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United States History

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  • Item #: 003028
    ISBN: 9781882796243
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    Dinah Zike's book of ideas for studying US history – foldables style! Foldables – 3-D interactive graphic organizers – form the basis of this hands-on activity book. In case you are not familiar with foldables, the first section of this four-part book is an introduction to what foldables are and the why and how to use them. The second part teaches how to make foldables, with folding instructions (in color) for one, two, three, and four-part folds, as well as foldables with any number of parts. Section three has 38 ideas for foldable activities covering US history from the "first Americans" and Native Americans right through to the new millennium. The book is well illustrated, with lots of diagrams of the right folds and cuts to make. The final section (the fourth) is actually 47 pages full of reproducible graphics of the states, the presidents, and many other random things which pertain to US history. These hands-on projects would work equally well in a homeschool or classroom setting. 138 pages, pb. ~ Zach

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    ISBN: 9781935255406
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    ISBN: 9780528015342
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    ISBN: 9781935255420
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    ISBN: 9780140449082
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    This masterpiece of classical literature was written by Herodotus in Greek and translated into English by Aubrey De Selincourt. It offers a Greek view of the world in the fifth century BC and includes information about many outside countries and people. The background story of the book is about a small group of Greek city-states uniting to defeat the Persian empire, but there are many digressions in the book that share about monuments, religious beliefs, customs, and natural wonders of Greece and other countries. The author, being Greek, highlights the fact that the Greek way of life is superior, but his avid description of other peoples and their cultures shows that he respected them as well. Herodotus includes facts about battles, wars, and soldiers, but also describes the Nile, praises Egyptian monuments, shares legends from other countries, describes inventions of the day, details geographical features, and so much more. It's a great blend of information and, though long, it is interesting to read. Notes are included to define people and terms that the average reader would be unfamiliar with. This edition also includes an introduction about the author and the text, a chronology, and a glossary. 716 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

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    ISBN: 9781908177001
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  • Item #: 069828
    ISBN: 9780812970418
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    This book provides a readable and concise overview of the War for American Independence, while also giving readers a solid understanding of many of the most significant social and political changes that emerged in the years following the conflict. Written by a preeminent American Revolution historian, this scholarly work explores not only the origins and development of the struggle for independence, but also the relationships between liberty, power, and human rights. The book contains a simple chronological timeline, a few helpful black-and-white maps, but no illustrations. Included in the Layers of Learning unit study resource packages. 170 pgs, pb. ~ Mike

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    ISBN: 9781935255413
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    ISBN: 9781569765326
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    California is a state full of vibrant history from Spanish exploration to the beginning of a world-wide film industry. Author Katy Duffield discusses the very first human inhabitants to venture into modern-day California thousands of years ago; early exploration by such men as Cortes and Cabrillo; and fascinating industries ranging from the railroad and the gold rush to agriculture and work in Silicon Valley. Without a doubt, California is a state with many wonders! In this book, readers will gain a broad view of the history of California and what makes the state unique. Readers will have the opportunities to explore further what they're reading by following the web links provided throughout the book. In addition, younger readers can partake in the activities—twenty-one in total that range from comprising an earthquake preparedness kit to designing a brand for cattle. For example, when studying about the Gold Rush, they can follow the recipe and bake hardtack just like the prospectors used to eat. (You will soon learn why hardtack was soaked in coffee before eating, as it was so hard!) In your travel through California history, you will learn facts pertaining to the state. Why is the Golden Gate Bridge orange? What animal attacked mountain man Jedediah Smith? What happened to the golden spike from the railroad that connected California with the Atlantic Ocean in 1869? Along with many more facts and information, readers will receive a well-rounded education about California history! 120 pgs, pb. – John

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    ISBN: 9781935255338
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    ISBN: 9781935255123
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    ISBN: 9781330499528
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    Originally printed in 1922 by Lawton B. Evans, this unabridged reprint provides middle-school students with a simple United States history, from the exploits of Columbus through the end of World War 1. Like most history books from this period, the text is written from patriotic and positive perspective. It should be noted, though, that its scope is still limited to a very basic summary of key American historical events. For this reason, this illustrated text would perhaps be best utilized as a supplement to a more complete or comprehensive history program. The book contains several simple black and white images/maps and a few comprehension questions at the end of most chapters. 330 pgs, pb. ~ Mike

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    ISBN: 9781595230560
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    ISBN: 9780544143371
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    This course, intended for middle school students, has transitioned to a format which includes a hard copy textbook and an "Interactive Online Edition" which includes a digital textbook, videos, games, activities, student resources, teacher resources, assessments and more. Access is provided through a code which you will receive with the textbook, and access will remain active for one year. The subscription can be renewed through purchase of the United States History Premium Online Edition (#062526), .

  • Item #: 060817
    ISBN: 9781601442420
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    Continuing the successful "detective" series from The Critical Thinking Company, the U.S. History Detective book can be used as a supplement to any history program, as a review course, or as a stand-alone text. The goal of this text is to encourage and develop critical thinking, analysis, and reading comprehension through the study of U.S. history. Book one covers the span from Colonial Times to the Reconstruction after the Civil War. Each lesson includes an informative text where each sentence is clearly numbered for easy reference. Colorful pictures, maps and timelines illustrate the text throughout. The question section in each lesson requires students to support their answers with specific references back to the text (hence the numbered sentences). This helps students get into the practice of providing supporting evidence for answers rather than relying simply on recall information. The various questions in each lesson will give students the opportunity to make inferences and draw conclusions based on their evaluation of the text, distinguish between fact and opinion, understand historical chronology, expand their vocabulary, link history with geography, and practice answering analytical essay questions. There are 65 lessons grouped into 9 sections. There are also more than 20 reviews throughout the book and answers to all lessons and reviews are included. This is a consumable book and permission is given to make copies for home or classroom use. – Zach
  • Item #: 014583
    ISBN: 9781930194137
    Retail: $12.95
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    Your study of history will be greatly enhanced by the many informative maps in this atlas. The maps show information such as the European Exploration of North America, slave trade routes, settlement by ethnic groups, California's early settlements, the Missouri compromise, expansion of railroads, Sherman's march, and more! Full color, index included. 56 pgs, pb.