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Young Nations

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    Picking up from where The Roman, the Twelve, & the King left off in 1743 London, the team must take on a new assignment: the rise of a young nation across the sea. Each is tasked with aiding a young leader through their rise to prominence, guiding them as they struggle, fail, and eventually succeed. Liz aids young Patrick Henry while Max is sent to protect George Washington during his military service and Nigel helps Benjamin Franklin in his experiments. Back in Europe, Al is left to play spy under the nose of King George III while Kate guides the young Marquis de Lafayette. 512 pp. SC.

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    ISBN: 9780486492971
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    14-year-old Velvet is a teenager in the late 1920's who dreams of owning many horses. One day she sees a horse jump over a five-foot-high fence. Velvet becomes obsessed with winning the horse in an upcoming raffle and "Piebald" the horse becomes hers. After riding him in small competitions, she begins to train Piebald for the Grand National steeplechase. Velvet disguises herself as a man to enter the race. Velvet wins, but falls off the horse afterwards due to exhaustion. At first aid, they discover she is a girl. Because the racing world is amazed that a young girl could win, Velvet and the horse become instant celebrities. 304 pgs, sc. – Laura

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    ISBN: 9780865978409
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    In 1831, Alexis de Tocqueville and Gustave de Beaumont spent nine months in the United States studying American prisons on behalf of the French government. Along with the prison system, they studied every aspect of American public and private life-the political, economic, religious, cultural and social life of our young nation. One profound discovery Mr. Tocqueville noted was the leading role of religion with its constitutional separation from government. Mr. Tocqueville wrote about his experiences, first amazing readers in 1835 and 1840, and these writings continue to amaze readers today. This scholarly work features the English translation, translation notes, listing of key terms, appendices, early outlines, drafts, extensive bibliography, and other vital references for the serious student of democracy. Two volume set totals nearly 1700 pgs. SC. ~Deanne

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    ISBN: 9781426302558
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    The sister book to the National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers, this atlas uses the same colorful style of maps and comprehensive coverage that make these atlases the perfect easy reference for young students. All fifty states are given a two-page spread, with full-color physical maps showing major highways, national parks, cities, mountains, lakes, reservations, all the major industries around the state, deserts, rivers, borders, and more. There is also a brief description of the state, along with state facts and some interesting trivia. A two-page spread is also given to the territories administered by the US. The atlas begins with ten thematic spreads covering how to use the atlas, the physical United States, the natural environment, natural hazards, the political United States, population, immigration and minority populations, potential geographic areas where alternative energy can be used, and Washington D.C. A list of facts and figures, a glossary and an index round out the atlas. Full of nothing other than National Geographic standard photographs from each region, locator maps and color coding are used to make this atlas more accessible to all users. Large format (10.5" x 14"), 176 pgs, hc. ~ Zach

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    ISBN: 9781426324130
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      This cooperative game uses 55 (2 5/8” square) cards to build paths like a puzzle. Simply deal out all the cards, and then players take turns matching up the paths in any direction. Strategize to accomplish a common goal while learning key points about 80 National Parks. 1 or more players.

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    ISBN: 9781426310140
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    The First Big Book of Space by Catherine Hughes is a wonderful, kid-friendly introduction to our solar system. This hardcover, 128-page book uses a format with plenty of illustrations and photos to engage your young ones.

    Five chapters explain familiar objects first (sun, moon and earth) and then move out into the solar system – Looking Up From Earth, Earth's Neighborhood, Earth's Other Neighbors, Far Far Away, and Exploring Space. Throughout the chapters you will find fact boxes that give an overview of each topic, Pop-Up Facts that offer added information to the main text, beautiful art, photos, and illustrations with labeling for your visual young learner. Questions are also scattered through the chapters for discussion points or an extension of the content. Expand your child's astronomy vocabulary with the terms that are introduced throughout; the glossary (at the back) lists them alphabetically with short definitions. Rounding out the chapters is a two-page map of the solar system that can be used to see planet order, practice naming the planets, and to see the different planet categories – rocky, gas, and dwarf.

    The text is simply written for easier understanding, and for beginning readers. If your child isn't reading yet, this is a good parent read-aloud. The information is solid and fact-based with no theory interjection. Two pages of Parent Tips are offered at the back of the book to build on the information presented – nine activities in all. Some fun options include watching the sunrise together, observing the movement of the sun, following the phases of the moon, learning the poem "Star Light, Star Bright," and more. "To infinity and beyond…" with your little space explorers. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9781426330735
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    Finally, a bird guide for young birders! Beginning information covers how to effectively use the book, a map of North America with a range map, and how to get started as a birder, this practical bird book concludes with instructions for a variety of hands-on activities including how to build a bird bath and feeder, and how to draw birds. In the midst of these practical pages is the heart of the guide which contains vibrant photos, vital statistics, common and scientific names, and cool facts on 150 birds. Unique to this guide is that the most popular birds are arranged by location which makes it easier for young ones to find "their" bird. Location sections include: Eastern Backyard Birds, Western Backyard Birds, City Streets and Parks, Farms and Fields, Beach and Bay, Southern Swamp and Bayou, River and Marsh, Prairie and Plains, Deserts, and Western Mountains. Glossary, index and resource list included. A perfect companion to The Field Guide to the Birds of North America, written for parents and older children. 208 pgs, pb. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9781426330308
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    This is a little more than just a straight atlas. It starts off like any other atlas with all the essential information: how to use the atlas, kinds of maps (including projections and how maps are made), how to read a map, the earth in space, the earth in motion, the land, the physical world, climate and vegetation, environment and endangered species, the political world, people, and world economics. Now on to the map section, which is divided into eight smaller sections, focusing on each continent (and the oceans). Each continent is mapped in two distinct ways. The first is a map of the continent's physical features, followed by a political map. After the maps are spectacular photographs of people and places from around the continent. Then the chapter takes a closer look at the countries, and in some cases states, which make up that continent. Statistics are included in each major region, including languages spoken, land areas, religions, economics, populations, important cities, and more. The maps are full color and easy to look at and read. The last section of the books includes flags and statistics from each country, a glossary and index. At about 9" x 12", this large, softcover atlas is convenient and easy to use for young explorers. ~ Zach

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