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    ISBN: 9781628630916
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    This unit study takes the hands-on, multi-disciplinary approach of Galloping the Globe and applies it to U.S. geography. This course is intended to teach students about the fifty states and the District of Columbia through six different subject areas and a couple of informational paragraphs. Each subject has a very state-specific application: geography – physical and topical forms located in the state; science – state trees, birds, flowers, rocks/minerals, and many other science related topics that are important to each state; language arts – based on the preamble for each state's constitution; history/biography – historical figures, leaders, authors, artists, and others connected to the state; literature – set in the states, written by an author from the state, or relating to some other aspect of the state; and Bible – using the motto for each state to help in character development. There are also mapping activities and hands-on projects for each state, as well as internet resources that may be useful. A CD-ROM accompanies the book, including over 150 reproducible outline maps, word searches, crossword puzzles, and other puzzles and activities to be used throughout the study. The appendix of the book also contains reproducible forms for character traits (character study and development being an important aspect of this course), state symbols, state science charts, order of statehood, state report, recipes for making maps, biography report, animal report, geography dictionary, state flag pledges, state notebook, and travel & tourism information. As far as teaching tips, the first section contains overviews and tips on each of the subject areas, suggestions for the general activities, website resources, a more detailed language arts guide, teacher preparation points, and ideas for adapting the course for use by older students. Cantering the Country can be adapted to take anywhere from 1 to 3 years. 255 pgs, pb. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 004753
    ISBN: 9781427647047
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    The equivalent of a one-semester credit in horticulture. Along with lesson plans, FunSheetsâ„¢ and Kym's Konstruction Kit, this study includes:

    - Getting to know the tools:

    - Bases & containers; buying & making

    - Materials: fresh, manmade, dried

    - Gadgets

    - Successful Techniques

    - Design & Inspiration

    - Seasonal Arrangements

    - Stationery & Stationary arrangements

    - Drying & preserving

    - Critiquing for betterment

    - Marketing Plan, pricing, contacts,

    - Advertising, booths & shows

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    ISBN: 9781578335695
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    ISBN: 9781423224860
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    ISBN: 9781463549152
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    If you can gather some household supplies, make a weekly trip to the library and delve into this book, you will not only have the makings of an exciting, hands-on science program, but I bet you'll have some very enthusiastic young scientists on your hands too! Easy-to-read and easy to use, this guide is packed with loosely-scripted teaching suggestions and relevant hands-on activities for children ages 4-13. The guide contains 20 topical chapters; ten for children 4-7 and ten for children 8-13. For ages 4-7 chapters include: the senses, human body, dinosaurs, animals, insects/bugs, magnets, stars and planets, health, plants, and animal ecology. Chapter topics for ages 8-13 are: insects, microscopes and invisible creatures, atoms and molecules, matter, chemistry, weather, force and motion, simple machines, light and color and plants. Each chapter begins with a list of materials needed, which are predominantly common household items and food items. The rest of the chapter walks you through the activities – and these are not your typical "stick a piece of celery into a glass of colored water" type activities, but lively, effective activities that will likely seem almost like play - especially to younger students. For instance, in the chapter on insects for 4-7 year-olds, you'll go on a "small creatures activity hunt" looking for insect homes, make a spider web out of string, pretend to be young spiders "ballooning" into the breeze, make a spider snack, make straw proboscises and use them like a butterfly, burst out of a toilet-paper "cocoon" like a caterpillar, make butterfly print paintings, do a bee "dance," locate a trail of ants outdoors, experiment with sow bugs' lighting preferences and more. Occasionally, activities will reference a specific book to read, a DVD (like a Magic School Bus video) or a specific kit to do (if you do these activities, you'll need to plan in advance to have these things on hand). For comparison, here are a few of the activities you'll do in the insects chapter for older students: learn about animal classification and coming up with a mnemonic device to remember the classification groups, demonstrate how an insect molts by inflating a balloon inside a paper bag, draw the butterfly life cycle, keep mealworms and crickets to observe metamorphosis, draw and label the parts of a cricket, play some outdoor games to practice insect communication methods, investigate insect camouflage by scattering colored toothpicks in the grass and more. The chapters for 8-13 year-olds also each include a 10-question multiple-choice test at the end (answers are found at the end of the book). It's designed simply, with no extra fluff - teaching text or explanations are in regular text and activity instructions in italic font. Occasional black-and-white diagrams and illustrations aren't fancy but provide useful examples. All in all, it's a practical, user-friendly science resource that could be used as the basis for a science program or as an activity resource. 201 pgs, pb. – Jess

  • Item #: 012986
    ISBN: 9781423224372
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  • Item #: 005278
    ISBN: 9781587763717
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    The Middle Ages is a great unit study of this time period that could really get creative kids interested - even if they don't like history! The guide starts with Charlemagne, and ends with the Renaissance. Text is included that gives an overview of the times, covering the feudal system, castles, knighthood, the church, cathedrals, the Crusades, growth of towns, guilds, and the weakening of the feudal system. Since the sections are pretty concise, outside reading would be encouraged, especially for older students. After each section of text comes a variety of activities such as: design a tapestry; learn and label the parts of a suit of armor; decorate your own coat of arms; do some writing. A list of suggested reading is found at the back of the 88-page book, and the book is reproducible for classroom or family use only. With all this in a history study, they won't get bored! - Jessica

  • Item #: 000148
    ISBN: 9781427620743
    Retail: $17.95
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    An excellent unit to get children acquainted with a microscope - how to use it, and actual investigations with it. The World of the Microscope or the Complete Book of the Microscope (both by Usborne - see index) are highly recommended as basal resource books. Other resource books (list provided) should be obtained and available for reference. The unit requires a minimum of 42-48 days to complete. Activities look extremely interesting and the accompanying lab sheets are excellent - very thoughtfully constructed. Labs begin with the set up, use and clean up of the microscope. The next several labs teach children to make wet mounts, dry mounts, permanent mounts, and well mounts. Successive labs are spent using these skills to study a variety of things under the microscopic, from fibers to insect parts, with cells, plant parts, and simple cell animals in between. The book also contains vocabulary words, science supplier addresses and phone numbers, answers, and additional helpful tips about microscopes. Just looking through the unit makes me enthusiastic about using it - it looks like the best kind of learning - interesting and fun. I would guess that most children would thoroughly enjoy this adventure with a microscope - gaining invaluable skills for higher level science courses in the process. Children in the elementary grades would need some parental support to accomplish the study; older children could use it independently. Look into this one! 92 pages, paperback.
  • Item #: 035471
    ISBN: 9781615380510
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  • Item #: 014298
    ISBN: 9780801493843
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    Includes the first three volumes of Five in a Row and the Christian Character & Bible Study Supplement in one large, volume.

  • Item #: ADVPMD
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  • Item #: 068582
    ISBN: 9780938558682
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    Designed like a unit study, this program primarily focuses on phonics but also brings in the study of literature, creative writing, and storytelling, drawing and painting, and the study of art history. Also intermingled throughout are history, geography, science and discovery lessons. The full color art cards are the core of the program. I fell in love with the beautiful art cards the moment I saw them! These cards (measuring 6 x 9 inches) reveal paintings from the 19th and early 20th centuries and portray the love of family and its values, the love of children, of country, and of Gods creation. The cards are the core of the entire program and Internet links are used heavily throughout. The teacher manual, Basic Studies in Phonics, Literature, Art, Creative Writing, Drawing, and History explains the programs premise and gives complete instructions on how to use it with detailed lesson plans.

    The 112 lessons follow the same daily format. Each lesson begins with a short artist summary followed by thoughts and questions to discuss with your children. Next is the phonics instruction (which is based on the 112 art cards depicting fundamental sounds of letters, or groups of letters, associated with the English language). The courses goal is to learn the phonetic sounds by connecting a sound of a letter, or combination of letters, with a word using that sound associated with the painting. The letter appears on the front of the art card and the back has a word associated with the sound and the painting. For example, the letter Cc is associated with a painting of cats. The back of the card will also include the word cats, the name of the painting, and the artist. Free internet links as well as short stories are provided to enhance the phonics lesson. Instructions on how to write the alphabet letters are also included with each letter as well as downloadable pages to practice writing the letters.

    After the phonics lesson comes other instruction. The literature portion of the program encourages writing and using stories pertaining to a painting. There are links provided for stories to listen to and write down thoughts to discuss with children. Describe the painting, make up a story about a certain aspect of the painting, or use clustering (organizing thoughts that branch out from the main idea). Learn art history by exploring the links to other paintings by the same author. Science, Biology & Discovery links also provide interesting and informative bits of intelligence about the paintings subject matter. Drawing and painting instructions are given through free internet links and art supplies needed are listed in the teachers manual.

    Using these inspiring paintings as a springboard for learning phonics and other subject areas is a wonderful mental hook to help retrieve abstract information. While designed to be a phonics program, the art and history can be enjoyed by the whole family. Together with the art cards and internet links, there is an enormous amount of creative learning for your young students.

  • Item #: 048159
    ISBN: 9780980041262
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    ISBN: 9780980041279
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