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Your Business Math. Charlotte Mason

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    ISBN: 9781889209043
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    A blank page can be a hard thing to fill. If your children are afflicted with that wide-spread problem, as I myself was during some of my homeschooled years (and which is probably as old as creative writing itself!), their struggles to write simple thank-you notes or lists of their favorite hobbies probably means they don't stand a chance if you ask them to write a story about a sailor shipwrecked in a storm. It is hard to imagine the difference a book like this would have made if my parents could reference it for the times they became too busy to write personalized stories for my reading and writing exercises – most likely a lot less doodling, slouching with boredom, and pencil breaking for sure. For both boys and girls, the 67 story starters in this book have huge diversity – adventure, humor, domesticity, explorations, and more. The starters vary in length, but each one draws the student in with an engaging style, creating a desired excitement to learn the end of the story – even if they have to write it themselves! The starters are accompanied by one or more very detailed black and white illustrations, a great way to enhance the imagination and help the creativity flow. Each starter also includes a prompt on how to continue the story and some "writing help" points for parents to use if their children need some more encouragement. Some also include an additional challenge exercise. However, this book is not simply about giving your students a starter to help them write a story, it is about giving them the help they need to "write as they have never written before." This means a certain amount of help from the teacher, and to this end the notes for the teacher in section one cover the idea behind the book, the flexibility of the book, attitudes, teaching tools, how to use the story starters, four different methods of narration, and motivation and grading. Section two contains the story starters, and section three, again for the teacher, is all about polishing the students' writing through sensory language; uses for verbs, adjectives, and adverbs; kinds of narrators; setting; and characters. The fourth section is for students who have advanced through the story starters in section two and now feel confident to start with a blank page and nothing but a picture to inspire their story. Twenty-four pictures are included in this section. The final section closes the book with some final notes on narration, an index of literary terms and techniques, and some additional writing resources. There is no set time frame for getting through this 458-page softcover book. Parents and students should pick and choose the story starters they want to do and the frequency with which they want to complete them. This resource is non-consumable and should be considered a supplement to your English course. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 043553
    ISBN: 9780979760907
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    Some books just make it very clear from their title what they’re all about. Such is the case with this one subtitled – “Teaching Core Subjects With Literature”. If you like the idea of integrating all subjects with quality literature selections or teaching subjects through those literature selections and especially if you want to be cognizant of classical Roman Catholic literature, then this is a book you’ll pick up, pack along in your purse to libraries, and probably be hesitant to put down. There are some basics covered – using the book, using the library, and building your own home library as well as hints for reading aloud and a brief overview of classical and Charlotte Mason education – but the bulk of the book are literary guides to the core subjects. There are bibliographical listings for books valuable to the study of art and music appreciation, math, history, and science. Each listing includes a brief synopsis of the book as well as codes that indicate age/grade appropriateness. Books that are specifically Catholic are designated and constitute a significant portion of the listings although books from many other sources are included as well. The history section is by far the largest and is divided between world and American history and arranged chronologically. One feature destined to be a hit with almost any homeschooler is the At-a-Glance Reading Lists the author has prepared for each grade level covering the core subjects. Whether you’re planning a literature-based unit study or just want to enrich your educational experience with quality literature, this book will be a valuable resource. Janice