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Veritas Press Phonics Museum

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    Curl up with your favorite kindergarten books and begin the process of enjoying and comprehending with this one-volume collection of literature guides. There are six guides or units, each covering one book or several poems, and you can expect to spend 3-4 days on each unit, reading the book twice in the process. Plan to read the book aloud together with your child, giving help with decoding and reading with expression. The manual’s reproducible worksheets have a horizontal orientation and are perforated. Coverage includes comprehension questions and activities, writing exercises, activities to bring the text alive, and handwriting exercises. An answer key is provided. Books covered are Biscuit, Morris the Moose, Horse in Harry’s Room, Sammy the Seal, Big Brown Bear, and some favorite old poems. 56 pgs. pb ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9781601438775
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    The emphasis in this program is on learning to read longer (multi-syllabic) words. Along the way, basic phonics concepts are reviewed and some more advanced ones are covered. This is not just a continuation of the Learn to Read program by the same company, however. It does not pick up where that program leaves off, teaching the remaining phonograms. Rather, it covers many of the same concepts, only applied to multsyllabic words, and teaches students to "chunk" words for reading.

    There are four color levels in the program, with ten lessons in each. The Blue Level covers compound words, two-syllable words divided between two consonants, words with three consonants in the middle, 24 essential sight words, two-syllable words with silent e, and two-syllable words with r-influenced vowels. The Green Level covers open syllables with long vowel sound, words that end in consonant plus le, 24 sight words, sounds of y at the end of a word, suffixes --tion and --sion, and reading three-syllable words. The Orange Level teaches tricky vowel words, vowel teams with a long a sound, vowel teams with a long e sound, vowel teams with a long o sound, reading three- and four-syllable words, and 24 more sight words. The final Red Level continues with other tricky vowel pairs, vowel pairs that make separate syllables, soft c and g, reading even longer (up to five-syllable) words, plus introduces 24 more sight words.

    Each level also contains three review lessons.

    Lessons are meant to take approximately 30 minutes each and consist of 1) playing a computer game; 2) reading a story silently; 3) reading the same story out loud to a parent/teacher; 4) putting a sticker on the progress poster. The computer game presents and practices each new skill. Computer sessions take up the bulk of the lesson. Several different activities are used to introduce and reinforce each concept. The games are geared to an older child -- not at all "cutesy" -- and are very well suited to the material.

    Once the computer activities are completed, your child is ready to implement his/her new skill by reading a short story that makes use of the newly learned technique. Then he/she will read the story to you. When an entire level (ten lessons) is completed, the child is rewarded with a chapter book (Strange Museum hardcover) to read.

    If your child has mastered beginning phonics and wants to tackle larger words, this program will supply the word attack skills he needs.