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  • Item #: 041880
    ISBN: 9780972089036
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    This may be my new favorite worldview book. Author J.F. Baldwin compares worldviews to the characters of Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Frankensteins monster represents all other worldviews which believe man is innately good. Jekyll and Hyde represent the Christian worldview which believes man is born in sin. Christians, members of the Hyde crowd, must know what they believe and what sets Christianity apart from other worldviews. The author gives a brief overview of different worldviews in understandable language, so that even the beginner can understand this complex topic. Interesting real-life stories are used to drive home the different lessons. He discusses blind faith, good works and selfishness in relation to all the worldviews. Does your worldview require you to be selfish and look out for number one, or does it call you to show mercy and live a selfless, sacrificial life? This book will cause you to ask questions about things you see and hear in the world around you; moreover it will help you understand why you believe certain things. Are you most like Frankenstein or Hyde? 271 pgs, pb Donna

  • Item #: 029439
    ISBN: 9781596361492
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  • Item #: 052177
    ISBN: 9781933267111
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    ISBN: 9780805438963
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    ISBN: 9780805438956
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  • Item #: 042766
    ISBN: 9780875525730
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    Suppose you were to attend a symposium; each contributor one of the finest minds in the modern Christendom; each presenting a paper detailing the impact of thinkers on civilization’s collective worldview through various periods in history. And further suppose that each of these presenters also emphasized the majesty and lordship of God and His sovereignty in His redemptive purposes. Such a marvelous collection of “speeches� (a.k.a. essays) make up the core of this book. From the ancient Greeks and biblical writers through each of the “periods� †Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment, Modern, and Postmodern †each contributor works toward providing an understanding of the flow of western thought. Highly readable, though not necessarily an easy read, these essays explore the ideas that have revolutionized the way in which people thought and acted and provide a history of major worldviews. A number of organizational helps contribute to the understandability of their efforts. Each essay includes a number of sidebar quotes. Additionally, in the upper lefthand sidebar of each set of facing pages there’s an essay outline that identifies exactly where you are reading within the structure of the essay. A resource list for further reading and a set of discussion questions conclude each essay. One of my favorite parts of the book is found in the appendices †a timeline of the turning points in worldview. Also included in the appendices are a list of recommended resources for exploring worldview, several indices (subjects, personal names, scripture), and a glossary. 424 pgs, pb ~ Janice
  • Item #: 030157
    ISBN: 9780977070497
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    It happens to me once in awhile. I start skimming through a curriculum product and then realize Ive slowed down and am reading it thoroughly. This is one of those products. I might be inclined to call it a practically perfect introduction to worldview. Designed as a four-lesson unit study and targeting a middle school audience, it provides instructional information, illustrative hands-on activities, and well-developed questions and talking points for family discussions. The lessons move from defining worldview, to finding the commonalities between worldviews, to identifying four worldview families (polytheism, monotheism, pantheism, and naturalism) and placing the worlds religions in these families, and finally to evaluating the impact of worldview on history. The student is led into discovery: learning to think and evaluate for himself. And, perhaps most important for this age group, they are given tools by which they can continue the evaluation process.

    The Guide is written directly to the student with the parent serving more or less as an administrator. This is an effective presentation methodology because many parents are unfamiliar with these topics and uncertain how to present them. Here, they can become co-learners. Both the instructional segments and the hands-on activities (designed to illustrate and lead the student into understanding) are well-laid out, thoroughly explained and easy to follow. The harder-to-find supplies are provided with the remainder being household/office items. Lessons include definitions, instruction, hands-on activities, processing explanations, review and Table Talk (guidelines for family discussion). Literature selections are used with some lessons to provide discussion points and to further clarify the instruction. The Appendix includes reproducible (for the family) copies of worksheets, literature selections, and a summary of 12 different worldviews. The very back of the guide includes nine cardstock pages which are used for some of the lesson activities. The curriculum packet includes the Guide plus pre-cut wrapping papers, three white boxes (flattened, six-inch cubes), and a pair of 3-D glasses. 87 pgs. pb. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 040232
    ISBN: 9780891077688
    Retail: $18.99
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    The apostle Paul was an effective evangelist in the first century because he was able to understand how people of a different culture thought about the important issues of life, then helped them connect their beliefs to the truth of God. For the church to be successful today, we need the same skill. You would think this should be easy, since we live in our own culture, but author Gene Edward Veith, Jr. believes some of us have missed the transition from modernism to postmodernism. Modernism was marked by a belief in scientific rationalism, humanism, and bias against the past. Postmodernism maintains that there is no absolute truth, that all truth is relative. While a modernist might believe that Christianity is not true because of some perceived scientific or historical conflict, a postmodernist believes that Christianity is not true because it cannot be the only truth or the absolute truth, and is therefore dismissed because it is intolerant.

    This is the overview. Veith, a regular contributor to World Magazine, delves into details in four major areas: thought, art (including architecture, television, movies, and literature), society (family, government, and daily life), and religion. I generally avoid philosophy-type books because they are often difficult to understand, but this book is very readable and gives specific examples, an important step in helping me grasp ethereal concepts. Well worth reading to get a handle on what passes for thinking in our times. 256 pgs, pb.

  • Item #: 040539
    ISBN: 9780830838509
    Retail: $23.00
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    Subtitled A Basic Worldview Catalog. Its a very appropriate label since author James Sire is giving explanation and definition to the different worldviews. He puts the information in a logical sequence that progresses through Christian theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, Eastern pantheistic monism, New Age philosophy, postmodernism, and - newly included in the 5th edition - Islamic theism. Sire has refined his definition and thinking about worldviews since the book was first published. One of the most significant changes is in the area of postmodernism. We used the first edition of this book my freshman year of college - 30 years ago! At that time the idea of postmodernism was a term tossed around by philosophers and theologians, but it was not known to the average person. It is now a worldview which is prevalent in todays society. Every day we hear comments such as, Who are you to say that someone else is wrong? If its right for you, then theres nothing wrong with your choice, and Every worldview has its own story, and each one is as credible as the other. He has added the chapter on Islamic theism (written by Winfried Corduan) because of Islams growing influence in the world since 9/11.

    The first chapter of the book presents the definition of a worldview and then elaborates on each part of the definition. He presents each worldview in light of 7 basic questions. These questions are: What is prime reality the really real? What is the nature of external reality the world around us? What is a human being? What happens to a person at death? Why is it possible to know anything at all? How do we know what is right and wrong? What is the meaning of human history? Each chapter 2-10 examines a major worldview and explores possible answers to each of the questions. Sire evaluates each worldview on its own and then does some comparisons with other worldviews.

    Sire comes full circle in his conclusion. He begins with Christian theism and concludes with the same worldview, Being a Christian theist is more than just an intellectual worldview; it is to be personally committed to the infinite-personal Lord of the universe. You might be asking yourself why you would want to read a book like this. The short answer is that we need to be able to understand and evaluate the various worldviews of our pluralistic society. 293 pgs, pb. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 042659
    ISBN: 9781930443969
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  • Item #: 003345
    ISBN: 9781581345360
    Retail: $19.99
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    Here is one of the classic Christian worldview books, written by Francis Schaeffer, the founder of LAbri Fellowship in Switzerland. This book delves into a variety of subjects ( philosophy, religion, history, art and music), discussing different viewpoints but arguing for the Biblical viewpoint. In an article on teaching worldviews (Practical Home Schooling, Sep/Oct 1996), Cathy Duffy says that she uses this book to review and tie ideas together after discussing a topic. However, she warns not to just turn a high school student loose with the book, since the student would not have the necessary background to understand it. A great resource to teach a Christian worldview.
  • Item #: 000189
    ISBN: 9780974342528
    Retail: $19.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.64
    Its easy to see how the career of a pastor or missionary is important to God, but sometimes its not so easy to pinpoint how more mundane and secular jobs can be just as important. This guide shows people from all walks of life how they can apply their Biblical worldview to whatever job they have in the real world and bridge the sacred/secular divide. Developed to be used in a small group Bible study setting, this book could be read independently, but there are many prompts for discussion and the book urges that going through it with others will provide the most benefits. Included with the book is a DVD full of 1-2 minute clips. The book prompts you when to play a clip that illustrates points being made or jump-starts a discussion. In a very practical way, the study tries to get you to understand why your worldview matters, how worldview shapes culture, how you can remove the dualism from your life, how to develop a concrete plan for letting God control your work like the rest of your life, and what you need to do to truly make your workplace your mission field. This book is perfect for those who feel they have no purpose in their current jobs and also for anyone who wants to discover real ways they can combine their faith with their career, whatever it may be. By Dr. Christian Overman, 128 pgs, pb. ~Rachel
  • Item #: 019881
    ISBN: 9780974342573
    Retail: $17.00
    Rainbow Price: $15.95

    All one needs to do is open the newspaper, listen to a political debate, watch a recent Hollywood film, or pay attention to any number of other things involving, or composed by, humans to understand that at the basis of every idea and thought are certain assumptions. These assumptions, and the beliefs that are connected to them, are, in essence, the worldview of the person holding them. This book, then, is essentially a look at worldviews and the values that spring from them to influence behavior and shape the culture in which we live. Author Christian Overman traces foundational assumptions all the way back to the ancient Greeks and examines the assumptions held in five key areas God, creation, humanity, moral order, and purpose. The overall goal of the book is to help people better understand the times in which we live so we will know what to do as in I Chronicles 12:32. A very practical and down-to-earth book that really brings an awareness of just how important those deeply held thoughts are. Chapters end with a short summary and a handful of thought provoking discussion questions. 192 pgs, paperback. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 042558
    ISBN: 9780988898967
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    ISBN: 9780988898974
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  • Item #: 004163
    ISBN: 9780830837137
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    The screen both big and small has a huge influence in our society. Whether this is good or bad is most often up to the discretion of the viewer. Through what eyes will they view the film? How will they let the film affect or change their values, their morals, their beliefs their worldview? Brian Godawa, an award-winning screenwriter, draws from his background in Hollywood to share with readers the redemption in film, the tricks screenwriters use to communicate their message, and the mental and spiritual discipline that is essential for watching movies. The straight-shooting, analytical style is used in all three sections of the book: storytelling in movies, worldviews in movies, and spirituality in movies. The dialogue is open, and the content is high-school and adult oriented, as movies that are examined range from G ratings to R. 208 pgs, pb.
  • Item #: 055141
    Retail: $21.99
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    Planet Earth: Tilt-A-Whirl. Think a minute and youll begin to see the connection. If fact, thinking will be what you do with every minute watched of this DVD. Combining captivating cinematography visual impact images - with articulate thinking out loud, this DVD addresses the hard questions of philosophy and Christianity evil, death, existence, etc. We are challenged to confront our unbelief and petty fears so that the goodness and greatness of God might astound us and fill our hearts with gratitude and joy. (Scott Anderson, Executive Director, Desiring God). This sort of visual/thinking exercise (a bookumentary) is a great addition to a worldview or high school Bible course and would work well both in a family discussion setting or a small group/co-op. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 005838
    ISBN: 9780805458886
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  • Item #: 005847
    ISBN: 9780805458893
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    You have to appreciate the irony. A homeschooling dad takes his family on a field trip. So far, nothing too unusual. But they travel in a familiar yellow school bus (now I have your attention, don’t I?) and their goal is to examine the origins and social impact of America’s public education system. What they discover as they talk to a myriad of educators, students, and parents, as well as well-known figures in homeschooling circles is that the American public school system is NOT alive and well. Each stop, each interviewee, has his own perspective – all pieces of the “big picture� story of what is happening in the public schools. I first heard one of the stories talking to the wife (one of Rainbow’s customers) of a whistle-blower teacher. It’s amazing how that sort of connection will heighten your interest in a filmed documentary – but these stories could belong to any of us. And all of us can use a reminder – the sobering realization and challenge of what God’s Word says about the discipleship and training of the next generation. 102 minutes Janice

  • Item #: 003906
    ISBN: 9780802484482
    Retail: $14.99
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    The deadly influence of seven dead men is unearthed in this book by Dave Breese: Marx, Wellhausen, Keynes, Darwin, Dewey, Freud and Kierkegaard. While you may not recognize some of these names, the theories and influences their ideas have had on society will probably be familiar to you. This is an excellent book to use in introducing your high schoolers to alternate worldviews. Prepare your children to recognize and defend themselves against these philosophies that just wont die.

  • Item #: 022860
    ISBN: 9780936163123
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  • Item #: 043976
    ISBN: 9780936163383
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    Susan Schaeffer Macaulay grew up in LAbri in Switzerland which was founded by her parents, Frank and Edith Schaeffer. The Schaeffers wanted to provide a place where people could come to get away from the outside world and think about, read, and discuss the big issue of life - the purpose of their life in this world. The ultimate goal was to lead people to God, or to strengthen their relationship with God. Susan and her husband Ranald were carrying on the work of her parents in England when this book was written in 1982. The book is a basic overview of worldviews. In its 12 short chapters, we meet various people with divergent viewpoints about God: the God of the Bible; the God who would never send anyone to hell; there is no god; there are many gods; the physical world is just an illusion; and whatever you believe is OK as long as you believe it sincerely. We also see why believing in the God of the Bible is the only view that makes sense. I used this book for devotions with our four oldest kids for about three weeks. They now understand that knowing what a person believes will enable each of us to be a more effective witness to that person. Now, to put it into practice...

  • Item #: 022612
    ISBN: 9780972089074
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  • Item #: 027343
    ISBN: 9781616255251
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  • Item #: 027360
    ISBN: 9781616255213
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    (description by publisher - stay tuned for our own!) Customized to specifically be used with the What We Believe series by Apologia, this lapbook covers lessons 1-10 in "Who Is God?". Create booklets to place inside the lapbook folders, and improve retention of the information.
  • Item #: 027386
    ISBN: 9781616255299
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  • Item #: 027334
    ISBN: 9781616255244
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    ISBN: 9781616255275
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  • Item #: 027356
    ISBN: 9781616255206
    Retail: $22.99
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    (description by publisher - stay tuned for our own!) Customized to specifically be used with the What We Believe series by Apologia, this lapbook covers lessons 1-10 in "Who Is God?". Create booklets to place inside the lapbook folders, and improve retention of the information.
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