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    It's the same! But, different. Leaving the world of CDs behind, Rosetta Stone Homeschool has taken the leap into the world of online subscription formats. As with every major format change, there are advantages and disadvantages. You will probably like the changes which provide more mobility and more flexibility (unless you do not have access to high speed internet or do not wish to enter the internet world). All the aspects of the Rosetta Stone approach to language acquisition that we've come to love and expect are there. It's just packaged differently.

    So, what's different? First of all, there are only four products (instead of the 70 or so we carried before). Each product is an online subscription. This Family Pack subscription that allows for up to 3 users for 24 months. You purchase a subscription then you choose your language as part of the activation process. There are 24 languages available and a subscription purchase lets you choose any one of the 24 (Family Pack subscribers can choose up to three different languages). The subscription also gives you access to ALL levels of instruction available in that language. All languages have at least three levels. Some languages have five levels. If workbooks, quizzes, or tests are available (only for a few languages), access to pdf versions of this material comes with the subscription. Because all content is online, you can access it from a computer, laptop, or mobile device and you can access it from anywhere that you have a fast internet connection. You can even download lessons (with Audio Companion) to use when the internet is not available.

    So, what's the same? The dynamic immersion instructional methodology, the voice recognition software, and the student tracking abilities. In other words, all the good stuff that has made Rosetta Stone distinctive and a favorite with homeschoolers. And there is still a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program. To get a sense of the program, check out the video demo found on our website.

    Rosetta Stone's "Dynamic Immersion™" methodology combines multimedia technology with a total immersion approach utilizing four aspects images, intuition, interactivity, and instruction. Real-life images are coupled with words or phrases, both spoken and written. There is constant interaction with the program, making selections which are confirmed if correct. Understanding of the language is built through spoken responses to real-life simulations utilizing TruAccent® speech-recognition technology which listens, analyzes, and corrects the student response. [Headset with microphone is needed but not included.]

    Core Lessons cover: A. Listening & Reading combined; B. Listening only, C. Reading only, D. Speaking, and E. Writing. There are Focused Activities that concentrate on language skills vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, reading, speaking, listening, writing and Adaptive Recall which are review sequences. While the general content and methodology is similar between the various Rosetta Stone versions, the Homeschool version is unique in giving parents the ability to plan and track the student's progress through the lessons and activities and to print data reports.

    Rosetta Stone Levels (in any language) cover the following material:

    Level 1 Build a Foundation. Fundamental vocabulary, essential language structure, basic conversational skills including greetings and introductions. Includes colors, adjectives, numbers, prepositions, definite and indefinite articles, singular and plural nouns, family relations, the five senses and time of day.

    Level 2 Navigate Your Surroundings. Builds on vocabulary and essential language structure. Giving/getting directions, using transportation, telling time, dining out, and enjoying basic social interactions. Includes verb tenses, adverbs, formal imperatives, school subjects, months, and emotions.

    Level 3 Connect with the World. Builds on language fundamentals and conversational skills. Learn to share ideas and opinions, express your feelings and talk about everyday life, your interests, your work, subjective, present perfect, weights, and measurements.

    Level 4 Deepen Your Understanding. Expands on what you learned in Levels 1, 2, and 3. Negotiate complex situations with confidence. Develop conversational skills to navigate the workplace, care for your health, arrange repairs, and move abroad.

    Level 5 Develop Your Command of the Language. Refine crucial communication skills and make full use of everything you've learned in Levels 1-4. Discuss entertainment and culture, government and the marketplace, and celebrate language-learning success.

    The following languages are available (with number of levels in parenthesis): Arabic (3), Chinese (Mandarin) (3), Dutch (3), English (American) (5), English (British) (5), Filipino (Tagalog) (3), French (5), German (5), Greek (3), Hebrew (3), Hindi (3), Irish (3), Italian (5), Japanese (3), Korean (3), Persian (Farsi) (3), Polish (3), Portuguese (Brazil) (3), Russian (3), Spanish (Latin American) (5 Workbooks for Levels 1-3), Spanish (Spain) (5), Swedish (3), Turkish (3), and Vietnamese (3).

    System Requirements:

    Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher

    Mac (Intel based only) Maverick (OS X 10.9) or higher

    Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 50, Firefox 46, Safari 9.1, Edge 13 or greater

    Latest version of Adobe Flash Player

    Computer Hardware Requirements:

    Windows: 2.33 GHz or faster x86-compatible processor OR Intel® Atom™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbooks

    Mac: Intel Core™ Duo 1.33GHz or faster processor

    1 GB of RAM or higher

    1024 x 768 display resolution

    High-Speed Internet connection (at least 768bps)

    In terms of high school credit equivalency (as before) Rosetta Stone is not "accredited" because it is not a school, but each level of the Homeschool program has a "Full Year Curriculum" lesson plan. If you follow that lesson plan, each level will be a 36 week program if you're not using the supplemental (suggestions in teacher materials) materials, or 45 weeks if you are (equivalent to 1 school year). Not all schools or boards will accept RS as credit, so checking to ensure it will be accepted is recommended.

    While it's a bit sad to say "good-bye" to Rosetta Stone's old standby CD-based program, it's easy to see the advantages and necessity of increased mobility. Thankfully, favorite features have been retained and the program remains a strong option for high school foreign language. As before, we encourage the use of a grammar workbook to complement the strong conversational aspect of the program. ~ Janice

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  • Item #: 072004
    ISBN: 9781844144303
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  • Item #: 070348
    ISBN: 9781615386413
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     Designed to meet the needs of families transitioning to Memoria Press from other educational pathways, this curriculum manual incorporates the first half of D'Aulaire’s Greek Myths, Latina Christiana, States & Capitals, Christian Studies I, and English Grammar Recitation I which are started in grade 3 and completed in grade 4. While the pacing may be faster than your current program, families may find it helpful to start grade 4 earlier than your other children to ease the transition or allow two weeks to complete the 1-2 weeks of assignments. Allowing an extra week is only temporary to help the student transition, with the goal of following the schedule as written as quickly as possible. pb. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 052378
    ISBN: 9781448805983
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  • Item #: 034386
    ISBN: 9784774307084
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    Beginning scissor users start by cutting along straight lines, zig-zag lines and curves until they're cutting out simple figures and shapes. Directions are simple and often illustrated for non-readers.

  • Item #: 017390
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    This 1 oz. glue pen gives users so many options! Not only are there two tips from which to choose – a fine point tip for precision and a wide spreader for larger areas – but it is also easily adjustable before it sets and dries clear. Non-toxic
  • Item #: 061366
    ISBN: 9781622750702
    Retail: $11.95
    Rainbow Price: $6.24

    One of the most powerful cooperative knowledge tools of our time is revealed. Users will learn about how wikis came about and how they are used to share information and how latest features and technologies are included.

  • Item #: 039747
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    Made of lightweight plastic, this ruler not only features standard inch and centimeter measurements, but also reminds users of the traditional cursive alphabet, both upper and lower case letters, which are written in a fun rainbow strip down the middle. – Rachel
  • Item #: 061365
    ISBN: 9781622750733
    Retail: $11.95
    Rainbow Price: $6.24

    This book gives an in depth look on what website are, how they came about and evolved, and what elements make them up. This book explains website basics such as html and how modern servers and features drive websites to create a better user experience.

  • Item #: 039357
    Retail: $75.00
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      Written for homeschoolers by Rebecca Celsor, The Write Foundation Level 1 Sentence to Paragraph curriculum is not flashy but is certainly deep and incorporates biblical content. Lessons give step-by-step teaching instruction which help you teach your student how to be an independent writer. Emphasis is placed on the writing process, writing structure, and word usage (basic grammar and figures of speech). This level quickly advances from writing descriptive sentences to writing creative and informative paragraphs by teaching how to use the fundamentals of brainstorming, outlining, drafting and editing. Originally these lessons were designed for those who struggle with or dislike writing but this program works well for all students.  This curriculum can easily be used with 1-2 students or in a co-op setting.

      The basic daily lesson format is organized into 3 main areas: sentence structure (practicing grammar, developing sentences, vocabulary and figures of speech); paragraph and essay writing; and poetry instruction (to build vocabulary, grammar, and figures of speech within writing instruction context). The course provides 30 lessons guiding the student from sentence writing to 2-paragraph writings. Two schedules (5-day or 10-day per lesson options, from 30 min to 1.5 hours daily) complete the course in either one or two years.

      The teacher and students are equally engaged in the step-by-step process. All information needed to present each lesson is provided in the spiral teacher instruction manuals which include teaching instructions and Teacher Presentations (TP) which are examples and suggestions to help present the lessons. During the lesson, students discuss ideas with the teacher as the teacher models and highlights items using the Teacher Presentation (TP) information and student input while students copy and highlight on worksheets. Students practice grammar skills through sentence and poetry writing practice and through parts of speech games. The course includes poetry writing as a method of mastering language skills. Literature reading is also strongly recommended. Students choose from a provided list of books with pre-assigned points from 4 to 24 (based on challenge level); students read a minimum of 48 points worth per semester. This system provides variety and encourages students to read frequently. A final recommended component is Mind Benders Book 3 (#003026) to be used to train students to think logically.

      The driving force of the course is contained in the two spiral-bound Teacher Instruction manuals. Teaching instructions and Teacher Presentation (TP) information of examples and suggestions needed to present the lessons, is provided in the spiral-bound Teacher Instruction manuals. The instructions and Teacher Presentation information (TP) in the lessons guide you step-by-step in the daily lessons and show examples and suggestions for the materials discussed. The teaching format is more of a traditional teacher-guiding-the-students format. You, the teacher, will guide the discussion about different writing skills: sentence writing, paragraph writing, and poetry writing. As the students brainstorm or suggest possible answers, you explain the lesson material visually by writing possible answers on a white board or paper while students copy onto the student worksheets. The program allows flexibility. Also, optional technology is provided in the Digital Additional Resources to present each lesson on the computer. The online TP files are interactive, allowing the teacher to type information directly onto the daily lesson's Teacher Presentation (TP) on the computer as the teacher and student discuss and the student copies onto the student worksheets (WS). This original “tech design” requires a computer with Adobe Reader. Internet and Adobe Reader are required to access the digital daily Teacher Presentation (TP) pages. Not techie? Don’t be dismayed! This element is not required or even necessary to teach the course in either a co-op or a typical home setting: good ol’ paper or white board will suffice. With purchase of this product, you'll receive access to the digital and interactive resources through the publisher, The Write Foundation. If you desire the digital full-page Teacher Presentation (TP) lesson materials for teaching using the computer, this material must be downloaded from the publisher. Information is included in the Printed Additional Resources on how to get the Digital Additional Resources. The instructions also give you good direction in grading. Grading rubrics are provided for all student assignments.  A thorough explanation of grading, rubrics for each of the 29 lessons, rubrics for poetry, and how to compile a final grade is provided. The course grade will consist of three portions: composition, poetry, and literature. However, the publisher states that other books could be substituted.

      With this writing curriculum you'll receive one (1) set of student worksheets, two spiral bound Teacher Instructions (Lessons 1-15 and Lessons 16-30), and some Printed Additional Resources. Consumable Student Worksheets (about 230 pages) for one student come printed on 3-hole punched paper to be stored in a 3-ring binder (not provided). More student worksheets may be purchased on TheWriteFoundation.org for multiple students. Directions to more educational games and grading rubrics are included in the Printed Additional Resources. Students will also need a thesaurus, dictionary and highlighters in 6 different colors (pink, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple). A list of student materials is provided in the Printed Additional Resources. ~ Ruth


  • Item #: 023755
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    Do you just not seem to have enough black paper around to satisfy your metallic gel ink users? Here's a journal so they can scribble, doodle, and write to their hearts content with their beloved gel pens. And who can blame them? It's such a unique look. The journal measures approximately 6" x 9" and contains 70 pages eagerly awaiting your writer/artist's talents.
  • Item #: 068225
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     No lefty wants to cut with right-handed scissors for very long. It hurts! This pair is made for big hands and has an 8” pointy bottom blade and gently curved upper blade. They have reversed blades, making it easier for the left-handed user to see what they are cutting. Imagine cutting on a line you can’t really see! The hard plastic, formed red handle is ergonomically designed for comfort. Perfect for fabric or paper; they cut all the way to the tip. Overall length is 8.5”. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 059013
    ISBN: 9780310735793
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    This red-letter KJV Bible is intended for young boys ages 6-9. The hardcover and smaller size (4 1/2” x 6 1/2”) make it easy to take along without damaging the pages. The print is small, so it is definitely for younger eyes. A concordance is included to help the user find verses; the words of Christ are in red; and 12 full-color pages are found throughout to encourage character traits in young knights. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 014928
    ISBN: 9781615384624
    Retail: $45.00
    Rainbow Price: $39.50

    DVD set features an instructor who teaches each lesson thoroughly. The course includes 18 lessons that take the student through the steps of preparing either a refutation or a confirmation discredit/credit, exposition, unclarity/clarity, implausibility/plausibility, impossibility/possibility, inconsistency/consistency, impropriety/propriety, inexpediency/expediency, and exposition. 214 pgs, pb

    Refutation/Confirmation DVD Sample from Brian Lowe on Vimeo.

  • Item #: 008211
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    ExploreOne Aries Telescope is an ideal beginner scope that is easy to use and includes a simple alt-azimuth mount (for separate horizontal and vertical rotation) and tripod for easier movement and focus. It offers a 50mm aperture (opening), a 600 mm focal length, and two eyepieces. The eyepieces are interchangeable for varied viewing. It also comes with a red dot finder for easy object location, astronomy software and a star map. The red dot finder allows the user to point the finder at the object to be viewed and then proceed to bring the object into focus.

  • Item #: 063613
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    Rainbow Price: $34.95

    Younger elementary children and those who struggle with reading and writing abilities are the intended users of this year long science course. Mixing stories about common farm and home animals, coloring pages, oral discussion and copywork later in the book, children will learn about bees, horses, birds, cats, mice and other friendly critters.

  • Item #: GEOA2E
    Retail: $549.75
    Rainbow Price: $469.00

    Due to the delay in the completion of Geometry Module F, this is a new course package from VideoText Interactive that includes Modules A-E, and will be sold until Module F is available. Purchasers of this package will be able to purchase Module F when available for $90, making the total price of this package the same as a Module A-F package. If Module E is completed before Module F is available, users will be able to request Trigonometry content from VideoText Interactive (we will verify purchase information for VideoText Interactive) and they will supply the user both Trigonometry video lessons and PDF material equivalent to (but not the same as) Geometry Module F.

  • Item #: 014586
    ISBN: 9780321209986
    Retail: $10.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

    These maps that show the spread of world religions, Alexander's empire, trade routes in the Indian Ocean, Mongol Empires, exploration and colonization, Japanese expansion in Asia, etc., will be invaluable for all kinds of research projects. User-friendly and with an index at the rear of the book, this softcover atlas will be a handy tool in your homeschool. ~ Genevieve

  • Item #: 008146
    Retail: $11.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

    A shockingly enjoyable introduction to the study of electricity! Take the mystery out of electrical circuitry as you race to complete workable 6-volt or 110-volt circuits. But be careful not to get shocked or shorted out! Deck of 84 cards include energy sources, users, switches, wires, fuses, etc. Game also includes simple explanation of electrical circuits. 2-6 may play.

  • Item #: 054686
    ISBN: 9781935495703
    Retail: $39.00
    Rainbow Price: $27.50

    User-friendly companion that provides space for answering On Your Own and Study Guide questions as well as for developing Lab Reports. Study helps include graphic organizers and a Module Summary for each module (fill-in-the-blank). Digging Deeper sections provide opportunity for practical applications and writing activities. For the teacher there are grading rubrics for lab reports and suggested answers for some of the graphic organizers. The History of Science module includes a nicely done timeline.

  • Item #: 026211
    Retail: $4.25
    Rainbow Price: $3.50

    This geoboard features a 7 x 7 pin array on one side and a circular design on the other. The nearly 8" square geoboard also has a bigger "lip", or outer edge making it nearly twice as thick as our 5 x 5 pin geoboards. Even though most geoboard activity books use 5 x 5 pin arrays, we have added this one as a convenience for users of the RightStart Math program. ~ Anh