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    This lovely book shares the story of the poor physician named Valentine who lived in ancient Rome and helped the sick of that city without thought of gain for himself. Valentine was a Christian at a time when persecution was high, but he nonetheless would pray to God to heal each of his patients. Eventually martyred for his faith, it is said that Valentine sent a short note to a young blind girl from his prison cell before his execution and her sight was restored. This book shares this legendary story in a simple and straightforward way. The unique thing about this book is the colorful mosaics that illustrate the story beautifully. Retold and illustrated by Robert Sabuda, 32 pgs, pb. ~Rachel

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    Share the love and show someone how you feel by making them a card from the heart! You get 36 large (5 x 5 x 6.5) cardstock cards in red, white and neon pink, along with 36 paper heart-shaped doilies (4 x 4) and 2 sheets of heart stickers (red and multicolored). Great option for a classroom party or your friends and family. Add this little set to your arts & craft supplies and let kids make other types of cards too! Does not include envelopes. ~Sara

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    Includes five Smencils in the scents Strawberry, Marshmallow, Donut, Chocolate, and Blueberry.

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      This is your project and lesson guide for 3rd grade Memoria Press curriculum. It includes 14 projects each to be completed in a 30-45 minute lesson with about 1-15 students. You can easily use this book at home with one or a few children--no problem. A materials list is at the front of the book and includes pretty common household art supplies like white paper, construction paper, scissors, brushes, glue and paints. A few items you will also need are butcher paper, colored chalk, decoupage glue, glow in the dark paint, a hole puncher, wood skewers and yarn. The goal is to build a general understanding of color theory, basic art techniques, and some art history that will reinforce your MP curriculum. All you need to know as the teacher is right there on the lesson page for you. You are told what to say and given the answers to questions you will ask the students. Easy-peasy even for the non-artiste instructor! In the back are some reproducible templates to use in the activities, followed by short quizzes over the lesson content. These are well organized lessons that will be a peach to implement. Specific books mentioned in the lessons are Charlotte’s Web and The Moffats. 75pp, sc ~ Sara

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    Soft and pretty pastels make a lovely background for your hand-made cards. Perfect for your valentines, baby announcements, thank you notes or whatever you like. There are 2 each of light pink, buttery yellow, mint green, light blue and lilac (10 cards & 10 envelopes). Add some printed scrapbook paper and come up with all sorts of original designs. Premium heavyweight cards are 4.25” x 5.25” so you can use them in either a portrait or a landscape format. ~ Sara

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    Introduce students to logic puzzles and deductive reasoning with this reproducible book. The book begins with several short grid puzzles and then progresses to six multi-puzzle mysteries. The "Lost Backpack," "Mystery Valentine," and "Willie's Wallet" are some of the mysteries to solve. The logic puzzles consist of a variety of puzzle types, including decoding messages, grid puzzles, list-making (and sorting), and making inferences from story problems. The puzzles are enhanced by attractive graphics, and a completion certificate, solutions, and teaching suggestions are included. 64 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa

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    ISBN: 9780688131630
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    This book is nearly as beautiful as Psyche herself! The illustrations are dreamy and detailed as you read about the lovely Psyche and her love for Cupid. Cupid’s mother becomes envious of Psyche for her beauty and her son’s attentions. A classic tale of envy, jealousy, love, devotion and forgiveness. A beautiful addition to your library as told by M. Charlotte Craft and illustrated by K.Y. Craft. 38pp, hc. ~ Sara

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    We use letters all the time, but how often do we take advantage of making them lively and full of character? More of a book of art and craft projects based around letters than a calligraphy “how-to” guide, this book contains loads of projects and ideas to make letters fun, fancy, messy, and zesty! Broaden your mind with projects that involve potato stamps, watercolor, gel pens, cardboard, pom-poms, and much more! Divided into sections from thirteen lettering artists, this book contains 55 projects with a range of materials, mediums, and uses. Each project has step-by-step instructions with room for the individual letterer’s own touches. Make an initialed polka-dot placard. Scrawl out a message where all your letters come to life with colorful faces. Make a valentine with a cat wrapped in string, or a candy store sign with bold letters. After you go through this book, you’ll never look at letters the same way again. Instead, you’ll be thinking up your own projects to make one-of-a-kind words, phrases, invitations, signs, gift tags, and more! - Janine

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    Finding a cool idea book for your advanced art students can be tough. I loved the projects in this book: building dimensional, moving paper designs. Firstly, I just wanted to look at everything because the ideas are just so gorgeous. But then, there are instructions on how to create the cool paper sculptures. The equipment needed is simple: a sharp Xacto knife, straight edge, a bone folder, glue (I like the double-sided one on a roller) and card stock. Your detail-oriented builders will be challenged! Projects include things like the Tower of Babel, robots, dragons, jewelry, flowers, various cards, and historical buildings. You could add this to several different unit studies. Now that is something your student will remember! If you have young artists who have tried about everything out there, they will find these projects fascinating and inspiring! 144pp, pb, 8.75x10" ~ Sara

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    ISBN: 9780310734895
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    ISBN: 9781591886877
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    Follow Slim Chance, Hank, and Drover on another adventure, but this time it's Valentine's Day. Slim forgets that it's the holiday, and Sally May tells him to go to town and buy a gift for Miss Viola. Taking the dogs with him, Slim ventures to town and buys a box of candy. However, on the way back, Hank and Dover discover it. Listen to the author, John R. Erickson, read the story to find out what happens. Included in this seventy-nine minute CD is a song by Slim, "Valentine's Song." – John

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