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  • Item #: 034513
    ISBN: 9780794500078
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    Rainbow Price: $7.99

    This mini book answers many questions about the world around us and explains the science that we see everyday. Like most Usborne books, it is crammed with practical information and colorful illustrations. It is divided into eight sections: counting and measuring, heat and energy, forces and machines, light and color, sound and hearing, atoms and molecules, electricity and technology, and lists and tables. There are simple experiments throughout the book that can be done using everyday items. Some of the pages have quiz questions to test childrens comprehension. (Answers can be found in the back of the book.) The back of the book also includes a few more resources. Short biographies of famous scientists and inventors can be found in alphabetical order, and interesting charts and tables display scientific data. A full glossary and index close out the encyclopedia. This book may be small in size (only 5 1/2 x 7), but it is a huge source of scientific knowledge. 128 pgs, hc. ~ Rachel S.

  • Item #: 028433
    ISBN: 9780794528430
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $15.99

    Paperback. 7.5" x 9.75"

  • Item #: 002465
    ISBN: 9780794528751
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $29.99

    Hardcover. 8.75" x 11.25

  • Item #: 000980
    ISBN: 9780794525279
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $39.99
  • Item #: 012204
    ISBN: 9780794502157
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $9.99

    This book is broken down into five main sections, which cover mammals, birds, reptiles, creepy-crawlies, and water life. Children will learn more about familiar animals and discover some fascinating new creatures.

  • Item #: 026242
    ISBN: 9780794524692
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $16.99

    I have always been a fan of the Usborne books, and this one is no exception youll not be disappointed with the beautiful photography and the plethora of facts. This encyclopedia is completely focused on earth science and includes chapters on planet earth, earthquakes and volcanoes, climate, weather, plants and animals, shaping the land (soil/weathering/erosion), and rivers and oceans. Scattered throughout the book, along with the information provided, you will find recommended websites where you and your child can find out more. The pages will draw you in, no matter your age, as you learn about our planet Earth. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 013953
    ISBN: 9780794527532
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $14.99

    Have you ever heard of Zoroastrianism? It is fascinating how many different religious beliefs, (such as Zoroastrianism), reflect Biblical truths. This book is FULL of color and very well laid out, showing beautiful pictures of members of the various religions and religious artifacts. Maps here and there identify in what part of the world the religion is practiced. As it shares about a particular religion, this book often relates a story, parable or saying from that religion. For example, when explaining some of the beliefs of the Pacific Islanders, a Maori saying is quoted: Feed a man with fish, he will live from day to day. Teach him how to fish, he will live forever. As well as doing a detailed analysis of the main religions and touching on many minor ones throughout the world, this book tries to answer the question What is religion? at the beginning and also makes commentaries about religion in society at the end. While stating that they are not trying to promote any particular belief or viewpoint, there is a natural tendency, and I would suggest that theirs is not Christian. This comes through, for example, in the use of BCE and CE in preference to BC and AD and independent references to things over 6,000 years old. A treatment like this of world religions by a non-Christian does smack a wee bit of the scenario between Satan and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Here are your options: now choose one. While the book does often hit the nail on the head with its descriptions of the different religions, it sometimes misses the boat in its broad sweeping definitions (for example saying that some religions wear headcoverings as a sign of modesty and equality and not mentioning submission). Needless to say you and your students will need to use discernment and turn to Scripture as to whether something is true or not. Some very nice features of this book are the time line and index, and every page directs you to a website to surf for further information. 127 pgs, pb. - Genevieve

  • Item #: 028439
    ISBN: 9780794530433
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $9.99

    Explains many of the fascinating areas of science. Children will explore our earth, space, weather, force, atoms and molecules, friction, magnets, electricity, color and light, the brain and senses, and many other topics of science through interesting text and fun, simple science experiments. Each page is filled with colorful illustrations and awesome pictures to make every inch engaging; not a lot of white space here!

  • Item #: 028440
    ISBN: 9780794530600
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $9.99

    Each bold, colorful page holds easy text and plenty of images to uncover each part of the human body. From the way it looks, inside and out, to its place in the body, to its function and how it works, each body part is explained in detail. Simple, fun experiments are spread throughout, as well as Usborne-recommended websites that let children explore the human body further.

  • Item #: 056109
    ISBN: 9780756657598
    Retail: $34.99
    Rainbow Price: $24.50

    A wealth of well-illustrated information at your fingertips and a safe internet path for adding to that wealth. What more could you want? This childrens encyclopedia from one of my favorite publishers, DK, is a delight. From Bees and Wasps to Ecology and Food Webs to Martin Luther King, Jr. to Pirates, there are hundreds of detailed featured entries and thousands of subentries. And, if your students itch for information has only been lightly assuaged, theres the dkonline website that has more than a 1000 related (and safe) links to allow them to passionately pursue information. One of the things that sets this DK book apart from other childrens encyclopedias is the meaty content and the abundance of photos (as opposed to drawings and illustrations). In short, its a great reference choice. Please note; however, that there is a fair amount of evolutionary content. 600 pgs, hc with dust jacket. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 018008
    ISBN: 9780794523558
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $19.99

    This book is obviously an Usborne book; its overloaded with interesting information and tons of color pictures. But it also has something else - internet links. A great deal of science is packed in the book, with even more available online at the many quality websites chosen by Usborne. More than 1,000 internet links are listed in this book. Sites allow you to see video clips of animals, hear animal sounds, build your own roller coaster, dissect a virtual frog, relive the story of landing on the moon complete with sounds, images, and slideshows, and so much more. Perform more than 120 experiments and activities, and see video clips, diagrams, pictures, and other helpful online highlights. All of science is covered in this book: physics, chemistry, biology, information technology, earth sciences, astronomy, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, telecommunications and the preservation of Planet Earth. A wonderful resource even for those without online access. A-Z dictionary. 448 pgs; hc. ~ Stephanie

  • Item #: 018005
    ISBN: 9780794528331
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $19.99
    This book covers it all, from the dawn of history right up to the year 2000, for all the major civilizations, all the rulers, and all the events in world history. Pages are filled with clear, interesting accounts of historical events, realistic reconstructions of scenes, and tons of incredible photographs. More than 100 charts and maps are included, allowing you to see exactly where events took place. Besides being an intriguing book to read, this is also your link to world history on the web. After reading about a subject, go online; every link leads you to a website where you can read additional information, watch video clips, play games, see photos, and use other unique website features to experience "virtually" all of world history. I was never much for history, but I wish I had this book when I was younger; these websites look really intriguing. For a study of the ancient world you can get virtual tours of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, a virtual walking tour of Rome and Athens, learn to speak Ancient Greek, write in hieroglyphics, take interactive tours of museums, explore the Valley of Kings in Egypt and learn about the pharaohs buried there and their tombs through photos and panoramic movies, view profiles of famous Romans and Greeks, explore a clickable Roman marketplace, and loads more. Some sights are interactive, where you can, for example, reenact the Battle of Hastings, and some are treasure troves of information, maps, timelines, and diagrams.

    Note: The first 100 or so pages of the book discuss the Prehistoric World (starting 4,550 million years ago with the Big Bang and proceeding to 12,000 years ago when the last ice age came to an end). This section outlines evolution and likely contains objectionable material. However, the rest of the sections (Ancient World, Medieval World, Last 500 Years) are more factual and make up for the first. A colorful, captivating book. 416 pages. Stephanie

  • Item #: 012200
    ISBN: 9780794528966
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $19.99

    This 400-page paperback text from Usborne is a fantastic reference guide that provides an extensive overview of world geography. First, you get a general overview of planet Earth. Next, more detailed sections cover the geographical phenomena of earthquakes, volcanoes, oceans, weather, climate, and world ecosystems. The people and cultures of the world (North America, South America, Australasia and Oceania, Asia, Europe, and Africa) are then extensively discussed, followed by an Atlas of the World portion of the book comprised of various maps (60 total) of all seven continents. The text concludes with a Fact File section that provides a medley of information on topics including but not limited to geographers and scientists, world records, time zones, constellations, and types of government.

    To take advantage of the interactive component of this book, visit the hundreds of websites recommended throughout the text. These sites were chosen to provide further information about people and places of the world and are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure subject appropriateness and working order. Although it is internet-linked, the Encyclopedia of World Geography is a complete book that can be used on its own. ~ Enh

  • Item #: 040736
    ISBN: 9780140515435
    Retail: $35.00
    Rainbow Price: $14.00
    This massive all-in-one encyclopedia gets away from all the childrens encyclopedias we carry and caters to the older and more academic crowd. While not flashy or colorful, this tome focuses solely on providing concise and accurate information on thousands of entries. Over 27,000 topics are up for discussion within, written by more than 350 specialists in a variety of fields. The entries, while thorough, are intended to be brief, accessible and to-the-point. This would be a handy desk reference for any student (whether in high school or college) or teacher or to grace the shelves of your homeschooling library. Hardcover, 1698 pages. ~ Megan
  • Item #: 012401
    ISBN: 9780794527846
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $14.99

    Usbornes Living World Encyclopedia provides a great introduction into the amazing world of nature. The first section of the book covers living things and their environments. This section serves to present general information in the areas of: the history of the Earth, environments, cycles in nature, seasonal changes, and long-term changes. The remaining sections explore animals and plants by environment. Plants typical to the environment are introduced, and the lifestyles of animals (how they find food, attract mates, escape enemies, and adapt to varying habitats and climates) are examined. Environments covered include: seas and oceans, islands, grasslands, forests, deserts, polar regions, mountains, rivers and lakes, and rain forests. Additional sections on people and endangered species are included. ~ Enh

  • Item #: 012202
    ISBN: 9780794528058
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $9.99

    Provides information and statistics on the sky, telescopes, space missions, astronaut training, satellites, the sun, moon, stars, planets, and more. It also lists Internet sites for additional information.

  • Item #: 014569
    ISBN: 9780756619725
    Retail: $21.99
    Rainbow Price: $15.75

    Although most Dorling-Kindersley books are known for their gorgeous photography and eye-catching layouts, this encyclopedia is downright amazing. It is packed to the gills with close-up photos of mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians, with plenty of fascinating details on every one. The first part of the book presents general animal topics, including classification, senses, communication, camouflage, birth and growth, habitats, ecology and much more. The second part of the book, which is the largest portion, presents over 2,000 animal species, organized alphabetically by common name. I love this aspect, as it makes it very easy for children to look up the animals they are familiar with, whether they are dogs or penguins. A variety of species for that general name are presented within, so children can see the diversity that exists within each animal group. Most topics and animals are given a two-page spread which features a mix of general text, captioned full-color photos and illustrations, and often a striking, full-page photo of the animal as well. Fact boxes scattered throughout offer a succinct list of information on animal family, habitat, distribution, food, and approximate size for each group of animals. Although enjoyable purely for browsing, an index and glossary are also included. This feast for the eyes could easily capture the attention of your resident animal-lover for hours! 376 pgs, pb. Jess

  • Item #: 016325
    ISBN: 9780756671396
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.50

    How big is the Sahara? Which products are in greatest demand around the world? You just might need a good reference book to come up with the answers to these and many other questions. The First Earth Encyclopedia by DK has the same visual appeal as other DK products and is packed full of information and interesting facts for children from a secular perspective. Every page is laid out in a scrap booking style with photographs and accompanying text. An extension question is printed at the bottom of each evenly numbered page and the answer can be found at the bottom of the odd numbered pages (upside down). A Curiosity Quiz will send you searching through the pages for answers, Become an Expert tells you where to look for additional information within the book, and Hands on activities show you how you can try some things for yourself. You will find these scattered through the color-coded pages of the book. Children will find information on the worlds physical geography, our living world (ecosystems), human geography, and maps. A reference section at the back of the book includes a map of the world, photos of unique locations on earth, a view of the earth at night, and a glossary. Im always a fan of the DK photography, and it has great appeal for even non-reading, younger children - this hardcover, 120+ page book is no exception. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 035965
    ISBN: 9780753468135
    Retail: $12.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.75
    From oceans to planets (and everything in between), this universe-in-a-book will delight curious readers. This colorful encyclopedia is arranged thematically into ten core subjects: Planet Earth, Space and the Stars, Living World, Animal Life, Body Science, Story of the Past, People and Society, Arts and Entertainment, Science and Technology, and Communication. The information is presented in an exciting, visually appealing way, with over 1000 illustrations and photographs. Short, simple-to-read sections highlight essential topics. Step-by-step sequences and diagrams help students understand structures and processes. For example, in the Rocks and soil chapter, clear diagrams demonstrate the Mohs scale (rating minerals from softest to hardest), the rock cycle (formation of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks), and soil composition. Other interesting topics covered include: types of seeds, nature classification, human anatomy, the Industrial Revolution, world religions, sports, decorative arts, the Globe Theaterand much more! Color-coded sections, a glossary, and index help students find relevant information quickly. This encyclopedia covers such a wide variety of disciplines that it will come in handy for many a unit study or research project. But your kids will likely enjoy browsing just for fun, too. (Please note: evolutionary content and human reproduction are covered; you may wish to preview before handing to younger students.) 320 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa
  • Item #: 012203
    ISBN: 9780794502164
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $9.99

    Addresses topics such as day and night, the seasons, storms, earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, oceans, caves, rainforests, deserts, cities, and much more. An included world map illustrates the different climates around the world.

  • Item #: 011249
    ISBN: 9780794534660
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $18.99
    Share the Greek Myths with your children. This hardcover book contains over 15 stories, including the Adventures of Odysseus, Jason and the Golden Fleece, the Many Tasks of Heracles, and Theseus and the Minotaur. The pages are all colored, with bright borders, and many of the pages are further illustrated with pictures from the myth. All in all, this beautiful book will draw young children - and older kids - into the Greek Myths. 128 pages. - Melissa
  • Item #: 011250
    ISBN: 9780794533663
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $7.99

    Exactly the same as the above in content, but less than half the size at 5 5/8" x 7".

  • Item #: 014636
    ISBN: 9780753468142
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $19.95

    No child's education is complete without access to a comprehensive reference. This encyclopedia is designed with children in mind, as it is both easy-to-use and stimulating. It covers a wide range of topics from ancient history to up-to-the-minute developments in technology; from animal and plant life on Earth to plans for the next millennium in outer space. Key educational areas such as geography, science, religion, and the human body are also covered. All the topics are easy to find as they are listed in alphabetical order. The information is presented in a clear and friendly way that is perfect for experienced or beginning readers. Students will also be drawn in by the illuminating photographs and lavish illustrations that accompany each topic. This book also includes useful web links to encourage further research. Many of the subjects have fact and figure boxes to help bring attention to key dates, events, and statistics; and cross-reference boxes reveal related topics to research. A detailed index, maps, and fact sheets are also provided at the end of the book. This encyclopedia is a perfect resource to aid your child in his schoolwork, or just as a book to browse in their free time. Hc, 192 pgs. ~ elise

  • Item #: 052095
    ISBN: 9780794532123
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $9.99
    Most youngsters love animals and enjoy learning more about their animal friends! This box contains 50 animal quiz cards encompassing much of the animal kingdom. Each quiz card contains 10 questions in a variety of question formats. Cards measure 4 x 6.125 and are colorfully illustrated in true Usborne style. Great entertainment for both kids and adults on those long car trips! ~ Anh
  • Item #: 052096
    ISBN: 9780794529765
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $8.99

    Add this book and some felt-tip pens to your art room and let kids create a masterpiece! As they do, they will read snippets about Vincent VanGogh, Paul Klee, Henri Rousseau. Edgar Degas, Paulo Uccello, Roy Lichtenstein and more from a variety of styles and periods. Most pages have the paintings partially finished and your student finishes them. There is a centerfold with 10 colorful stickers just for fun. ~Sara

  • Item #: 001657
    ISBN: 9780794510763
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $15.99

    Science in the elementary and middle school years is not complete without an abundance of hands-on activities, in my opinion, anyway. Whether your family uses one of the many fine science curricula available, unit studies, or unschooling, this book will become a frequently turned-to resource to enhance science concepts. Containing 22 categories of experiments, detailed steps, explanations, colorful illustrations, and internet links, there is much here to enhance your studies. The following is just a sampling of things children will make: varied crystals, a wormery, a compass, invisible ink, a butterfly feeder and much more. Other activities include children will see DNA, float an egg, separate mixtures, test their sense of taste and numerous others. The book concludes with an overview of the scientific process and encourages children to do their own scientific research. A glossary and list of experiments make it convenient for parents/teachers to quickly find the right activity to correspond with the days lesson. SC. 96 pgs. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 020953
    ISBN: 9780794533656
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $11.99
    A simple and cute drawing book that uses basic shapes such as triangles, ovals, and squares to create varied subjects. Simple step-by-step instructions guide children as they fill the pages with anything from spaceships to bunny rabbits to fairies. More of an activity book than something you would use as art curriculum, this book might serve well at restaurants, on car trips or on a rainy day. Each two-page spread is a different setting, beckoning for different creatures or objects. For example, one page is a town at night and the artist is prompted to draw alley cats atop the walls. The drawing instructions usually have 4-6 steps, starting with a subjects most basic shape and gradually adding to it. Softcover, 95 pages.
  • Item #: 032686
    ISBN: 9780794524890
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $9.99
    This book combines the fun of stickers with the educational value of great art. Featuring over 100 of the best paintings from Londons National Gallery, this book is divided by themes such as animals, fashion, children, light, history, hidden meanings, and more. Each page contains several faded miniature versions of famous paintings for students to brighten up with the full-color matching stickers. The paintings are labeled by title, date, and artist, with fascinating facts and insights that help students understand and appreciate the historical and cultural significance of the artwork. Raphael, Monet, Renoir, Degas and Rembrandt are just a few of the great artists showcased. Additional information about the paintings and Londons National Gallery can be found on Usbornes website. 32 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa
  • Item #: 029186
    ISBN: 9780753465882
    Retail: $10.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.25

    With a winning combination of up-close, full-color photos, fascinating animal facts, and detailed illustrations, this first animal reference gives young animal lovers a lot to pore over. Animals or a group of similar animals are featured on every page of this hefty, 160-page book, organized in alphabetical order. Each page contains some general information about the species, surrounded by an assortment of colorful illustrations and photos that all show off a feature or habit of the animal, and describe it in an interesting caption. A sprinkling of activities offer readers the opportunity to explore topics related to the animal. For example, on the page discussing fish, an activity is included where kids cut out strips of paper, and glue them onto a paper, laying them over each other, so they can feel kind of what scales feel like. Find Out More boxes point readers to pages where similar animals are featured, and fact boxes are scattered throughout to offer more information on certain species. A glossary and index are also included. - Jess

  • Item #: 035055
    ISBN: 9780794511418
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $19.99

    Like all other Usborne books youve ever seen, this colorfully detailed encyclopedia is packed with info and ready to be explored. Well laid out on eye-catching pages, the history of the ancient world is detailed from the earliest civilizations of Mesopotamia 
(the book first has a few pages about early farmers and towns of 12,000 years ago)
 to the end of the Roman Empire in the early centuries AD. Stunning photographs and detailed reconstructions illustrate the book as you learn about Egypt, Greece, and other civilizations. The last section is an ancient world fact finder, with a whos who in the ancient world, a time chart, a glossary, and an index. Web links mentioned in the book are routed through an Usborne site so they can be kept up to date. This small-format version is 7.5 x 9.5 and will complement any history program or be a great read all on its own. ~ Zach

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