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    At least three music courses (for beginners – either in age or experience) in one user-friendly, family-oriented package: music appreciation/history, reading music, and making/enjoying music. We all have this nagging idea that we really ought to be doing something about music but don't know exactly what. Or perhaps you're one of those moms who recognize that there are tremendous advantages for your children (spiritually, emotionally and mentally) when enjoying music is part of your daily lives but you can't imagine how you'll fit one more thing into your busy lives and homes. Marcia Washburn makes it easy for us by leading us step-by-step and providing a wealth of online resources to broaden that experience. You don't need to be able to read music or recognize one composer from another or spend a lot of money or time gathering resources. The author even assures us that this product has been "field-tested to ensure that musically illiterate adults can confidently use it with their children."

    Beethoven Who? is an ebook, or in other words, pdf files on CD-ROM, readable from your computer. This ebook-on-CD format is perfect for providing quality information, hands-on activities, games, reproducible listening sheets and listening suggestions in an affordable package. AND, there are links – lots of links – to quality internet sources for listening to orchestra-performed and artist-performed pieces (classical, traditional, folk, patriotic, and sacred music). Many of the listening links also provide video footage so you get a great view of each instrument in the orchestra. As we mentioned earlier, coverage of all things introductory and basic to music appreciation and enjoyment are included. The first section – Listening to Music – provides an overview of the elements of music (terms and basic info) followed by a period-by-period examination of major composers, musical instruments, historical setting, and notable pieces. In this section are briefly annotated (the author tells what to expect and look for) links to orchestras performing various pieces as well as video re-enactments such as costumed musicians playing period instruments while floating on the Thames River in England and even flash mob versions. The links are designed to build in you and your children appreciation for the music involved and to just plain enjoy a huge variety of musical experiences. In this section you'll find descriptions of the various periods (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, and Twentieth Century), short biographical sketches (with full-color pictures) of the major composers within each, examples of their major works, and lots of interesting odds and ends about both composers and works. To give you just a bit of an idea of the care that has gone into making the video link selections, consider the Flight of the Bumblebee (a work of the Romantic period composer Rimsky-Korsakov). Links for this piece include an orchestra (so you can see how fast their fingers need to move), the record-holder for the fastest violin version, a master violinist (Perlman) performance, a number of solo instruments each playing the piece (oboe, bassoon, clarinet, soprano recorder, and tuba), a Canadian Brass comedic version, a Disney cartoon shortened version, and, lastly, a boogie-woogie rendition on the piano. Notes on these links include observing that at 1:55 the pianist is smiling at an audience member (boogie-woogie) and a caution not to read the comments on the clarinet link (inappropriate content).

    The second section – Reading Music – covers all the basics providing a wealth of reinforcing activities. Reproducible masters are often included for memory games or bingo, for instance, as well as using a variety of rudimentary, homemade musical instruments (toilet paper tube maracas, oatmeal container drums, metal bottle cap tambourines, and a drinking glass orchestra – all instructions included). Music Reading, Pitch, Rhythm, and Dynamics are all covered. Activities are easy and fun to do and will involve your entire family in a musical exploration adventure.

    Section 3 – Making Music – transported me back to my grade school days and had me agreeing with the author that American folk and traditional songs – once learned in elementary school music classes like mine – are disappearing from our culture. You'll appreciate her determination not to let that happen as you listen through her list of not-to-be-missed songs: action songs (London Bridge), love/friendship songs (Bicycle Built for Two), animal songs (Itsy, Bitsy Spider), work songs (I've Been Working on the Railroad), patriotic songs (America the Beautiful), and sacred songs (hymns such as A Mighty Fortress and children's songs such as Jesus Loves the Little Children). Trust me, I've only scratched the surface of her many, many suggestions here. Again, there are a multitude of annotated links and often, historical and cultural anecdotes. She ends this section with suggestions for ways you can make music together as a family and ways to incorporate musical experiences into your everyday family life. A series of appendices include How to Use the Links in the Book, an Elements of Music Chart, a master for Sample Listening Sheets, a Resources list, and a Glossary of Terms. There is also a complete index for the entire e-book./

    You can probably tell that I'm excited about the potential of this product to open the lives of our children to musical experiences, some noble, some mundane. There's over 300 pages of musical information, countless links, reproducibles, and, most importantly, the sense that "I can do this!" ~ Janice

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     This is a cute little Thinking Tree workbook for practicing letters. Pages have dotted lines to trace curves and shapes prior to tracing upper and lower case letters. The letters are rather small: 1 cm with a dotted half-line. While the book is black and white, there are loads of pretty illustrations to color. Coloring pages show something starting with a specific letter: girl for G, night for N, violin for V, etc. I found these illustrations pretty complicated for a child of 3 to 6 years. Reminiscent of adult coloring books, they will certainly practice young ones’ fine motor skills! The back of the book has several pages for creativity. There are boxes for creating comics and large lines to practice writing (2cm wide with dotted half line). 8x11”, 100pp, sc. ~ Sara

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    ISBN: 9781470633837
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    While there is some similar content between this title and How to Play Ukulele, Progressive Beginner Ukulele goes a little further and covers more chords and other topics. Progressive Beginner Ukulele has color pages and online access for video & audio files for all the songs and lessons. Online video contains both teacher demonstrations and music animations. Audio files contain three versions of each musical piece: full band, ukulele only and backing mixes. These are helpful for both learning the piece and practicing it. A full-color chord chart poster is also included. Where How to Play Ukulele (#64351) ends, Progressive Beginner Ukulele continues for 7 more lessons, where students will learn 19 more chords as well as elements of music like diminished chords, Major 7th chords, and triplet rhythms. Softcover. ~ Laura

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    ISBN: 9789829150530
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    Perfect for anyone old enough to hold a ukulele, this book starts at the very beginning. It includes a handy chord chart poster and follows a nearly identical instructional path to Progressive Beginner Ukulele for the first 12-13 lessons, learning about 17 chords and ending with rhythms and rests. How to Play Ukulele has black and white pages with online video and audio content for every lesson. Video content includes both teacher demonstrations and music animations. Audio content contains full mixes of the musical piece performed with a band, solo mixes of the musical piece played only on ukulele, and backing mixes to play along with. Instructions for accessing this content are found on the inside front cover. This book provides quality beginner instruction that is perfect for children and adults alike. Softcover. ~ Laura

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    ISBN: 9780739087022
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      Teach yourself this charming little instrument in no time at all! This quick and simple program presents the details of the instrument itself, basic rhythm, strumming, and simple chords. Heavy music theory is absent from the program, making this great for the student who wants to learn ukulele as an additional instrument or just as quickly as possible, not necessarily for the student who wants to build a solid musical education. While not necessarily written for a younger student, the information is presented clearly enough that almost anyone could learn quickly, child and adult alike (Parents: why not learn alongside your child?). The 48 page book contains pictures, chord charts, and simple sheet music that correlates with the included DVD to accommodate multiple learning styles. 48 pg, sc. – Laura

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    This is perfect for lap harps! While the beauty of Music Maker Harps is that anyone can play them – regardless of musical talent or any knowledge of notes or reading music. Which is why I wanted to get one for my kids, but then I opened the box and it wasn't tuned, and I didn't have the ear to tune it! Which left my options at playing horribly off key, finding a musical friend that could tune it, or leaving it in the box! In the box sat our harp, with the kids wanting to know when they could play it and me not knowing what to do. Until I found the E-Z Tuner! Simply clip the tuner on the end of the harp, turn on the digital display, and play a note on the first string (a tuning sheet is included with the harp showing what note each string should be). The tuner displays what note was played, simply use the tuning tool (included with the harp) to tighten or loosen the strings until the optimal note is achieved. Now our harp plays beautiful music (on key!) and the kids are happy, too! ~ Megan

    (Can be used for Lap Harps and other stringed instruments: guitars, ukeleles, etc.)

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    ISBN: 9781934825112
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    Set includes 36 illustrated wall cards with the alphabet plus numbers 1-10. Each crisp white page is 8.5” x 11” and made of cardstock. You see a capital and lower case (on the HWOT double line) of each letter plus a colorful drawing of an object starting with that letter (apple, balloon, car, duck, koala, pear, violin, etc.). The number cards show the number, the word written out and drawings of things to count like 4 clownfish and 7 hearts. Useful in a classroom setting or even in a child’s bedroom as they learn their alphabet. ~ Sara

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    ISBN: 9780739048177
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    Let’s face it: the songs in instrument-learning books, while valuable, are not very fun to play. What IS fun to play is a song that everyone knows and can play or sing along to. That’s where this book comes in! If your student wishes to learn some songs that are a little more fun or wants to take a step towards “real” songs after some of their lesson books, these are the perfect fit. For each song, there are tabs (a notation method that shows which fret to play on which string: highly popular for learning to play more popular songs), chords, and even sheet music for your more classically trained student. Your student will be able to play old standards like The Farmer in the Dell, Jesus Loves Me, The Bear Went Over the Mountain, and 56 other songs. In addition, we also carry the guitar version of this book (#060680), so if one child plays the guitar and one plays ukulele, they will be able to play duets together, making for some great family fun and bonding time! Parents, the music for the song Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer is included, so you may want to do a little creative editing and change the lyrics to “pop” before handing the book over to your child. Includes a chord dictionary for quick reference. 83 softcover pages. – Laura

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    Letter Sounds shows a letter of the alphabet on one side and on the other, a colorful illustration of something with that letter either at the beginning, end or middle of the word. The images are easily recognizable (butterfly, car, violin, egg, insect, etc.). Green arrows on the image side tell the student how to insert the cards. This set has white cards with a red border

  • Item #: 059481
    ISBN: 9780786690367
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    Learn all that is needed to start playing the Ukulele. The book describes the parts of the ukulele, and how to tune and hold the instrument. Then develop new skills such as how to strum and play chords. Each chord is introduced followed by practice strumming along to a simple song. Over 20 songs are learned throughout the book including favorites like Brother John, London Bridge, and When the Saints Go Marching In. Large easy-to-follow pictures are included for every new skill. The online audio has 68 tracks for tuning, playing along with songs, and practice exercises.

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    These alphabet cards really appeal to the different senses! You’ve never seen alphabet cards like these. Each double-sided card has a different letter on each side, with the upper and lower case letter, a colorful picture of an object starting with that letter, the object’s name, the braille dot pattern for the letter and the name of the object, and an illustrated picture of how you would sign the word in sign language. But wait, there’s more! Each object has a touch and feel or a scratch and sniff component! Smell apples, oranges, grapes, ice cream and roses; feel furry cats, soft feathers, scaly lizards, and twang violins. An extra card shows the sign language hand position for each letter of the alphabet; the opposite side shows the letters with the braille dot pattern for each letter below. Set includes 14 sturdy cards. ~ Megan

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    ISBN: 9781893103542
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    This study guide by Beautiful Feet is a musical journey from the Baroque age of composition to the Modern era. Beginning with Corelli, the father of modern violin playing, and tracing the development of composition up to the time of Igor Stravinsky, students will learn of the lives of the great composers, many of whom were devoted Christians. The formation of the orchestra as well as a study of each type of musical instrument is included. Much of the practical use students will get from the study guide will come with also using the Music Masters CD collection (also available in our music section) so students learn how to identify music by great composers, as well as name instruments by sound. A combination of music and biography makes this study enjoyable.

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    ISBN: 9781402208256
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    Subtitled "Your Guide to the Orchestra through Sounds and Stories," this book walks you through the large family of musical instruments. It covers the little piccolo to the huge bass drum, the common violin to the lesser-known glockenspiel, the unpretentious recorder to the grand piano, and just about any other instrument you might wish to learn about. Although the focus is on the instruments themselves, they are introduced within the context of the orchestra – i.e. the book is divided by family along with diagrams of where the instruments are usually situated within the orchestra, and many of the descriptions/informative blurbs mention situations or facts about playing in an orchestra. The instruments are introduced in the following order: the strings, the woodwinds, the brass, and the percussion as well as additional chapters on the voice, electronic instruments, the conductor, and a dictionary of musical terms. The pages feature an informal but professional layout of pictures, labels, captions, fun facts, short informative paragraphs, and diagrams. A CD-ROM is also included with the book, allowing you to hear the sounds of the instruments as well as providing more information such as the history of the instruments and famous composers and musicians. 176 pgs, hc. – Melissa

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    After a quick review of music theory from Book 3, this book introduces more advanced material such as the double bar, the repeat sign, ledger lines, natural notes vs. sharp notes, and the key signature. You'll also learn to frame the left hand, tuning techniques, and various bowing techniques (fast note, hooked, slurred, and tied). This book includes 37 songs, such as "Buffalo Gals," "Minuet" (Bach), "Polka," and "William Tell." By the end of this book, you should be able to play songs from music! 170 pages.
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