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Us Presidents

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  • Item #: 040282
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    Do you have what it takes to become president? In this realistic and fascinating game, two players or teams will battle it out to become the next president of the United States. With four players, one player can be running for President and the other can be Vice President on each team. One player or team will represent the Republicans, the other will be the Democrats. The board depicts a colorful outline map of the United States; each state is labeled with the number of electoral votes it is worth. To start the game, players/teams decide how many "weeks" they have to work with before the election, and that determines how many turns they take. Each team receives 150 vote chips and 3 dice. On each turn, a player/team can either go campaigning or fundraising, which will result in them gaining votes and therefore a majority in different states. Politics cards may help or hurt a team. States can swing often, so teams need to pay close attention to where they stand to get to the required 270 votes they need to win. A scorepad is included to track the number of votes each team currently controls. Exciting and competitive, this game will also help aid in the understanding of our country's election process. 2+ players. ~ Megan
  • Item #: 068214
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    Produced as part of the Smart Puzzle Collection, this history supplement includes extra-large puzzle pieces that each measure one and a half inches. The puzzle image features each of the forty-four U.S. presidents from George Washington to Donald Trump. Once assembled, this top quality and full-color puzzle will measure 19 1/4”x 26 1/2”. ~ Mike

    CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3 yrs.

  • Item #: 013022
    ISBN: 9780486413242
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  • Item #: 008811
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    Did you know that Herbert Hoover worked as a mining engineer? Or that Andrew Jackson was the first president born in a log cabin? Learn these and many other interesting facts about the presidents as you play this educational game. Each player takes a turn guessing the correct president after a random fact is read about him (some facts are more obvious than others). When a player guesses the correct president, he keeps his card and the first one to collect five cards wins the game. There are two presidential "reference" cards listing all the presidents and the dates they were in office along with dates of wars. These can be "cheat sheets" for all the players to reference before making their guess. Detailed instructions are included for individual or team play. Made in the USA. ~ Gina
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    ISBN: 9781524786182
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  • Item #: 020870
    ISBN: 9780883881408
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    This coloring book will help familiarize you with all 43 presidents. George Washington to George W. Bush, they're all here - along with a significant quote each president made at some time during his presidency.

  • Item #: 002132
    ISBN: 9780761112037
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    A hand-held deck of information, statistics, intriguing facts, and trivia about our Presidents. Die-cut with each President's head and upper torso in full color, the cards are "bolted" together at the base, so they fan out for reading, but won't get lost. Each card is its own little chapter about the illustrated President, with additional information cards (for a total of 50) at the end of the deck. We have the 2017 Edition!

  • Item #: 005626
    ISBN: 9780915134939
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  • Item #: 002089
    ISBN: 9780915134250
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  • Item #: 030398
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  • Item #: 004139
    ISBN: 9781587920080
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    Rainbow Price: $2.95

    Learn about all the presidents from George Washington to Donald Trump. Portraits and signatures are on card fronts; backs contain brief biographies, terms, and trivia. Also includes seven timeline cards, three cards on political parties and history, and three information/activity cards. We have the 2017 Edition!

  • Item #: 047647
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    Rainbow Price: $7.95
  • Item #: 024700
    ISBN: 9780310730958
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

      This book holds a wealth of presidential info, albeit sometimes tongue-in-cheek (imagine large sunglasses on each president). From the country’s foundation to 2013, each presidency is explained in bite-sized pieces and interesting sections: The Bottom Line; What Was He Thinking?; Why Should I Care?; Breakin’ It Down; Previous Career; First Couple; Presidency; and What Has he Done for me Lately?. Other facts are highlighted in side bars, charts, graphs and full-color illustrations, and a special Presidential Times newspaper overview section. Important themes from each presidency are stressed so you can work through the text and easily compare. How did each president view the constitution? What were themes in his platform speech? I can see this being a handy, go-to, overview reference for your teens as you work through American history. Quite an engaging book that will appeal to even your non-history buffs. I love that this book shows how past actions and decisions affect our present, with the implication that our present will affect the future. By the same publishers as Our Constitution Rocks (#006864), 8” x 10”, 316 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 013764
    ISBN: 9780964380349
    Retail: $21.95
    Rainbow Price: $17.85

    Beautiful Feet has put this classic work by Genevieve Foster back in print. Providing not only a biography of the first president and his contemporaries, this volume gives us insight into the era in which he lived. The 1700's come alive for the reader in the captivating text, aided by vivid illustrations, maps and charts.

  • Item #: 006282
    ISBN: 9781596987760
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  • Item #: 005161
    ISBN: 9781893103160
    Retail: $21.95
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    Readers will enjoy an interesting look at not only the man, but the 19th century world in which he lived. Britain's enormous growth and emergence as a democracy, Germany united under Bismarck, Russia freeing the serfs, Japan opened to foreign trade, the U.S. in turmoil over slavery and many other cultural and socio/economic events are all shared in Foster's engaging text laced with her traditional pictures, maps, time lines and graphs. (description by Beautiful Feet)

  • Item #: 058758
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    Enjoy any card game with these presidential playing cards. Each card features a picture of a president, first lady, and some less common photographs. A fun way to incorporate history. Note: While all the cards are family friendly, there is a separate introduction card with some information about the less than shining moments of our presidents which some parents may want to remove before giving to a child. – Laura

  • Item #: 066424
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  • Item #: 046787
    ISBN: 9781587928055
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    This 17" x 22" chart pictures all the presidents from George Washington to Donald Trump in their order of presidency. On the back short facts about each president are listed. Some examples include lifespan, dates of presidency, party affiliation, vice president and first lady. - Tasha (We have the 2017 Edition!)

  • Item #: 027871
    ISBN: 9780761172383
    Retail: $11.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.50

    This fun set has 850 questions and answers in six categories to test knowledge of the presidents, the office and the times. The categories are these: name that chief, white house life, big moments, friends and enemies, first families, and stars & stripes. Included are rules for several games which can be played with this easy-to-use, versatile, and educational game. Great for travel, too. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 040418
    ISBN: 9781618934277
    Retail: $9.95
    Rainbow Price: $7.95

    This book is a great reference for kids (or even adults) who want to know about all the presidents. From the makers of Time® magazine, the book has a magazine feel to it and is filled with colorful photographs and illustrations. A quick intro discusses how the presidency came to be and the three branches of government. Then, each president is given one page. Along with the colorful illustrations is concise information about each president. Information includes some personal history like education, family, etc., the president's road to the White House, and any important, significant, or memorable facts about the president (like policies they passed, respect or dislike they gained, and wars they entered). A timeline on the bottom of each page shows events that were taking place at the time of each presidency and "Did You Know?" boxes share extra exciting details about each president (for example, McKinley was the first president to ride in an automobile, Nixon was the first to visit all 50 states while in office, and Reagan was the only president to be wounded and survive an attempted assassination). Presidents are covered from George Washington to the second term of George W. Bush. The back of the book contains some useful information like Presidents at a Glance (gives a profile picture, birth/death/presidency dates, political party, wife and children of each president), a colorful illustration with descriptions of the different parts of the White House, and a bit of detail about First Ladies. With over 200 historical photographs, dozens of rare images of campaign buttons and documents, and an easy-to read format, this book is great for finding information on the presidents or reading for sheer enjoyment. 70 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 036272
    Retail: $12.99
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    Your children will become familiar with all forty-three presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama with the help of this fun floor puzzle. 100 thick, cardboard, easy-to-handle, easy-to-clean pieces come together to assemble this handsome 2' x 3' floor puzzle. The background is an American flag, and the forefront is a line-up of presidents in five rows. Each president's portrait is accompanied by their full name and the years they were in office. Never again will your child be "puzzled" about the presidents of our past! – elise

  • Item #: 027859
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  • Item #: 026215
    ISBN: 9781465457707
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  • Item #: 020029
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  • Item #: 021710
    ISBN: 9780486258584
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  • Item #: 022398
    ISBN: 9781426310850
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  • Item #: 020866
    ISBN: 9780486260242
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