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    Join the elite ranks of sudoku master problem solvers! This small-format book explains and hones the strategies you'll need to conquer even the most challenging of these puzzles. After some background information, chapters move from Basic Techniques to Extreme Solving. To see if you've mastered the tactics, the author includes 20 hard and extreme puzzles to solve at the end, followed by a chapter discussing variations of the basic sudoku and other places to find puzzles (mostly internet sources). All solutions are included. Did I mention that regular mental workouts are essential for prevention of brain decay? So, let's get that pencil sharpened!

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    ISBN: 9781420624465
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    Retire those overused words and replace them with more vivid vocabulary. This workbook is rather like a thesaurus activity book for kids. Some of the overused words include: big, cold, few, happy, loud, play, sad, and small. Sound familiar? Then your student is probably in need of this handy workbook. Each overused word has two activities to go with it to broaden one's vocabulary. Instead of small a child could use: wee, dwarf, teeny, tiny, petite, itsy-bitsy, minuscule, puny, little, meager, or insufficient! Now that's a nice variety, don't you think? Learning new words increases reading comprehension, writing, and speaking skills. Choose one word a week and keep a list of the alternative words on a wall in your classroom. With 30 common words and loads of synonyms, this will go a long way towards improving word skills in a school year. Pages may be reproduced for your classroom use only. 96 pgs, pb. ~Sara

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    ISBN: 9781412711821
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    Incorporating full color photos and childlike drawings, this first dictionary's layout is orderly and easily draws the reader's eyes across the page. On each two-page layout words are grouped according to interesting themes of importance to pre- and early readers. Topics start with "me," move to family and community, then nature, etc., then finish with key pre-K concepts such as colors, money, opposites, and action words. In each topic, words are used to form 2-3 sample sentences which include Dolch sight words. Some of the occupation pictures are caricatures: the scientist is "mad" and the farmer is slovenly. Overall, this is an appealing early dictionary to help young ones associate the written word with the people and things around them. 9" x 11", 96 pp, hc. ~ Ruth

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    ISBN: 9780439504072
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    Providing a range of activities and ideas for teaching about each letter of the alphabet, this book is filled with reproducible pages to use in your classroom. The book is organized by letter, and the pages provided for each letter follow the same format. In writing this description, I will use the "a" pages as the example, with the understanding by you that these pages are duplicated for the other letters of the alphabet. The first pages offer a large uppercase "A" and a large lowercase "a." These blank letters can either be colored by the students or covered by them with something starting with that letter (acorns, apple seeds, airplane stickers, etc.). The next several pages (varies between 2 and 8) offer ideas for activities or things to talk about that begin with that letter. For example, you can learn about animals that start with "a," teach about acorns, help students learn their address, read a story about being afraid, look at an album, go apple picking, visit an aquarium, measure student's arms, make an "awesome aunt award," and talk about autumn. These are a just a few of the ideas provided – you can pick and choose however many you want or come up with your own. Some of the ideas could be built into a whole field trip; others can be completed within the comfort of your home in just a few minutes. These pages of ideas are followed by a list of additional "a" words that may come up naturally in conversation throughout the week. Next there is a page of labeled picture cards (objects that start with "a") and a page of word cards (words that start with "a"). A few ideas for using these are provided, or you can come up with your own activities. The last two pages of the section focus on writing. The first page holds lines for students to practice tracing and then writing "A" and "a"; the second provides more of the same along with lines for writing a few "a" words and a place to draw a picture of something that start with the letter "a." This last page is designated as a page for an alphabet book, so when students complete all of the letters you can staple them together to make their book. If you'd like to try having a "letter of the week" with your preschooler, there are certainly enough ideas here to last! 240 pgs.

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    ISBN: 9781483817217
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    ISBN: 9781880960400
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    These 12 assignments teach that God's Word comes from God, speaks for God, is pure, is sure, gives me light, keeps me right, is my delight, is my defense, is the seed of God, is the strength of prayer, is the source of faith, and is the secret of life.

  • Item #: 036175
    ISBN: 9781433686344
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     Now kids can write in their Bibles! A Bible storybook and activity book in one! Each Bible story is told and illustrated (full-color; full-page) on a two-page spread. The next two pages are activities relating to the story. The activities are simple but include mazes, story sequences, true/false, alike/different, coloring, word search, and find the pictures. In other words, a nice variety.

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    ISBN: 9780838801550
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    This book contains "Speeches, Documents, and Writings That Moved Our Country." Within the pages of this paperback book are familiar compositions such as Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, Abraham Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address," and the "Declaration of Independence." However, there are also some less familiar compositions, such as George Washington's "Farewell Address," Franklin D. Roosevelt's "First Inaugural Address," and Ronald Reagan's "Tear Down this Wall" speech. There are many famous patriotic poems, songs, and prose recorded for you to reflect on and enjoy as well. After each inspiring piece is a short explanation of the circumstances and events that influenced the person writing the composition. The writings are also accompanied by historical paintings and photos that help visually tell our country's history. Overall, there is a lot of history packed into one small book. Unique and inspiring. 80 pgs. – elise

  • Item #: 023963
    ISBN: 9784774307619
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    For children who can read and write the alphabet. Words that are familiar to children (like bat, hat, and rat) are grouped by the vowel and consonant combination of the last two letters. By repeatedly saying and tracing words, children easily acquire solid abilities to say and write simple words.

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    ISBN: 9780545204583
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  • Item #: 024011
    ISBN: 9781933241043
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    For children who can recognize and write short rhyming words and phrases. Familiar words are grouped by similar vowel and consonant combinations (like blue, plane, and flag). By saying and tracing these words, children can learn vocabulary and understand the connection between consonant and vowel pairings and their sounds.

  • Item #: 068499
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    The Elementary version has 15-20 words under each letter. Facing pages have writing lines – single lines spaced 5/8” apart. Pages in the back include color words, number words, ordinal numbers, months of the year (with abbreviations), days of the week (with abbreviations), contractions, and blank, lined pages where you can list family, friends/classmates, pets, things I like to do, and notes. 64 pg, stapled.                    

  • Item #: 027829
    ISBN: 9781455529025
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      52-week Devotional for Mothers and Daughters. Our relationships with our mothers affect our relationships with others and how we respond to life. Not only do we need to develop strong relationships with our daughters, but we also need to come, hand in hand with our daughters and strengthen our relationship with God. These are the goals of this year-long devotional book. Each week, there is one devotional for Mother and one for Daughter on the same theme. Different weekly themes include forgiveness, healthy body image, purity, perfection and healthy relationships. Devotionals follow a format of reading a small excerpt of Scripture; a passage from the author (Kristin Armstrong) and questions or statements to highlight key thoughts. This would be a wonderful way to “be still” before God each week or as a start of a weekly mother-daughter time. Please note, the cover photos show mothers with elementary children, and while these topics can be conveyed to that age group using your own words at your discretion, the reading level (and themes) of the Daughter devotionals is geared to upper middle school ages or above. 5” x 7 ½”, 212 pp, hc. ~ Ruth

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    ISBN: 9781941082553
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    ISBN: 9781941082492
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    ISBN: 9781601841131
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    ISBN: 9780781409926
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      A family devotional storybook by Catherine DeVries, author of the Beginner’s Bible (#002165). Each devotional includes a Bible story, a modern story (involving one of 7 nuclear families introduced at the book’s beginning) and a family devotional time. The Bible stories are based on the NIV Bible and are illustrated with full-color drawings. Sometimes the story is read in traditional format; sometimes it is summarized in four-step picture/text sections. Then the Bible story main points are further elaborated on by the illustrated modern story. These story formats vary: either using traditional story format with illustrations, a cartoon layout, or a pictograph story in which the children “read” key individual’s names and nouns. Then the devotional moves to Family Talk Time. This section includes several questions, a “What We Learned About God” summary statement, and a “Let’s Pray” section. In addition, a memory verse is provided. Could be used as a once-per-week or periodic devotional. Children will also enjoy just reading the individual components. 8.25” x 10.25”, 222 pp, hc. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 008002
    ISBN: 9781890560904
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       Magnetic poetry for the younger set! Over 120 words and word fragments can be used on a refrigerator, file cabinet, locker door, cookie sheet or other steel surface. Mix and match to create original works of inspired art – or general silliness to share! Great for language building skills, these are really fun to play with. Each word is .75” high and vary in length (the word teacher is 2.25” long). Some words include: cheese, monkey, dog, his, me, was, ask, are, mom, sun and more. ~Sara


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    ISBN: 9781584111788
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    ISBN: 9781584111764
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    ISBN: 9780439929233
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    Maybe a little extra practice is all that is needed for your child to master phonics and/or reading skills. This book is formatted in such a logical way that it would work well as reinforcement for any phonics program. It teaches a variety of phonograms and addresses several core reading skills. The more phonograms a child recognizes, the more they can read and spell, and as recognition improves so does comprehension.

    120 of the most essential word families are arranged into 20 different packets. Each packet consists of 10 pages. Page 1 introduces 6 new word families such as ad, at, ap, ag, am, an. 9 activity pages follow, which are designed to appeal to a variety of learning styles and address core reading skills. Reading skills and aspects of phonetic analysis include previewing, blending, isolating, decoding, rhyming, comprehending, deducing, and attending. Learning styles are addressed by incorporating, listening skills, writing, reading, and visual activities.

    The activities in this book can be used as independent work, small group or even whole class practice. The flexibility of this program lends itself to being used in a number of ways. Students can do the book as a complete program and work through all 20 packets in order to cover all the content in the book. Use the activities to target specific phonograms by working on just the activities that cover those specific phonograms. Cover just the reading skills needed by the student by following the labels in the top right corner of each activity page.

    The scope and sequence chart at the front of the book provides at-a-glance content for each packet to make your planning a bit easier. This black and white, reproducible book will provide the extra practice you need for your family or classroom.

  • Item #: 002934
    ISBN: 9781941082560
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  • Item #: 039553
    ISBN: 9781602680647
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    Practicing phonics just got a whole lot more fun! Picture an entire box full of onset and rime puzzle pieces, just waiting for word construction by phonetic construct. 220 letter puzzle pieces to be exact, consisting of word family pieces (-ead, -ee, -ub, -out, -ice, -at; 90 in all), consonant blends (bl-, fr-, kn-, str-; 2 each of 30), initial consonants (b, c…..z; 3 each of 20), and consonant digraphs (2 each of ch-, wh-, sh-, th-, and ph-). Pieces are cut so that all beginnings and endings are interchangeable, but stay put when attached. Pieces are color-coded for easy segregation. The included Resource Guide has a word family reference list, directions, teaching suggestions, and five game and activity ideas. Many more await your invention (Random matching is always fun—just reaching into the box and pulling out four chunks produced the words "gruff prone". Is that what an unhappy person is?). I also like that the chunks are shown printed on dotted middle-line ruling, allowing you to use for handwriting practice of the words. Just set atop some ruled practice paper for copying. Pieces are made from heavy cardboard (thicker than standard puzzle pieces) and have a glossy finish. I thought it would be cool if you could use the non-printed side to construct your own onsets and rimes to add on to the set. Guess what? My Expo® marker erased without a trace! So, you can use dry erase marker for one-time use of the blank sides, or use a permanent marker if you want to keep your additions. That makes this set even more versatile. You could even draw dry- erase shapes or letters across the backs of intended matches to make them self-checking.