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    ISBN: 9781623413033
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    This book states that "studying is an art that has to be learned, practiced, and refined." This is particularly true at the college level. Larger classroom settings, less one-on-one interaction with the teacher, and the lecture style of teaching are just some of the adjustments students may need to become accustomed to. This book recognizes that students prefer varying learning styles and that different study techniques may be necessary for different subjects. The suggested study techniques are just that, suggestions. You need not try all the methods covered, simply select the ones that apply to you. Recommended techniques on how to study are provided for lecture classes (such as history, sociology, psychology, etc) as well as science, math, and foreign language courses.

    The complete title of this book is How to Study and Other Skills for Success in College. It is intended to provide insight on not only how to study at the college level but also focuses on other skills for college success. Detailed chapters cover such topics as getting the most out of the classroom experience, the art of reading, preparing for and taking examinations, writing papers, and getting help when needed. Information on what to expect at college in terms of living arrangements, academic demands, social pressures, parental pressures, and financial pressures is also included. Although this book was not specifically written with home schoolers in mind, the advice is pertinent for all who seek this level of education. Enh

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    I picked up this book thinking to myself “could learning not be accomplished with any book?” I should have remembered “don’t judge a book by its cover” while I was busily assessing the merit of this book. This book does not teach stuff – i.e., you won’t learn about photosynthesis, or the War of 1812, or how to divide square roots by fractions. It teaches something far more valuable: it teaches you how to learn, how to study effectively for the retention of knowledge. The best part? Author David Farmer recognizes the incredibly unique situation of each and every homeschool family, and has written this book of study tips and techniques specifically for the homeschool environment. Paging through these tips, which range in length from a single sentence to a couple of pages, it can be clearly seen that they are meant to engage all the senses and utilize the flexibility of homeschooling. 158 tips are divided between 10 chapters: 1 – building a foundation of learning, 2 – setting attainable goals and planning your work, 3 – time management, 4 – “a little bit about memory,” 5 – study techniques for efficiency and effectiveness, 6 – taking notes from lectures and oral material, 7 – getting the most from texts and taking notes from textbooks, 8 – writing, 9 – sharpening your listening skills, and 10 – test taking. A final chapter looks at what parents can do to lay a good foundation for children K-6. A resource that will greatly benefit any student, regardless of what they’re studying. 130 pgs, pb. – Zach

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    ISBN: 9780838825662
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    ISBN: 9781427620743
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    An excellent unit to get children acquainted with a microscope - how to use it, and actual investigations with it. The World of the Microscope or the Complete Book of the Microscope (both by Usborne - see index) are highly recommended as basal resource books. Other resource books (list provided) should be obtained and available for reference. The unit requires a minimum of 42-48 days to complete. Activities look extremely interesting and the accompanying lab sheets are excellent - very thoughtfully constructed. Labs begin with the set up, use and clean up of the microscope. The next several labs teach children to make wet mounts, dry mounts, permanent mounts, and well mounts. Successive labs are spent using these skills to study a variety of things under the microscopic, from fibers to insect parts, with cells, plant parts, and simple cell animals in between. The book also contains vocabulary words, science supplier addresses and phone numbers, answers, and additional helpful tips about microscopes. Just looking through the unit makes me enthusiastic about using it - it looks like the best kind of learning - interesting and fun. I would guess that most children would thoroughly enjoy this adventure with a microscope - gaining invaluable skills for higher level science courses in the process. Children in the elementary grades would need some parental support to accomplish the study; older children could use it independently. Look into this one! 92 pages, paperback.
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    ISBN: 9780825150791
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    ISBN: 9780825150807
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    ISBN: 9781572227354
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    What makes this series meaty enough to be considered for gifted education? The units were written by the College of William & Mary specifically for Project Clarion. The Project Clarion Science Units introduce young ones to science concepts, processes, and overarching concepts in a hands-on, inquiry approach which allows children to build their knowledge and skills as they explore and play their way through organized information.

    You're probably wondering about Project Clarion, what it is, and why it is important. The College of William and Mary received a research grant from the Department of Education for a five-year study, with the goal of enhancing science concept development among the K-3 group. The subjects of the curriculum they developed are: basic concepts in the world of science, overarching or macro concepts (change is the concept in this series), knowledge of selected topics in science, science process skills, critical thinking skills, creative thinking, curiosity and interest in science. Children will learn about scientific method in age-appropriate terms and learn to apply the method just as a real scientist would.

    Each science unit is divided into two parts. The first part of each unit includes an introduction, instructions for using the unit, grading rubrics, glossary, teacher notes, and resources. "What is a Scientist?" by B. Lehn is required for the four units listed here, along with others which are listed below. Section 2 includes 12 to 15 lessons which have been tested in over 40 classrooms and cover science in the areas of earth science, life science, and physical science. The first two lessons in each unit are much the same ("What is a Scientist?" "What is Change?") and lesson content is similar in each of them, but include slight variations. Pre- and Post-assessments are included in each unit along with reproducible activity pages and appendices which include materials lists, tables, and reference material.

    These units are definitely for children who have a bent for learning and for parents who want to meet their gifted child at an appropriate level. These expansive studies are challenging and thought-provoking while being fun and interactive. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9781572229228
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    “A practical plan for school success” is the subtitle of this workbook, and that’s exactly what it is! The title may lead you to believe that it is merely a workbook on “how to study,” but really, it is a comprehensive book on “how to learn” through the use of different skills and strategies. Each of the nine chapters dedicates itself to teaching your child a different strategy, including organizational skills, learning style strategies, communication, improving reading comprehension, note-taking, memorization, test-taking, how to tackle homework, and stress management. The pages within each chapter contain hands-on exercises that will get you moving and implementing these strategies. There are also practical “mini-quizzes” that will help you evaluate what your strengths and weaknesses are. Then the rest of the chapter is full of forms, checklists, tips, and mock tests and assignments to help you master these strategies. Answer key, instructor lesson plan, and certificate of achievement are all included in the back of this reproducible workbook. This item would be helpful for any student planning on taking high school or junior college courses before heading off to college! Pb, 158 pgs. – elise