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Young Earth Science

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    This colorful series from Singapore Math introduces early concepts in life science, physical science, chemistry, and earth science to the very young. Each book focuses on one of these sciences, and contains 29 lessons and an answer key. Lessons are a page in length, with each topical lesson containing a short informational segment, follow-up questions or a hands-on activity. The material is presented in its simplest form, and most often the questions repeated at the end simply ask the student what was discussed at the top of the page, although in some cases, it might be helpful to have read a little more material on the subject as well. The range of subjects is pretty impressive, including animal habitats, parts of the ear and eye, seeds and how they sprout, electromagnets, conductors, circuits, mixing colors, evaporation, how sound is made, sinking or floating, seasons, solar system, Milky Way, constellations, meteors, food chains, and more. As an example of a lesson, one lesson in Book 3 features a short paragraph on the properties of some common materials, followed by a blank chart. The students must decide whether some other common materials such as wood, glass, plastic, rubber and others are hard, if they can be bent, if they last a long time, and if they are attracted to a magnet. After that activity, several common materials are listed, and the student must match these to the item or construction it can be used to make. All activities are generously illustrated with friendly, cartoon-like animals and objects, and altogether the books have a "fun," relaxed look about them, even though the concepts are fairly well-presented and a little more serious that I've seen in other early elementary science programs. Inexpensive and easy-to-use, this set could easily make up a complete science curriculum for the early grades, although you may want to supplement with a little more reading, especially with interesting related library books to broaden their horizons a little more. Each book used to be available separately, but it is now sold only as a set of four books. – Jess

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    Have you ever wondered why some people love science? While many of us find science challenging, others view science as a thing of beauty, as their eyes are opened to the intricacies of something perceived as usual or typical. Reasons abound why scientists love science, and as parents, these qualities are things we can develop in our children (and ourselves!). Science loving men and women share that realizing there is no such thing as a dumb question allows them to discover answers to many untested theories and ideas. As a scientist you are tasked with finding the answer for yourself rather than someone telling you the answer to your questions. In addition, science works step by step to get answers, which not only promotes investigative thinking but also prepares children for adulthood. But alas, enough of the benefits of Science for young people!

    Written to engage children in the sciences, this book provides over 100 hands-on activities to give you a whole new way to look at something you think is quite ordinary—enabling them to see it in a whole new light. Providing six sections called Inspirations , areas of study include: yourself and other humans, inspirations from the supermarket, inspirations from the toy store, inspirations from the drugstore, inspirations from the hardware store and inspirations from the stationery store, these activities use easy-to-find items making this a practical resource for home and school. A sampling of the diverse activities includes discovering your blind spot, making your own cold cereal, extracting DNA in the kitchen, slinky sound waves, soap vs. detergents (yes, there is a difference!) and much more. Materials list and step-by-step instructions and suggestions are included as well as scientific discoveries and historical tidbits. Detailed index offers 3 divisions: index by subject, index by discipline and index by challenge level. This book may quickly become your favorite 'go-to' resource to bring science alive! 192 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne

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    Bite-size pieces of information will engage your children and invite them to learn about the world of science. There are plenty of science encyclopedias written for older students, but this one is written and illustrated in an age-appropriate way for younger ones. Information in the areas of life science,
    chemistry, physical science, and earth/space science are presented in a broad fashion, and a glossary at the back of the book will help you look up the meanings of new words. The pictures and illustrations are fascinating and
    well-done, and scientific facts are presented in interesting text. Although a useful reference book for the young scientist, this book makes you want to sit and just graze through the plethora of eye-catching images. Information
    is presented from a secular perspective in this hardcover, 135-page book. ~ Donna

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       Young children express their natural curiosity by asking an abundance of why questions: “Why is the sky blue?” “Why is the grass green” and the like are integral to understanding science. But what happens when our little prodigies feel too “grown-up” to display this natural curiosity? Do the abundance of questions just go-away? I don’t believe so and, thankfully, neither do the publishers of this well-done book!  

      Answering over 175 questions, this book contains a mix of “Why” and “How Come” questions from the 3 branches of Science: Physical, Life and Earth. The questions in this book were asked by real kids (and a few adults!) as part of Newsday’s How Come? newspaper column published throughout the world. Here is a sampling of questions answered in this book: Why do Wint-o-green life savers emit sparks when chewed in the dark? (Experiment suggestion included); How and Why does a chameleon change colors? Why do we get hiccups? Why does the wind whistle, howl and moan? and Why do cheerios clump together in a bowl? Questions are separated topically into chapters. Chapters include Tricks of Light and Sound; Unseen Forces, Invisible Particles; The Great Beyond; Home Planet; How’s the Weather?; Animal (and Plant World); and All about Me (and You). This would make an excellent resource for a living book family or resource to engage reluctant readers. Detailed index. Evolutionary content. 406 pgs. SC. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9780753472057
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    Once part of the Kingfisher Young Knowledge series, Kingfisher has updated and revised, and the series is now known as Discover Science. Still done in a kid-friendly format, the information and pictures are visually appealing and easy to understand. Young scientists will learn the basics of rocks and fossils as they enjoy browsing through this book. In these 56 colorful pages, children will learn about the formation of rocks and fossils, weathering, dinosaurs, and do some fun hands-on projects like make your own fossils and start a rock collection. A glossary is appended. 56 pgs. pb - Donna

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    DK always does a fantastic job with visually stunning encyclopedias, and nothing quite stirs the imagination more than a full-color encyclopedia on space. This encyclopedia explores all aspects of space as we know it. The first section asks the question "What is space?" and explores space, stargazing and observatories, our galaxy, other galaxies, and nearby stars. Section two is all about the exploration of space: astronaut training, space vehicles, the moon, space stations, working and living in space, and explorations further afield. The third section details all of the major bodies in our own solar system, including the sun and some of the moons. Section four gives readers a look at comets, meteors and asteroid belts. The next section deals with mysteries that may or may not ever be answered (or may not even be issues, depending on your worldview): UFOs, life on other planets, the Big Bang(!?), black holes, other earths, and birth and death of stars. The last section has ideas and information on enjoying and learning about space on your own, followed by a reference section that contains a glossary and index. The plethora of photographs, enhanced telescope/probe images, and artist's impressions bring space down to an attainable level, and the bite-sized text is perfect for young users. As a note, the book does promote some evolutionary theories. 128 pgs, hc. – Zach

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    ISBN: 9780890519028
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    Travel back in time, back to the beginning when the world was born, back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. This children's book written by Ken Ham transports your young ones back in time by putting them in the role of time travelers to visit the story of man. They will don their time-travel gear and stop in at the story of creation, visit Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden, observe dinosaurs in ancient times, go forward to the flood, and witness the effects of sin in the world. KJV Bible references are included to offer support for the information being presented. Throughout their travels they will encounter all types of dinosaurs and learn about them from a Biblical perspective. Many dinosaurs are illustrated with an explanation of their name – Camarasaurus (chambered reptile), Seismosaurus (earthquake reptile), and Oviraptor (egg thief) to name just a few. This cutely illustrated, 64-page, hardcover book is great for dinosaur lovers without the 'millions of years' perspective. ~ Donna

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    This book focuses on a period not often covered, especially from a Christian perspective! It covers the period following the flood, when portions of the world were undergoing dramatic climatic changes, and some tribes, particularly those that lived in Europe, lived in caves for protection from the climate and the animals. The main portion of the book features Jabeth, a young boy in his tribe. He loves to hear his grandfather talk about the "old days," when Noah gathered the animals into his ark, the world was covered by the Flood, and then how the earth changed afterwards. But for now, Jabeth and his tribe are surviving the effects of the climate change, and are hunting mammoths, bears and elk during the warmer months to store up for the frigid winters. The last part of the book focuses on different aspects of life during the Ice Age, including the climate change, cave paintings, jewelry and carvings, tent shelters, tools, food, cooking, geography, and more from that time period. Superb, full-color illustrations accompany the text. A terrific Christian retelling of a largely unknown period of history! – Jess

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    In this third book in the "Wonders of Creation" series, Dr. Morris explains the structure of the earth we live on and presents evidence and theories of rock and landform formation from a young-earth viewpoint. He includes interesting findings from Mt. St. Helens and other recent catastrophic events, discusses various methods of dating the earth, and presents possible scenarios for Creation and the Flood that fit with a literal interpretation of the Biblical account. The well illustrated and easy to read pages make this a good introduction for the younger student or for anyone who has not been exposed to an alternative to the "millions of years" of most geology texts. Grades 5 and up. ~ Reprinted from Christian Home Educators Curriculum Manuals with permission of Cathy Duffy, Grove Publishing.

    The corresponding study guide would be a good tool for small group study and homeschool. Each chapter includes corresponding pages from the book, scripture passages, and questions to answer. There is also a list of vocabulary words to define and suggested activities for each chapter. You can start your own rock collection, make a fossil, and study erosion. This 44-page study guide is not reproducible. An answer key is included. 5" x 8", softcover. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9781929683123
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    In the newest offering in the Great Science Adventures Series, young scientists will explore the Earth's surface, including such topics such as the lithosphere, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and geysers, types of rocks, minerals, fossils, soil, weathering and erosion, caves, glaciers, bodies of water, deserts and more. This curriculum follows the same approach as is presented in the other Great Science Adventure books, such as the student constructing their own Lots of Science Library Books, learning the presented vocabulary words, creating graphic organizers to aid in their activities/investigations, creating your own lab investigations using the Investigative Loop, and then following up with more suggested activities. For a more complete review of this curriculum, please see the review of Great Science Adventures, or The World of Plants.
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    Create some intergalactic pieces with ten projects, including creating gravity and centrifugal art, arranging a solar system, planet Earth chromatography, drawing the constellations, building a space rocket, and other such cosmic hijinks.

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    Take your nature studies to the next level with this gorgeously illustrated scrapbook. Young people of all ages will eagerly create a personal keepsake in these scrapbook pages: partially blank pages (for collected items, illustrations and observations) and part instruction manual with field guide notes.

    Beginning with brief tips and the nature explorer code, the book is divided into 4 sections: earth, air, water and useful things. Each section provides a beautiful mix of information and lightly illustrated scrapbooking pages with space to secure or draw personal observations. The Earth section centers on seeds, grasses, flowers, skulls, rocks, minerals and fossils, tree leaves, mammal tracks, etc. Air focuses on clouds, feathers, owl pellets, butterflies and insects, spores, etc. Water emphasizes seashells, tadpoles and pond life, and rain/watery weather. The last section highlights favored monthly finds and field notes.

    Charlotte Mason and nature loving families will find this a wonderful portfolio of Science studies and a beautiful family keepsake. Destined to become a family favorite! Measures 10" x 12". Includes elastic closure. 81 pgs, hc ~ Deanne

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    A perfect introduction to a variety of machines for young children, even preschoolers will enjoy the colorful pages and simple text. Children will learn about excavators, bulldozers, backhoes and more. Part of the Memoria Press recommended Grade 1 Supplementary science read aloud package. 24 pgs, pb. ~ Deanne

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      I used to love encyclopedias as a kid! Every page had something interesting and wonderful to learn. You get the same sense of wonder when it is all in one book (not a set of 30 books like the old days)! This is a large book with lots of color photos and illustrations. The text is presented in short paragraphs, captions and text boxes. The language is simple but full of great vocabulary words. Topics covered include: the human body, people/places, the arts, Earth, animals/plants, science/technology and the universe. This is an updated edition, but the copyright is 2009. I looked for outdated information and found a few things: Pluto is still called a dwarf planet, there is a huge iPod shown as being cutting edge technology, also some things about computer games and the internet are passé, and the mobile phone shown is a flip phone. The rest of the book stands up to today’s information. You can certainly use it as a resource for science and social studies. Also, this book mentions prehistoric life as being millions of years ago, so it is not from a Christian worldview. 144pp, sc, 9.5x12” ~ Sara

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    Dinosaurs are quite a fascination for the young – big, scary reptiles that roamed the earth and are now gone. This book by DK is a great resource for helping children visualize what they might have looked like and how they lived. Divided into types of dinosaurs, the book is easy to use – invertebrates, early vertebrates, dinosaurs and birds, and mammals. The book begins by explaining prehistoric life – how life began, evolution, timeline of life, fossils, and fossil hunting all from a secular perspective. Join paleontologists as they excavate fossils and bones to learn more about the size and shapes of these prehistoric creatures. Colorful photos, illustrations, and charts, take you on a visual journey that will engage young learners and help them understand more about dinosaurs! 304 pgs, pb. ~ Donna

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    At just about any home school convention in the 1980’s or 1990’s, you would be able to attend a workshop or main session on creation vs. evolution, and more specifically, why young earth creation (the universe being something less than 10,000 years old) was the correct belief. The home school market has been dominated by young earth speakers and books. While there is evidence to support this view, a young earth is not the only possibility for a created universe. Indeed, in centuries gone by, theologians from the Christian church tended to believe in old earth creationism. This book gives us a broad overview of some of the aspects of the debate and looks at evidence presented by various factions during different eras, with their relative strengths and weaknesses. Not even the co-authors agree. Mark Rooker is a young-earth creationist, while Kenneth Keathley leans toward old earth creationism.

    Part of the debate hinges on looking at scientific evidence in light of biblical and religious understanding. The first few chapters of the book are devoted to summarizing the primary beliefs and theories that are held, both scientific and religious, ancient and modern, Christian and non-Christian. I liked a couple of points that the authors made here. In the Genesis account of creation, God states several times that His creation “was good,” with the summary statement in Gen. 1:31 of “it was very good.” Compare this to Eastern religions that consider the physical world to be an illusion, or that the physical world is something to avoid or escape from. The authors also make the point that whether a person comes down on the side of creation or evolution depends on his view of design vs. age; if one believes that the universe is well-designed, he tends to believe in creation, but if one believes that the universe is very old, he tends to believe in evolution.

    While the first part of the book lays out the basic beliefs, the rest of the book is divided into five parts that get into more specific issues. Part 2 delves more deeply into the creation account in Genesis 1 & 2. Part 3 discusses possible meanings of the days of creation. With that background, Part 4 delves into questions about the age of the earth and evidences for them. Next comes a section on the Fall and the Flood. The last section deals with evolution and intelligent design.

    I must say that parts of the book presented evidence that conflicted with my point of view. I believe this will be true no matter what your point of view may be, since the goal of the authors is to discuss the evidence for the various theories, not to promote any specific one. I applaud their ability to openly discuss evidence and to be honest about the fact that not all evidence supports any one theory. This reminded me of a presentation I attended some years ago by a woman who is an astrophysicist working for NASA on the Hubble Telescope project. She said of evolution/old earth creationism/new earth creationism debate that at one time or another, she had personally been in all three camps. This book will broaden your horizons to the scope of the debate and give you a good handle on its main ideas. 430 pgs, sc. ~ Bob

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    The charming tale of Paddington is now available is a Level One I Can Read reader. Filled with fun pictures from the 2014 film, this book follows the film’s plot line. A great little introduction for young readers who just aren’t yet ready for the chapter book. 32 softcover pages – Laura

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    The First Big Book of Space by Catherine Hughes is a wonderful, kid-friendly introduction to our solar system. This hardcover, 128-page book uses a format with plenty of illustrations and photos to engage your young ones.

    Five chapters explain familiar objects first (sun, moon and earth) and then move out into the solar system – Looking Up From Earth, Earth's Neighborhood, Earth's Other Neighbors, Far Far Away, and Exploring Space. Throughout the chapters you will find fact boxes that give an overview of each topic, Pop-Up Facts that offer added information to the main text, beautiful art, photos, and illustrations with labeling for your visual young learner. Questions are also scattered through the chapters for discussion points or an extension of the content. Expand your child's astronomy vocabulary with the terms that are introduced throughout; the glossary (at the back) lists them alphabetically with short definitions. Rounding out the chapters is a two-page map of the solar system that can be used to see planet order, practice naming the planets, and to see the different planet categories – rocky, gas, and dwarf.

    The text is simply written for easier understanding, and for beginning readers. If your child isn't reading yet, this is a good parent read-aloud. The information is solid and fact-based with no theory interjection. Two pages of Parent Tips are offered at the back of the book to build on the information presented – nine activities in all. Some fun options include watching the sunrise together, observing the movement of the sun, following the phases of the moon, learning the poem "Star Light, Star Bright," and more. "To infinity and beyond…" with your little space explorers. ~ Donna