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Victory Drill Book

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    This book is full of worksheets to drill students on the rules of spelling. It has worksheets for 150 days and incorporates scripture from the Bible, including KJV, NKJV, and NIV versions. One spelling rule is introduced each week and until is has covered many of the most prominent spelling rules. The book then supplies short, simple daily drills to helps students memorize the rules. These lessons should be completed quickly and easily in no more than ten minutes a day. There are no lists and no tests, but every tenth day there is a review of the previously learned rules. Students then apply the rules by completing scripture, puzzles, and sentences. Most of the answers are somewhat obvious because the activities give a word box or list to draw answers from and the rest can usually be figured out by process of elimination, but a key is provided. The book focuses only on common spelling rules and does not provide drills for their exceptions. Once students are comfortable with a rule, they can look in the back for a list of exceptions. A simple way to enhance spelling for those who need it. ~ Rachel S.

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    ISBN: 9780141001791
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    Gain valuable insights as you read this concise and fast-paced account of the Battle of New Orleans, and the daring leadership of General Andrew Jackson. The newly formed American Republic was still fragile and disorganized when events required that it declare war, once again, on Great Britain in 1812. In late 1814 and early 1815, the armies of these two nations finally met in a brief but pivotal battle outside the city of New Orleans. This battle’s outcome brought an end to the War of 1812 and helped solidify America’s status as an independent nation that would not soon fade away. This scholarly book helps students understand the importance of an oft forgotten American military victory. The book contains a few black-and-white maps and illustrations. Part of A Well Planned Gal’s A New Nation 9th grade curriculum. 200 pgs, pb. ~ Mike

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    ISBN: 9781932971149
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    This republication by Albert Marrin will enhance any study on WWII. Focusing on the weeks before and months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the book tells the stories that took place in the jungles of Guadalcanal and Betio. He accurately portrays the struggles of the Navy and Marines as they crossed the Pacific on their way to Japan. The book conveys the struggles of the war, gives information on the workings of a submarine and the experience of being stationed on one, and technical information about the war. It's a fascinating and dramatic story of the heroic men who fought in WWII. 212 pages.

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    ISBN: 9781890623135
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     The last weeks of the war find Lt. Christy Passford tasked with capturing blockade runners amidst the ensuing battles. Returning home, family becomes his center focus as he takes a bride and is reunited with his family from the South.

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    ISBN: 9781893791268
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    When you just need that little something for extra addition & subtraction practice, this is the ticket. Students do one page of 20 problems a day and chart their progress. Answers are in the back, so students can even check their own work. Simple paperback booklets have 40 pages of exercises. This smaller format (7.5" x 9") makes this book very kid-friendly and portable. You can set a timer if you'd like and go for speed and accuracy at the same time. The cover is green and white and so are the inside pages (green ink). ~ Sara

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    ISBN: 9781883841485
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    So, you've tried the "conventional" methods of helping your child memorize his tables. Maybe you've even tried singing the tables, but he wasn't an auditory learner. Drills fall flat, because you have to memorize the tables before you can succeed. Even after practice, practice, practice, you're wondering if they'll ever really stick. Well, here's a novel approach - actually, more of a "short story" approach. Judy Liautaud has come up with some cute, and memorable, little stories to help fix these facts finally in the mind's eye, using a visual-memory-association technique that just may work for your little multiplier. Numbers become characters or objects in visuals and storylines in which the product is an integral part. Yeah, some of them are silly - all the better to remember them by. You know, I almost wrote a book like this after teaching the twins their tables. We used similar mnemonic devices and silly sayings like "76 trombones in the big parade....and 42 clowns!" and "He licks (six) his plate (eight) before he ate (forty-eight)" and a football game tied 7 to 7 until the 49ers got a last-minute touchdown. Okay, they're goofy, but they work! These were our particular problem products, but Judy's got all the tables covered. This activity book contains all of the "tricks" and stories to get your child through the tables, plus "Make Your Own Posters" and "Make Your Own Flashcards" sections so your student can also create his own helpful tools.

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    ISBN: 9780986300042
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      Knowing your times tables are so important to building your solid foundation for upper level math. Drills aren’t always the best way for students to learn and remember their multiplication facts. Through simple stories and the same lovable number characters found on the Times Tales DVD, children will practice facts for the upper numbers in the 3’s, 4’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, and 9’s. These workbook pages are black and white and provide practice that can be done even if you aren’t using the Times Tales DVD. Children will learn the story, answer questions, work puzzles, review, quiz, and test along with cutting out fact cards and assembling number story books. After completing the multiplication portions of the workbook, a short division section is offered. Answer keys are found in the back of the book and a DVD is also included where students can practice their new multiplication skills in a game show format. 104 pgs, pb. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9781604180350
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    ISBN: 9781604180367
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    Like the original, Apples 2 is intended for older students who need phonic based spelling drills. The format of the book remains the same. Approximately one spelling rule is presented per week and students apply the rule through completion of various Bible verses, puzzles, and fill-in-the-blank exercises. Exceptions to the rules are covered in separate lessons to avoid undue confusion, especially for those who may already exhibit spelling difficulties. The 150 lessons are still meant to be completed in less than 10 minutes a day. There are no spelling lists and tests, although short reviews covering the previously learned rules are provided every tenth day. This book not only reinforces some of the lessons covered in Apples, but also introduces more "advanced" phonics rules. Please note: In creating the drills used for this book, 4 Bible versions were used: KJV, NKJV, ESV, and NIV. ~ Enh

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    ISBN: 9780758606730
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    ISBN: 9781883937966
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    Experience Nehemiah's return to Jerusalem through the eyes of his nephew Bani. Nehemiah leaves Persia with King Artaxerxes's blessing to return to the ruins of Jerusalem, but in an empire riddled with political intrigue, this journey is far from easy. Full of confrontation and daring risks, this 200 page, paperback novel by Frieda Clark Hyman dramatically portrays the turning-point in history where hope for the Jews is re-established in the Promised Land.

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    ISBN: 9781932906400
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