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Us Government

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    ISBN: 9780531265536
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    ISBN: 9780764147920
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    Providing a perfect introduction to our government and how she works successfully to make a great nation, this concise book includes an overview of the three branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial-including an overview of the agencies and departments of the executive branch, a chart summarizing "how a bill becomes a law" and the hierarchy of the judicial court system. "Your Job" concludes the book and stresses the importance of involved citizenship. Helpful glossary and index are also included. 48 pgs, pb. Three-color illustrations. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9781564902849
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    ISBN: 9781411469358
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    ISBN: 9781423218494
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    ISBN: 9780531166062
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    ISBN: 9781580374743
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    ISBN: 9780738607559
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    ISBN: 9781513603100
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    Concentrates on the forms and functions of the Federal government.

  • Item #: 057535
    ISBN: 9781411470897
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  • Item #: 015121
    ISBN: 9780865304345
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.50
    Covers the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, key Amendments, checks and balances, public office requirements, presidential succession, the Cabinet, Congress, government agencies, states' rights, how a bill becomes a law, the Supreme Court, elections and voting, presidents, national symbols, citizenship rights and responsibilities, and the Federal Reserve Board.
  • Item #: 000226
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    Topics include Federalism, Separation of Powers, Congress, the Presidency, Federal Courts, Voting and Citizen Participation, and more.

  • Item #: 061889
    ISBN: 9781613749777
    Retail: $16.95
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    The founding fathers considered Congress to be the most important of the three branches, and yet Americans are frequently disillusioned with this branch and know little of how it functions. This book uses educational, hands-on activities to help students understand how congress works and why government is important. The focus is on stories, personalities and major milestones in congressional history. The 9 chapters hone in on themes that have historically challenged congress, including the abolition of slavery, voting rights, investigating government misconduct, and private institutions. Students will complete such varied activities as designing money, building a capitol dome, studying their own congressional district, writing a letter to their congressman, drafting a petition, and tracking a bill through congress. Includes an afterword, notes, websites for further research, a glossary, bibliography and index. Great for your political science studies! 11” x 8 ½”, 128 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 028020
    ISBN: 9780764126017
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.50

    Like the other terrific books in the Painless series, this one endeavors to make learning easier and more enjoyable, without skipping out on any of the "meat." We begin with a description of government in general and a comparative look at the founding father's view of democracy versus how it actually operates in America today. We then learn about the Constitution and how it forms the basis for our government, civil liberties and civil rights, the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the federal government, our election system, political parties, and much more. The book also includes discussion questions and quizzes, to use either as self-evaluation, or for more formal assessment. Easy to use, and enjoyable to read, this would make an excellent supplement to an American history program, or a great introductory-level read before starting a heavier-weight government course in high school. Answer key included. - Jess

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    ISBN: 9781411479050
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  • Item #: 003433
    ISBN: 9780991117505
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    Republic or Democracy? What is the foundation of America? Does it really matter? If you follow any current media outlets, you quickly notice that America is described with either of these terms or sometimes these terms are used interchangeably. But do they mean the same thing? With an overview of defining terms while revisiting the writings of American founders, this book presents an understandable interpretation of the purpose and benefit of a republican form of government. Intermingled are quotations from our founding fathers, and an extensive look at the writings of John Adams. This is a perfect resource to introduce high schoolers and parents to the ancient ideas and principles behind the republican form of government. Learn why the founders of the United States used their unique opportunity to choose a republic form of government for themselves and their prosperity. 110 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 037250
    ISBN: 9781587922824
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    Are you children having difficulty remembering the differences between the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of our government? This colorful, detailed 17" x 22" chart wonderfully outlines the three different branches of our government by listing their primary roles and positions within each branch. On the back are three reproducible activity pages for you to use in quizzing your children's understanding.

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    ISBN: 9781609991005
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    ISBN: 9780486815596
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    ISBN: 9780531258262
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    ISBN: 9780980156348
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    ISBN: 9781616252915
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    ISBN: 9780980156331
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    ISBN: 9781616252908
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    ISBN: 9781566960212
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    ISBN: 9781616253318
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    ISBN: 9781616252953
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    ISBN: 9781426326851
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  • Item #: 002237
    ISBN: 9781935851110
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      Subtitled A Biblical Constitutional Catechism. You are likely familiar with Noah Webster and his dictionary, but are you aware of his educational and Biblical contributions? Webster believed that the Bible relates to all academic fields and to the foundation of the US government. This book is a reprint of Webster’s Value of the Bible: A Biblical Constitutional Catechism. The goal is to help children reason from Biblical principles. The book first focuses on Old and New Testament readings with Webster’s commentary numerated. Study questions cover The Value of the Bible; The Author of Liberty; The Powers That Be; and Individual Accountability. Also included is a short US Constitutional history and A Federal Catechism using a question/answer format to explain the principles behind the constitution and government. Appendices include excerpts from Webster’s History of the United States and The American Spelling Book. This oversized edition celebrates the 50th Anniversary of The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE). 8.875” x 11.375”, 154 pp, hc. ~ Ruth