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Texas History

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        268,820 square miles of diverse cultures and geography. What sets Texas apart from other states in our nation? Is it the Wild West qualities or the modern cities of steel and glass? Maybe it is the mesas and plateaus, or the 367 miles of coastland? Diverse cultures and peoples come together to create the mystique and attitude that is Texas.

      Telling the 500-year saga of this unique state, this book covers prehistoric times, missions, the birth of the republic, statehood and settlements, the Civil War, the great storm of Galveston, the oil boom, NASA’s mission control, and the Latino influence. Activities include constructing a replica Alamo, designing a ranch branding iron, growing an artificial reef, cleaning up oil spills, building a miniature Fiesta Flambeau float and much more. Includes timeline, a list of historic sites to visit in person or online, and a listing of additional resources to learn more. Black & white illustrations. Indexed. sc, 133 pgs. ~ Deanne

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    I believe if there's one way to instantly improve anything, it's to add food! This book has exactly the right idea. Instead of just reading your way through history, why not eat through it? Beginning with the first Thanksgiving, you can cook representative foods from colonial times, Louisiana territory, the Alamo, pioneer times, plantation life, the transcontinental railroad days, the Victorian era, the twenties, the Great Depression, World War II, the fifties, the sixties and seventies, and finally the eighties and nineties. Each time period has around four pages of brief, informative history reading (complete with humorous illustrations) and then gets down to the recipes. (Getting started cooking pages with tips are included in the very beginning.) Key terms in the history reading are in bold, and there are fun food facts to read from that time period. The recipes are great symbols of the time periods. For example, after reading about "Remember the Alamo!", students can make tacos, Texas ribs, and meatless chili. When you are studying about plantation life, it won't do but to fix up a plate of fried chicken wings, corn bread, and sweet potato pie, with a peaches and cream sundae on the side. From first Thanksgiving golden harvest pumpkin bread, to colonial clam chowder all the way to nineties blueberry muffins, this is one U.S. history study the whole family will join you for. - Melissa

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    ISBN: 9781935255215
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    Get a glimpse at life in Texas from the time of the earliest known tribes until the 20th century
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    ISBN: 9781935255208
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     Teacher’s Guide provides lesson objectives and teaching guidelines, and resources for all 50 states, including outline maps (reproducible), physical and web addresses for state sights of interest and chamber of commerce, and state song lyrics. 

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     The consumable student booklet, called a Light Unit, contains outline maps, fill-in-the-blank questions, directed blank pages for your state-specific research, pages to glue pictures, and an end of the unit test. 40 pgs.

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    This continuation of the Alamo saga focuses on one of the first women heroines of Texas, Susannah Dickinson. Recounted from her special friend and rag doll, Patty, we hear firsthand of the adventures faced by this brave woman and her newly wed husband as they travel to Texas and became early citizens of the state. Through Patty's storytelling, we learn about the Battle of Gonzales and follow Susannah to San Antonio and the Alamo.

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    ISBN: 9780635107206
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    What do you call a unit study designed for the classroom? A ready-to-use interdisciplinary lesson and activity! While designed for the classroom, homeschool families will find the lessons and activities easy to implement at home with children of multiple ages or an excellent resource for a history focused co-op.

    Divided into three units, the 120 lessons immerse students in the history and culture of the United States. Beginning with the thirteen colonies, students will explore New England, the Middle and the Southern colonies before traveling into the Expanding Nation of the Midwest. This second unit covers the Midwest & Great Plains as well as the Mississippi Valley. The final unit traipses through the beckoning west as students explore the Southwest, Northwest and West. Units are formatted similarly and provide lessons in social studies, practical mathematics, language arts, music, art, consumer/family living and physical education. Extension activities are plentiful and include additional food experiences, research projects and reading suggestions.

    The lessons begin with a "For the Teacher" introduction, which provides parent/teachers with material lists and necessary teacher preparations, as well as a list of lesson activity worksheets. These reproducible worksheets vary and include map activities, word searches, fill in the blank outlines/sentences, matching definitions to vocabulary words, craft/art lessons, etc. Answers are provided as necessary. Art projects and other hands-on activities utilize common, easy-to-find items. Folk tales and literature suggestions abound and provide exposure to a wide range of options to enhance the language arts portion of the study. Some of the folk tales have been adapted and are included within the pages of this comprehensive resource, along with other historical information for the student.

    Let me share from Unit 2, Getting to Know the Southwest. Students begin with a map of the Southwest and are called upon to locate and label Arizona, New Mexico and Texas along with their capitals. They also locate the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico. The next lesson covers the people of the Southwest, introducing them by name along with a one-sentence summary; a word search puzzle follows and then students are asked to write a report on one of the famous people from this region. A reproducible outline is provided to guide their research. A "Life in Early Texas" lesson follows. In this lesson, students are given a word bank and asked to "fill in the blanks" to complete the reading on Texas in the 1800s and today. Following this concise historical view, an assignment is given to plan a trip to the Southwest. The teacher prep notes recommend students make use of travel agency pamphlets and books, but it may be easier for students to discover this information on the internet. Following the "trip" to the Southwest, a worksheet of various story problems is given with the focus of determining the costs for a family of four to travel to San Antonio. Vocabulary, folk-tales, literature, pastimes and games, music suggestions, craft projects, and authentic recipes and dining activities conclude the Southwest study. Helpful information in the back of the book includes a glossary of terms and summary of the fifty states including the date of union entry, capital and largest city.

    As with any interdisciplinary study, you will want to add a comprehensive math curriculum at grade level along with language arts topics like spelling and grammar. Correlated vocabulary words are included as are writing assignments, although you may wish to provide writing instruction for students who may be weak in composition. You will need to add science as it is not covered within the text. An excellent way to immerse children in the culture of the lower 48 states. As I perused the abundance of lessons, I was quickly impressed with the content and easily understood why it is a recommended resource for the Tapestry of Grace curriculum. 365 pgs. Spiral bound, reproducible for classroom use. ~Deanne

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    ISBN: 9780064462273
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    Written in a similar style to the other Don't Know Much About books, this journey through the 50 states presents several questions and answers about each state as it is covered. Each page features one state (except for Texas, which of course needs two), with a small outline map of the state and other basic facts about the state, including the state bird and flower near the top of the page. Then several questions about the state are posed, some about more basic information about the state, and some involving more trivia-like information, such as "How many trees does it take to make a gallon of maple syrup?" for Vermont,"What is a keystone, anyway?" for Pennsylvania, or "Why were Nebraska's first settlers called 'sodbusters'?" for Nebraska. Other small interesting facts and state jokes are included as well. Also, a complete map of the U.S. is featured inside the front and back covers. Not a comprehensive look at each state, but an entertaining and informative read.