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      This scope combines the convenience of using a smart phone with the fun of building a model. First you build the scope with the materials included in the kit (screwdriver included), then switch on the light, open the camera app on your smart phone and place it on top of the viewer, place your object on the plastic slide (1.5” x 2”), place the slide in the box-shaped SmartScope viewer, and use the dials to bring the object into focus to view the object on the screen on your phone! This makes objects easier to view than looking through the tiny opening of a microscope or hand-held viewer. Study drops of water, insects, and anything else that will fit on the slide. The included poster (22.5” x 33”) highlights some interesting suggestions for things to view both indoors and out, and the guide offers more information for each of those specimens – these are some easily accessible objects that will start your child with the world of microscopy. ~ Donna

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    Inexpensive and practical, your student can practice their handwriting over and over again using dry-erase markers, and then flip the board over to draw pictures or play games on the other side. Ruled side is ¾" rulings with 3/8" dotted midline and ¼" between rulings. Top line is solid blue and bottom line is solid red. Board measures 11x8.5" and lines go with the landscape. Page is flexible, like a sturdy cardstock, and would store easily in a handwriting book. ~ Sara

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    Recommended engines for this set are B6-2, B6-4 (first flight), C6-3, and C6-5 and all parts are BT55 size. Body tube size is 1.33 inches diameter.

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    ISBN: 9781613510414
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    I love clean, simple design: no fuss, it just works. This art paper-roll holder/dispenser is made from an unfinished plywood base with soft, rounded edges. Wooden blocks, washers, screws & wing nuts hold the roll in place. You slide the paper under another strip of wood to tear it off cleanly (no blade). Kids can easily change the roll themselves. Base is 21.5" x 5.5" and .5" high. Easy assembly instructions (w/illustrations) are included. Designed to hold 16.5" rolls of 100' of paper. Hard maple & Baltic birch; 4 lbs. Made in the USA by Beka Inc. ~ Sara

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     A shorter, 6.5x3.3” version, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Made from 100% bamboo.

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    This set of 51 1” tall plastic pieces teaches decimals. Decimals are printed on one side and the other sides are blank. The largest (the 1.0), measures 6.0” wide. The brown 0.5 pieces measure 3”; the three black 0.33 are 2”; the four yellow 0.25 are 1.5”;the five green 0.2” are 1 3/4”; the six orange 0.166 are 1”; the eight 0.125 pieces are 3/4”; the ten purple 0.1 are 9/16”; and the twelve pink 0.083 are 1/2”. ~ Ruth

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     15 pieces join together to form a solid play surface that is 33.66” x 27.4”. Also included are 15 car and character play pieces.

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    Take part in the thirty-three-hour flight across the Atlantic in the Spirit of St. Louis! 210 pieces includes 1 figure. Finished plane measures 10.43” x 4.33”.

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    ISBN: 9780965508261
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    Starting with ancient writing materials like stone and clay tablets, leather scrolls, papyrus, and hand-copied books, we learn about the inspiration of the Scriptures and the reliability of God's Word. Find out about the Septuagint, the Vulgate, the Wycliffe and Tyndale Bibles, the King James, the Revised Version, and modern-day translations. Unfolds to 8.5" x 33".

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    This puzzle colorfully portrays all seven continents, water forms, and a few animals that are found in each region of the world. When the 33 jumbo pieces are put together, the puzzle measures 2'x 3'. The pieces are random shapes and sizes and are all very durable and easy to clean. The puzzle is more for fun than a geography aid, as it only provides names for the continents and some of the oceans. A black and white world map is also included with the puzzle, which offers a more detailed world map. ~ Rachel S.

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    ISBN: 9780878137060
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    Be inspired with this pocket-sized coloring book. Measuring 4" x 5.5"it contains over 30 Bible verses (KJV). Each page holds one verse accompanied by a lovely nature illustration. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God" (Matthew 6:33); "Under His wings shalt thou trust" (Psalm 91:4); and "Before they call, I will answer" (Isaiah 65:24) are a few examples. Perfect for helping students memorize or to brighten someone's day with encouraging truth. ~ Lisa

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    ISBN: 9780794537531
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    Introduce the history of classical music to kids in a colorful and informative book with loads of illustrations (Usborne style!) The text is short and easy to understand; you will learn the essence of a rich and lengthy history in a simplified form. Topics include an explanation of classical music, writing music, music & religion, music for entertainment/operas/ballet, orchestra, concerts, music & monarchy/painting/nature, words & music, and music & science/technology. A timeline from about 2000 BC to late 19th century reviews the book (and those mentioned previously). On every other page is a QR code to scan and hear samples of the music presented on the page. Perfect for the musically inclined or not. 8x11”, 33pp, hc. ~ Sara

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    ISBN: 9780449817445
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       Emmanuel was born with a deformed leg in Ghana Africa. He was a bright boy with a strong character and when his mother became sick, he made it to the city to work and send money home. Most handicapped people in Ghana have to beg for money; however, Emmanuel promised his mother he would not beg just before she died. He was on a mission to show others that he was capable, and in doing so, he inspired others (including politicians). He ends up riding a bicycle across Ghana! Written by Laurie Ann Thompson, illustrated by Sean Qualls, hc, 33pp, 9” x11.5”. ~ Sara

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    This 44" x 8.5" timeline reconciles famous American authors and literature with other events in American history. Each decade from 1750 through 1990 appears across the top of the timeline. A portion of the left-hand side of the map is taken up with a chart of 56 famous authors which details their life dates and places of residency. Across the rest of the timeline are horizontal bars depicting the life spans of 23 of these literary artists. Novelists or short story writers are marked with a purple bar, poets with orange, and green bars denote dramatists. Marked along these bars are the dates and names of their most notable writings. Scattered around the bars are points marking the dates and names of famous literary works written by the other 33 authors contained in the chart. Symbols signify Nobel Laureate and Pulitzer Prize winners. A small portion along the bottom of the timeline, separated by a bold line, contains dates of other significant events in American history during these times.

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    ISBN: 9780981552323
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    If you've used one of Amy Pak's Time Travelers CD-ROMs, you'll have an idea of what you can expect in this art appreciation Activity Pak. If not, well, then you're just in for a treat! This CD-ROM contains all the files and instructions you need to create an art appreciation lapbook, file folder game, and a sketchbook. The CD is very well-organized and easy to navigate. You'll start by creating the individual booklets and paper organizers that make up the lapbook, including the booklet of art media, a timeline of art styles and movements, organizing a whole "exhibition" of booklets for 33 famous artists, creating a very cute "paint box vocabulary" booklet defining artistic terms, and painting your own masterpieces in the styles of ten artists. When you've completed everything, the assembly instructions show you how to put it all together in a very attractive, information-packed lapbook. You'll also enjoy creating your own file folder game, "Art Gallery." Files for the board, instructions, pieces and cards are all provided, so you can print, cut, assemble and play! You will probably want to print the art reproduction cards used in the game on a color printer. Files are also included to print and assemble a 5 ½" x 8 ½" sketchbook for sketching or journaling with artist quotes on every page. One thing I love about Amy Pak's products is that they are always well-designed and attractive, and this one is no exception – based on the files on the CD, your finished projects will be beautiful! Win/Mac compatible, requires Adobe reader, a free download. – Jess

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    This American Girl craft kit gets kids sewing and designing their own felt pins with pre-cut flowers and hearts in bright, vibrant colors (purple, hot pink, turquoise, yellow.) Your kit includes: a project/idea booklet, 12 yards of embroidery floss in 4 colors (pink, yellow, turquoise, white), 33 plain cut felt pieces (daisies, circles, scalloped circles, hearts), 5 embroidered patches (deer, frog, star, owl), 12 adhesive pin backs, 10 flower-shaped sequins, 1 piece of practice felt, 1 needle, and 1 threader. Detailed instructions show how to do a running stitch, appliqué, an X and a French knot. Needles are sharp, so tell kids to be very careful with it. Add pins to jackets or hats, hair-bands, give them as gifts, attach them to a card instead of adding the pin-back, or whatever else your child can think of! I like to sew the pin backs on so they are sure to stay put even with the peel-off backing.

    In the directions and ideas booklet, girls are encouraged to express their creativity without worrying about what other people think in a nice little pep talk insert about style sense. Fun and funky, and enough supplies to make 12 pins. ~Sara

  • Item #: 064282
    ISBN: 9781847807007
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    Lets get ready for art school! This art book covers the elements of art and design principles in a playful, unique way that are presented throughout by 5 charming, caricatured professors with distinct personalities: the Professors of Ideas, Form, Senses, Making and the Planet. You feel like youre actually attending a design school, with the book divided into 4 sections: 1) Welcome to the School of Art where you have orientation and meet the 5 professors; 2) Term 1 covering the elements we need to make art and the first 17 lessons; 3) Term 2 covering the design principles that help us make art and lessons 18-33; 4) Term 3 bringing it all together to see what you can do with your newfound skills in lessons 34-40. And what school would be complete without the Final Exhibition at the end? Each lesson has a quick, simple activity to engage your mind and get you thinking like an artist. This book is fun, clever and educational, while presenting complex concepts with bright illustrations and scenarios that will have you wanting to read from start to finish in one setting. A valuable resource and great introduction to the world of art & design! 96 pgs, 10.5 x 11.25 hc. ~ Emily

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    Fitivities is an exciting new game that is played by children and adults of all ages. The rules are simple. Spread out the large 33”x47” durable, vinyl game mat. Roll the dice and move your shoe-shaped playing piece to learn which exercise you will complete.  Flick the spinner to find the number of repetitions and you are well on your way to healthy game playing! Exercises range from performing a plank to jumping rope, along with a variety of other physical movements. Also included are instructions to modify the exercises for those unable to perform the specified activity. Designed for competitive play for 2-24 players (or up to 4 teams), benefits also abound from solitary or non-competitive play. Average gameplay time is 10-30 minutes. This game is perfect for PE class or just a way to break away from the books when restlessness is afoot. Before you know it, you and your children will be laughing out loud while working up a sweat! The boxed set includes 4 shoes and 4 dice in primary colors, 4 multi-color spinners, the 33” x47” vinyl mat, and instructions. 1 CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs. ~ Deanne

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    It's the same! But, different. Leaving the world of CDs behind, Rosetta Stone Homeschool has taken the leap into the world of online subscription formats. As with every major format change, there are advantages and disadvantages. You will probably like the changes which provide more mobility and more flexibility (unless you do not have access to high speed internet or do not wish to enter the internet world). All the aspects of the Rosetta Stone approach to language acquisition that we've come to love and expect are there. It's just packaged differently.

    So, what's different? First of all, there are only four products (instead of the 70 or so we carried before). Each product is an online subscription. This subscription gives one student 24 months of access. You purchase a subscription then you choose your language as part of the activation process. There are 24 languages available and a subscription purchase lets you choose any one of the 24 (Family Pack subscribers can choose up to three different languages). The subscription also gives you access to ALL levels of instruction available in that language. All languages have at least three levels. Some languages have five levels. If workbooks, quizzes, or tests are available (only for a few languages), access to pdf versions of this material comes with the subscription. Because all content is online, you can access it from a computer, laptop, or mobile device and you can access it from anywhere that you have a fast internet connection. You can even download lessons (with Audio Companion) to use when the internet is not available.

    So, what's the same? The dynamic immersion instructional methodology, the voice recognition software, and the student tracking abilities. In other words, all the good stuff that has made Rosetta Stone distinctive and a favorite with homeschoolers. And there is still a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program. To get a sense of the program, check out the video demo found on our website.

    Rosetta Stone's "Dynamic Immersion™" methodology combines multimedia technology with a total immersion approach utilizing four aspects images, intuition, interactivity, and instruction. Real-life images are coupled with words or phrases, both spoken and written. There is constant interaction with the program, making selections which are confirmed if correct. Understanding of the language is built through spoken responses to real-life simulations utilizing TruAccent® speech-recognition technology which listens, analyzes, and corrects the student response. [Headset with microphone is needed but not included.]

    Core Lessons cover: A. Listening & Reading combined; B. Listening only, C. Reading only, D. Speaking, and E. Writing. There are Focused Activities that concentrate on language skills vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, reading, speaking, listening, writing and Adaptive Recall which are review sequences. While the general content and methodology is similar between the various Rosetta Stone versions, the Homeschool version is unique in giving parents the ability to plan and track the student's progress through the lessons and activities and to print data reports.

    Rosetta Stone Levels (in any language) cover the following material:

    Level 1 Build a Foundation. Fundamental vocabulary, essential language structure, basic conversational skills including greetings and introductions. Includes colors, adjectives, numbers, prepositions, definite and indefinite articles, singular and plural nouns, family relations, the five senses and time of day.

    Level 2 Navigate Your Surroundings. Builds on vocabulary and essential language structure. Giving/getting directions, using transportation, telling time, dining out, and enjoying basic social interactions. Includes verb tenses, adverbs, formal imperatives, school subjects, months, and emotions.

    Level 3 Connect with the World. Builds on language fundamentals and conversational skills. Learn to share ideas and opinions, express your feelings and talk about everyday life, your interests, your work, subjective, present perfect, weights, and measurements.

    Level 4 Deepen Your Understanding. Expands on what you learned in Levels 1, 2, and 3. Negotiate complex situations with confidence. Develop conversational skills to navigate the workplace, care for your health, arrange repairs, and move abroad.

    Level 5 Develop Your Command of the Language. Refine crucial communication skills and make full use of everything you've learned in Levels 1-4. Discuss entertainment and culture, government and the marketplace, and celebrate language-learning success.

    The following languages are available (with number of levels in parenthesis): Arabic (3), Chinese (Mandarin) (3), Dutch (3), English (American) (5), English (British) (5), Filipino (Tagalog) (3), French (5), German (5), Greek (3), Hebrew (3), Hindi (3), Irish (3), Italian (5), Japanese (3), Korean (3), Persian (Farsi) (3), Polish (3), Portuguese (Brazil) (3), Russian (3), Spanish (Latin American) (5 Workbooks for Levels 1-3), Spanish (Spain) (5), Swedish (3), Turkish (3), and Vietnamese (3).

    System Requirements:

    Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher

    Mac (Intel based only) Maverick (OS X 10.9) or higher

    Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 50, Firefox 46, Safari 9.1, Edge 13 or greater

    Latest version of Adobe Flash Player

    Computer Hardware Requirements:

    Windows: 2.33 GHz or faster x86-compatible processor OR Intel® Atom™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbooks

    Mac: Intel Core™ Duo 1.33GHz or faster processor

    1 GB of RAM or higher

    1024 x 768 display resolution

    High-Speed Internet connection (at least 768bps)

    In terms of high school credit equivalency (as before) Rosetta Stone is not "accredited" because it is not a school, but each level of the Homeschool program has a "Full Year Curriculum" lesson plan. If you follow that lesson plan, each level will be a 36 week program if you're not using the supplemental (suggestions in teacher materials) materials, or 45 weeks if you are (equivalent to 1 school year). Not all schools or boards will accept RS as credit, so checking to ensure it will be accepted is recommended.

    While it's a bit sad to say "good-bye" to Rosetta Stone's old standby CD-based program, it's easy to see the advantages and necessity of increased mobility. Thankfully, favorite features have been retained and the program remains a strong option for high school foreign language. As before, we encourage the use of a grammar workbook to complement the strong conversational aspect of the program. ~ Janice