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Trial And Triumph

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  • Item #: 005327
    ISBN: 9781885767547
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    The good news is that, as Christians, we know how the story turns out - we win! The bad news is that, as Christians, we often have trials, some very unpleasant, along the way. Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History presents 46 gripping stories of brothers and sisters in Christ who stood firm in the face of bitter persecution. The brief four to five page biographies of such greats as Polycarp, Tyndale, Luther, Calvin, William Carey and Hudson Taylor show what God can do through ordinary people who trust and obey Him. It is inspiring to read of these men and women who defied ungodly authority, whether in the church or in civil government, and stood on the Word of God.

    Polycarp was a leader in the early Christian church at Smyrna during a time of Roman persecution. When he was seized, Polycarp was told to swear an oath to Caesar or he would be fed to the lions; but he refused. He was told to swear an oath to Caesar or he would be burned at the stake; but he refused. As the flames were about to end his earthly life, he shouted out a prayer of praise to the Lord.

    Elizabeth was the beautiful daughter of the king of Hungary. She was filled with compassion for her people during a time of great famine. Against the wishes of the royal advisors, she emptied the grain bins and personally gave clothing and meals to the poor. After the death of her husband, Elizabeth was put out on the street. She continued to praise God for allowing her to serve the poor and began spinning wool to earn a living. When her father found out about her circumstances, he begged her to come back and share in his inheritance. But Elizabeth said that she had already received her inheritance from her Father in heaven, the eternal mercy of her Lord Jesus Christ. She served the poor until her death from a fever at age 24.

    This book is excellent material for family reading or individual inspiration. - Jerry

  • Item #: 022525
    ISBN: 9780802436375
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    As one of the 102 passengers aboard the Mayflower, Mary Chilton is anxious to arrive in the New World and establish a new home. As she witnesses the trials and triumphs of life on ship, the struggle of founding a colony, and the happiness of making a new life in America, she realizes that a home is more than a new dwelling.

  • Item #: 013549
    ISBN: 9780156026154
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.25

    Drawn from the first 27 chapters of Carl Sandburg's two-volume Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years, this is the story (and pre-story) of Abraham Lincoln's growth from baby to boy to young man. With first some family history of his father and grandfather, this book tells of Lincoln's games and chores as a boy, the things he handles and uses, the character building experiences, and the trials and the triumphs which helped shape him into the man he became. Read of Lincoln going from helping his father cut down trees and shoot turkeys to sailing a flatboat down the Mississippi to New Orleans. This version of the story ends with Lincoln packing himself off to New Salem to make his fortune. 222 pgs, pb. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 021334
    ISBN: 9781492374091
    Retail: $9.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.96

    This classic book written in the 1800s by Elizabeth Prentiss is unique in several ways. First, although it is fictional, it is written in journal form, giving it a profoundly intimate feel. Secondly, the honest internal struggles of the main character help the reader to relate to the book. The "journal" starts when Katherine, at age 16, starts writing her entries. Her temper, striving, apathy, and regret of the past days are all plainly stated. It is interesting to follow Katherine though great, life-impacting events and their aftermath, during which she laments her selfishness and seeks a greater love for God. The book follows her through trials and triumphs in sickness, marriage, and children. You get to witness Katherine "grow-up" emotionally and spiritually as she learns over time to love and trust God. This timeless classic is worthy reading for teens and adults. ~ Jerry

  • Item #: 065133
    ISBN: 9780965273565
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.13

    "I have prayed for help and help has come." The words meant to encourage brought shame and pain to the heart of little Fanny Jane. Fanny was a deceiver, a thief, a fugitive. As she listened to the words of kindness poured out, her eyes were opened to the wickedness within and she experienced the grace and forgiveness of our great God. But the story doesn't end there. Journey with Fanny, as she returns to seek penitence and pardon from those she cheated in her past. But the peace she experiences is short lived as friendliness with the neighboring Indians is returned with violence during the Indian massacre of 1862 in Minnesota. A gripping story of redemption, hope and God's grace through trials and triumphs. Lost Classics reprint of the 1875 Oliver Optic treasure. PB. Extensive glossary included. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 041857
    Retail: $5.25
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    In today's world, we think of hardship as a day when our air conditioner breaks down. Like many of our own folks or grandparents, Dr. Les Simonson as a youth lived through a decade of hardships in the Great Depression, only to endure several years of challenges during World War II. This short book (90 pgs) focuses on the personal nature of this era. A few pages note earnings for typical jobs in the 1930's and corresponding prices of goods available at the time (gasoline was 12 cents per gallon in 1937). But mostly its about daily life: what kitchens and household appliances were like, recreational options, entertainment, the challenges of being a mother or father during this time. About half way through, the book switches to WWII. (Dr. Simonson had two brothers in the service during WWII). Included here are overviews of the war, but more from the viewpoint of what the average citizen was experiencing. The improvement of his family's condition after the war is chronicled, and Dr. Simonson reflects on the positive influence on his life that these challenges afforded. sc, 90 pgs.

  • Item #: 005837
    ISBN: 9781892427168
    Retail: $14.95
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    A collection of letters, emails, pictures and cartoons recounting one soldier's experiences in the Army. Homeschool graduate JB Hogan relates the trials and triumphs during the roughly two-year stretch from his enlistment, through a tour in Iraq, and back home. An honest look at the inside life of an army recruit, you can't help but become engrossed by JB's story as he tells it in an open and matter-of-fact way. 250 pages, hardcover. Zach
  • Item #: 036092
    ISBN: 9780899577944
    Retail: $16.99
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    Christianity has been preserved through trials of persecution and hardship, but it is only the beginning of a perilous road. Witness the conclusion of Acts and the lead-up to Revelation as the team journeys along with Paul and several other Christian figures. Though the might of Rome is unquestionable, the team traces the triumph of the Church even as martyrs, disciples, and other believers spread the gospel and die for their faith in Christ. 574 pp. SC.