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The Ology

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    A systematic theology for families. Beautifully illustrated, this Bible-saturated book introduces children to the reformed doctrine in a clear, understandable way. Divided into 11 sections, The Ology of God, of People, of Sin, of the Promise and the Law, of Christ, of the Holy Spirit, of Adoption, of Change, of the Church, of the End Times, and The Ology of God’s Word engagingly teach 71 gospel centered truths. 257 pgs, hc.

      The 2-4 page short stories engage children and adults, teaching Biblical doctrine with illustrations, Scripture references and additional Scripture. The back of the book includes questions (and answers) that support the doctrinal reading. Questions are appropriate for elementary to middle school ages. Introductory information for teaching Biblical doctrine is included in the parent guide at the front of the book. Includes glossary of theological terms in child-friendly language. Tremendous resource for family devotions or children’s church. ~ Deanne

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    If you have a child interested in Egypt, you can't pass up this amazing book. It is presented as a reproduction of a journal that was written by an explorer in 1926, with the actual author and illustrator taking no credit anywhere in the book. The oversized journal has a scrapbook feel. It's a hardcover book, wrapped in gold with red plastic jewel inlays to embellish the appearance. As you follow the course of the explorer, Emily Sand, on her expedition, each spread of the book tells you about different aspects of Egypt and exploration in the 1920s. Learn about pyramids, pharaohs, the Egyptian gods, hieroglyphics, mummies, and more. It is a compelling read and has a fun, interactive format. The book is mostly factual in content, with casual remarks from Emily to reinforce the journal-like facade of the book. Text looks like it came from an old typewriter, and italic handwriting describes the sketches and illustrations. There are authentic looking papyrus pull-outs, mini-books, fold-out maps, postcards, ticket stubs, and even a sample of mummy cloth Emily found on her trip. As Emily's expedition team searches for the lost tomb of Osiris, they learn much about ancient Egyptian history until they mysteriously disappear, leaving the rest of the journal blank. While other books may contain more information about Egypt, this one gives a great overview and is packaged so attractively that I'm sure many kids will mistake it for an authentic scrapbook from a 1920s trip to Egypt. Contains 30 pgs full of text, illustrations, and pull-outs, measures 10"x12", hc. ~ Rachel

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    ISBN: 9781613749494
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    Understanding and appreciating nature begins with immersing ourselves into the environment in which we are most familiar. Whether in the city or suburbs, seaside or countryside, we all have the opportunity to develop a love for nature through the study of birds. This beautifully illustrated book will inspire you through graphics, hands-on activities and observations. Topically, children will learn how to create a bird journal, identify feather shapes and field marks, beaks and feet marks, migration, and the variety of food eaten by birds. A sampling of the 30 hands-on activities includes making bird feeders, drawing birds, measuring (your) wingspan, creating a territory map, designing a poster and numerous observation activities. Adding to the value are a glossary of terms; common and scientific names list; recommended online resources and a 2-page teacher guide with extension activities. A perfect resource for introducing Nature studies or for complementing a bird unit study. 108 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 060714
    ISBN: 9781607058922
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    What a fun and engaging way to introduce kids to the world of color! Learn the basics of color theory (including the color wheel): mix primary colors to create secondary and tertiary colors; explore warm and cool colors; create with monochromatic, analogous and complementary color schemes; understand the difference between a tint, tone, and shade; discover how color affects people; and so much more. The hands-on painting activities and crafting projects (that kids can actually use or wear) throughout the book are a great way to reinforce the color theory information presented—kids will have some fun and retain information too. Plus, you earn stickers as you work through the pages that apply towards your Certificate of COLOR-ology at the end of the book. Projects have easy-to-follow instructions and a list of supplies needed for each. The back of the book includes a bonus certificate, extra worksheet pages you can copy, colorful stickers, and a tear-out color wheel poster. 64 pgs, 8.5” x 11” pb. ~ Emily