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X Tables Grid Blank

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  • Item #: 039322
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    While many number charts show up to 100, this one goes to 120. This is not a times table; the numbers go across 1-10 in the first row, then 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, etc. A teacher/parent can use this to show number sequencing, skip counting, or counting by 10s. On the back is a blank grid of 10" x 12" squares that you can write on with a dry-erase marker (you can write on both sides actually). White with bold black numbers and a colorful red striped border. 11x13" cardstock. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 045498
    Retail: $1.99
    Rainbow Price: $1.50

    This economical dry-erase board has many uses. It's a glossy, flexible, two-sided sheet measuring 12" x 9" (and less than a mm thick). One side is blank white while the other contains a centimeter grid of 20 cm squares by 28 cm squares. Works well with any dry-erase marker.

  • Item #: 017990
    Retail: $2.67
    Rainbow Price: $2.25

    Practice your multiplication tables with this reusable wipe-off board. One side has a 10 x 12 grid with the numbers 1 through 10 running across the top of the board and 1 through 12 running down the left hand side. The rest of the grid is blank for students to fill in. The other side of the board has the exact same grid but with all the multiples filled in. Use this side as an answer sheet for the first side or as a quick reference. Measures 8 5/16" x 11 11/16." ~ Enh

  • Item #: 018739
    Retail: $0.00
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    Laminated chart from 1-100 in 1" squares. Blank grid on reverse.

  • Item #: 039827
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    Multiplication facts right at your fingertips in one handy location! One side provides individual times table from one through twelve while the other side shows the "classic" multiplication chart through twelve. This sturdy, laminated chart measures 14 ½" x 10". - Enh

  • Item #: 033391
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  • Item #: 059422
    Retail: $2.99
    Rainbow Price: $2.85
    Colorful, cardstock poster shows a large 10x10 number grid with the 5's and 10's in a different color. The large format (17x22") has a star border with rainbow colored balloons across the top. This would be great as a math reference tool, of course, but also for the 100th day of school! Use it as a count down (or up!) On the back of the poster are 50 activity ideas for the 100th day, a smaller version of the number grid that is reproducible, and a 100th day certificate you can copy for your students to color. ~ Sara
  • Item #: 042608
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $0.85

    This hundred board is a versatile math manipulative. One side features a chart of 1" squares numbered from 1-120. The other side features the same grid, but with blank squares. The lines between the squares are not as bold as other charts we carry and the board features a red, 1cm-wide border. Made of thin, glossy cardstock the board is fairly durable and is very handy to have around. Measures 11" x 11."

  • Item #: 041634
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    One side of this 12 x 12 table lists the multiples (1-144), and the other side is a blank table for practice. The table is laminated, so dry-erase markers can be used on either side. 14 cm x 16 cm, or approx. 5.5" x 6.3". – Rachel
  • Item #: 041112
    Retail: $3.99
    Rainbow Price: $3.50
    1 ¼" squares, grouped 12x16
  • Item #: 028132
    Retail: $5.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.46

    The Coordinate Grid (Centimeter Grid with X-Y Axis) Boards is double-sided and blank on the back (not magnetic).

  • Item #: 045499
    Retail: $1.99
    Rainbow Price: $1.50

    This economical dry-erase board has many possible uses. It's a glossy, flexible, two-sided sheet measuring 12" x 9" (and less than a mm thick). One side is blank white while the other contains a centimeter grid of 20 cm squares by 28 cm squares. Thick, blacker lines split the grid horizontally and vertically to form an XY axis, so the board is great for a variety of graphing activities. Use with dry-erase markers. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 040927
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $1.25

     Rarely is a title so descriptive of a product. Flexible plastic dry-erase “board” is 9” x 12” with labeled 1-120 (12 rows of 1-10) grid on one side and a blank grid (.75” squares) on the other. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 020286
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $23.99

    Inspired by patchwork quilting, this simple, quick-to-play strategy game pits two players in a race to complete as much of a quilt as possible. To begin, a series of colorful cardboard quilting fabrics (in a wide variety of sizes and shapes) are laid out on the table around a central board. Each patchwork piece has an associated button and time costbuttons are the currency and victory points of the game, while time forces players to move their tokens forward a certain number of spaces. Certain pieces also give players a valuable button income, triggered by specific spaces of the board. Players take turns (based on board position) moving forward, making money or buying patchwork pieces and assembling them on their 10x10 gridded boards. The trick is to assemble the oddly-shaped fabrics together in a sensible manner, avoiding holes in the quilt which cannot be filled. But theres a catchthe first player to assemble a perfect 7x7 square on their board wins a valuable 7-button reward. Once players reach the end, they add up their buttons and subtract the empty spaces on their boardthe player with the most points wins! Perfect for strategists both young and old. ~30 minutes.

  • Item #: 016707
    Retail: $2.80
    Rainbow Price: $1.84

    Makes a 64-block grid

  • Item #: 007013
    Retail: $4.30
    Rainbow Price: $3.75

    This one's good for anything! A blank white 11" x 16" board.

  • Item #: 004084
    Retail: $4.49
    Rainbow Price: $3.75

    Chart your course with this 22” x 28” blank wipe-off calendar. Colorful border adds visual appeal; generous writing space allows for your busy schedule!

  • Item #: SMI3MK
    Retail: $139.71
    Rainbow Price: $112.00

    Geometric Shapes (1), fraction circles, wooden cubes, 1 cm. graph paper, base ten set, Judy instructional clock, 2-color plastic counters (100), folding meter/yard stick, pattern blocks (.5 cm, 100), indoor-outdoor thermometer, color tiles (100), English/metric ruler, play money, overhead cm graph grids, overhead inch graph grids, spectra-mat (17 x 14), white dice (2), multiplication table, platform scale, plastic coins.

  • Item #: HZN4MK
    Retail: $92.21
    Rainbow Price: $67.95

  • Item #: 066958
    Retail: $4.51
    Rainbow Price: $4.25

       It’s a dilemma faced by countless parents and teachers. Do I invest in a dry erase board or a chalk board? Which one is best for student learning? Problem solved! This 2-in-1, lap-size board contains a blank white dry erase board on one side and a blank green chalkboard on the flip side. Measures approx. 9” x 12”. Rounded edges. For best results, prime the chalkboard by rubbing the entire surface with the side of a chalk stick, then erase completely. Made in the USA. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 066956
    Retail: $4.08
    Rainbow Price: $3.75

       Measuring 12”x 9”, this double-sided dry erase board provides room to practice basic writing and math skills. In the horizontal position, the board provides lines for writing (dotted midline) and numbers 1-25 on the bottom. Turn vertically, and you have a place value board that is divided into ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. The opposite side is blank giving more flexibility. Great resource for multiple ages. Rounded edges. ~ Deanne


  • Item #: 066955
    Retail: $4.08
    Rainbow Price: $3.75


      Double sided, this 12” x 9” dry erase board makes a great tool for your student to practice a range of skills. Total grid dimensions are approximately 9¼” x 6¾”. Grid contains 30 boxes across and 22 boxes down, with each box measuring approximately ¼”. White border includes 10-line marks for writing across the bottom and one side. Perfect for bar graphs, histograms, and line graphs. Opposite side is blank. Rounded edges. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 065748
    Retail: $7.33
    Rainbow Price: $6.50

    This handy dry-erase board paddle is great for individual practice. The board is 10"x 8", has a handle, and comes with a dry erase marker/eraser that snaps into the handle. One side has a blank dry erase surface and the other side holds a dry erase pocket which is fastened to the paddle surface and opens on both the top and the right-hand side. A reversible insert features a 3/8" grid surface (graph paper) on one side and six rows of 1" wide handwriting lines (with dotted midlines) on the other. You could add other papers or templates into the pocket for reusable, erasable practice. A microfiber dry erase cloth is also included. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 064912
    Retail: $15.00
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

       Spin and practice your multiplication tables! Each of these 8 spinner games uses the same rules to practice multiplication of a different number from 2-9. Spin, multiply, and then place a counter on one of the correct numbers located on a 5.5” x 5.5” numbered grid. If you spin a 7 while playing the Multi-spin 2, for example, you’ll choose which number 14 to place a counter on. The first player to get three in a row wins. Printed on 8 ¼”x11 ½” flexible plastic, the games can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Set is stored in a 9 ¾”x13” clear, zippered pouch with a hanging attachment on one side and includes a bag of 120 transparent counters in red and yellow. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 064891
    Retail: $1.50
    Rainbow Price: $1.45

     Front contains a numbered 120 grid (10x12); back has blank 120 grid.

  • Item #: 064888
    Retail: $1.50
    Rainbow Price: $1.45

     Front has a blank 5 x 5 grid; back has a blank 10 x 10 grid.

  • Item #: 064386
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $23.50

      Numbers 1-120 and their proper sequencing can be quickly and easily practiced and learned. Just like hundred number boards, newer on the market are 1-120 number boards – numbers are in rows of 10 and go to 120 instead of 100. This heavy plastic number board has a grid on both sides in which plastic number tiles fit. The grid squares are numbered on one side and blank on the reverse for two different types of practice. This set includes a 12” x 14” number board, 120 white number tiles, 30 purple and 30 green transparent tiles (to place on number tiles for highlighting), and activity guide. Use this set for practice counting, even/odd numbers, skip counting, number patterns, graphing, and more. ~ Donna

    1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 064246
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $2.95

     3 Grid Graph Paper features three, 4-quadrant blue lined grids. Each grid has an accentuated axis. The grids are printed on the left side of the paper, and the right side of the sheet is left blank for notes, comments, and equations.

  • Item #: 064245
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $2.95

     2 Grid XY Graph Paper features two, 4-quadrant blue lined grids. The grids have an accentuated axis on the left half side of the sheet. The right side of the sheet is left blank for equations, comments, and/or notes.