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Xylophone Notes Music Sheets

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  • Item #: 030935
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       This is so much fun, I could hardly put it down! Compose Yourself is a deck of 60 cards printed on a transparent plastic. On each card is a grouping of notes (A measure in 4/4 time) arranged in a seemingly random order. However, you can rotate them 180 degrees and get a new grouping of notes. Flip them over to the backside, and you get two more different measures. Even though there are 60 cards, it’s almost like getting 240 cards!

      Each card position has a code number in the top right corner. You can go on the publisher’s website, enter the codes in any order you like (Up to 16 codes, 4 rows of 4 measures), and hit play. Your composition will come to life as you hear a full symphony, marimba, or both play your song! I grabbed four cards at random, and used every position of the four cards. The resulting song was so pretty and soothing, and it was so easy! The website allows you to tweak your composition as you go by selecting each card individually and allowing you to digitally flip or rotate it with ease. You can even save the song to review later, download an MP3, or print sheet music! I recommend having a piece of paper nearby so you can write down the codes for your favorite sounds, but it’s likely you will love them all. What a fun gift for the young music lover or aspiring young composer! Includes 60 cards in a drawstring storage pouch. - Laura

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  • Item #: 019602
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    Put together a working, hand-crank Xylophone! Included music sheets provide a few simple tunes to begin with. 40 minute assembly.

  • Item #: 004046
    ISBN: 9781576361610
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    By Penny Gardner, author of Charlotte Mason Study Guide, this book is an excellent introduction to the recorder. Created for children, and non-musically-inclined adults, Penny presents the nine-note recorder method in an easy to learn, step-by-step approach. In the front of the book are the finger positions, instruction on how to read music, and tips for playing the recorder comfortably. To start with, only the three notes B, A, and G are introduced, along with thirteen songs to practice on before the next notes are brought into play. From there, you proceed to learn the rest of the notes, while practicing various songs along the way. In all, students learn 147 songs and over 50 duets and rounds, with a mix of children's songs, folk songs, early music, classics, Native American music, multicultural pieces, and Christmas songs. As an added bonus, the back cover pops into a stand, so you can easily display the music. - Stephanie

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    The 31 piece Level 2 set is designed to be used in conjunction with Level 1 after students are ready for more advanced time signature such as Cut Time, 2/2, 2/4, 4/8, 12/8, and 6/4 as well as more complex notes including quarter note triplets, eighth note triplets, sixteenth notes. Includes note tiles, time signature tiles, and 3 bases.

  • Item #: 069394
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    This 35 piece set includes 4 time signatures (4/4, Common Time, 3/4, and 6/8) and two bases. Notes include whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes/rests. Set includes a rhythm challenge CD with answer key and tips for lesson implementation.

  • Item #: 067233
    ISBN: 9781470635183
    Retail: $18.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.73

     If you’ve ever wanted to learn the drums, here’s a great tool to get you started! While I admit I’m no drummer, after watching the video tracks and following along in the book I can clearly see how this program would easily translate to a solid foundation of playing percussion when followed thoroughly and practiced frequently. Starting with the high hats, students will learn to play simple beats, slowly adding in coordination drills and other drums one by one before moving to more complicated rhythms and syncopation. The black and white book doesn’t look like much with few photos and simple sheet music, but after flipping through the course and watching the included videos, I am definitely tempted to try it out myself! Note: The video disc should be played on a computer, and some video tracks (I found 2) were mislabeled and did not match the songs in the book. 67 softcover pages. – Laura

  • Item #: 065244
    Retail: $11.09
    Rainbow Price: $7.95

       Make it easy for beginning pianists to identify notes – without damaging your piano! This 5” tall piece of cardstock fits behind the black keys of most keyboards and accommodates all piano sizes (though you will need to trim it for those with fewer than 88 keys). It serves as a backboard to help students identify notes and shows what each note looks like on sheet music. The best part is that it easily removes when the student has outgrown it, or when a more experienced student has their turn to practice and should be challenged to remember note names themselves. You can’t do that with the traditional sticker method! The backside is printed with handy references including the circle of fifths and theory basics. – Laura

  • Item #: 063568
    Retail: $20.00
    Rainbow Price: $15.75

    This is perfect for lap harps! While the beauty of Music Maker Harps is that anyone can play them – regardless of musical talent or any knowledge of notes or reading music. Which is why I wanted to get one for my kids, but then I opened the box and it wasn't tuned, and I didn't have the ear to tune it! Which left my options at playing horribly off key, finding a musical friend that could tune it, or leaving it in the box! In the box sat our harp, with the kids wanting to know when they could play it and me not knowing what to do. Until I found the E-Z Tuner! Simply clip the tuner on the end of the harp, turn on the digital display, and play a note on the first string (a tuning sheet is included with the harp showing what note each string should be). The tuner displays what note was played, simply use the tuning tool (included with the harp) to tighten or loosen the strings until the optimal note is achieved. Now our harp plays beautiful music (on key!) and the kids are happy, too! ~ Megan

    (Can be used for Lap Harps and other stringed instruments: guitars, ukeleles, etc.)

  • Item #: 062266
    Retail: $30.00
    Rainbow Price: $23.25

      These are not what you think of when you see “bells;” these look more like individual xylophone pieces.  The set contains 8 notes in a rainbow of colors, and they produce delightful, melodious sounds.  The bells are contained in a yellow carrying case with a handle, which also holds the two included mallets.  Leave the set in the case to play or remove it into different configurations or split it up between children.

  • Item #: 061915
    ISBN: 9780978704872
    Retail: $24.95
    Rainbow Price: $13.07

    If you’re looking for a guitar curriculum that focuses on learning to read sheet music rather than focusing on chords, this is the approach for you. This guitar book instructs in the classical approach. Start out with the very basics of the instrument ad how to hold and tune the guitar. Then the 16 lessons utilize a combination of scale and warm up exercises, and a combination of folk, classical and sacred music to learn how to read sheet music. 70 spiral bound pages. – Laura

  • Item #: 060664
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.95

    What I would have given to have this as a young piano student! If your little Mozart has a hard time keeping track of their multiple note flashcards, this is the perfect solution. The heavy-duty laminated sheet has a blank staff ranging from B2 to D6. Firmly attached to a clear cord is a black plastic quarter note that slides up and down to be any note. “But what about the stem being on the wrong side?” you might ask. Don’t worry; the note spins (though it might be a bit tricky for little ones to rotate) so that the stem is on the correct side, adding another element to quiz your student about. Parents, want to help quiz your child but don’t know how to read music? Not a problem! On the card’s back, the note moves up and down in correspondence to the front-facing note and labels indicate the note’s name. A valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their note identification skills. – Laura

  • Item #: 058872
    Retail: $34.69
    Rainbow Price: $21.56


      Your little handbell players can put on a concert of their own with this easy DVD set! Each song has 3 different tracks. The first is the animated sheet music (color coded to match your bell set) with bell sounds and note names for easy identification. Once they’ve mastered that, switch to the next track which is the same animated, color-coded sheet music with the bell sounds but without the note names. When they’ve perfected that, switch to the performance tracks on Disc 2, which is the animated, color coded sheet music with backing instruments, but without bell sounds so your child’s performance can clearly be heard. Includes tracks for eight songs: "Michael Row the Boat Ashore," "Oh Susanna," "In The Good Old Summertime," "The Whole World," "The Silvery Moon," "Swing Low Sweet Chariot," and "Over There." – Laura

  • Item #: 058036
    Retail: $3.80
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    Pastel lined paper in a small format notebook makes a fun option for journaling, writing poetry or music or to keep in a bag for general "Don't forget this!" notes. Paper & covers come in 4 colors: lavender, pale green, light blue or pink (our choice.) Keep one in the car to record oil changes and such – or questions your kids come up with in the car that you need to research when you are home! Use one to jot down vocabulary words as you read to look up later. They are spiral bound and pages are not perforated, so they are nice for keeping as a memento too, like a travel journal. Keep one to write down funny things your kids say and give it to them when they graduate! Includes 1 double pocket. 80 sheets each ~Sara

  • Item #: 048824
    ISBN: 9780545060424
    Retail: $12.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.50
    Amy and Dan follow the clues to Vienna and a sheet of Mozart's music is the key. But are they heading to a deadly trap?
  • Item #: 048816
    Retail: $13.49
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

    Play by color with this note-reading sticker set! Following the same color-coding note-reading scheme as the Boomwhackers line, these removable, reusable stickers can be placed on keyboards, xylophones, choir chimes, and other instruments so you can play along with Boomwhackers. This package contains 300 diatonic with letters, 100 diatonic without letters, 75 chromatics with sharp/flat spelling, and 25 chromatics without sharp/flat spelling. Even if you do not use the Boomwhackers, these colorful labels make great note reminders for beginning music students – simply label the letters C through C (an octave or more) on your keyboard, until the notes are committed to memory! ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 045765
    Retail: $299.95
    Rainbow Price: $249.95

  • Item #: 038151
    Retail: $30.00
    Rainbow Price: $23.25

    You don't have to worry about losing any pieces here – all 25 bars of this deluxe xylophone are mounted inside a carry case! The notes include sharps and flats, and the bars are made of sturdy chrome steel. Two mallets are also provided.

  • Item #: 038010
    Retail: $554.00
    Rainbow Price: $479.00

    This year-long geography study begins the MFW "Investigate" curriculum series, which is followed up in subsequent years by a chronological history study. Designed for students of different levels to use together, this is an option if you are looking for a curriculum to use with both a second grader and an older student. (Please note that 7th and 8th graders may also use this program with the purchase of additional resources, but this package as assembled is intended for students between grades 3-6.) With a focus on world geography and missions, students will learn Bible, geography, reading, science, art and music. You will need to add math, language arts and foreign language (if desired). MFW has specific recommendations for resources for these at each grade level; see more details online. In Bible, students do an in-depth study of Matthew, read about missionaries and pray for different ethnic groups. Geography is explored through all the senses and a wide variety of activities including using maps and globes, making geographic vocabulary cards, playing geography games, cooking ethnic recipes, making flags, listening to cultural music and viewing art from around the world. In reading, students will enjoy a selection of living books recommended from an extensive list.

    Deluxe Package includes Teacher Manual; Parent-Teacher Supplement; Synergy Guide; student sheets; flags of the world sticker book; passport booklet; Exploring World Geography; A Trip Around the World/Another Trip...; Classroom Atlas; Children's Atlas of God's World; Maps & Globes; Geography From A to Z; World Wall Map; Usborne Living World Encyclopedia; Properties of Ecosystems (God's Design for Science); Hero Tales; God Speaks Numanggang; Fast Facts; Window on the World; Global Art; Wee Sing Around the World; Currency Kit; a set of six Christian Heroes Then & Now; Great Animal Search; Fun with Easy Origami; Kingdom Tales and inflatable globe.

  • Item #: 036099
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    Decorate cards, books, and more with these cute stickers! Designs include a variety or half, quarter, and eighth notes, treble clefs and bass clefs. Each note has black with a grey design of stripes, dots, chevron, etc. and has a white border. 5 sheets with 24 each totaling up to 120 stickers. - Laura

  • Item #: 028383
    ISBN: 9781604330960
    Retail: $6.95
    Rainbow Price: $2.91

    Need more than a basic staff sheet to compose your song? The Song Writer's Notebook gives you a two-page spread to help puzzle out those rhythms in your head, with separate areas for the disparate elements of a song. The left side has a place for the name and date, then six staves for recording the verse, chorus, and bridge; below that is a box for the chord progression. The right side has an inspirational quote from a musician at the top, followed by lines for lyrics, and at the bottom notes for tempo, transitions, overall feel, and chord voicings. After you've gotten the elements of the song down, the back half has a place for putting them all together, with staves, lines for lyrics, and your own thoughts on the song. The next big hit is begging to be pieced together in these sheets. About 120 pgs, softcover. ~ Mark

  • Item #: 028210
    ISBN: 9781438007694
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.50

    What tools do you use when you read? Background music? Post-it notes? Highlighter? Do you like to read small chunks at a time? Or spend hours? Middle school and high school students are usually still figuring out exactly what tools work best for them – and if they need different tools for different types of reading. In a humorous, conversational manner written directly to the student, the reader has the opportunity to examine a myriad of tools that various people use to make reading more profitable. Each tool/skill is dissected and taken in small chunks with Let's Practice! exercises at regular intervals. Chapters conclude by asking the student to reflect on what he has learned followed by a collection of review questions labeled "Brain Ticklers." (Answers for these are on the following page.) For instance, the chapter on Different Types of Reading focuses on reading textbooks. Students are encouraged to start by looking at how the textbook is set up and then are given specific strategies for textbook reading. The SQ3R method (Survey, Question, Read, Record, Review) is covered thoroughly as well as the idea of using a textbook response sheet. And the book is packed with practical ideas for conquering reading skills – graphic organizers, helpful hints, and mnemonic devices, to name just a few. With reading passages and questions as well, this book is more than a supplement; rather, it is like a study skills class for the wanting-to-succeed student or the need-to-catch-up student. 210 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 020037
    ISBN: 9780981813776
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $28.95

    At least three music courses (for beginners – either in age or experience) in one user-friendly, family-oriented package: music appreciation/history, reading music, and making/enjoying music. We all have this nagging idea that we really ought to be doing something about music but don't know exactly what. Or perhaps you're one of those moms who recognize that there are tremendous advantages for your children (spiritually, emotionally and mentally) when enjoying music is part of your daily lives but you can't imagine how you'll fit one more thing into your busy lives and homes. Marcia Washburn makes it easy for us by leading us step-by-step and providing a wealth of online resources to broaden that experience. You don't need to be able to read music or recognize one composer from another or spend a lot of money or time gathering resources. The author even assures us that this product has been "field-tested to ensure that musically illiterate adults can confidently use it with their children."

    Beethoven Who? is an ebook, or in other words, pdf files on CD-ROM, readable from your computer. This ebook-on-CD format is perfect for providing quality information, hands-on activities, games, reproducible listening sheets and listening suggestions in an affordable package. AND, there are links – lots of links – to quality internet sources for listening to orchestra-performed and artist-performed pieces (classical, traditional, folk, patriotic, and sacred music). Many of the listening links also provide video footage so you get a great view of each instrument in the orchestra. As we mentioned earlier, coverage of all things introductory and basic to music appreciation and enjoyment are included. The first section – Listening to Music – provides an overview of the elements of music (terms and basic info) followed by a period-by-period examination of major composers, musical instruments, historical setting, and notable pieces. In this section are briefly annotated (the author tells what to expect and look for) links to orchestras performing various pieces as well as video re-enactments such as costumed musicians playing period instruments while floating on the Thames River in England and even flash mob versions. The links are designed to build in you and your children appreciation for the music involved and to just plain enjoy a huge variety of musical experiences. In this section you'll find descriptions of the various periods (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, and Twentieth Century), short biographical sketches (with full-color pictures) of the major composers within each, examples of their major works, and lots of interesting odds and ends about both composers and works. To give you just a bit of an idea of the care that has gone into making the video link selections, consider the Flight of the Bumblebee (a work of the Romantic period composer Rimsky-Korsakov). Links for this piece include an orchestra (so you can see how fast their fingers need to move), the record-holder for the fastest violin version, a master violinist (Perlman) performance, a number of solo instruments each playing the piece (oboe, bassoon, clarinet, soprano recorder, and tuba), a Canadian Brass comedic version, a Disney cartoon shortened version, and, lastly, a boogie-woogie rendition on the piano. Notes on these links include observing that at 1:55 the pianist is smiling at an audience member (boogie-woogie) and a caution not to read the comments on the clarinet link (inappropriate content).

    The second section – Reading Music – covers all the basics providing a wealth of reinforcing activities. Reproducible masters are often included for memory games or bingo, for instance, as well as using a variety of rudimentary, homemade musical instruments (toilet paper tube maracas, oatmeal container drums, metal bottle cap tambourines, and a drinking glass orchestra – all instructions included). Music Reading, Pitch, Rhythm, and Dynamics are all covered. Activities are easy and fun to do and will involve your entire family in a musical exploration adventure.

    Section 3 – Making Music – transported me back to my grade school days and had me agreeing with the author that American folk and traditional songs – once learned in elementary school music classes like mine – are disappearing from our culture. You'll appreciate her determination not to let that happen as you listen through her list of not-to-be-missed songs: action songs (London Bridge), love/friendship songs (Bicycle Built for Two), animal songs (Itsy, Bitsy Spider), work songs (I've Been Working on the Railroad), patriotic songs (America the Beautiful), and sacred songs (hymns such as A Mighty Fortress and children's songs such as Jesus Loves the Little Children). Trust me, I've only scratched the surface of her many, many suggestions here. Again, there are a multitude of annotated links and often, historical and cultural anecdotes. She ends this section with suggestions for ways you can make music together as a family and ways to incorporate musical experiences into your everyday family life. A series of appendices include How to Use the Links in the Book, an Elements of Music Chart, a master for Sample Listening Sheets, a Resources list, and a Glossary of Terms. There is also a complete index for the entire e-book./

    You can probably tell that I'm excited about the potential of this product to open the lives of our children to musical experiences, some noble, some mundane. There's over 300 pages of musical information, countless links, reproducibles, and, most importantly, the sense that "I can do this!" ~ Janice

  • Item #: 013098
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    20 sheets per pad. Shows piano keys, treble clef, bass clef, and ledger lines.

  • Item #: 010432
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  • Item #: 006472
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    There's something so soothing about strumming an instrument. This ukulele provides the perfect outlet for those restless fingers. I tuned the ukulele first, which was easy using the included pitch pipe and instructions. Then I practiced playing the 20 different chords from the instruction sheet. This ukulele is good quality for the price. It has a wooden (compressed) body , the strings are made of strong plastic, and the other components (like the tuners and frets) are made of metal or plastic. It provides a pleasant tone when played, with a nice round depth and warmth to its sound. The ukulele measures about 21" long and 2.5" thick. You'll have hours of fun with this jovial little instrument! –Chad

  • Item #: 004003
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    Anyone can play great sounding music on these wooden harps. You just slide your sheet of music between the strings and wood. The notes show up directly under the corresponding strings, so even younger people can easily play songs. The harp comes with twelve songs, a tuner, an extra wire, and a pick. Please note that you can also purchase additional accessories separately below. The "pick pack" includes a pick, a small tuner, and spare wire. The pick clip is a pick attached with a non-removable string to a small clip, allowing you to clip it directly onto your harp so you can easily keep track of it. - Melissa

  • Item #: 052631
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    Clever, flat, bookmarks fold over your page and stay put. Lovely images make these a perfect add-on gift. Give one with a new book or add one to a birthday card. Images are on magnet sheets and are a long oval, about 8.5" long and 1.5" wide. When you fold them they are about 4.25 inches to fit easily in most any book. For kids: These have bright primary colors and patterns kids will love. Look for: wise owl reading, music, solar system, under the sea, spring flower. Mark Twain quote: A black and white photo of Twain with the quote, "A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read." Look for: read. Inspirational: This collection has beautiful color photos. Look for: cross and flag, stick cross, water cross, cross and thorns, three crosses, hands.
  • Item #: 026489
    ISBN: 9781931397650
    Retail: $29.95
    Rainbow Price: $24.50

    Learning new things is easier for young students when tied in to a common theme. That's why unit studies are so popular and successful. So what about Galloping the Globe? It's a unit study centered around geography. It encourages a detailed look at a selection of countries from the six populated continents as well as the North and South Poles and Christmas around the world. Using the countries being studied geographically as the basic platform, the authors have included ideas and references, projects and activities for integrating Bible, people/history, science, literature, vocabulary, internet sources, maps & flags, cooking, music/art, games, puzzles, and crafts into the curriculum. An aspect to this unit study which is similar to the Trail Guide to… series is the student notebook approach, where the child will actually produce a notebook full of art projects, reports, biographies, geographic dictionary pages, and much more. This is intended to be something they can show to other people, reinforcing and reviewing what they have learned as they explain various facts to friends and family. This is a fairly flexible course, with a full study of every topic listed taking between two and three years to complete. You can also pick and choose projects to simply make this a year long course. While geography is the main focus of this unit study, it does a good job of including the resources needed to study the other subjects, too. Answers are included and the consumable work pages are reproducible (and are also now found on the included CD-ROM in PDF format, which makes it even easier to use with multiple children). There are several recommended resources which are used multiple times throughout the course. If you are interested in purchasing these, please see below. Items without prices are those that we do not currently carry. The resource list has been recently revised to accommodate for items that were going out of print, and several new resources have been added. This is the newest version, revised in 2010 with a CD-ROM of printable forms, activity sheets, maps and flags. CD is Win/Mac compatible; requires Adobe Reader (a free download). 266 pgs, pb. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 029431
    ISBN: 9781937664275
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.95

    Sets include 4 colorful posters measuring 21.5”x 17”, reproducible activity sheets and concise teacher guide. Posters included are Chromosomes, Genes, and Alleles; DNA and DNA Replication; Mendel’s Work; Punnett Squares