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Usborne Time Traveler Book

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  • Item #: 003382
    ISBN: 9780746033654
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    Rainbow Price: $22.99

    This combined volume of all four Time Traveler books focuses on everyday life in various periods in history. Like the Book of World History it contains interesting text and captivating illustrations (in typical Usborne style!).

    So, how is it different? The World History book goes through history, looking at different civilizations during each period. The Omnibus focuses in on specific time periods in history and examines in detail the lives of fictional characters who could have lived during that time. My (then) 12 year old daughter recommended reading through the World History volume first, then the Time Travelers Omnibus to zoom in on certain historical periods. She says this book will give you a better understanding and appreciation of how it was to live during that time - its the next best thing to being there.

  • Item #: 040252
    ISBN: 9780794513191
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $9.99

    Looking for ideas for those long (or short) car trips? This fantastic pack of cards from Usborne is full of fun things to do while traveling. Just choose one of the 50 colorful cards and follow the instructions on the back. The majority of the games are for 2 or more people and all youll ever need for the activities is paper and writing utensils (sometimes not even that). Examples of games include Find the Words where players think of one word and then have a set amount of time to create as many words as they can using the letters from the original word; Word Bugs which is like Hangman, but with a bug instead of a body; Snapping Mouth which is like an origami project; First to 50 where players choose one thing to count and try to be the first to find 50; and many many more. Some standard games like Rock Paper Scissors and Single Word Stories (where players take turns saying one word in a story) are also included. Cards are 3.75 x 6. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 013763
    ISBN: 9780794523244
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $12.99

    Whether you are traveling cross-country, abroad, or simply enjoying a stay-cation this year, this fantastic activity book may be exactly what you are looking for to combine fun with learning while keeping little minds and hands busy. Activities vary from stickers (includes over 150!), doodling/drawing, puzzles, mazes, and lots, lots more! Not just your typical activities, kids will learn interesting things about different countries and use their math and logic skills too. Activities will take you across the world and even into outer space. With all the great discoveries found here, your children will have little time for boredom! Answers included. Another quality learning resource from Usborne. 96 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 012400
    ISBN: 9780746011096
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $12.99

    This book describes the way of life of several past civilizations. Details cover cultures ranging from ancient Egypt, Rome, and Europe, to Native Americans, French aristocrats, and medieval times. Facts include descriptions of clothes and fashions, homes and houses, food and eating, and travel and transportation.

  • Item #: 048938
    ISBN: 9780794524005
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $10.99

    Reading through this Usborne book made me want to take a few vacation days and go explore someplace exotic. It highlights some of the most popular or influential explorers from ancient to current times. It shares their exciting stories in a concise but captivating way, showing the supplies they needed, hardships endured, reasons for their travels, how their trips made history, and more. The text itself is fascinating, but the illustrations really make the book stand out. There are cartoon drawings and profiles of the explorers with speech bubbles displaying things they said or wrote, photographs or reproductions of famous vessels, tools, etc. used in exploration, colorful maps, and scenes of impressive things explorers discovered. Small text boxes share especially interesting information, captions are descriptive and informational, and the text is engaging. Starting with the ancient Egyptian adventurer Harkhuf, who traveled to a place called Yam to bring back precious treasures to the king of Egypt, the book continues through explorers such as the ancient Greek Pytheas, Vikings like Leif Ericsson, the Italian traveler Marco Polo, the Muslim explorer Ibn Battuta who covered 75,000 miles across Africa, the 15th Century Chinese adventurer Zheng He who explored the lands around China for the emperor and spread the word that China was in charge, Portuguese sailors who explored the African west coast looking for a way to Asia, Christopher Columbus and other adventurers who explored/invaded the New World, and Ferdinand Magellans trip around the world. The scientific aspects of later explorations are also covered, like Captain Cooks mapping of the coast of Canada, and then attempting a scientific expedition to the Pacific Ocean; nature-lover and German-born Alexander von Humboldt who studied the plants and wildlife of South American jungles; Lewis and Clarks remarkable adventure across North America; Dr. Livingstones missionary efforts in Africa; British officer Charles Stuart who explored the Australian outback; and even more current Antarctic adventures and races. Ocean and space exploration are touched on lightly. Obviously, a wide range of explorers and explorations are covered, so this is a perfect introductory book for kids and a good way to get them to see the excitement and adventure of exploring. By Anna Claybourne, 104 pages, pb. ~Rachel

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