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    Understanding the forces behind our common, everyday weather conditions is fascinating for all ages and may even help to alleviate some of the fear often associated with our more violent weather conditions. Through the activities in this kit, children will understand the impact of a clash of hot and cold air fronts, unleash tornadoes, create a blizzard, create a volcano eruption and participate in a variety of other weather activities. Step-by-step instructions, fun facts, explanations and most of the supplies are included to complete the seven activities. You will need to provide some common household items. ~Deanne
  • Item #: 049444
    ISBN: 9780439453363
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    This resource is based on reproducible mini-books and manipulatives for students to learn about weather. There are 15 chapters that teach about seasons, windy and stormy weather, climate, measuring and mapping the weather, and much more. Within each chapter is background information for teaching the lesson, discussion questions, optional further activities, and related books and web sites. There are also easy-to-follow instructions with diagrams to help assemble the templates. These mini-books and manipulatives will help broaden students' knowledge of the weather and how it works as they have fun creating these informational tools. ~ Gina

  • Item #: 057331
    ISBN: 9780689716836
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    This easy to understand storybook breaks down the meteorology system for children. Your child will learn about how weather is predicted at a weather station and the forecast disseminated to the public, as well as the tools used to gather weather information. Types of clouds and weather changes from season to season are also discussed. Written and illustrated by Gail Gibbons. 325 softcover pages. – Laura

  • Item #: 020010
    ISBN: 9780920656716
    Retail: $9.95
    Rainbow Price: $7.95

    Wonderfully illustrated with stunning photographs and vivid graphics, this excellent introduction to weather and the atmosphere will engage children of all ages. Each two-page spread provides fascinating insights into the atmosphere and weather while answering foundational questions. Topics include an overview of the atmosphere, formation and types of clouds, precipitation, rainbows, snow/snowstorms, thunderstorms, air currents, weather lore, haze and humidity, fog, mist and smog, haloes, pillars and sundogs, the aurora borealis, moon phases, hurricanes and hail, tornadoes and waterspouts and much more! A companion book to Exploring the Night Sky (#054591), this book will be wonderful asset to your homeschool library. Note: "tens of thousands" of years is referenced. PB. 72 pgs. ~Deanne

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    ISBN: 9780147518101
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  • Item #: 043256
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    Your child will learn firsthand about the weather with this easy-to-assemble kit. Constructed of lightweight foam, children will learn to read and record rain amounts, wind speed and direction, and direction of strongest UV rays. The kit includes die cut sheets with pieces, compass, 4 UV beads, rain gauge cylinder and stickers, mounting tubes and stick, spinner cap, 2 cable ties (for mounting), weight plate, and clear illustrated instructions – No tools needed!

  • Item #: 069647
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    Build your own weather station with the these lab contents and an empty plastic soda or water bottle. I used a 16-oz. water bottle; you may need to try different bottles to get the right fit. The enclosed booklet includes instructions for 6 experiments; the first one is assembling the weather station. You will have a rain gauge, thermometer, wind vane, compass, and anemometer to estimate wind speed (calm, light, breeze, strong). I put water in the bottle, about half way, to give my weather station some weight; you could do the same by adding rocks, sand, etc. The back of the instruction booklet has 3 pages on which to record your daily readings. Perform other experiments that demonstrate lightning, evaporation, acid rain, greenhouse effect and global warming, and wind by using other components included: spiral template, thermometer arms and two thermometers, seed tray, pH paper, clear plastic molded shapes, plastic tube, and foam pieces. With a few items from your home, you can have a ‘working’ weather station. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 027938
    ISBN: 9781440550362
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.75

      Weather impacts us. Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Thunderstorms, and even snowstorms have an impact on our day to day life. Children are naturally curious about the world around them and this Everything Kids’ book provides well-explained information, a variety of “Try This” activities and fun puzzle activities to teach everything they need to know about weather. A sampling of activities includes creating your own Northern Lights, making a homemade barometer and your own cold air mass. A wonderful reinforcement for your earth science curricula or to create a unit study with a few additional resources! Brief mentions of evolution and global warming. Answers to puzzle activities are in the back of the book. 144 pgs, SC.~ Deanne

  • Item #: 024283
    ISBN: 9781585748570
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

    Before looking at this hefty 192-pg handbook, I had no idea what an altocumulus stratiformis perlucidas cloud was. I am still not sure that I could differentiate it from any of the other four species or seven varieties of altocumulus clouds (only because I haven't really read through the entire book!). One thing is for sure, this book is the most in-depth, all-encompassing weather handbook that I've seen, and it is packed with tons of useful weather knowledge. Text fully explains all the information in the nine basic sections: cloud classification, cloud formation, optical phenomena, color in the sky, visibility, precipitation, winds, severe weather, and weather. Each section is further broken down into and fully explores detailed fascinating subsections. As you can see from my opening comment, cloud classification doesn't merely end at the ten basic cloud types (i.e. cirrus, altocumulus, stratus, etc.) It also delves into cloud genera, species, and varieties. Don't get discouraged! Text is easy to read and well explained with plenty of helpful tips and hints. For the visual learner, many awe-inspiring photographs and useful diagrams accompany the text. Gaining knowledge and information is by no means the sole benefit of this text, as it also explains applications such as how you can identify clouds and read for yourself the signs for impending weather (rather than having to depend on Grandpa's weather knee, no matter how reliable it is). A must for any serious weather enthusiast! ~ Megan

  • Item #: 005785
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    120 stickers display various weather conditions: sunny, windy, cloudy, rainy, snowy, even rainbows and thunderstorms!

  • Item #: 068363
    ISBN: 9780753473368
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  • Item #: 059208
    ISBN: 9781426327193
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  • Item #: 012151
    ISBN: 9780824968236
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    Weather plays an important part in our everyday lives. Sometimes it determines what we will wear or what we will do. This book is a pragmatic way to study the dynamic field of meteorology year-round. Chapters cover weather in general, the atmosphere, the sun, wind, water, clouds, storms, weather forecasting and more. Children will learn a variety of facts about weather and how to build their own weather monitoring equipment. Each chapter is interspersed with miscellaneous exercises and experiments that will help your child become a weather expert. Fun, full-color illustrations and Q & A's by a meteorologist make this a fun book to read or browse. 141 pgs, pb. ~ Enh

  • Item #: 059121
    ISBN: 9780448488738
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  • Item #: 014068
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    We predict it, watch it, run from it, complain about it, and pray about it – but how much do we actually know about it? These activities will give you a real hands-on look at weather. The 31 activities are quite varied in subject matter – from assembling and using an anemometer to making it rain; learning about thunderstorms to measuring relative humidity. Most of the items needed to complete the activities are included, but you will need to supply a couple of items – such as batteries. The guide book is very colorful with each activity well-illustrated for clarity. Weather has such a huge effect on our lives that a good understanding of what causes different weather patterns can be quite beneficial. – Zach

  • Item #: 021980
    ISBN: 9780789447500
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  • Item #: 026550
    ISBN: 9780753472699
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  • Item #: 008056
    ISBN: 9781426310584
    Retail: $12.95
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    From daily predictions to dangerous extremes, learn what weather is – and isn't – with this colorful introduction to all things weather. Large, colorful photographs complement the fascinating information on everything from the history of weather study to conducting a modern tornado chase. Debunk common weather myths and find the answers to questions like "How much does a cloud weigh?" and "How hot is a bolt of lightning?" 64 pages, soft cover. – Rachel
  • Item #: 040477
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    This sturdy, visual learning tool is a tri-fold board (think of the project boards you see at science fairs) with four rivets along the top for hanging. It is printed with many different elements of weather with areas for students to fill out with dry erase markers. Elements include UV index, spaces to draw the symbol for today and tomorrow’s weather, spaces for today and tomorrow’s temperature, precipitation weekly and monthly, a thermometer to fill in, a barometer, and a map of North America with space for the week’s temperature based on time of day, highs and lows predicted, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind direction and force scale, cloud type and amount, precipitation and UV index. There is also an included sheet of 28 weather symbol magnets for use with the map including tornadoes, storms, high and low pressure fronts, fog, snow, cloud cover, and more. 44” x 28” when open; 22”x 28” when folded closed. – Laura

  • Item #: 019870
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    No better way to teach your student about weather than to give him his very own weather station! This inexpensive little device measures temperature and rain fall, shows wind speed and direction, and displays a wind chill chart for temperatures below 30 degrees F. Total rain to date can be updated on the sliding marker. And it's made in the USA.

  • Item #: 036061
    Retail: $36.99
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    This huge calendar is intended to be used in a classroom setting, but could be fun in a home as well. The chart measures 30.75"W x 44.25"H and is made out of durable nylon. The calendar and chart is great for exploring days of the week, months, years, weather, seasons, holidays, and special events. The blue nylon background has clear plastic pockets. Colorful word, number, and picture cards made out of laminated cardboard are included to put in the pockets. On the top of the chart there are pockets for month and year cards (up through 2026). Then the days of the week are listed, and there are plenty of square pockets to insert numbers to form that month's calendar. The next section of the chart has a pocket for the current day of the week, the day it was yesterday, and the day it will be tomorrow. A pocket to display a season card is also included. A section for "Today's Weather" is then located on the bottom of the chart with pockets to insert cards that display things like rain, a cloud over the sun, snowflakes, wind, etc. There are 76 picture cards (including 12 blank cards you can decorate yourself), that can be placed on the calendar showing holidays, seasons, and special classroom events like field trips and the last day of school. There are 19 word cards displaying the months and days of the week and 41 number cards that show the years and dates. Three yellow storage pockets are sewn into the bottom of the chart to hold all the cards not in use. Six holes are punched in the top of the chart and reinforced with metal for easy hanging. This chart provides a fun way to start off your school day and is a great visual aid for teaching young kids about calendars. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 012712
    ISBN: 9780890518618
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

    Part of the Wonders of Creation series. From a creationist point of view, this book covers what causes the weather, water in the atmosphere, thunderstorms, hurricanes, winter storms, wild weather, historical climate, climate change, and our responsibility to the environment. The creation-Genesis flood model, El Niño, jet streams, green house effect, clouds, warm and cold fronts, and weather predicting. A fold-out weather poster is included. 96 pgs, hc ~ Anh

  • Item #: 035742
    ISBN: 9781482412925
    Retail: $11.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.50

  • Item #: 060076
    ISBN: 9780545683678
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  • Item #: 064630
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       Measuring 26x20”, this weather board is a perfect companion to teach young children the days of the week and weather. Featuring a vinyl board with the days of the week across the top, this versatile weather board works with the included repositionable vinyl clings and as a write on-write off surface. Vinyl clings include the months, days of the week, seasons, and a variety of weather illustrations and descriptive words. Brightly colored dinosaurs in a variety of weather patterns vinyl clings are also included to make weather forecasting more fun for little ones. The template board is also a write-on, wipe-off surface for writing in numbers (temperatures), and graphing weather conditions over the course of a month. While there are no strings or hangers included to hang the board, there are 2 brass grommets at the top of board for secure display. Also includes a concise activity guide. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 017557
    ISBN: 9781465451804
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  • Item #: 041716
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    Includes thermometer, evaporation chamber, 4 weeks of weather charts, a bead level indicator, test tube, plastic container, suction cups, compass, and parts to build a wind vane and wind speed instrument.

  • Item #: 009931
    ISBN: 9780753468340
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    ISBN: 9781629383453
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