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Vocabulary Grade 1

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    Don't be fooled by the price tag on this product, the cards in this box are more than just a game. This box is full of vocabulary words – 550 in all – with fun illustrations, definitions, pronunciations, and more. Each card is about the size and weight of a playing card and is punched in one corner (place on the included ring to use on the go). On the front of each card is an original drawing in full color, which acts as a mnemonic and on the reverse is the word, part of speech, pronunciation, definition, sample sentence, synonyms and antonyms. For example, Card #101 features "bombastic." The definition given on the back of the card is that it is an adjective, which means "excessively confident; pompous." The drawing on the front of the card is of a young man wearing a shirt that says "the man" and he is saying of himself "I'm the bomb" – he is being pompous or bombastic. These original little drawings work well for visual learners, and are a great option for learning new vocabulary.

    You can use these cards to play the "Picture Words" game by placing any number of cards, picture side up, on the table. The object of the game is to guess the definition of the words using only the picture. If you guess correctly, you collect the card and the person with the most cards wins the game.

    Another option for play is "Marie's Wordsmith" game. One person, the wordsmith, pulls a card from the box, shows it to the other players, and reads the part of speech, pronunciation, and definition on the back of the card. Each player writes a sentence using the word, while the wordsmith copies the sentence from the back of the card. Mix all sentences together and earn a point every time you can choose the sentence that was copied from the back of the card.

    There is a lot of information packed on each of these cards, and they will help anyone make a visual connection to vocabulary words. Marie's Words can be used at any grade level kindergarten through 12 for some real vocabulary fun! - Donna

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    ISBN: 9781931181730
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    Even young readers and spellers can enjoy this versatile word game from the makers of Bananagrams! A green pear-shaped pouch holds 104 ivory-colored tiles, which are lightweight for little hands and larger than the company's other letter tiles. Four complete sets of uppercase alphabet tiles make up the 104 tiles, with each set displaying letters with different patterns. There are several ways to play, but basically, players draw a number of tiles and build simple crosswords out of them (one vertical word with a horizontal word intersecting it and sharing a letter, like C-A-P and M-A-N, where the A is shared between the words). You can play to use letters of any pattern, or award points for crosswords created using letters of the same pattern. Additional variations and game suggestions are included. Of course, the letter tiles are so nice on their own you're sure to find plenty of uses for them as manipulatives, as well as inventing your own word games. – Jess

  • Item #: 023859
    ISBN: 9780982458631
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    Young readers can join in the word-building fun with this version of Quiddler made especially for them. Each card contains a letter, accompanied by a word/illustration beginning with that letter. The challenge is to arrange your entire hand into one or more words. Includes 103 playing cards, 96 point chips, and instructions. ~ Lisa
  • Item #: 039510
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    Encourage your beginning readers with this fun and fast-paced game! Each player receives a card with blank spaces for letter tiles. The rest of the letters for each word are printed on the card. The Zingo!® Zinger dispenses random double-sided number tiles. If it gives out a letter that is needed for one of your words, grab it and place it on your game card. For example, your card may have "B-U-__" and if the Zinger spits out a "G" tile, you can place it on your card to create the word "BUG." Each card contains six words; the first player to fill their card wins. 2 levels of play for 2-6 players. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 053851
    ISBN: 9781587926495
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    Have a howling good time playing this card game! Simple directions make this game easy for young kids to play as they learn phonics. Green cards have what appears to be the front half of a happy dachshund while blue cards have the tail end. There are 2 card piles (100 cards total): heads have word beginning sounds and tails have word ending sounds. Each player draws 3 tail cards and lay them face up in front of them. Take turns drawing a head card. Try to make a word with one of your 3 tail cards. If you can, keep the pair for scoring and draw a new tail card. If you like this game, try Word Monkey for spelling fun. ~ Sara

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    Want to avoid a heavy academic approach to language arts for the young student? This is the book for you! Packed with a year's worth of creative language activities, it is recommended for parents who chose to delay formal academics. The book is co-authored by Dr. Ruth Beechick, a strong supporter of age-appropriate learning methods. Rather than relying heavily upon workbooks, the book suggests ideas that encourage the student to explore language orally. Turn everyday events into valuable learning experiences. One of our customers describes this book as "refreshing," "enjoyable" and "a real bargain."

  • Item #: 040358
    ISBN: 9781620576588
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    Practicing simple reading comprehension, tracing words, identifying basic speech and punctuation elements, playing entertaining language arts games, following directions to complete fun science experiments, classifying and naming scientific objects, creating fun costumes and writing words in sand gardens.

  • Item #: 044932
    ISBN: 9781602680111
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    Or, in home school language: a literature-based unit study. This one uses some of my very favorite children's picture books (see list below). For each of the 18 books, there's a story summary and a "before the story", "during the story" and "after the story" suggestion. A helpful shaded box points out themes, skills, vocabulary, and related books. This is followed by "connections" to curriculum areas including: language arts, math, science, problem-solving and social skills, fine motor, gross motor, visual discrimination, art, and creative dramatics. Reproducible activity pages are provided for some of these. This is great for preschool, as you can center one or several days around these books, themes and activities – even an entire week if you integrate the related literature selections. As an example, for If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, emphasized themes are: being a good host, patience, real and fantasy. Skills focused on are making predictions, alphabet, counting, biology, and manners. Special vocabulary is carried away, comfortable, finished, mustache, remind. Related books include If You Take a Mouse to School and If You Give a Moose a Muffin. Before reading the book, you ask your child to predict what might happen if they gave a mouse a cookie and relate that to what they do when they get a cookie. During the story, you take advantage of the many "cliffhangers" in the book, allowing children to guess at the sentence endings before turning the page. After the story, the author suggests additional readings (this is because children have such fun with the outlandish turns of events – most stories have other activities in this section). There are two Language Arts Connections; one is playing with magnetic letters on a cookie sheet (related to the drawn red letters and cookies on the book cover); the other is to make alphabet cookies (sounds yummy!). For a math activity, there's a reproducible page for children to match the chocolate chip cookies with the same number of chips. Science Connections have you researching what mice really eat. If you have access to a mouse, the book suggests experimenting with various foods. If not, you'll have to settle for using another book, using the internet, or visiting a pet store. In Problem-Solving and Social Skills Connections, children practice being good hosts or hostesses. You can play the mouse and let your child entertain you (tea party, anyone)? Then, as the mouse does in the story, children practice fine motor skills by drawing pictures of a scene from the book or of their family as the mouse does. Children practice writing their names (using tracing paper), tape it to the artwork, and then to the refrigerator, just like mouse. For Gross Motor Connections, you again mimic the mouse, this time in sweeping and cleaning (remember, the mouse got carried away and swept the entire house!). The book suggests supplementing with a little house-sweeping music of your choice. In Art Connections, children construct Barbershop Portraits as you reread the book, paying special attention to the part where mouse trims his hair. Children paste long strands of yarn to self-portraits for hair (deliberately making the hair in need of a trim). After the glue dries, children use safety scissors to "cut" their hair to a desired length. In Creative Dramatics Connections children practice proper mealtime manners. After rereading the section of the book where mouse asks for a straw and a napkin with his cookie snack, you provide yourself and your child(ren) with paper plates, empty cups and straws, and napkins. Then you pretend to be a group of mice, eating cookies and drinking milk, demonstrating how to eat a cookie over your plate, use your napkin and drink properly with a straw. If children do well, follow through with real cookies and milk then show children how to clean up after the meal. A final reproducible page has children color the pictures that show how someone in the family takes care of them (also great as a discussion starter).

  • Item #: 055550
    ISBN: 9781465434395
    Retail: $9.99
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      It’s a vocab workbook with a timer built right into the book! Students work through the colorful pages until their timer beeps. There are 1-3 exercises on a page with a nice variety of skills. You may have a crossword, fill in the blank, labeling a group of words, crossing out words that don’t belong, sorting, word searches using analogies, homophones, synonyms and more. This is great for when a child is waiting their turn or finishes their work early! 80pp with answers in the back. ~Sara

  • Item #: 015143
    ISBN: 9780825143205
    Retail: $20.00
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    This small-format book contains 180 short warm-up activities, one for each day of the school year. There are matching, fill-in-the-blank, categorizing, and writing activities that expose and familiarize the student with a wide range of vocabulary words. Topics covered include using context clues, words with multiple meanings, homophones, homographs, commonly misspelled/misused words, idioms, euphemisms, connotation, similes & metaphors, analogies, suffixes, plurals, and origins. ~ Anh

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    ISBN: 9781928961413
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  • Item #: 067553
    ISBN: 9780768936612
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    Egghead’s Guide to Vocabulary (7-AD)

      In this one-book approach to vocabulary, there are 3 tiers of difficulty (100, 200 & 300 level words.) The first tier words are fairly common, but still very useful. For each word, you have a definition in language that students can understand and an example of it being used in 1-2 sentences. The sentences have some sort of story/situation to make the word more memorable. The Egghead character is there to point some helpful things (and sometimes just add levity) like the phonetic spelling of the word using the IPA or International Phonetic Alphabet. However, with more difficult words, there are not as many phonetic pronunciations. I recommend you check into the proper pronunciations with unfamiliar words. After a dozen or so words is an exercise – matching, grouping, fill in the blank, reading comprehension w/multiple choice, etc. The level 200 words are less likely to be familiar to students, but are fantastic words to master and use in their speaking and writing. Level 300 words are specifically for SAT or ACT test preparation where you will have to read and decipher meanings and write an impressive essay. There is the same format for all 3 levels, but again, little to no phonetic help at the harder levels. In the back of the book are some helpful resources including lists of prefixes/roots/suffixes and their meanings; 2 longer fill-in-the-blank quizzes; and answers to all exercises. 8x10”, 235pp, Sc. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 008468
    ISBN: 9780769680859
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  • Item #: 001982
    ISBN: 9781483824109
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    Five subjects conveniently bound into one colossal, full color workbook. Subjects (English, reading comprehension, writing, reading skills [including spelling/vocabulary] and math) are divided into color-coded sections for easy identification. This series covers a great deal of material focusing, of course, on basic skills. These workbooks do not have the breadth or depth that separate programs for individual subjects would have. However, if you're after basic skills mastery in the primary grades, this is a viable, cost-effective option. Teaching suggestions and answer keys included. 540+ pages. ~ Anh

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    ISBN: 9780769680835
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    ISBN: 9780769680866
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