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    ISBN: 9781604337143
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    ISBN: 9781604337136
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    ISBN: 9781584110866
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    Puberty can often be an awkward, or even difficult time for girls. With so many changes happening all at once, it can be downright overwhelming. This book helps girls cope with their changing bodies by helping them to understand what to expect, and by offering practical tips for handling the challenges of physical development with grace and poise.

    The ten chapters in this 192-page book address topics such as changing body shapes, breast development, hair care basics, nail care tips for hands and feet, skin care issues like acne, surviving menstruation, getting enough sleep, getting and staying physically fit, healthy eating, and dealing with new experiences such as a first crush or peer pressure.

    I really liked how interactive this book is. Throughout the book there are designated areas for girls to jot quick thoughts about what they are reading and how it relates to them. Also, there are frequent personal inventory type quizzes to help girls determine if they're on the right track, or to identify areas needing improvement. Other fun features include "advice column" type question and answer sections, a simple, daily workout routine, and a number of recipes for homemade skin care and beauty products such as Fresh Squeezed Lemon Hair Rinse, Rainbow Twirl Lip Gloss, and Candy Apple Shower Gel.

    I also appreciated how this book emphasizes scripture and godly principles, and helps girls to respond to their changing bodies and the pressures of adolescence in a way that is honoring to God. By applying the wisdom in this book, girls can grow spiritually as they grow physically.

    While the text of the book speaks directly to the teen girl (and is thus sensitive to her need for added privacy during these years of development,) Christian Girl's Guide does an excellent job of providing teen-initiated discussion with Mom, and never undermines parental authority. Read the book first, if you like, and then give it to your daughter to work through on her own, trusting that she will come to you with questions and concerns about the changes that lie ahead. This encouraging book is perfect for any girl in the process of growing up and growing into a godly woman. ~ Rachel P.

  • Item #: 047977
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    This fun card game is simple to learn and easy to play – and as an added bonus, kids will become more familiar and comfortable with money. Game play is similar to Uno, with players trying to discard cards in their hands by matching either the color or money amount on the previously played card. Each player is dealt 7 cards and the rest of the deck becomes the draw pile, with one card overturned to start the discard pile. The deck is composed of 110 cards, with cards featuring all coin types (from pennies to half dollars), $1.00 cards, wild cards, loose change cards (with varying amounts of odd change), tax collection cards, and bank withdrawal cards. Play goes clockwise, each player trying to be the first to empty their hand. You can match the money amount, either by playing the same coin or by announcing "Exact Change" and playing several cards that add up to the previously played card, or you can match the color. If you cannot discard, you must draw cards until you can play. Wild cards can be anything, but you must announce the color and amount when you play them. Tax collection cards force all other players to draw one card from the draw deck, and bank withdrawal cards forces an opponent of your choice to randomly draw a card from your hand. When one player runs out of cards, the round is over and they pick another player's hand, total the cards remaining and this becomes the balance in the bank account of the player who went out. The first player to "save" $2.00 is the winner. 2-6 players. ~ Megan
  • Item #: 059791
    ISBN: 9780310736172
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    Are you a FaithGirlz fan? These one-page devotionals are taken from the works of 6 different FaithGirlz writers and designed to help your daughter strengthen her faith. The book encourages awareness of their need for spiritual development by asking, “Are you ready to blossom?”

      The devotionals are organized into six sections: Growing Seeds of Faith, God’s Promises, Finding Strength in Hard Times, God Speaks to Us, A Helping Body of Believers, and The Beauty of Believing. Each devotional begins with one Scripture (taken from the Amplified, the NLT, the MSG, NASB or NKJ versions). Then the short FaithGirlz passage is written directly to the reader in a conversational way. Many pull from Biblical stories; some are just discussions that elaborate on the Scripture. After this reading, there are a few introspective questions (called Girl Talk). These questions encourage the reader to consider how Scripture can be applied in their lives. For example, “Do you think white lies are ok? If so, when does it become gray or black? “Do you ever feel ignored or unloved? What verse will you memorize now for help later?” Each day there are a couple additional Scriptures referenced for further study. The devotionals end with a scripted prayer (God Talk). This book would also work well for parent/child conversations and small teen group discussions. 5 ¼” x 8”. 423 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 042934
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    Can your black marker change to a vibrant pink? Can you color an ominous looking sky and turn it into a beautiful, sunny day? With the use of this marker set you will be able to do just that. All you have to do is color like normal and when you are ready trace over it with one of the magic color-changing markers. Kids will be amazed as colors change right before their eyes. Set includes 10 non-toxic markers (8 colored and 2 color-changing). ~ Tasha

  • Item #: 026795
    ISBN: 9781433551932
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    Who among us couldn't use a little help as we try to parent our children according to God's Word. Parenting is a calling, and children are a blessing, so we want to perform the task in the wisest way possible but sometimes we get caught up in the daily and forget our real purpose. Paul Tripp has written this book to help parents refocus and reorient, and find the joy in parenting. His goal is to give parents a "big gospel parenting worldview."

    In many books you might skip the introduction and go straight to chapter one, but please don't do that in this book. The introduction of this book is titled "Ambassadors." Do you parent with an ownership or an ambassador attitude? As owners, we are driven by what we want for our children and what we want them to be. But as ambassadors, we parent according to the will and plan of God. After talking through the differences in several different areas, the author then goes through fourteen chapters, areas in which we are to exhibit an ambassador attitude calling, grace, law, inability, identity, process, lost, authority, foolishness, character, false gods, control, rest, and mercy.

    This book doesn't offer any quick fixes or strategies, but a big picture of what parenting should look like. It is intended to "give you a new way of thinking and responding to everything on your plate as a parent." 216 pgs., h/c. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 021320
    ISBN: 9781584740155
    Retail: $18.00
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    In this captivating story you will meet a brave little boy who cares for his ailing father and two baby brothers. As a shoeshine boy, the little he makes each day is just enough to meet their basic needs until a small act of honesty changes his life forever.

  • Item #: 026519
    ISBN: 9781580375221
    Retail: $11.99
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    For those learners who learn best by doing, this supplement offers some applicable suggestions for activities with physical and chemical changes. 78 reproducible pages divided into 10 units cover historical perspective, chemistry, elements, four states of matter, structure of matter, physical properties of matter, understanding solids/liquids/gases, physical changes of matter, chemical changes of matter, and evidence of chemical change. The front of the book offers an explanation to the teacher/parent on how to use this book, and each unit begins with a full page of teacher information that includes the topic, correlation to standards, the concepts to be covered, a lesson planner, an extension activity, and a 'real world' application. Student activity pages include student information pages that introduce the concept and vocabulary through a reading passage; a one-page 'quick check' that evaluates comprehension using matching, fill-in-the-blank, time lines, labeling, identifying, etc.; two or more 'knowledge builder' activities provide application through labs and data collecting; and there is an occasional 'inquiry investigation' which is an extension activity. The back of the book is a great reference section and includes definitions, answer keys, national standards, resources for further investigation, and more. Turn your science class from drab to lab with the addition of this helpful and easy-to-use supplement. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 022394
    ISBN: 9780984549603
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    Rainbow Price: $29.00

    Do you have a writer in your home? Someone who always has a good story floating around in his head and is eager to "get it out?" Lee Roddy, author of more than 50 novels, has a passion for helping young writers move from that "wannabe" stage. Published by IEW, this does not follow the IEW pattern. It's more like participating in a one-on-one training session with the author. Writing directly and conversationally to the student, in each chapter Mr. Roddy first shares his insight and wisdom on the topic, then provides a checklist so the student can be sure of his understanding of the discussion. Then the student is invited to pick up her pen and do a bit of writing, applying the instruction. Chapters include characters, specific novel genres (i.e. suspense, romance, mystery, etc.), plot development, scenes, researching/interviewing, and marketing. Thorough to the end, Mr. Roddy even includes a section on recent changes in the book industry. Highschoolers will be able to work through this course on their own but will, undoubtedly, appreciate encouragement from the parent's corner. It could be used either as the composition portion of any year's English credit or as a special (i.e. senior?) project. 139 pgs, spiral-bound ~ Janice

  • Item #: 009569
    ISBN: 9780684839561
    Retail: $16.99
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    One thing homeschoolers may miss out on is career testing. The individual career counseling tests that I have seen tend to approach choosing a career on the basis of an individual's values, interests, and perceived aptitudes. I know this is true of one particular Christian organization's career placement service and was also true of the test that was previously supplied in College Majors and Careers (before revision removed it). However, Discover What You're Best At contends with this type of testing. Author Linda Gale points out that it doesn't matter how much you would like to do a certain job if you don't have the ability to do it. It's important that you first select a career that you have the aptitude for. You may not have the particular skills required today (you may have to learn or train for them), but you at least need the potential, or aptitude, for it. No amount of self-examination or self-evaluation can be as objective or realistic as aptitude testing. We tend to color our perception of our abilities according to our desires or, often, we just have a much higher (or lower) opinion of our abilities than is actually warranted. The author relays a story about a young man who was very determined to be a mechanical engineer. When he took this battery of aptitude tests, he scored extremely low on both the mechanical and numerical tests, indicating that pursuing a career in this field would be a struggle for him. As it turned out, his father was a mechanical engineer and both father and son strongly desired that this young man follow in his father's footsteps. Apparently, this was so ingrained in the young man that he never realized his abilities lay elsewhere. After testing and some additional career counseling, he decided to switch his career goals.

    The battery of six tests in this revised book are the National Career Aptitude System tests that have been administered for over twenty years, with apparent success. Only slight changes to the tests have been made over the years, mostly in response to changing technology. And, no, you don't have to pay a lot of money to send them off to be scored for you. The timed tests are self-scoring. Unlike those other career placement tests, this test actually helps you to identify clusters of careers that would fit your aptitudes. Once your tests are scored, you can determine which clusters best define your abilities; then you can scan the list of careers in those clusters. Over 1,100 specific careers are listed and described briefly, along with the clusters they belong in. If you see a career that interests you by cluster, you then look it up in the career listings. Often, these are followed by compatible clusters that you may want to refer back to for additional career choices. At this point, you should consider how well each career fits with your value system, since this will play a major factor in your job satisfaction. This book does provide a list of job-related values to help you identify what your priorities are. You will probably want to find out more about the specifics of each likely job to determine how well it will meet your needs. To this end, the book closes with information about job search and career information sites available on the web, so you can become better informed about your career choices and even apply for a job!

    This will be a very helpful tool for high schoolers unsure of a college major, for those seeking a job right out of high school, and for parents seeking to return to the job market or considering a change in their careers.

  • Item #: 003520
    ISBN: 9780590438292
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  • Item #: 004106
    ISBN: 9780970759795
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    This pamphlet by Mary Hood helps you transform little nooks, spare rooms, extra kitchen cabinets, a corner of the garage or backyard, or any other "extra" space around your home into a learning center. Learning centers are areas based around a particular subject or theme to help children learn, similar to the way a kindergarten or daycare is set up, but for older grades. Putting all of your supplies for one subject together and in reach of children allows easy access to educational tools and encourages them to spend time there. Learning centers are easily set up, and with a little rotation of materials or change in theme, they can provide continuous stimulation. After outlining basic guidelines for the establishment of learning centers, Hood turns to ideas for specific centers, offering helpful suggestions for each subjects including reading, writing, science, math, social studies, music, and art. The booklet ends with tips for other centers, such as sewing, baking, gardening or woodworking, or themed centers to correlate with unit studies or seasons. Steph

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    It's quite mesmerizing to peer into a kaleidoscope, marveling at the bursts of color that dance with every turn. So why not make your own? This kit contains everything you need to make a colorful, sparkly kaleidoscope. It includes a sturdy cardboard tube with plastic ends, a viewing cup, plastic mirrors, and an eyepiece. Wrap the tube in its floral cover, then embellish with the mini markers, glitter stickers, and foil stickers. Then fill the viewing cup with goodies! The set includes beads, fabric flowers, acrylic mosaic pieces, printed vellum circles, shiny sequins, and silky ribbon to get you started. The cup is refillable, so you can change the view again and again. Measures 9" x 1.75". ~ Lisa
  • Item #: 056129
    ISBN: 9781465408495
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    In today's world of emails, texts and instant messaging, the use of proper language and communication skills is quickly being devalued and forgotten. However, whether realized or not, future employers, colleges, and even spouses will evaluate our young people on their ability to communicate clearly and effectively. This step-by-step, visual guide may be the perfect tool for teaching or re-teaching valuable language arts skills that produce skilled communicators. Covering the four core English Language Arts subjects-Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Communication Skills, this well-organized resource is visually appealing and clearly written. In the grammar section, students will review the purpose of grammar and parts of speech, as well as commonly misused words, negatives, idioms, analogies, figures of speech, colloquialisms, slang and much more. The punctuation section provides review of common punctuation signs as well as appropriate use of bullet points, numbers/dates, asterisks, italics and much more, including a brief look at the alternative use of other punctuation with Twitter®. Spelling covers alphabetical order. syllables, roots, prefixes and suffixes, homonyms, homophones, British and American spellings plus much more. The final section, Communication Skills, covers effective communication, paragraphing, layout, writing skills necessary for letters/ emails and the web, as well as writing essays and speeches. A final section offers a thorough reference guide for quick answers to common writing dilemmas. Interesting tidbits are scattered throughout. Personally, the discussion of how our language has changed intrigued me. For instance, decades ago I was taught the possessive of a word ending with "s" was "apostrophe," but it is more commonly accepted now to use "s apostrophe s"--compare "Jess' to Jess's" car. That is just the tip of the helpful information in this great resource. This would make a perfect supplement for media-saturated students or one who has shutdown from the monotony of endless drilling and diagramming. 256 pgs, sc. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 052858
    ISBN: 9781593579227
    Retail: $20.95
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    What are you going to do after graduation? This workbook is a guide through the uncertainty and anxiety this question often provokes whether its graduation from high school or law school. People need to completely change their mind-set from the world of school to the working world. Learning to manage change can be tough. Chapters work to build your skills in several areas: career transition, job search, career management, emotional intelligence and life management. Each chapter takes baby steps to prepare you on your life journey as you learn and answer questions. Discover your strengths and address your weaknesses. This book would be good for someone who is particularly stressed about moving into the work force; think of it as having someone hold your hand through the process. 101pgs, pb. - Sara

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    ISBN: 9780741484611
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    If you have ever called our office to ask about appropriate curriculum for your child, you may have been asked the question, "How does your child learn?" This is a common topic among our consultants since we do understand that children—as well as adults—learn differently. Many times parents don't know how to answer the question of learning style, and this book is here to help.

    The authors take the time to explain the different styles of learning and offer simple assessments to help the parent make a determination concerning their own children. They not only help you assess, but offer suggestions on how to teach children in each category. The book is 250+ pages, and worth every minute you will spend reading it. Learn about your child's disposition, talents, interests, learning modality, and appropriate learning environment. After finishing this book, you may make some changes in your homeschool approach. This book also makes suggestions on how to talk to your child's teacher about how he/she learns.

    Every child learns differently, and this book will help you figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your child's learning style. pb. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9780310739814
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  • Item #: 032606
    ISBN: 9781338037524
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    Sigh, those creative children who forever want a new bedspread, new pillows, new paint, new curtains and such can cost you a fortune in time and materials. Never mind about the holes in your walls from changing their minds! Turn that creative bent into a thoughtful (an inexpensive) project where they get to design the bedroom of their dreams. You may even find it is motivation to earn some money and learn how to paint to make their dream a reality at some point! This kit from Klutz provides 5 fold-out practice rooms to design using over 300 punch out decorating pieces and patterned papers. Use the tape sheet (included) as you group the colors, patterns and accessories you want in your room onto a plan board of some kind or put them directly onto the room settings. There is also a 78 page book of instruction and inspiration. Design a loft look a la Boho chic, go soft and floral in a vintage style room with weathered finishes, or play with a stark black and white graphic wall with pops of color for a modern fab flair! You have loads of throw pillows to choose from in fun and trendy styles and colors. How about a chandelier? Why not, it's a dream room after all. Parents, just be prepared for a sales pitch from your child who is now armed with a concrete design for his/her bedroom! I have to say, the designs are pretty girly, but I think any future designer would have a ball with this cool kit. ~Sara

  • Item #: 019462
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     Includes: 1 dragon face mask 9.5x7.5” with elastic, supplies to make 10 claws for your fingers (3” long), 3 grams of Moody Paint, a paintbrush & detailed instructions.

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    ISBN: 9780553394672
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  • Item #: 019595
    ISBN: 9780736956406
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    End your little one's day on a happy note with memory-making conversation starters. Intended for children ages 3-8, over 100 prompts ask questions such as, "If you could change one thing about your bedroom, what would it be?" Here is a cute one, "What do you think Mommy does all day? What does Daddy do?" Sometimes they are educational like, "List 5 words that begin with B. Now make a sentence where every word begins with B." Little ones might even want to go to bed so they can be asked a question from this book! It would make a darling baby gift to new parents. How about for grandparents or a babysitter? If bedtime doesn't work for you, try it at lunch time or nap time. A lady in the office here said she video chats online with her grandkids and this would be a fun book to use over the computer. Pb, 110pp, 4x6" ~Sara

  • Item #: 017306
    ISBN: 9781589976771
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.75

    Encourage your child to develop their faith personally with this fun devotional from Adventures in Odyssey. Each day includes a reference for your child to look up in his own Bible, the daily application, a note from one of the Adventures in Odyssey characters, and a daily challenge. Challenges include memorizing a verse, writing a poem, visiting certain Christian websites, planning acts of kindness, and more. There are also several puzzles (word finds, crosswords, and decoding) with included solutions. 218 b&w pgs, sc. – Laura

  • Item #: 059015
    ISBN: 9780310724926
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.87

    Prayer is such an important aspect of the Christian faith, and we need to teach our children in language they can understand. The Circle Maker for Kids is intended for little ones, ages 4 and up, and illustrates beautifully what faith and prayer can do. The story is about Honi the ancient rainmaker – Honi believed that God could hear them and declared, "The same God who made the thunder will make it clap. The same God who made the clouds will make them rain." There was a yearlong drought in the land, and the people turned to Honi for help. Honi prayed within a circle he had drawn on the ground until God answered his prayers. The people learned by Honi's example of fervent, bold prayer and began to encircle every part of their lives with prayer.

    I am part of the prayer ministry at our church, and have been encouraged as I hear people talk about the power of prayer and the things they have seen God do. Children need to learn at a very young age that God is there with them and for them, and that prayer is their tool for communication with God. This 32-page, hardcover book would be a great gift to a little one in your life. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 043302
    ISBN: 9780801018398
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    If you've ever wondered whether anything you do will make a difference, read this book. Dr. Caroline Leaf has written a book that can help you live a healthier and happier life. Based on her work with brain-damaged clients, it reveals a Biblically-based system of focusing and renewing your thoughts that can help you detox and retrain your brain. Whether your problems are physical or psychological, her 5-step program will show you how to literally rewire your brain and align itself with your mind. She teaches us about neuroplasticity - the ability of the mind to change your brain Your brain literally can be transformed (the renewing of your mind) in about 63 days A dedicated scientist and Christ-follower, Dr. Leaf merges neurological scientific discovery seamlessly with the Word and presents fascinating and life-changing evidence that we can use to re-orient and correct our brains. Here are a just a few quotes from that book:

    • • The process of thinking and choosing is the most powerful thing in the universe after God, and it is a phenomenal gift from God to be treasured and used properly.
    • • The law of entanglement in quantum physics states that relationship is the defining characteristic of everything in space and time… …Everything and everyone is linked, and we all affect each other.
    • • You are not a victim of your biology; you can control your reactions to events and circumstances
    • • To detox your thought life, you need to remember it's your thinking that will actually change your brain
    • • …God was so serious about us capturing our thoughts and renewing our minds that he gave us science as encouragement.
    • • When you understand the power of your thought life, [….], you truly begin to get a glimpse of how important it is to take responsibility for what you are thinking.

    There is a lot of amazing material here, both scientifically and experientially. Written for the lay person, she explains the latest discoveries about the brain in an understandable and interesting way. The first section of the book delves into the eight "keys" on which her program is based. She explains how the brain works, how your mind can control matter, how your choices impact your brain, how you can "take thoughts captive", why "milkshake-multitasking" is not good for you, why your mind needs directed rest, why you are not a victim of genetics and your environment, and more. The rest of the book explains the daily 5-step detox process in detail and helps you get started. Summaries of key points at the end of each chapter are helpful both for reinforcement and later reference.

    If you are feeling burdened by your past, uncertain about yourself, fearful about the future, or in an emotionally hopeless situation, this book could change your life.

  • Item #: 000370
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    Same format as the Create-a-Chart except that the jobs are geared for younger children. Size: 8 1/2” x 11”. There is room at the top of this laminated chart for your child's name. Then a list of the daily jobs with pictures is given vertically on the chart with Sun-Sat across the top. The daily jobs are: Make Bed, Take Bath, Comb Hair, Brush Teeth, Pick Up Toys and Be Happy.

  • Item #: 041018
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      Perfect for springtime or anytime! This gorgeous aqua putty comes in a 4” tin. The color changes to almost white with the heat from your hands. Warm up half of the putty and twist it with the blue to make cool striped designs. Each tin contains 1/5 pound of putty ( a good handful!) ~Sara


  • Item #: 068085
    ISBN: 9780761171737
    Retail: $19.95
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      Subtitled 201 Life Skills they used to teach in Home Ec. and Shop, this book may quickly become your favorite “go to” resource for practically everything! The simple graphics and clearly explained text cover everything from boiling water (true story: my mom did not know this when she married) to refinishing hard wood floors, the life skills taught here cover nearly all you need to know to “adult” well. Simple graphics and clearly explained text.

      The book’s first part concentrates on Home Ec. skills and is divided into five sections: Cooking, Sewing, Laundry and Clothing, Domestic Arts, and Life Skills. You’ll find clear instructions on preparing a variety of foods, canning, repurposing leftovers. You’ll tackle a variety of sewing-related tasks including fixing broken zippers; separating, washing and ironing clothes. Clean a home, including removing gum and common stains from carpet, as well as important life skills like tying a tie and building a household budget.

      The second section tackles a range of traditionally taught shop skills: Domestic Repair, Woodworking and Metalworking, Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical. Skills taught include hanging a picture, plastering a wall, replacing a damaged section of carpet, and various building projects, troubleshooting plumbing issues, installing light fixtures, changing flat tires and oil, sharpening a lawn more blade and much more.

      This book practically presents a wide range of necessary skills for both our sons and daughters to learn for success as they learn how to ‘adult.’ Includes helpful index and metric/US conversion tables. 404 pgs, pb. ~ Deanne


  • Item #: 018227
    ISBN: 9780736906661
    Retail: $11.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.95
    This manual strives to help kids understand the wonder and power given to us through prayer. It is written with an army (God's army, that is) theme, and throughout the book (or shall I say, training manual) kids complete their "mission" by studying the Bible to learn about prayer. Like the other inductive Bible study books, Lord, Teach Me to Pray requires children to go to their Bibles in order to learn how to pray. Chapter titles include Special Mission - Operation Prayer, Worship, Allegiance, and Submission to the Commander in Chief, Seeking the Commander's Will, and Operation Requisition - Asking and Receiving from the Commander. Each of these chapters contains a week worth of lessons, for a total of 28 days of study. Throughout the book, verses and passages are referenced for kids to analyze and find truths in. A handful of puzzles appear throughout the pages. Eight heavily studied chapters of the Bible are included right in the back of the book for convenience. To help your children become prayer warriors, arm them with this. - Melissa
  • Item #: 059345
    ISBN: 9781625235879
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.50

    It's simple, inexpensive, and you and your student can work through this book together in about an hour. It's some test prep that you will actually do! While it may not have as much test practice as some of the larger books, I found the sampling of math, reading, writing and language questions in this workbook very helpful. Students can have a fear of the unknown, resulting in test anxiety and thus, a less-than-accurate test score. When students know what to expect, the stress is reduced. Answers to the sample questions are explained. For example, you learn why the answer is not A, B, or C and why D is the best answer. This gives your student insight on what to look for as they read the test questions on the actual test day. If you have had older students take the SAT, then you – the parent or teacher – will appreciate learning just what changes are in the new test for spring 2016. The new SAT is becoming more like the ACT, but the details are clearly laid out for you here. I was a little surprised at the essay question frankly. Students are to read a passage and do a critique on the author's writing quality and structure. Knowing such information will certainly affect how your student prepares for the optional essay portion, for example. Not reproducible. 202 pp, sc ~Sara