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       Chronological presentation (1946-1975) of the longest and most misunderstood war of the 21st century. Beginning with a historical look at the region prior to US involvement, children will learn about main battles, key events, war protests, the influence of the media, PTSD, Agent Orange, and the costly impact to America and Vietnam. Abundant photographs and illustrations. Index and Glossary. Flexi-bound, 80 pgs. ~ Deanne

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    The story of the Vietnam War is a complicated one, and one that I still find a little confusing myself. Author Albert Marrin must have found it equally so. As he writes in his introduction, although he lived during the war and had actively followed the news at the time, he ended up spending months - even years - researching for this book, reading hundreds of books, articles, and personal accounts of the war, as well as interviewing men who had served during the war. And I believe that the results of so much research were well worth the effort and go a long way in helping readers better understand the conflict itself, as well as the bigger picture. To help readers get a feel for the country and its people, Marrin starts his story back at the early settlement of Vietnam, and the long-continuing struggle of the Vietnamese to remain independent from their Northern neighbor, China. He continues his story with the French colonization of the area, the spread of Communism into Vietnam, the "splitting" of Vietnam into two general parts, and all the developments in between and beyond that attributed to the buildup of the war. Marrin's writing is absorbing, full of details that make it seem as if readers were there, and is almost hard to put down. Occasional maps and black-and-white photos add visual interest as well. Overall, a thorough and well-written account of what is often thought of as a somewhat "uncomfortable" topic in our history. - Jess

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    This one-semester elective course from Alpha Omega includes all the great features of other Switched-On Schoolhouse courses and focuses in-depth on the Vietnam War (refer to the Curriculum/Unit Studies section of this catalog for more in depth information on the features of this product). The computer-based lessons cover the Vietnamese country and people, factors that led to war, Vietnam's role in the Cold War, the military strategy of the U.S., the anti-war movement, the fall of Saigon, the war's consequences and aftermath, and more. With enriching material, teacher-friendly tools, a Christian-based point of view, informative video clips, games, hands-on projects, and more, this great course will give students a better understanding of America's past and the importance of the Vietnam War. Now comes in USB flash drive format. Minimum system requirements: Windows 7/ Windows 8 & 8.1/ Windows 10, printer recommended.

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    That's a good question in itself, but there are a lot of other questions about Vietnam that most people don't fully understand, even today. Like what was the U.S. was trying to achieve by involving itself? Why did the U.S. commit so many of its resources to Vietnam? And how did a poorly-equipped guerilla army defeat the U.S.'s efforts? Author Mitch Yamasaki, a professor and historian, attempts to answer these questions in a surprisingly compact book. First, he offers the reader an overview on the history of Vietnam and its people, from Vietnam's first settlements to the Vietnam War. Then, he examines fifteen historical documents related to the war, spanning the terms of presidents Roosevelt to Johnson. For each document, the purpose, circumstances, and time of the document are introduced, to give students a frame of reference, followed by the featured document, so students can read it for themselves. In the last part of the book, the author examines five interpretations for U.S. involvement in Vietnam, drawing on quotes and excerpts from books and historical documents in support of each viewpoint. A bibliography with suggestions for additional reading is also included. With an emphasis on primary documents and succinct but authoritative information surrounding each, this is an excellent, fact-based place to start any reading on the Vietnam War. There's a lot of food for thought here, surprisingly packed into 64 pgs. - Jess

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      The family’s water buffalo, Tank, is an intelligent, fierce protector who leads and guides. Tank has a special bond with his boy owner.

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    Just so you know – I'm not particularly an art person. However, I do like to understand the interrelationships between historical events and culture. This book bridges an amazing gap – historical events and art history. Designed to be a brief survey of art (from 1830 to 1970) it functions as an art history, an art appreciation, and an art techniques (doing art) course. Not to mention the insights it provides into the people and places covered in the history course. This not-particularly-an-art-person is totally impressed!

    Each of the 16 lessons covers an art history period – romanticism through psychedelic art and tie dye – with impressionism, expressionism, modernism, and surrealism among others in between. Each lesson starts with an overview of the history and art of the time period. The succinct coverage is augmented by suggested web links/books/videos but there are also full-color reproductions (in various sizes) of period works included in the book. Sidebar information includes research questions and learning objectives rounding out the instruction. The lesson then moves into the doing art portion with clearly stated assignments, lists of needed supplies, student and author examples, and step-by-step illustrations. For instance, Lesson 5 is Art Nouveau and Symbolism (an ism I missed earlier) which is coordinated with the BF lessons on The Jungle and teaches us that Art Nouveau was an attempt to apply a new look to all of the applied arts while Symbolism was dramatically different – artists defining their art with dramatic emotions rather than story telling. Among the developments of the period; posters became a fine art medium for the first time. The activity for this lesson is designing a decorative initial in the Art Nouveau style.

    Help is available for the young artist (and/or his teacher). The KnoodleU.com website (book purchaser is entitled to access) contains tutorials, resources, tips, quizzes and even mid-term exams. Use of the DK book, Art, is suggested to augment the lessons and provide additional visuals (there's some nudity in the DK book and the author addresses this question helpfully and cautiously). A very helpful timeline that includes world events, art events, art projects and the BF book list is provided.

    Easily a stand-alone art class – or more by just adding the BF books as read alongs, this a perfect complement to the entire Beautiful Feet course and will provide the student with an excellently rounded-out history/humanities course. 65 pgs, spiral-bound ~ Janice

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    This recently revised one-year study guide covers more recent U.S. History - from the 1850s through the 2000s. It utilizes some of the best literature available to effectively study the Civil War, Reconstruction, Industrial Revolution, Turn of the Century, WWI, Communism, Socialism, Nazism, WWII, Korean War, Cold War, China's Cultural Revolution, Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement, modern technology and the War on Terror. Rea Berg and Jonathan Crabtree's study notes and lesson plans lead students through the resources, challenging them with discussion questions, vocabulary, writing assignments, web links and activities throughout. Reading, writing, and research combine to form a very interesting and in-depth look at an often-neglected part of U.S. history. Books used in the study are listed below.

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    Spanning our country's 200+ year history, topics include Articles of Confederation, French and Indian War, Vicksburg and Gettysburg, Great Depression and New Deal, Vietnam, and more.

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