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Traditional Spelling

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    Looking for spelling re-enforcement for an older student after your spelling program runs out? Look no further. Beezi contains 2000 spelling words on 500 cards, each with four levels of difficulty. At the Killer Bee (highest) level, everyone will be learning new vocabulary words (meretricious, cisalpine). Even the Honey Bee (easy) level words are no spelling gimme's (obscene, fragrance). Besides the word, cards contain phonetic spelling, part of speech, definition, and origin. All levels are in play at the same time, with players advancing farther depending on the difficulty level of the word. Another nice feature of the game is that all players are spelling every word; if the player who's turn it is gets the spelling wrong, all other players with the correct spelling advance. This game for up to 6 players takes about an hour to complete.

    Traditional word search games are challenging, but lack a certain amount of…excitement. How about a head-to-head word search competition for 2-4 players? The round board is set in the middle of the table, the printed letter grid is inserted on the board and the squeezable noise-maker is placed within reach of all. The outside edge of the letter grid shows the words to find, but is obscured by the opaque edge of the board. One small gap reveals the word to be found. All players try to find this word and the first player who does so grabs and squeezes the noise-maker, points out the word, and covers that word with his colored markers. The winner is the player with the most colored markers on the board. Simple to learn and quick to play. Comes with 10 double-sided grid cards. An expansion set is also available containing 10 additional double-sided cards.

    CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

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    A word game that grows with your family, this game can be easier or more difficult than traditional spelling games – depending on how you play it! A player chooses a category card ("things that are blue," "dog breeds," etc.) and then rolls the twelve letter dice. The goal is to shout out a word that fits into the chosen category with either the 1st, 2nd, or last letter of the word matching one of the rolled dice. Each letter has assigned point values, and players earn points by shouting out a word and then collecting the corresponding die. If a word's 1st, 2nd, and last letter are shown on the rolled dice, then a player yells, "Show Me the Kwan!" As many as 10 players of different skill levels can play at the same time. (For example, you can allow some players to use the 1st letter while the others use the last letter.)

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    Think of this 4" x 6" little chalkboard as a "low-tech laptop" for children. The frame is nice and thick and the black-coated chalkboard surface is on both sides. The same size that is used in the Handwriting Without Tears program, there are lots of possible other uses for this little guy. I can see giving a child or a small group these with a piece of colored chalk; you say a word and ask them to spell it. Make it a race and offer a prize. Do simple math problems as a change from paper and pencil. As a crafting item, the frame is nice and thick for painting and embellishing with gems or glitter, shells or old costume jewelry. Let them write "Happy Mother's Day" (or any occasion) and give it as a gift. Use one to announce what is for dinner tonight. So many possibilities! Outer dimensions are: 5 3/4" x 7 3/8" with a writing surface of approximately 4" x 6." - Sara

  • Item #: 048762
    ISBN: 9780974492018
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    Just as literacy suffered in the last century when the school systems abandoned phonics instruction, many people contend that handwriting suffered by the same educational system's insistence on beginning with manuscript handwriting. "Cursive first" is their rallying cry! Wanda Sanseri became convinced of this approach and has encouraged it as part of her Spell to Write and Read program. The Cursive First program was developed by Elizabeth FitzGerald to be used either with the SWR program or as a stand alone program of handwriting instruction.

    The "program" is comprised of a Teacher's Manual, Practice Sheets, and the Cursive Phonogram Card Set. The Teacher's Manual is designed to convince you of the merits of starting with cursive. But it also includes information for preparing your student, specific "how-to," directions for using the Practice Sheets/Card Set and a "troubleshooting guide" how to detect visual and perceptual problems. The reproducible (for families/classroom) Practice Sheets get quickly down to the business of practice no cutesy graphics. Lowercase letters are taught separately from uppercase and connections are taught from the very beginning in the natural context of multi-letter phonograms. Although solid and dotted line models are provided, the student is quickly weaned from tracing to more active writing utilizing narrow ruled, dotted lines for practice. The Cursive Phonogram Card Set (yellow cardstock, each page to be cut into fourths) includes instructional dialogue for writing the phonograms on one side and a sample of cursive writing on the other. Both numerals and the first 26 phonograms are included. Laminating these would preserve their use through multiple children.

  • Item #: 052861
    ISBN: 9781932443639
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    Frogs, frogs everywhere! You probably already know about Moses and the plague of frogs that invaded Ancient Egypt when the Pharaoh wouldn't let the Israelites go. This illustrated hardback puts the story into fun rhyming verses influenced by Hebrew traditions that have been handed down. That in itself makes this a great little discussion starter about the traditional Hebrew culture – Moses is spelled traditionally like "Moshe," and the Lord's name is spelled "G-d." 32 pgs. –Chad

  • Item #: 054996
    ISBN: 9781615385676
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    Starts with letter practice, tracing and writing, with arrows directing the student. Practices upper and lower case manuscript letters, writing your name, followed by a Bible verse to trace and copy and a place to draw a picture. Includes verses from Genesis, Exodus, 1 & 2 Samuel, Psalms, Matthew, Mark, Luke, 2 Timothy, Revelation, and then days of the week, months, numbers 1-29 and Roman numerals I-XX. 80pp ~ Sara

  • Item #: 041509
    ISBN: 9780688088095
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    Jumping rope is more fun if you use rhymes to keep rhythm and lend some poetry and humor to the jumping, so kids will love the little ditties included here. This book by Joanna Cole includes over 100 traditional jump-rope rhymes, including counting rhymes, rhymes for jumping very fast, rhymes for jumping in and out of the rope, future-telling rhymes, and more. Most rhymes go with some kind of jumping game like when the rhyme tells you things you have to do while jumping, or you jump to find the letters that spell out your future sweetheart's name. Funny black and white sketches illustrate the rhymes in the book. 64 pages, pb.

  • Item #: 062232
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    Sara Jordan's series of language learning songs has been around for a while now (item #053347). This, however, is an enhanced version of Bilingual Beginners Spanish and uses the same songs as on that CD, but is expanded on. A nicely done workbook is included so you now have lessons to go with the songs. Students will work on oral skills (greetings, following instruction, singing, rolling R's), writing (made for beginner writers with dotted letters/words to trace), reading (simple words, word boxes, coloring activities, matching), grammar (questions, affirmative, negative, nouns, gender, articles, present tense verbs), vocabulary building (greetings, colors, numbers, home, time, food, family, body) and spelling (alphabetizing, capitalizing, Spanish accent marks). There are 12 lessons all together with answers in the back. For each lesson, there are cards for games and teaching activities: requires printing off cards from the publisher's website. Lessons are shown in both English and Spanish and have a group activity, the audio portion from the CD, and 2 or 4 writing activity pages. Since the CD models pronunciation, knowing how to speak Spanish isn't necessary. I think it would be helpful to have some prior exposure to aid your young learners' pronunciation. Reproducible for one classroom/homeschool. 63pp. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 056274
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    Do you have a creative child who is always coming up with stories? Maybe you have one who designs inventions to build. Perhaps you have made up stories to tell your child at bedtime. Here is a kit in which you and your child (or student) can create a 20 page book, send it off, and receive a hard-cover 8.5x11" version of your book in the mail! You don't pay anything extra (unless you choose to buy extra copies), even the shipping to and from the publisher is included. Your child designs the cover and you can include an "about the author" photo. There are some online options that will speed up the process, but it only takes the publisher about 2 weeks to make your book. What a wonderful gift for grandparents! You can even go online and order additional copies. You have the option to use your child's handwriting or have it converted into typed text (up to 20 words per page.) What a darling keepsake that would make, to have a book in your child's handwriting! The kit comes with a nice guide to help you create a story with tips from New York Times best-selling children's book author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds. The kit tells you what will and won't work as far as media to use and even comes with a set of 10 washable markers. This would be a lovely tradition to start making one at the end of each year. You might have an aspiring author on your hands! At the very least, it would be a chance to use all of the grammar, spelling and vocabulary you learned during the school year! ~ Sara

  • Item #: 001053
    ISBN: 9780521787468
    Retail: $62.50
    Rainbow Price: $47.53
    Sing, Spell, Read & Write continues a fine tradition in this grammar program. It is written to follow the Level 2: Grand Tour program. Grammar Plus covers reading, writing, spelling, phonics, speaking and comprehension. The kit includes the teacher's manual, Trophy Book I, Trophy Book II and a music cassette to be used with Trophy Book II.

    Trophy Book I is divided into sections of concepts to be covered. The first section is on alphabetic order. Section 2 is sentence concepts including complete and incomplete sentences, subject and predicate, and types of sentences. Section 3 is capitalization rules including beginning of sentences, the word I, names, months, days, holidays, initials, titles of people, books, plays, etc. and when writing a letter. Spelling I is the fourth section of the student book. There are 95 lists of 10 words each. Spelling lists are given alphabetically and include a review of some words from earlier levels.

    Trophy Book II covers writing letters, writing stories, language manners, parts of speech, practical reading skills and Spelling II. Letter writing covers parts of a letter, envelopes, invitations, friendly letter, thank-you letter and letter of welcome. Writing Stories includes using I last, antonyms, classification exercises, complete sentence answers, writing sentences in story form and writing 'pretend' stories. Section III is Word Usage and includes did/done, ate/eaten, don't/doesn't, came/come, gave/given. Language Manners is section 4 and includes how to introduce people. Sections V-XIV presents parts of speech in order: nouns, verbs, articles, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, pronouns, conjunctions and interjections. Section XV is Practical Reading Skills and includes how to read a calendar, table of contents, index, menu, tv guide, weather report, emergency list, signs and labels. Spelling II is the same format as Spelling I, which is 95 lists of 10 words each.

    Each lesson presents a concept with exercises for practice. Exercises include short answer, fill-in-the-blank, listing, matching, underlining parts of speech, correcting sentences, etc. The spelling section in each book allows space for the student to write the word and an activity to go along with each list. Activities include word searches, word scrambles, word clues and crosswords.

    The cassette in this kit includes "The Preposition Song" and "Parts of Speech Song." These songs are used in Trophy Book II to help learn the concepts.

    The teacher's manual is a spiral bound answer key. It includes student pages with the answers and an explanation of the program. Now you can sing your way to better grammar with the help of the Grammar Plus Kit. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 000335
    ISBN: 9781929683093
    Retail: $98.00
    Rainbow Price: $73.95
    "It's just common sense!" Actually, it's the Blue Book Common Sense Reading Program and yes, everything about this program is common sense. A very complete program organized around quality children's literature (like all LLATL programs) and covering phonics, reading, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, handwriting, and higher-order reasoning. Phonics instruction is systematic, introducing a few sounds at a time and providing opportunities to read a "real" (small story book) book which uses those sounds. The literature component - carefully selected children's favorites - reminds students that the reason for all the hard work in phonics is the joy of reading wonderful books. And woven through both of these elements is comprehensive instruction in all aspects of language arts. Relying heavily on Ruth Beechick's principles for teaching reading (including her letter dice activities), the program includes a wide variety of activities appealing to all learning styles. The teacher's manual is a homeschooler's dream with all the work having been done for you, taking you step-by-step through the 36-week program. New skills are listed for each lesson with a materials list included at the beginning. Almost no teacher preparation is needed - you teach as you read. All answers are provided within the lesson. Higher-order thinking activities are italicized. Examples and diagrams are user-friendly including the easy-to-follow references to the Student Activity Book. Each of the four parts (readiness, short vowels, consonant blends and short vowels, and long vowels) concludes with an evaluation for determining your child's readiness for the next level. The Student Activity Book contains the materials (except for household and school supplies) needed for cut and paste, word wheels, flip books, picture sequencing, story-telling puppets, PLUS handwriting pages that teach all upper and lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation. The comfortable, natural handwriting method that isn't exactly traditional, modern, or italic was developed by the authors. This handwriting instruction is coordinated with the phonics and includes pages for children to carefully complete and display or give as gifts.

    The Student Activity Book is consumable, even having an easy-release binding that allows for clean page removal. Even the back cover is put to good use providing the miniature book covers to be added to the personal reading chart that marks the child's progress. 28 separate readers cover short vowels, blends (bridge readers), and long vowels. They are small-sized for little hands and include black-and-white illustrations. Stories are engaging which is a good thing since a week's worth of learning activities are built around them. The student uses puppets to retell the stories, completes sequencing activities with a series of reader-related events, and answers comprehension questions. One interesting aspect of the teacher-student interaction concerning these readers is that the week's lesson starts off with the teacher reading the small book to the child. After several lessons thoroughly covering the new phonics steps and practice reading parts of the story, the student concludes the week with the successful reading of the small book. This is an effective variation of the typical approach because the goal of reading the book is always before the student. The materials packet is a useful collection of color-coded letter and word cards to use for learning and review along with cards used for reinforcement games and, of course, the letter dice (to be assembled from cardstock patterns). While this part of the program is not exactly consumable - you could use the various components again - the components do get a workout. If you are expecting to use the program with another child, you'll want to save these items and covering them with clear contact paper to preserve them would also be a good idea. The program includes the Teacher's Manual, the Student Activity Book, the 28 Readers, and the Materials Packet.

    We sell additional Student Activity Books, Reader Sets, and Material Packets so you can use the program with a second student. Well-known children's literature (Read-Aloud Library) is suggested each week, so at the same time your child is learning phonics, he is also learning other important reading skills such as literal recall, comprehension, predicting outcome, and drawing conclusions. These books are an integral part of the program and the Student Activity Book relies on them. Although usually available at the local library, for your convenience we also sell them. They are listed in order of use. Although this program focuses on first grade skills, it would be possible to use this program with a "ready" kindergartner. It would also work well with a slightly older child who is still a just-getting-started reader. ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9781943122004
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       Have you ever wanted to sit and soak in the wisdom of an expert in treating learning difficulties? As a parent or educational specialist, you know the children in your care are bright and capable, yet learning is hard for them. If you ever wondered if you can do more to help your struggling learner, this DVD series may have the answers you are seek.

      Designed for Special Ed teachers, literacy teachers, home-educators, tutors and others with a special interest to help children, Dianne Craft’s 10+ hour seminar series explains the brain research behind many learning glitches (disabilities), gives you the tools to identify processing glitches, and plan a program to correct blocked learning gates. She also provides effective strategies and lesson plans through the 9 sessions in this video seminar. Sessions include:

      Session 1: Identifying Your Child’s Processing Problems provides the foundational understanding of the four learning gates and signs of blocked learning gates. Right and Left Brain learning traits are also clarified. A 3-prong approach is provided to correct blocked learning gates.

      Session 2: Dysgraphia: When Writing is Painful discusses the signs of writing stress and compares it to a child who may appear lazy or uncooperative. Visual-Spatial problems are also explained before she expands on activities to correct dysgraphia. Mrs. Craft stresses that progress may be seen in as little as 3 months; however, a minimum of 6 months is necessary for full benefit. Includes step by step, Daily Writing “Eight” Exercise instructions and the daily lesson plan for struggling writer and speller.

      Session 3: Right Brain Paragraph and Composition Writing addresses the “loose thought patterns” experienced by children and teens who suffer with dysgraphia, ADD or Auditory Processing problems. A simple formula of baby steps, right brain webbing and modeling are easy to implement at home and have proven successful with reluctant, struggling writers. Includes directions for beginning, intermediate and advanced skill levels, along with writing tools for parent/teacher guidance.

      Session 4: Right Brain Math is dedicated to all the children who forget math from day to day. Teaching a “Plan B” for struggling math students, Mrs. Craft provides helpful, detailed information on right brain strategies for effective learning of math concepts. These strategies will work with any math curriculum. Includes math tutoring instructions.

      Session 5: Training Your Child’s Photographic Memory (for Spelling) provides a right brain teaching strategies that work for struggling spellers-regardless of brain dominance. Considered a “Plan B” for spellers, this DVD teaches a photographic memory method which may be valuable throughout life. Includes information to access a 1200 Most Commonly Used Words list.

      Session 6: Dyslexia and Other Reading Problems explores why reading is hard for some kids. With a focus on children at least 2 years behind in reading, Mrs. Craft explains the levels of processing problems, and differentiates dyslexia from visual and auditory processing disorders, and general reading dysfunctions. She then elaborates on the keys to correcting reading problems: Correct and Bypass. Includes daily lesson plans and a quick word recognition spelling test. Also, recommended for correction of reading problems are the Brain Integration Therapy Manual and Right Brain Phonics materials and basal readers.

      Session 7: Kids and Teenagers with Focus/Attention Issues takes a fascinating look at how our diet and antibiotic use may appear as symptoms of sensory dysfunction and focus/attention issues. She also explores the big question- “Is it character or chemistry?” and provides simple checklists of behavioral and physical characteristics. Dietary changes and nutritional supplementation recommendations are recommended.

      Session 8: Auditory Process Problems reviews common myths before teaching the characteristics that impact reading, spelling and math. Covering common physical causes (allergies, nutritional deficiencies), Mrs. Craft shares ways to bypass and correct auditory channels issues at home.

      Session 9: Autism, Asperger’s and Sensory Processing Problems looks at the increasing prevalence of autism in the U.S., traditional treatment and causation theories. Mrs. Craft recommends a 3-pronged approach to unlock the abilities of Autistic children, with a focus on nutrition in this session. She provides the foundational knowledge you need to identify, treat and restore the underlying biochemical disorder that may cause or exacerbate autistic symptoms. 

      Overall, this series is tremendously beneficial for parents and educators alike. There are a couple of disappointments. First, the DVDs are recordings of workshop sessions presented to a large group. Therefore, some graphics are difficult to see or have been updated to fit the DVD presentation. On one occasion, Mrs. Craft and her assistant are showing how to do the Circle Eight Exercises correctly and are partially blocked by the podium. The accompanying Study Guide is jam-packed with helpful information; however, at times is difficult to follow along with the presentations. As my colleagues and I viewed the videos, we elected to take notes during the sessions and read the study guide after the session. While there is no Biblical teaching, Mrs. Craft makes comments about our children being “God-made”, the value of prayer in helping our struggling learners and “God as our Supreme Being.” DVDs range from 45-90 minutes. CEUs or course completion certifications are also available. ~ Deanne