followed up by a closer look at a particular nutrient or group of nutrients that is beneficial to that particular body system.

    The "Power Recipe" (and associated list of activities) for each chapter is usually related to one of the featured beneficial nutrients. For instance, Unit 3, Chapter 4 is on the eyes. The first part of the chapter examines the parts of the eye and how the eye works. Then you'll read about eye sight issues including pink eye, sties, cataracts, glaucoma, presbyopia and age-related macular degeneration. Next you examine nutrients that help maintain eye health including antioxidants, beta-carotene (to be converted to Vitamin A), lycopene, anthocyanosides, DHA, lutein, zeaxanthin and others. Several foods that have an adverse effect on eyesight, including trans fatty acids and processed foods are also discussed here. Discussion questions include how to protect your eyes, what foods are bad for your eyes, and applying what you've read about the eye to a particular Scripture. The activities are hands on and include spending time blindfolded (elementary level), finding a percentage of family members that wear glasses or contact lenses (elementary), explaining the difference between an ophthalmologist and optometrist (secondary) and discussion other meanings of vision (secondary). The "Power Recipe" focuses on carrots as an ingredient for a fresh carrot juice smoothie, and several carrot and juicing activity suggestions round out the recipe activities.

    The format of this course makes it extremely easy to use as a family. You can assign everyone to read (or read aloud) the text, and then get back together for the discussion questions. Discussion questions tend to be fairly easy if you've read or heard the chapter, so everyone would be able to participate here, maybe even over dinner! Depending on the ages of your students and the time allotted, you will probably want to pick and choose activities to assign. The featured "Power Recipe" would be easy to incorporate into a meal and the related activities may naturally fit into meal preparation.

    While this course is packed with excellent information, recipes and activities, there are a few items I should note. First of all, for all of the anatomical information and vocabulary covered, there are no tests or worksheets to reinforce the reading. The focus of the course is really to educate families and encourage them to change their eating habits, not provide easily graded assessments! However, this would be fairly easy to supplement if desired. The recipes and foods you are encouraged to try are healthy whole foods with low to no sugar, whole grains and possibly some ingredients you haven't met before. If you've never explored your local health food store, you'll find quite a few reasons to visit it now! You'll also find that there are some pretty strong opinions presented here, for example, when discussing toxins found in household cleaners and personal care products, or when examining specific nutrients or supplements-including extensive recommendations for Young Living Essential Oils. You will likely come across something here that you may disagree with, based on your own beliefs, or at least something that will make you stop and think (or perhaps do some further research on). Lastly, I did notice a couple of typos in perusing this resource, which was disappointing in such an otherwise appealing book. Whether you are looking for a nutrition course or trying to educate yourself or your family on why you should eat healthier foods, this is definitely a resource to consider. It's one that you'll want to leave on the shelf long after you've "finished" the course, as you'll be referring to it again and again! 448 pgs, pb. Jess/Deanne

  • Item #: 028068
    ISBN: 9781622230099
    Retail: $12.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.50

    This reproducible workbook assists students in looking at a wide variety of health-related topics and how they affect individuals. Thirteen sections address topics such as lifestyle and longevity, heredity, exercise and fitness, communicable diseases, noncommunicable diseases, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, nutrition, mental and emotional health, consumer health, safety and first aid. Each section includes informational text on the topic followed by activities to explore the topic further. Some activities include: reading about Mendel's pea experiments and completing a heredity chart to determine traits of several offspring, researching your family health history and completing a family health history questionnaire, determining which type of exercise is appropriate for several sample individuals, matching symptoms and characteristics with the name of the disease, writing a truthful cigarette commercial, taking a nutrition quiz, evaluating one's own diet, creating a sleep record, and much, much more. There is a good mix of information and a wide variety of activities, including ones geared to help the student analyze his or her own lifestyle, to perhaps see changes they could make. Workbook is 92 pages and includes an answer key and list of health sites available on the Internet. - Jess

  • Item #: 007997
    ISBN: 9781556523595
    Retail: $14.95
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    Every child should know how to properly clean and care for themselves. They should also develop good safety habits. "Healthy Me" starts with guidelines, activities and projects to teach kids to keep their teeth, bodies, and hands clean. Then it discusses healthy eating, teaching them which foods are good for them, with recipes for yummy treats and snacks for them to make. But staying healthy doesn't just mean just cleaning up properly and eating right; exercise and activities to stretch muscles is also needed. It tackles this subject with lots of fun ideas for keeping fit. The last part covers safety. It's important for kids to know their home information, play safety, and know where emergency exits are. Keep your child healthy - and safe.

    Not as in-depth as the title implies, this 80 page reproducible resource is nonetheless a good starting point for basic health education. The worksheets, games, and short vignettes provide a means for discussing topics that we often don't think about but significantly affect

    everyday life, such as personal hygiene, disease prevention, stress, and nutrition. Lesson plans include basic background information, procedures, and answers to any worksheets. While written for a classroom setting, they can easily be adapted for individual student use. Topics at the primary and intermediate levels overlap, but the lessons in each book are unique. Each level contains approximately 25 lessons. ~ Anh

  • Item #: 043836
    ISBN: 9781584110866
    Retail: $10.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.95

    Puberty can often be an awkward, or even difficult time for girls. With so many changes happening all at once, it can be downright overwhelming. This book helps girls cope with their changing bodies by helping them to understand what to expect, and by offering practical tips for handling the challenges of physical development with grace and poise.

    The ten chapters in this 192-page book address topics such as changing body shapes, breast development, hair care basics, nail care tips for hands and feet, skin care issues like acne, surviving menstruation, getting enough sleep, getting and staying physically fit, healthy eating, and dealing with new experiences such as a first crush or peer pressure.

    I really liked how interactive this book is. Throughout the book there are designated areas for girls to jot quick thoughts about what they are reading and how it relates to them. Also, there are frequent personal inventory type quizzes to help girls determine if they're on the right track, or to identify areas needing improvement. Other fun features include "advice column" type question and answer sections, a simple, daily workout routine, and a number of recipes for homemade skin care and beauty products such as Fresh Squeezed Lemon Hair Rinse, Rainbow Twirl Lip Gloss, and Candy Apple Shower Gel.

    I also appreciated how this book emphasizes scripture and godly principles, and helps girls to respond to their changing bodies and the pressures of adolescence in a way that is honoring to God. By applying the wisdom in this book, girls can grow spiritually as they grow physically.

    While the text of the book speaks directly to the teen girl (and is thus sensitive to her need for added privacy during these years of development,) Christian Girl's Guide does an excellent job of providing teen-initiated discussion with Mom, and never undermines parental authority. Read the book first, if you like, and then give it to your daughter to work through on her own, trusting that she will come to you with questions and concerns about the changes that lie ahead. This encouraging book is perfect for any girl in the process of growing up and growing into a godly woman. ~ Rachel P.

  • Item #: 005572
    Retail: $29.95
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    While new homeschool curriculums crop up fairly often for history, science and language arts, it's a rarity that a new homeschool health program is developed! Author Michele Spadafora has done an incredible job in pulling together this easy-to-use, thoroughly Christian P.E. and nutrition course that incorporates weekly lessons in "faith, fitness and fuel." It's an 18-week course that includes three segments on each of those "building blocks" per week, with tests included after every 3rd or 4th week and lots of helpful and inspiring video content as well. Scheduling works most naturally if you do health three days per week for one semester. Each week includes three topical reading segments (each about two pages in length), questions for the student, space to write goals for all three areas for the week, and space to journal about the week. "Faith" reading assignments focus on a biblical message, typically a goal that we could all work towards in our relationship with the Lord. These include: giving God control, replacing stress with peace, prayer, worship, loving others, serving others, making disciples, and more. Scripture references are sprinkled throughout the text, and several questions typically follow the reading. "Fitness" readings focus on the practical and include the benefits of exercising, frequency of exercising, warm-ups and cool-downs, proper form, weight loss basics, core strength, exercise gear, etc. "Fuel" readings focus on nutrition, like eating portions and proportions, understanding food labels, the importance of breakfast, avoiding sugar, the importance of whole grains, eating healthy snacks, avoiding diet mistakes, understanding eating disorders, and more. Readings on fitness and fuel typically do not have questions for the student, but are always followed by a space to write a goal for the week. The tests are fairly short and made up entirely of multiple-choice questions (an answer key for these is included at the end of the book).

    The video content is one of my favorite aspects of the program. It not only allows the author to "talk to" the student via video, but it also provides a way to demonstrate proper exercise form, workout ideas, or cooking technique. There are 32 short videos that complement the content in the book, and prompts to view them are found at the end of the readings. Students are also directed to several "Burst" videos throughout the program. These videos are about ten minutes in length and, just like the name suggests, these offer short energetic workouts to get the blood pumping. These are also found on the author's website. A DVD is also included with the book which features three full-body workouts, each about a ½-hour in length. The workout routines are fast-moving, yet simple enough to follow along with and feature upbeat Christian music from a variety of contemporary Christian artists. No fancy gear is required; while exercise bands make an appearance in several of the workout videos, and weights and exercise balls are discussed in the book, most fitness routines do not require any equipment. Whether you use the routines included or your own fitness program, the student is asked to work out at least three times a week, outside of specific assignments from the book.

    This easy-to-implement program would be perfect to do together as a family. The readings are fairly short and easy for students at different ability levels to understand. Technical details on nutrition and fitness are kept to a minimum, and the fitness routines and exercises will appeal equally to girls and boys. Compared to a full-year health course, you won't find nearly as much content on the human body or physiology here; the emphasis is truly on practical knowledge and motivation to stay fit. It would make sense to incorporate the nutritional information into the whole family's diet as well. The text is designed as a consumable, but if your students all write in their own journals or notebooks, you could use the text as a family. Christian families will especially appreciate the emphasis on building your faith while you build your physical endurance. 171 pgs, pb. – Jess

  • Item #: 042574
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    Mankind Marvelously Made is intended for 7th and 8th grades. The book is divided into four units: human body, food study, safety and first aid, and mental health. The units can be done in any order. This level has a student text, teacher edition, and test booklet. The text is hardcover and students are expected to complete all of their writing on their own paper. You could complete this level by spreading it out over two years and doing a portion of the units each year, or complete it in one academic year by doing health every day of your school week. The student text is 334 pages and includes the textual information, study guide questions at the end of each chapter and review exercises at the end of each unit. The Teacher Edition includes student pages, answers to all questions and tests, notes to help the teacher and notes for first aid practice sessions. The Test Booklet includes a unit one test, food unit test, farm safety test, Chapter 2 test of Unit 3 (Hazards Around the Rural Home), Chapter 3 test of Unit 3 (Weather Related Precautions), Chapter 4 test of Unit 3 (Sports and Recreation), and Basic First Aid Test.

    This series is printed in black and white, and the content is reliable and straightforward. Don't let this program sneak past if you're looking for a budget-friendly health from a Christian perspective. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9780516278568
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    ISBN: 9781426212604
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    Fitivities is an exciting new game that is played by children and adults of all ages. The rules are simple. Spread out the large 33”x47” durable, vinyl game mat. Roll the dice and move your shoe-shaped playing piece to learn which exercise you will complete.  Flick the spinner to find the number of repetitions and you are well on your way to healthy game playing! Exercises range from performing a plank to jumping rope, along with a variety of other physical movements. Also included are instructions to modify the exercises for those unable to perform the specified activity. Designed for competitive play for 2-24 players (or up to 4 teams), benefits also abound from solitary or non-competitive play. Average gameplay time is 10-30 minutes. This game is perfect for PE class or just a way to break away from the books when restlessness is afoot. Before you know it, you and your children will be laughing out loud while working up a sweat! The boxed set includes 4 shoes and 4 dice in primary colors, 4 multi-color spinners, the 33” x47” vinyl mat, and instructions. 1 CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs. ~ Deanne

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       I can’t always find a watering can in the garage or yard to water the potted plants or the flowers by the mailbox, but if I have an empty plastic 1-gallon jug, I can fill it with water, twist on the Sprinkle Spout and I’m good to go. This convenient and cute daisy-shaped watering spout fits a standard plastic milk jug (or similar container) and the spout itself is small enough to store in a kitchen drawer, gardening supply box, etc. So, when all your watering cans run off to the sandbox or spring leaks, you’ll be glad you have a Sprinkle Spout around! – Jess

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    Children will learn about healthy eating in an interactive and entertaining way. Construct a food pyramid by planning meals throughout the day, focusing not only on consuming appropriate foods but also in proportionate sizes. Hang the 8 ¾” x approx. 24 ¼” chart via the included cord. The food pyramid is divided into color coded sections: pink (sugars); yellow (fats); red (proteins); blue (calcium); green (vitamins, minerals & fibers); brown (starches) and light blue (drinks). As the child eats through the day, he places the magnetic items he eats in the corresponding time of the day (identified with pictures). At the day’s end, reward/identify the child’s eating with one of three color-coded chefs: green chef (balanced diet); yellow chef (unbalanced diet) and red chef (very unbalanced diet). A white chef’s hat is available to place atop your child’s picture and put on the chart. A great game for multiple languages, as directions are in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. Need to store it? Set folds up at tri-folds, closing like a book and then can be stored in the cardboard carrying case with its plastic handle and lock. The term “game” is a bit of a stretch and the chart is difficult to use for multiple children simultaneously (unless they are each eating exactly the same food). However, this chart can be a great visual and tangible way to instruct your child and help him/her make healthy food choices. Watch out - they may help you with your choices as well! Note: foods are typically in whole form; very little processed food is represented. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 059919
    ISBN: 9781465429445
    Retail: $16.99
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    Understanding how food affects your body can be tricky as an adult, let alone for a kid! This book makes it easy for little ones to understand the science behind vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and what their body needs as they grow. While some elements of dietary science can be a little detailed, the text in this book presents a good amount of information in a kid-friendly way. More than just the food pyramid! 94 hardcover pages. – Laura

  • Item #: 056204
    ISBN: 9780757866814
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.48

    Research-based activities in an easy-to-use workbook, whether you have 1 student or a whole class. The author identifies 5 stages of new language acquisition to help you understand the process your student is going through. Exercises provide opportunities to practice oral language skills, and games offer a fun platform to review language and grammar. Each lesson begins with a list of vocabulary words to learn and practice. Then you have a scene incorporating the new words. The teacher is given several sample questions to ask to make the vocabulary meaningful to the student. Pages are reproducible. There are 8 units: land forms, family, world/US geography, technology, health/fitness, safety, animal adaptations/habitats, & plants. In the back are paper word cards to cut out and use in your lessons. This would be helpful to anyone working with a non-native speaker. Pb, 168pp. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 056106
    ISBN: 9781615642144
    Retail: $22.00
    Rainbow Price: $15.50

    I think many of us can say we have given more than a thought to homesteading. While some families find a return to self-sufficiency and homesteading rewarding and a perfect fit for their lifestyle, others of us realize that it is impractical or unobtainable for our current situation. Countless books have been written to equip and educate those who have returned to living off the land, yet not much is available for those of us who want the self-sufficient experience on a smaller scale--until now.

    Written for those who want to eat healthy, save money and live sustainably in the space they have, this book covers a wide range of topics for the neighborhood farmer. Beginning with building your earth friendly lifestyle, you will learn about the cost and health considerations, benefits of small-scale farming, finding land, and building on the land you already own (quarter acre, half acre and full acre lots) before expanding to the principles for successful backyard farming. The authors help you plan your garden space and type (traditional, raised bed or square foot), introduce you to the tools and skills necessary for success, and teach you soil needs, zones, sun and water, and organic land friendly principles. Once the foundation of gardening is laid (perfect for us city folks but possibly simplistic for experienced gardeners), you will learn which vegetables are best grown on an acre, vegetables to grow in the cool of the season compared to those which thrive in warmer temperatures, growing kitchen medicinal and culinary herbs, practical fruits, berries and nuts, as well as small scale animal raising and bee keeping. As you finish the book, you will learn how to enjoy your harvest: canning and freezing, dehydrating and smoking, root cellars/basements, preserving herbs and creating crafts from your back yard farm. Also included are reproducible garden journal pages, suggested resources, and a comprehensive index. An invaluable resource for the backyard homesteader who lives on a small piece of land. 414 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne

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    Nothing short of a miracle of chemistry- and it fits on your desk, too! Simply connect two pieces to form the bird, tilt the bird's head into a glass of water, and be amazed. Save a brief scientific explanation, the bird will simply bob up and down into the water glass for days on end, assuming adequate water and temperature levels. A perfect desk toy for anyone, whether they are a science-lover or not!

  • Item #: 051984
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    Looking for an engaging way to teach nutrition to your high schoolers? This comprehensive DVD series may be exactly what you are looking for. Correlated to state standards, this fast paced and fun series provides an overview of health and nutrition. Topics include: What is nutrition?; Macronutrients: carbohydrates, fats, and protein; digestion; metabolism; metabolic syndrome; sugar overload and processed foods; calories; nutrients; hunger and appetite; food groups; vitamins and minerals; water; nutritional disorders; exercise; weight management and weight loss; alternative diets; psychology of eating; the food industry; organic foods; fresh/local foods; food safety; how to make healthy choices and being an informed consumer.

    Produced by Cerebellum, the company behind the Standard Deviant Nutrition DVD, this set provides a more comprehensive look at nutrition and offers a printable workbook. Bundle consists of four DVDs and a digital PDF workbook. The digital workbook contains graphic organizer with lecture outline; group activities-which may be modified for homeschool use; transcript of video information; short answer questions-recall and critical thinking; and quizzes. Answer key provided, running time is 220 min. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 044912
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    Charming songs--some original and some familiar--will get your 4 and 5 year olds exercising in fun and beneficial ways. Now, this age group is not exactly sedentary; I get that. Think of how much listening skills and following directions are involved in exercise songs. The songs themselves are just darling! There is bending, stretching, wiggling your toes, arm circles, jumping, running, walking, balance, and a cool down period with stretching, breathing and relaxation. Eighteen songs add up to about an hour of activity, but you could open your day with a song or two and kids would love it. Physical activity is helpful to wake up those little brains for learning time! Especially great for groups. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 042451
    ISBN: 9780800725693
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.84

    This book contains three principles that will change your diet and improve your health! The author, Dr. Rex Russell, used to suffer from many different health ailments and after trying everything in modern medicine, he felt God calling him back to the scriptures to learn what God says about eating, living a healthy lifestyle, and living longer. The first principle reads, "Eat only substances God created for food. Avoid what is not designed for food." The second principle is "As much as possible, eat foods as they were created – before they are changed or converted into something humans think might be better." The last principle states "Avoid food addictions. Don't let any food or drink become your God." Throughout this book Dr. Russell explores many different foods such as grains, meats, sugars, fat, beverages, fruits, and vegetables and how these three principles apply to these different food groups. He also addresses how our health can easily be affected by the lifestyles we keep that may be in direct opposition with God's Word. He also is a big advocate for fasting as a way to help us get over our food and substance addictions. Dr. Russell has obviously done his research and presents a lot of medical and scientific information that supports his findings in the scriptures. Take the Health IQ test to evaluate your own habits. I read this book cover to cover and was very inspired to make some big changes in my own diet. A great read for anyone who is looking to get healthy God's way! 6" x 9," 286 pgs, sc. ~ elise

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    ISBN: 9780310739814
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  • Item #: 035331
    ISBN: 9780688170431
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    Authored by Joanna Cole of Magic School Bus fame, this short illustrated book explains to young readers how babies are made and born. The book doesn't go into any detail on conception, simply saying that the child began as one little cell. "Half of the cell came from your mommy, and the other half came from your daddy." The illustration shows a couple each holding half of a construction paper heart. The book ends with a list of suggestions for parents on how to answer children's questions on birth. All in all, it's a sweet, simple story that shares the very basics with young children. If you're looking for a religiously neutral introduction to the subject, this is a good one.
  • Item #: 033162
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    We could all use a little fitness in our day. Health experts say everybody needs more than a half hour daily of some good, vigorous fun - the more, the better. It's beneficial in countless ways and decreases stress. Here is a convenient chart allowing you to organize your child's daily physical activity. Included are 25 charts and 100 stickers to help track progress and celebrate success. You and your child can set goals together and experience the satisfaction of your accomplishments. At the top, write in the appropriate number of hours of activity you would like done for the week. Also, write in some ideas for exercise, such as Karate, soccer, biking, sit-ups, and so on. Then, each day write down the name of the activity and the amount of time spent doing it. Raking the lawn, tag, and shooting baskets are all excellent ways to stay active. Finally, at the end of the week, write down a new goal for the next week, such as "I will try for at least 1 hour of activity each day." This is the fun and easy way to track activities, record progress, and encourage good behavior!

  • Item #: 032596
    ISBN: 9780471188889
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    Learn what your body needs to be healthy and then prepare these delicious recipes to please not only those parts, but your taste buds too! This cookbook teaches children about the nutrients needed by individual parts of the human body as well as keeping the body as a whole healthy. After getting acquainted with the kitchen through the cooking tips and safety rules on tools, terms, and appliances at the beginning of the book, children are ready to start meeting the cravings of their body. The rest of the book is divided into two sections. In the first, chapters focus on separate body parts or systems such as the heart, blood, muscles, bones, teeth, nerves, digestive system, and hair, teeth and nails. Each of these pieces of the body requires different nutrients and vitamins to stay in good shape. Each chapter in this section begins with an explanation of that body part, discussing the features of the part including how it works and what it needs to work well. Following this interesting introduction is a fun activity or experiment that further explores that amazing body part. The rest of each chapter holds 4-6 scrumptious recipes containing the nutrients important for that part of the body. The recipes, marked from 1-3 based on difficulty, list the time and tools needed for preparation in addition to the needed ingredients and clear directions. The chapters in part two follow the same format but focus on the body as a whole, concentrating on the food pyramid, energy and exercising, maintaining a healthy weight, and fruits and vegetables. Again, each of these sections holds an informative description, fun exercise, and easy, tasty recipes. Appendices hold the nutrient content of the recipes, a guide to food labels, and tips on what is safe to eat. 184 pgs. ~ Steph

  • Item #: 032164
    ISBN: 9781891369469
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    Rather than simply telling kids how they should exercise and what they should eat, this attractive little journal offers them space to record how well they've eaten, and how much they've exercised during the week, with some cute little "extras" besides. The journal includes 52 weeks of journal pages, to last for a whole year. Each week is given a two-page spread. On the left-hand page, you'll find short lists of recommended activities, healthy snacks, and a tip or two about how to eat healthier or how to make active exercise more fun. The right-hand page contains the journal part, and includes a physical activity log, divided by day of the week. Kids are encouraged to write down their "active" achievements for the day, even if some days they are not as ambitious. The bottom of the page features a fill-in-the-grid "time tracker", where they can fill in a square for every ten minutes of exercise completed that day; a "healthy food 9-square," where they can draw a happy face or place a sticker into a square for each healthy food eaten that week; and a "writer & artist corner" where they can sketch or jot down a thought about exercise or healthy eating for the week. The journal itself is good-quality, with thick pages and full-color lively illustrations of active kids and healthy snacks sprinkled throughout. Designed by the founding editor of kidsrunning.com, the journal is full of tried and true tips and helpful advice from someone with a solid health and nutrition background. Also, it's often recommended that recording activities and accomplishments is very helpful for people trying to reach specific goals, and this is particularly true for reaching fitness goals. If your family is making an effort to be more active and to eat more healthily, these journals would be an excellent tool for the kids to track their progress. - Jess

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    Many students have an increased awareness of nutrition and fitness around high school, and this is also an essential age for them to learn about healthy habits in order for them to take care of their bodies. This book provides a well-rounded study for just that purpose. The book is composed of fifty reproducible student lessons and an answer key. These pages are presented in three different parts. The first twenty-five pages cover protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, calcium, water, salt, alcohol, energy, and more. Here students will learn about all of these individual components of nutrition. In the next section, they'll work with these components in order to discover how to eat well, maintain an ideal (healthy!) weight, and be a wise consumer. They'll research diets, the importance of breakfast, vegetarianism, exercise, calories, nutrient supplements, and many other relevant topics. The last part helps students evaluate all of the information they've learned through four different tests and worksheets. By the end of this course, your students will have a working knowledge of nutrition and healthy habits. Please note that that although the activities are plentiful and well-designed, there is not much reading material included, and some questions asked in the activities assume some level of knowledge by the student. To create a complete nutrition study, you will need to add a core text, or supplement with library books. - Melissa

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    This kit contains everything your student needs to learn about electricity and magnetism. The included instruction booklet takes students through a progression of experiments from the basics of magnetism all the way to constructing a small electric motor. Kids will learn the basics of circuits, generators and more. After completing all the experiments in the instruction booklet, kids will be able to design their own electronic circuits. The pieces are constructed of durable plastic and fit easily together with no springs or wires that need stripping. Even the batteries are included! ~ Megan