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Viking Tales

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    ISBN: 9781599150048
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    Originally published in 1902, this classic collection of fifteen Viking stories has enthralled families for generations. Some of the stories included are: Baby, Olaf's Farm, Harald's Battle, Eric the Red, and Leif and His New Land. Vintage woodcut illustrations are sprinkled throughout the text, and the back of the book contains a descriptive notes section which explains Viking terminology and customs of daily living (e.g. homes, feasts halls). By Jennie Hall. 152 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 019474
    ISBN: 9781893103412
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    Perhaps this text was part of my elementary education. The timing fits – and it would explain why the events lovingly memorialized in this publication are still firmly planted in my memory. First published in 1955 and now republished by Beautiful Feet, utilizing the historical accuracy and storytelling ability of Earl Schenck Miers and the amazing illustrations of James Daugherty (full-color, inked drawings), this book takes the reader through tales of adventure, heroism, and patriotism. From Leif's Viking boat explorations of the northeastern coastline to the atom bomb's close to the second World War, you will read about everything in between – explorers, founders, soldiers, adventurers, settlers, inventors, statesmen, educators, and many more – in the fifty stories that make up this 315 pg, paperback book. A worthy addition to your home library or ideal for any literature-based history course or unit study, the author himself sums up its scope: "…everywhere signs of the greatness of God. It is indeed the one truth in which we all believe. It is indeed our richest heritage." ~ Janice

  • Item #: 031007
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    With a similar mix of lessons, tests, practice material, and games as Typing Instructor, this version is more accessible to younger kids and offers a fun, motivating and effective way to learn typing skills. There are 160 touch-typing lessons which cover all the basic keys (letters, numbers, symbols) on either a standard or a split keyboard (except for the 10-key number pad). There are ten different typing plans, each geared to a different age group. Regardless of the plan they are following, each student learns the keyboard by taking a tour of "Typer Island" and visiting five different lands as they journey to the Castle. As students journey through Old West, On the Water, In the Air, Over the Edge, and Under the Sea, they'll learn new keys and complete exciting challenges (usually timed) like typing to shoot words out of the sky, racing a Viking ship by typing words as quickly as possible, and typing words printed on sharks before they eat you! The activities build upon each other so students can't move on until their skills are ready. The changes in scenery add a lot of variety to the lessons, but you can still rely on helpful features including visual instruction with the 3-D guide hands and keyboard. Accuracy and speed (WPM) are also tracked throughout, with students getting instant feedback on their performance, and earning rewards as well.

    Of course, the arcade-like games will be the most fun to the beginning typist! The further students advance in the program, the more games will be available to them. Once they make it through all five lands, students capture the Castle, which opens the Lost City, a new addition to the program that provides two new games. While capturing the Castle and exploring the Lost City are the ultimate goals of the game, students earn treasures and points all through the program, which keeps them motivated and entertained. Students can also visit Explorer Isle at any point to play their favorite games (except for Lost City games), using only the keys that they have covered already. They can also visit Story Lagoon and practice typing one of 40 familiar stories, including fairy tales and classic literature. With this program's careful progression, interesting storyline, high-quality animation, 30+ games, multiple skill levels, and English/Spanish instruction, it's no wonder it is the winner of so many prestigious educational awards. This one comes highly recommended, folks

    Please note that software comes in a paper sleeve, not a box. There are two versions available; one is designed for Windows or Mac and one that is only compatible with Windows. Both are compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 while Win/Mac version is also compatible with Mac OSX 10.4 or higher (including Snow Leopard). Rachel

  • Item #: 006229
    ISBN: 9781883937010
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    Christianity has recently come to Iceland, but it is a time of transition between old customs and Jesus' teachings. Rolf's father puts the value of human life ahead of ill-gotten gain, a decision that ultimately costs him his life and caused Rolf to be unjustly outlawed. The tale describes Rolf's response to this injustice. 240 pages, paperback.
  • Item #: 024089
    ISBN: 9780670878550
    Retail: $17.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.50

       I loved reading this book to my own children when they were young! Such a great lesson on making the best of what you have. Joseph had an old worn, long coat, so he decided to make it into a shorter jacket. When that wore out, he adapted and made it into a vest. The book goes on until Joseph has only enough of his old coat to cover a button. When he loses the button…spoiler alert! I loved the little cut-outs in the pages that show the progression from coat to button. The illustrations are bright and cheerful. Authored & illustrated by Caldecott Medal winner Simms Taback. 32 pgs, hc. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 007335
    ISBN: 9780140542950
    Retail: $3.99
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    The classic story by Beatrix Potter. When Peter's mother goes to buy bread, she tells the children they may go out as long as they stay out of trouble and Mr. McGregor's garden. Peter's siblings go to the blackberry patch, but Peter runs straight to the forbidden garden to munch some fresh vegetables. When Mr. McGregor catches sight of him, Peter's disobedience has unpleasant consequences.

  • Item #: 001614
    ISBN: 9780670059348
    Retail: $26.00
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    From Make Way for Ducklings to Blueberries for Sal, this hardcover volume contains eight of Robert McCloskey's acclaimed children's books. Stories in this collection include Make Way for Ducklings; Blueberries for Sal; The Doughnuts from Homer Price; Burt Dow, Deep-Water Man; Lentil; Ever So Much More So from Centerburg Tales; Time of Wonder; and One Morning in Maine. These classic stories contain the original text and artwork, and biographical information provides insight into McCloskey's enduring legacy in the world of children's literature. Oversized. 144 pgs, hc. ~ Lisa

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  • Item #: 067604
    ISBN: 9780712356435
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  • Item #: 059992
    ISBN: 9780147512772
    Retail: $8.99
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    Yes, that kind of cod. It’s interesting to think about how something as simple as a fish is such a part of history; this book tells it all. Aside from explaining the scientific elements of the cod such as its lifecycle and environment, this book explains how the cod affected people. Learn such things as the Vikings who came to the North Atlantic while sustained by dried cod, the early American settlers who used the cod for food and farming, the slave trade with the Caribbean that was financed by the sale of cod, the industrial revolution allowing for better fishing, Clarence Birdseye discovering how to freeze cod for sale nationwide, and much more in between. The book comes to a close on a very important fact: the popularity of cod and the negative effects that it has on the oceans and its marine life. This book not only uses fish to discuss history with your kids, but also opens the door for important discussions on conservation and protecting our planet’s resources. An ALA Notable Children’s Book, 43 softcover pages. – Laura

  • Item #: 055606
    ISBN: 9780670869398
    Retail: $18.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.25

    This hilarious book contains the text of the well-loved children’s song and uses a mix of illustration and collage to tell the tale of this crazy lady. Most of the pages have a circled opening in them so you can see the animals inside her belly as you read, giving the story an extra fun effect. Winner of the Caldecott Honor. 28 hardcover pages. – Laura

  • Item #: 026093
    ISBN: 9780670013111
    Retail: $11.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.95

    The classic story of the teddy bear and his missing button – now in giant size! This 10 3/4” x 9 1/2” board book tells the tale that has entertained children since 1968 and makes the perfect addition to any child’s library. – Laura

  • Item #: 003368
    ISBN: 9780723258049
    Retail: $40.00
    Rainbow Price: $25.95

    All of the Peter Rabbit & company books gathered into one hardbound volume.

  • Item #: 001357
    ISBN: 9780140506396
    Retail: $5.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.05

    Written and illustrated by Janey and Allan Ahlberg, this fun rhyming story contains I Spy illustrations that contain your favorite storybook characters. Can you find them all? 30 pgs, sc. – Laura