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  • Item #: 041634
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    One side of this 12 x 12 table lists the multiples (1-144), and the other side is a blank table for practice. The table is laminated, so dry-erase markers can be used on either side. 14 cm x 16 cm, or approx. 5.5" x 6.3". – Rachel
  • Item #: 054368
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    Teaches multiplication facts through 10x tables. Uses a spiral approach, teaching concept then further exploration for each table through 10.

  • Item #: 006467
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  • Item #: 003582
    ISBN: 9780764955211
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    Test your Periodic Table trivia with this deck of 48 fact-filled cards. Each laminated card measure 3¼”x 4” and has a question on the front side with the answer and short explanation on the reverse. Questions are multiple choice, true/false, and short answer, and they ask general questions about the elements and the Periodic Table. Use these to review concepts, prepare for tests or just to test your knowledge on the subject. How much do you already know – What are valence electrons? Which element group on the Periodic Table is highly reactive and includes metals or metalloids? How many elements are there? ~ Donna

  • Item #: 033391
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  • Item #: 040645
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    This write-on/wipe-off magnetic periodic table is perfect for magnetic whiteboards, refrigerators and other magnetic surfaces. The white background and colorfully coated element families are easy to read: atomic number, electrons per shell, symbol, name, and atomic weight for each element. A legend explains the numbers and colors. 11.625” x 16.5”. - Logan

  • Item #: 053761
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  • Item #: 008224
    ISBN: 9780906212851
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    For each table in this book, there is a picture puzzle to solve. You have to color all the areas which contain a number from the table. The puzzles are all different shapes and sizes. For example, in the 2x table picture puzzle, you color all of the numbers which divide by 2 to find the picture. For the square puzzle, you color all the numbers which are multiples of two to see the pattern. There are 16 picture puzzles plus 11 pattern puzzles. There are times tables for each puzzle from 1-12. A fun way to work through the multiplication tables. ~ Phyllis

  • Item #: 058917
    ISBN: 9780545653640
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    A colorful visual aid for your home or classroom, this set includes 15 cardstock charts (8"x18") showing times-tables for the numbers 0 to 12 (plus a blank times table to plug in your own numbers). Each is outlined in a different color, great for your visual learners! An activity guide has some fun ideas for your home, co-op or classroom. Cover up some of the numbers with a Post-It note and make your own game or quiz! Bright and bold lines are easy to read. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 033700
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    This board is a perfect tool for chemistry classes at any level. The dry-erase board has only the element symbols, allowing your student to fill in the names and atomic numbers. Use it to learn about such things as boiling points, atomic radius, first ionization potential, and charge density.
  • Item #: 069694
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  • Item #: 069700
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  • Item #: 041664
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    Learn the multiples of the numbers 1-12 with these double-sided, laminated cards. One side shows the multiplication problem displayed with a given number first (i.e. 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4) and the other side shows the multiplication problem switched (i.e. 1x1, 2x1, 3x1, 4x1). Two blank practice cards are also included for a total of fourteen pieces. 11cm x 20 cm, approx. 4.3" x 7.8". – Rachel
  • Item #: 066953
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  • Item #: 066952
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  • Item #: 047289
    ISBN: 9780756652197
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    This bright and colorful book from DK will have you mastering those times tables right away! The book begins with an introduction to the times tables, explaining how we use them in everyday tasks and providing the online link to the publisher's website, where you can download times tables songs. Then the book devotes several pages to each times table, beginning with the 0x and 1x times tables, and ending with the 12x tables. Each times table is covered thoroughly, with colorful photos, illustrations, visual exercises, and hints and tips to commit the concepts to memory. For example, the 8x chapter provides the times table (up to 12 x 8); images of eight-armed octopi and spiders to practice counting and grouping; instructions for playing a times table tennis game; several memory tips (e.g. "remember that the answers in the 8 times table are double the answers in the 4 times table"); images of buttons to practice division with remainders, and more. The last section of the book has times table quizzes, a lesson on long multiplication and division, instructions for an alternate method of multiplying long numbers together (called "window frame multiplication"), a large times tables grid, and a glossary. This book provides visual reinforcement and can be used in conjunction with a drill book for extra practice. Answers included. 64 pgs, hc. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 022109
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  • Item #: 055504
    ISBN: 9781585308730
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    Less mess, more fun! The mess is part of the fun when it comes to making tie dye, but using spray bottles instead of the old squeeze bottles give you a different effect when it comes to colors and blending. The best thing about this set is that everything is included to color a cotton string-type backpack. You are getting 3 spray bottles with dye powder (pink, yellow, blue,) 3 envelopes of additional dye powder in these colors, an extra spray bottle for making a custom color, a vinyl apron, latex-free gloves, a 3' x 3' table cover, rubber bands, a black fabric marker and clear directions. Use the extra dye to make dozens of projects! Personalize your bag with the marker! Make these at a party and let kids take home a t-shirt they make themselves. Use the technique on summer tennis shoes, gym bags, or ribbons. Recycle white shirts that have a stain you can't remove. Ask your children what they want to spray next! ~Sara

  • Item #: 026006
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  • Item #: 036376
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      These double-sided, magnetic, dry-erase boards have multiple uses. Their convenient 9” x 12” size allows for lap work, desk work or sharing at the table. . The magnetic Plain/Lined board is blank on one side and contains five 1-inch writing lines with red top lines, blue bottom lines and dotted blue midlines on the other. Sturdy, durable, practical and multi-use equals super! ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 041160
    ISBN: 9780374464523
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.50

    Wilson has lots of trouble with his times tables and doesn't think he can learn them and get his ice cream cone reward. His parents, teacher and friend Josh are all encouraging, but he sees no way to learn them. When it's his turn to take Squiggles (the class pet hamster) home, practicing multiplication gets in the way of having fun with the hamster! On the last day, he's the only one yet to complete the test and get his ice cream cone. Will Wilson get through all twelve times-tables tests? This math story will help kids master multiplication. 104 pgs, pb.

  • Item #: 060745
    Retail: $5.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.75

    This pad provides 30 sheets of multiplication tables for numbers 1 through 12 in multiple colors. Great for putting in a binder or at a student desk—anywhere you need a handy reference. On the back of the pad is a reproducible multiplication tables sheet so students can practice. The 8 ½” x 11” sheets are non-reproducible. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 039827
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    Multiplication facts right at your fingertips in one handy location! One side provides individual times table from one through twelve while the other side shows the "classic" multiplication chart through twelve. This sturdy, laminated chart measures 14 ½" x 10". - Enh

  • Item #: 036829
    ISBN: 9780452297197
    Retail: $17.00
    Rainbow Price: $11.95

    After suggesting those who fear Algebra rename it "Algeblah, blah, blah," Danica tackles GCFs and LCMs with variables, factoring, solving for x, functions and relations, solving and graphing systems of linear equations, rate and motion problems, negative exponents, rules for exponents, square roots and radical expressions, factoring polynomials, quadratic equations, and much more. See our website for a complete table of contents.

  • Item #: 012572
    ISBN: 204220
    Retail: $3.95
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    Small, durable, informative, and handy, this guide has the essential information you'll need while working in the lab. It comes picturing a chart of the Periodic Table of Elements that is large enough to read and understand clearly. Flip over to the inside and find various charts of chemistry must-knows. Charts include metric conversions, common ions, physical constants, common chemical reagents and molar mass, common acids, common bases, organic solvents, and properties of inorganic salts, air and water. Due to its smaller size not every area of the subject can be covered. Laminated, measures 4 x 6. ~ Tasha

  • Item #: 036374
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      These double-sided, magnetic, dry-erase boards have multiple uses. Their convenient 9” x 12” size allows for lap work, desk work or sharing at the table. The Plain allows for using both sides: work with magnets on one side and draw with a dry erase on the other.  Sturdy, durable, practical and multi-use equals super! ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 039801
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    Quality made, tri-fold puppet theater can easily fold away and slide under a bed or sofa when not in use. Center panel is 24x24", wing panels are 11.5" wide. The theater opening is 22Wx9.25"H. The bottom half of the front panel and both side panels feature white marker board surfaces (dry erase) framed in solid wood. Children can have fun listing the character's names and the title of their performance, show times, etc., then erasing it for the next show! Arrives fully assembled (13 lbs.) ~Sara
  • Item #: 023232
    Retail: $32.69
    Rainbow Price: $21.50

    How is this dry erase board different from the others? It stands up on its own! This easel-style dry erase board is housed within a sturdy nylon "frame" that pops out like a table tent. Unfold it, then set it on the floor or table for a vertical display of the writing surface. The 12" x 18" board works with standard dry erase markers, and it's magnetic, too. The easel display is two-sided, with one board on each side. (That means two people can use it at the same time—something Mom will appreciate!). The easel board collapses flat for easy storage. This versatile tool is perfect for teaching, homework, handwriting practice, drawing, playing games… the possibilities are endless. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 001494
    Retail: $5.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.25

    Has your artwork outgrown the desk or table? If so, this large pad gives you plenty of room to spread out on the floor. This giant pad measures 22" x 16" and contains 30 sheets of white drawing paper. The pad contains a cut-out handle for easy carrying. ~ Lisa