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You Can Use A Balance

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  • Item #: 047865
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    This mini balance provides hands-on instruction in addition and subtraction, and could even be used for equations involving multiplication/division. For addition and subtraction concepts, you can begin by hanging the blue weights in various yellow-peg positions on one side, and balancing the sum on the other side. So, for example, if you hang a blue weight in the 10-position on one side, you can create balance by hanging a blue weight in the 6- and 4-position on the other side (6 + 4 = 10). Students can think through and try all the possible combinations that could work, not limiting themselves to only two weights on the one side. That will keep them busy for a while, and you may want to have them write down their answers in logical order to make sure they haven't overlooked any possibilities. Subtraction follows, as students try to determine where the missing blue weight should go (10 – 4 = ?). Multiplication occurs when multiple weights occupy a certain peg (2 weights at the 2 position is 2 x 2 = 4, so one weight in the 4-position on the other side creates a balanced equation). Your equations can get even more complicated: what if you have a 3 and a 4 on one side and three 2's on the other? What do you need to add to make it balance, and where? The scale is not super precise in its ability to be perfectly calibrated, but little plastic weights are provided so that the calibrated accuracy will be sufficient for your purposes. ~ Caryl

  • Item #: 040593
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $22.50

    Introduce young students to weight and measurement with this durable set from Learning Resources. Included is the actual balance, which measures 16.5" x 6.5" x 6". It holds two clear plastic buckets that can be removed easily for emptying and allows students to see what they have placed inside. Any dry or liquid material can be measured in the buckets. Lids are included, which you can snap on top of the buckets and use as measurement platforms. The base of the balance scale has a built-in drawer to use as storage. In case you need something to weigh and balance, this set comes with some cute little bears that will certainly do the trick. There are 102 bears in six rainbow colors (17 of each color) and each bear measures 1" and weighs 4 grams. This is a very handy set that will help students have fun while they learn about balance and measurement. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 060688
    ISBN: 9781940110363
    Retail: $15.00
    Rainbow Price: $9.52
    Covering topics from using your time wisely, finding balance in your life, running a home business, training your children to be responsible, and building a Christian heritage in your home, author Mary Jo Tate brings her keen insight to anything and everything related to homeschooling your children. She talks about being discouraged and overwhelmed and what you can do to turn that around. Her strategies are real-world friendly and her words are thoughtful and practical. The book is divided into chunks that allow the busy homeschool parent to pick it up, read a bit, and put it down – in case you don't get the time to sit and read a book to yourself! In the back are time logs, questions to make you think, and even a progress check to see if the changes you make are helping. It's like having your very own homeschool mentor that you can learn from! Apologia Publishing, pb, 287pp ~Sara
  • Item #: 006743
    Retail: $112.83
    Rainbow Price: $91.95

    Balances and scales are familiar and valuable tools in science. A balance scale works great for measuring the weight of an object, but when you need to measure mass (the amount of matter) accurately, a triple beam balance is imperative. (If you need a refresher, mass is the amount of matter in an object, and weight is the measure of the force exerted on an object by gravity.). The price tag on a triple beam balance is often prohibitive, but Walter Products has made it affordable enough that families can now own one.

    A triple beam balance is named for its design – 3 beams with sliding weights that you move back and forth on the beams to measure the correct mass (grams) of the object on the platform. This particular model has a stainless steel measuring platform of 15 cm in diameter and can measure mass (capacity) up to 610 grams (about 1 1/3 pounds). It is of die cast construction and has a dual magnetic damping system to slow oscillation (rocking of the pointer). An adjustment knob (located below the measuring platform) allows you to calibrate your scale to zero. This is a handy, well-made tool to add to your science cabinet. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 058765
    Retail: $20.00
    Rainbow Price: $18.00

    This simple yet darling little game is perfect for your little ones as they work on developing color recognition, balance, and fine motor skills. Roll the die to see what color animal you must place on the rocking boat. Can you balance them all? Younger kids can use their hands to place the animals on the boat; more advanced players can use the included pincers. All game pieces are constructed out of preservative-free, chemical-free wood. With two each of 6 different animals, you can easily imagine you're placing the animals on Noah's Ark! 1-4 players.

    CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 021517
    ISBN: 9780977264605
    Retail: $69.98
    Rainbow Price: $54.99

    Things without structure have a way of failing at the most inopportune times. Things without structure can tend to languish behind in the forgotten world of "I'll get to it when I have time." One of the most helpful and uplifting things for a Christian is to have a steady structure for spending time in God's Word – which is Life itself. Balancing the Sword is a meticulous study of the Bible, designed to give its users a comprehensive working knowledge of what the Bible actually says. Each volume of this two-volume set covers every chapter of all 66 books in the Bible, though each set of questions is different. With over 7,000 questions in all, the average verse to question ratio is 2.7. There are also 54,000 cross references, over 1,000 quotes from famous people who acknowledge the Bible's greatness, and over 1,000 illustrations, literal depictions, charts, and maps. The answers to all the questions are actually included, and space is provided on every page to make notes of things that occur to the reader along the way. The set now comes with the online Balancing the Sword Reading Planner software that will help you customize a reading schedule all your own. The software's flexibility is impressive and is compatible with a range of internet browsers, including Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. The code for accessing the software is included with the book set (this replaces the CD version of the software that used to be bundled with the set). The introduction in the books includes ideas and tips for getting the most from this comprehensive and dedicated Bible study program. Each volume is 589 pgs, hc. - Zach

  • Item #: 037927
    Retail: $19.98
    Rainbow Price: $10.29

      Using a math balance, follow the activities on these vinyl worksheets. This set comes with 40 progressive (worksheets 8.25x5.75”), a teaching manual, and several pieces that you will lay on the cards to replicate what you are doing with the actual balance. The worksheets are color-coded by task, all with the purpose of becoming familiar with addition, multiplication, and finding equilibrium on a numerical scale. Once students get familiar with the tasks, they can easily work independently or with a partner. For children 5+. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 058766
    Retail: $30.00
    Rainbow Price: $27.00

    Can you create a lovely, colorful cactus without making it fall down? This simple game is great for developing those fine motor skills in young children. The base of the cactus goes in the middle of the play area. Players take turns adding cactus pieces, trying to keep the cactus balanced. Pieces attach by small pegs that slide into holes in the base and the other cactus pieces. All game pieces are constructed out of preservative-free, chemical-free wood. Don't be the one to cause the cactus to fall! 1-4 players.

    CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
  • Item #: 038875
    Retail: $34.95
    Rainbow Price: $29.95

    This scale is versatile and can be used as a pan or bucket scale. Two large white buckets and two clear pans are included and are easily changed, depending on what you want to weigh. The scale also features non-removable plastic compensators at the top, 20 hanging masses and an activity guide. Whether you are weighing liquids or solids, clean or messy objects, this is a great, all-inclusive balance set. It's built well and the price is right. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 063479
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.56
    Set sail with Captain Carl, Barrel Bess, and the rest of the crew. But as the sea gets choppy, will all of them be able to stay on board the ship? This game has two variations of play, one where you must carefully place pirates on the ship and one where all the pirates start on the ship before carefully removing one. Each turn pick up the map tiles to see what pirate you are adding/removing and the type of sea the pirates are sailing across. Slide the sea board that matches your map tile in hopes of keeping all the pirates on. The 4 different sea boards range from calm seas to rough seas with big waves that will rock your ship dramatically. This easy-to-learn game takes from 5-15 minutes and can be played with up to 4 players.
  • Item #: 001536
    ISBN: 9780764147944
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    So you already know who the authors of the constitution are, and you already know when it was written, and you may even know why it was written - but do you know exactly what the constitution does, both for you and for governmental procedures? Do you know how it protects you, even today? With quite a lot of text for a 48-page book, this one tells you all about the rules for the government, the three branches of government, checks and balances, the people's powers, changing the constitution, rights of the people, rights of the states, and the constitution and you. The text is very clear, explaining the government and the constitution in language that can actually be understood. Illustrations are sprinkled throughout, and a glossary clears up some of those hard-to-understand words or phrases. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 022547
    Retail: $40.00
    Rainbow Price: $36.00

      A wonderful multi-use toy. The 16, 2 ½” x 2 ¼” puzzle pieces combine to form a track for the 2” diameter ball. The track pieces provide straight, curved or branched options. These can moved around within the base or removed and placed on any flat surface for lots of different path-building options. A removable knob on the bottom of the 10.5” x 11” square base allows the base to tilt back and forth for an added challenge. From Plan Toys, these sustainable toys are chemical-free, kiln-dried pieces made from no longer producing rubber trees using water-based, organic dyes and non-formaldehyde glue.

  • Item #: 052470
    ISBN: 9781629146317
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.78

    Easily one of the most inviting and exciting science experiment resources I have seen in awhile, this volume by Vicki Cobb and Kathy Darling is packed with "showstopper" experiments and science "bets." First of all, you get your money's worth. The price is great for over 300 full-color, glossy pages and I haven't even gotten to the content! The eight chapters feature experiments on the human body, experiments to do outdoors, experiments to try in public places, water and fluid-based experiments, experiments on energy, experiments on matter, experiments with forces, and math-related experiments. Many activities are quick and easy to do, requiring few supplies and typically only common household objects. Here's a quick sampling, just to give you an idea of the types of activities and the range: "betting" students can't crumple up a sheet of newspaper with one hand, making coins feel heavier by chilling them, looking for the secret markings on license plates, capturing hidden fingerprints with Krazy Glue, using thermonuclear energy to bust a balloon, hypnotize frogs with a belly rub, holding a slime mold "race," speeding up a merry-go-round by shifting your weight, trying to blow out a candle through a funnel, making an egg climb a waterfall, writing secret messages with laundry detergent, attracting a dollar bill with a magnet, using a hammer to slice an apple in midair, and much, much more. The presentation is exciting and fast-paced, yet simple. The directions are straightforward and the explanations are clear and to the point. With the "bet you can" and "bet you can't" call-outs in plenty of activities, this may be one that kids will pull off the shelf on their own. 322 pgs, pb. – Jess

  • Item #: 020667
    ISBN: 9780830834228
    Retail: $16.00
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

    This companion book to Paul E. Little's Know WHAT You Believe, is now in its fifth edition with an update by the author's wife, Marie, who added some new illustrations from the fields of archeology and science. You'll learn that, as the author states, "After 2000 years, no question is going to bring Christianity crashing." This book is apologetics for the common man - crucial proof of the teachings of the Bible told in a way we all can learn from. Like the other book, the back of this book contains a list of study questions for each chapter to further explore the material presented. This is definitely an important book for every Christian.

  • Item #: 006144
    Retail: $15.00
    Rainbow Price: $11.95

    Children can get frustrated when they struggle to color within the lines of a coloring book. They end up thinking they can’t do art, poor kiddos! Doodling offers another route for young artists. Coloring & drawing freestyle! This set from Faber-Castell (known for art supplies) includes a spiral-bound sketchbook with some drawing prompts that you will finish (24 pgs, perforated), 5 double-ended markers (10 colors), 5 blue foam displays for your creations, 3 full size markers in red/black/blue, a plastic stencil sheet with some free-form type shapes to use in your doodles, and a 10 pg. instruction guide with lots of fun ideas. The materials come in a boxed set (10x10x1.5”), so it makes a great gift item for a boy or girl. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 035878
    Retail: $99.00
    Rainbow Price: $74.95

    When I wanted my daughters to learn to sew, I didn't trust my own knowledge of how to do it right and arranged for them to have private lessons. It was great! But expensive. This one-semester course would have been much better, I think. All you need to go from complete beginner to knowing you have the ability to tackle any basic pattern is right here. Well-done video instruction (the presenter has a pleasant voice and manners) allows you to repeat any part if you didn't quite get it or need to review later. A complete course manual parallels all video class material as well as provides additional content (like a fabric chart) and illustrations. Patterns for both adult sizes as well as child (pre-teen) sizes of a classic A-line dress (or nightgown) are provided for the final project. [Patterns are PDF files for you to print. Patterns will need to be taped together (adult sizes will have lots of taping) but the patterns are very sturdy and can be used repeatedly without the frustration of ripped tissue.] Like I said, it's all here. And it's non-consumable – you can use it for multiple children at one time – or sequentially.

    The 65 video lessons (5-6 per week) are 5-10 minutes each and include sewing machine fundamentals (i.e. threading properly, getting the correct thread tension, choosing the right stitch), different fabric types and "personalities", coordinating colors, how to read a standard pattern, how to measure your body correctly, and how to sew using a straight stitch and a zigzag stitch. Assignments are given via the video and the student is expected to do additional reading in the manual. With many lessons the student is encouraged to make journal entries as well as a sample to put in a binder thus creating a class record – and providing the basis for assessment (if you wish). Although instruction is simple and very understandable, it's also quite comprehensive and everything you would expect from a beginner's course including linings/interfacing, casings/hems, gathering, sleeves, buttonholes, buttons, and zippers. It all comes together in the final project that could be a matching mother/daughter dress if you preferred. Several field trips (such as to a local fabric store) are encouraged.

    The binder/manual has sleeves for the DVDs, an extensive class syllabus that gives the topic, skill, classwork, and homework or follow-up for each class as well as a materials list. Periodic skills assessments involve sewing projects – pin cushion, simple apron, and simple skirt. All of this leads up to the final project – a classic A-line dress (or nightgown, if you prefer). Machine sewing skills are emphasized so a well-running basic sewing machine is necessary. Five DVDs provide the lessons and a sixth CD-ROM provides the pdf pattern files (patterns include child sizes plus adult sizes). The 189-page binder manual includes a thorough glossary of sewing terms as well as the detailed information that parallels the videos. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 039063
    ISBN: 9780978503765
    Retail: $15.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.50
    It was a different way of life, being a pioneer in the west, and perhaps hard for some to really imagine. Well, imagine no longer. The 25+ roll-your-sleeves-up-and-get-stuck-in projects of all different kinds will bring you face to face (from the comfort of your own home, of course) with life as a pioneer. Build replica sod houses, log cabins and covered wagons; make your own 3-D maps, pemmican, and butter; cross-stitch, journal, garden, and more. History really opens up through the facts, anecdotes, biographies, trivia, and great activities in this book. Well-illustrated with pictures and maps, this 122 page softcover book is sure to please. Zach
  • Item #: 035980
    ISBN: 9780977129416
    Retail: $15.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.50
    The interesting passages and hands-on projects in this book take children back in time to experience life during World War II. Thirteen chapters are organized under two main parts: on the home front and on the front lines. Each chapter holds a fascinating account on one challenging aspect of life during the war such as supporting the troops or food rationing for those at home or lifting morale, spying, and war technology of those living on the front lines. Tons of World War II trivia and vocabulary and black and white illustrations embellish the text, and one or two pertinent projects complete each chapter. When you're working hard with those at home you can construct your own model Anderson shelter and bake ration cakes, and when you join the soldiers on the front line you will learn to make your own secret message deck and signal light to send coded messages. 118 pages. Steph
  • Item #: 053122
    ISBN: 9781601444080
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $14.99

    Algebra can be a very difficult course for many students who don't think abstractly. This book offers step-by-step, visual exercises using a balance scale to help with the understanding of 'balancing equations.' Similar to the format of the rest of the Balance Math series, this book additionally offers explanations and instruction for each step of the equation process. For example, the first page shows a balance scale that is level, having a 20 on the left pan and a square containing an x on the right pan. This would indicate that the two are equal. The next illustration shows a balance scale with the square containing the x on the left pan and a question mark (?) on the right pan. To the right of the illustrations is a box with these words, "From the 1st scale we know: 20 = x. Reversing the sides of an equation does not change its value. Therefore, x = 20 =?" Along with the verbiage is a fill-in box where the student will answer "? = ____." The problems are presented as puzzles that engage and really make a student think, and progress from simple to complex. Some review-type pages are placed intermittently throughout the book just to make sure your student understands and can apply concepts. The back of the book offers tips for working with the balance scale visuals, and answers with explanations. The method used for teaching the steps of equations and solving them reminds me a little of the Hands-On Equations products. This would be a super introduction to algebra for younger children, a great tutorial for someone having difficulty with equations, or helpful practice for anyone wants to keep their skills sharp. - Donna

  • Item #: 058367
    ISBN: 9781594710995
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.95

      You can’t judge a book by its size! This small, unassuming book by the late Henri Nouwen is packed, cover to cover, with a concept that will really make you think about your role here on Earth.

      This book closely examines Matthew 20:22 - “You don’t know what you are asking, “Jesus said to them. Can you drink the cup I am going to drink?” What does it mean to “drink the cup?”

      Nouwen breaks drinking wine down into 3 steps – holding, lifting and drinking – and talks about what each step really means. Holding is examining ourselves and looking critically at who we really are – skills, abilities, shortcomings. He compares the cup to life, Jesus gave his life (blood) for us, so it is not only our life, but that of others as well. Lifting the cup is sharing and joining with others – being able to be honest with each other and work together for the good of the Kingdom and life here on earth. Drinking the cup is fully trusting God and embracing unconditional love, being ready to deal with the consequences of living as Jesus did.

      Henri Nouwen uses stories from his own life as he explains the process of holding, lifting, and drinking. This is a quick and interesting read – only 123 pages – that might help give you a new perspective on a life worth living. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 012331
    ISBN: 9781600220975
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95
    Over 350 creative writing prompts geared towards helping students read, think, and respond. Several writing prompts are included per page, and students can write as much as they wish about a topic or complete an assigned amount of words or pages. Prompts are broken up into eight sections. The All About Me section includes prompts like "Would you rather be a baby, a kid, a teenager, or an adult? Why?" and "If you could add a holiday that everyone in the country would celebrate, what would it be, when would it be, and how would everyone celebrate?" The Family Relationships section has prompts like "What have you learned about cooking from your parents? Do you think you'll be a good cook?" and "Describe a time when you and your siblings worked together." The Friendship section has questions like "How do you make a new friend?" and "If you could have anyone as your best friend, who would you choose and why?" The School section includes prompts like "What do you remember most about being in kindergarten?" and "What is your favorite subject in school and why? Is it the easiest subject for you? What is your least-favorite subject and why?" The Academics section has prompts like "If you could visit another planet, which one would you choose, and what do you think you might see?" and "What is one talent or skill that you have? How can you turn it into a career?" The Character Education and Safety section has prompts like "Some boys and girls choose to be mean to each other. What do you think causes them to be that way?" and "If you and a friend got lost in the woods while hiking, what would you do?" The Points to Ponder/Problem Solving section includes prompts like "If you were the leader of your country, what would you change about your country?" and "Would you rather be a famous movie star or a doctor? Why?" The last section is titled Story/Fiction Narrative and includes prompts like "You have been offered a round trip ride in a time machine and can travel any distance into the past. Where would you want to go? Describe the trip." Whether you work through the book and use all the prompts or just select the ones that appeal to you, this book is very useful at finding simple writing topics. Reproducible, 80 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 007626
    ISBN: 9780871924933
    Retail: $21.95
    Rainbow Price: $14.95

    This book is perfect for those who want to teach weaving but have limited knowledge of the art itself. Kathleen Monaghan has formed a wonderful sequence of lessons that will take your children from the very basics of weaving all the way to advanced forms, teaching not only the vocabulary necessary, but also a firm understanding of the process and skills needed to produce a beautiful finished product. Each lesson provides words to learn, lists of materials needed for project, photographs to aid in understanding, and step-by-step teacher instructions. On occasion the author will suggest ways to relate weaving to different subjects, such as math. Directions on the creation of different looms, with most using readily available supplies, are included. Glossary and index found at back of book. 96 pgs, hc. - Tasha

  • Item #: 035981
    ISBN: 9780977129409
    Retail: $15.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.50
    Discover what it was like to live in America during the 16th and 17th century with this history project book. A timeline of key dates of colonial America and a brief overview of the thirteen colonies at the front puts the events and years into perspective, while the first chapter completes the foundation by providing a fascinating account of how colonial America came to exist and how life there began. The remaining seven chapters each focus on one aspect of life in colonial America, such as life in a colonial home, colonial clothes, work, communication, or the kids of the colonial days. Each of these chapters provides interesting passages on the respective part of life surrounded by features such as colonial words to know, spotlight on famous colonists, and hands-on projects that bring what you read to real life. Construct your own miniature wattle and daub house as you learn about colonial homes, sip your own homemade apple cider while reading about colonial farms and gardens, and make your own yarn, cloth, and dye just as the colonists did while dressed as a colonist with the help of other projects in the colonial clothes chapter. Fort-four projects in all provide plenty of original activities to recreate life in colonial America. Steph
  • Item #: 035312
    ISBN: 9780439385206
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.25

    These ten lively tunes will help your children learn about important events in American History. With the help of this workbook and CD you can easily teach your children about exciting tales of adventurous explorers, noble natives, fearless cowboys, and brave soldiers in a way that will engage their imagination. Each song deals with a specific event or era of American History. Welcome to the New World is a song about the discovery of North America and all the different explorers. People of the Land tells about the different Native American tribes. Tea and the Taxes is a fun song about the Boston Tea Party. The Bill of Rights Rag is a catchy tune that will help your children remember what the Constitution tells us and what some of the different amendments are. The adventurous journey to the western shore of Lewis and Clark is outlined in the song Grand Adventure. The Ballad of Bronco Charlie describes the life of a Pony Express rider during the westward expansion. Gettysburg is a song about…well; you guessed it, the battle of Gettysburg! The Underground Railroad is described in Freedom Train, and the age of invention is described in the song Marvelous Machines. Lastly, Where Are We Going? is a wonderful song about the many immigrants who came over on the boats and how the first thing they see is the Statue of Liberty. Each of these songs is accompanied with background information and activities for your students to do before or after listening to the song. You'll also find extension activities (some with companion reproducible pages), to help students delve into that time in history even more! The words to each song are also included. All ten songs were written, performed, and produced by Ken Sheldon. A big bonus is that the CD not only has the sing-along tracks, but it also has accompaniment tracks (background music, minus the main vocal) you can use for assemblies or other performances to make your students the stars! These are perfect supplemental activities for any study of American History. What a fun way to learn! - elise

  • Item #: 019454
    ISBN: 9780471136026
    Retail: $16.00
    Rainbow Price: $12.75

    I believe if there's one way to instantly improve anything, it's to add food! This book has exactly the right idea. Instead of just reading your way through history, why not eat through it? Beginning with the first Thanksgiving, you can cook representative foods from colonial times, Louisiana territory, the Alamo, pioneer times, plantation life, the transcontinental railroad days, the Victorian era, the twenties, the Great Depression, World War II, the fifties, the sixties and seventies, and finally the eighties and nineties. Each time period has around four pages of brief, informative history reading (complete with humorous illustrations) and then gets down to the recipes. (Getting started cooking pages with tips are included in the very beginning.) Key terms in the history reading are in bold, and there are fun food facts to read from that time period. The recipes are great symbols of the time periods. For example, after reading about "Remember the Alamo!", students can make tacos, Texas ribs, and meatless chili. When you are studying about plantation life, it won't do but to fix up a plate of fried chicken wings, corn bread, and sweet potato pie, with a peaches and cream sundae on the side. From first Thanksgiving golden harvest pumpkin bread, to colonial clam chowder all the way to nineties blueberry muffins, this is one U.S. history study the whole family will join you for. - Melissa

  • Item #: 068085
    ISBN: 9780761171737
    Retail: $19.95
    Rainbow Price: $13.95

      Subtitled 201 Life Skills they used to teach in Home Ec. and Shop, this book may quickly become your favorite “go to” resource for practically everything! The simple graphics and clearly explained text cover everything from boiling water (true story: my mom did not know this when she married) to refinishing hard wood floors, the life skills taught here cover nearly all you need to know to “adult” well. Simple graphics and clearly explained text.

      The book’s first part concentrates on Home Ec. skills and is divided into five sections: Cooking, Sewing, Laundry and Clothing, Domestic Arts, and Life Skills. You’ll find clear instructions on preparing a variety of foods, canning, repurposing leftovers. You’ll tackle a variety of sewing-related tasks including fixing broken zippers; separating, washing and ironing clothes. Clean a home, including removing gum and common stains from carpet, as well as important life skills like tying a tie and building a household budget.

      The second section tackles a range of traditionally taught shop skills: Domestic Repair, Woodworking and Metalworking, Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical. Skills taught include hanging a picture, plastering a wall, replacing a damaged section of carpet, and various building projects, troubleshooting plumbing issues, installing light fixtures, changing flat tires and oil, sharpening a lawn more blade and much more.

      This book practically presents a wide range of necessary skills for both our sons and daughters to learn for success as they learn how to ‘adult.’ Includes helpful index and metric/US conversion tables. 404 pgs, pb. ~ Deanne


  • Item #: 012368
    ISBN: 9781580376242
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.50

    Being a business major, I had to take both macro- and micro-economics, so my mom gave me this book to look at when I had spare time. I didn't have any economics at all before college, but I think a basic understanding such as this book provides would have been beneficial. I was surprised at how similar this book was to the things that I have learned about economics in college. On a simpler scale, of course, but the fundamental ideas being taught are the same. This reproducible workbook first introduces basic economic concepts including supply and demand along with scarcity and surplus, money value and interest, the federal reserve system, and inflation. A variety of activities are used in learning these concepts, such as case studies, graphic organizers, articles and puzzles. The second half of the book reinforces the principles with extensive, real life simulation activities. The child randomly chooses a career card with their salary, and this is their career for the duration of the book. Using this information and other concepts they have learned, they will fill out an application for a checking account, learn how to use checks and balance their checking account, understand their bank statements, fill out a credit card application, use their knowledge of loans and interest to calculate monthly payments on buying a car, fill out tax forms, and role-play many other important, real-life situations. Funny how economics is more interesting presented here than at a monotonous lecture at eight in the morning! ~ Stephanie

  • Item #: 014160
    ISBN: 9780736955003
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.95

    Bring Bible stories to life by cartooning through them, honing drawing skills while you illustrate what you read. This fun little book contains eighteen Bible stories, from both the Old and New Testaments. You'll start with Adam and Eve and end with the Resurrection. Each chapter begins with a "big idea" then starts into a retelling of the story. There are pauses in the story where the child is asked to draw a person, add to an existing drawing, or sketch some scenery. For example, in The Exodus, readers begin by following a step-by-step sequence to draw both Pharaoh and Moses. The story begins, and then there is a scene illustrated from Pharaoh's throne room, and the reader is asked to add some snakes to the ground. Then we read about the plagues, the wandering in the wilderness, and then the reader finishes the story by drawing a scene of Moses parting the Red Sea. Because the drawings are very cartoon-like, they can be sketched quickly as you read through the chapter. It's a nice way to keep active kids engaged during Bible time without spending time drawing an elaborate scene for each story. The book is in small, horizontal format, and you will likely be drawing right in the book, so you may need a couple of copies if using with several children. ~Sara

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    ISBN: 9780736958431
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     Its subtitle, Leading Your Kids to Succeed in Life, indicates the book’s main focus: outlining practical and effective parenting skills to be intentional rather than reactive. Are you an “overfunctioning” parent? Are you doing what
    children should do for themselves? Find out by taking a quiz at the start of the book. Then, learn the various parenting stages: Inspecting, Correcting, Protecting, Neglecting, Suspecting and Resurrecting. Understanding these stages will help you realize how to best approach your children and comprehend why they are actingas they are.
      Work your way through each extremely accessible, practical Mistake chapter full of fundamental advice and everyday application. None of the 12 mistakes (such as praising the wrong things, removing all pain, inconsistency) are deliberate, but each can cripple children as they mature into adults. Each chapter follows a similar pattern. Learn the mistake and why parents/leaders tend to make it. Next, learn principles and how to practically apply them to
    counteract the tendency. Tim Elmore’s writing is compelling and propelled me along. He writes in a way that provides plenty of easy ways to retain the information. His goal is to help us as parents raise children that reach their potential, self-lead, and expect something significant from life and from themselves. This book would be a great resource for anyone who leads children.
    Based on the non-profit blog, GrowingLeaders.com. Scripture references are in NIV. Highly recommend! Size 5 ½” x 8 ½”, 236 pp, sc. ~Ruth

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    Mark Kistler, cartoonist and author of the ever-popular Draw Squad and Drawing in 3-D with Mark Kistler, has taught children to draw using his methods for years. In this book, he takes his fun, yet start-with-the-basics approach and offers it up to adults who think they can't even draw a straight line! He promises that yes, anyone can learn to draw if they set aside twenty minutes a day for a month. If you're game, you can grab any old pencil and sketchbook and embark on an adventure that will take you from drawing spheres to tackling the human face! I like the balance of simple form and more advanced skills he meshes together here. Although you begin by drawing a circle, you immediately turn it into a three-dimensional sphere by adding shading. So you skip that whole "drawing a straight line" thing and head straight into the world of 3-D. Lesson drawing subjects progress in difficulty, beginning with the basics: spheres and cubes. From there you build onto the cubes and spheres that you know, creating koalas, roses, cylinders, houses, rippling flags, pyramids, mugs, trees, rooms and cities in one-point perspective, buildings in two-point perspective, and the human eye and face. Each lesson goes step-by-step, with Mark's illustrations showing the student exactly what to add each time and his written instructions are clear, easy-to-follow and entertaining. Many of the lessons are reminiscent of those in Draw Squad, but the pace is a bit quicker, and the subject matter slightly more sophisticated. Lessons often end with a "Bonus Challenge" where you can take your new skill to the next level, and several examples from Mark's other adult students offer inspiration as well. Drawing supplies are minimal, although Mark makes suggestions and recommendations in several lessons. With its 30-day commitment and incremental lessons, I would recommend this one as an introductory drawing course for your high-schoolers, especially if they have not had much drawing instruction in the past.