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      Here is another in the Geosafari Jr. Series of products, intended for your young scientists. Explore the world afar with this 10X magnification telescope (with lens cap) that offers two-eye  viewing (like binoculars) – much easier for young eyes. A tripod is included that is easily attached for steady viewing, images appear upright and clear, and it isn’t necessary to focus. View the night sky or objects at a distance (a deer in the woods maybe), then pack it safely away for use another day.  

  • Item #: 008212
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    The Aurora is my favorite from the ExploreOne series. The aperture of 4 ½ inches on this 114mm telescope is designed for deep sky viewing. With a focal length of 500 mm and two Plossl (also known as symmetrical eyepiece) eyepieces, this reflector model allows the user to view galaxies, nebulae and star clusters. It also comes with a fully adjustable metal tripod, a red dot finder for locating coveted celestial targets, and astronomy software. We set this telescope up in our office and had an opportunity to play with it. Once set up, we were able to focus on a variety of objects, and the view was clear and crisp.

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  • Item #: 010201
    ISBN: 9781404251298
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  • Item #: 008211
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    ExploreOne Aries Telescope is an ideal beginner scope that is easy to use and includes a simple alt-azimuth mount (for separate horizontal and vertical rotation) and tripod for easier movement and focus. It offers a 50mm aperture (opening), a 600 mm focal length, and two eyepieces. The eyepieces are interchangeable for varied viewing. It also comes with a red dot finder for easy object location, astronomy software and a star map. The red dot finder allows the user to point the finder at the object to be viewed and then proceed to bring the object into focus.

  • Item #: 008213
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    The ExploreOne Gemini is the next step up from the Aries Telescope and allows for viewing at greater distances. Featuring optics that produce crisp images, this telescope has a 70mm aperture (allowing more light for clearer viewing) and a 700mm focal length. The scope comes with two high-end eyepieces and a red dot finder to assist in locating objects in the sky. Easy to set up and operate, it has a versatile alt-azimuth mount (for horizontal and vertical rotation), a fully adjustable tripod, and a tray to help keep accessories organized.

  • Item #: 030051
    ISBN: 9780764980749
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    Catch a glimpse of outer space with this 12" x 13" wall calendar. Each of the 12 breathtaking images is accompanied by a description of the celestial phenomenon depicted. Important dates in the history of space exploration and astronomical events in the calendar's year are noted throughout.

  • Item #: 063805
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       Pip-Squeaks might be small, but their (color) punch is mighty. Clever telescoping marker tower is both functional and fun. Store all 50 washable markers in the 6” round by 4.5” tall clear plastic tower when closed or pull open to an 8” high three-tier masterpiece allowing a clear view and reach of all 50 different colors when it’s time to create! ~ Emily

  • Item #: 061964
    ISBN: 9780745956275
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    You probably know about the famous men of astronomy from your science and history books, but do you know the truth about them and all of the others who paved the way for modern-day astronomy? This book covers from 1500 to 1700 and the strides that were made, beginning to end, and the people who made them – not just the ones you have heard of. People of that period were on a quest to discover and prove facts about astronomy and the universe: math, logic and technology being key to accurate discoveries. This 440-page, softcover book will take you chronologically through the astronomical renaissance and show (with some pictures and illustrations) how thinking changed from one theory to another as astronomers were proven to be right or wrong. You will read how famous men fit into the sequence with many others who were on the same path. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 005397
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    Durable, lightweight and colorful, these binoculars are perfect for little eyes and hands. The large lenses, easy grip handles, and easy to dial knob provide 6x magnification, making these binoculars an excellent nature study tool to take on hikes. Made of impact-resistant plastic with soft rubber eyepieces and a breakaway lanyard for easy carrying, this is a great choice for children not yet old enough for a "more adult" pair.

  • Item #: 053254
    ISBN: 9780890516416
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    This beautiful book is so much more than just a guide to the stars. Written from a Christian perspective, Dr. Jason Lisle explains the celestial phenomena of God's creation. Beautiful photography, illustrations, and information take you on a tour through the event of stargazing – the movement of heavenly bodies, celestial events, telescopes, the moon, sun, stars, and planets, deep sky objects, and the relevance of astronomy.

    One especially interesting chapter that makes this stargazing guide a bit different is the chapter concerning the eye and how it works. This is a short chapter that explains the structure of the eye – cones, rods, iris, pupil, retina – and how they are involved in your vision and adaptation to lighting conditions. There are tips for adapting to night sky viewing with a telescope, binoculars, and with the naked eye.

    You will find this book helpful before you begin viewing, and while you are gazing at the night sky. Star charts will help guide you through the constellations, major stars, nebula, the Milky Way, and neighboring galaxies. Incredible photographs of the sun and its activity, the moon and its terrain and phases, and planets with their moons will leave you in awe of the universe in which we live. A planisphere (designed for 40 degrees north) is also now included with the book.

    This is a reference that will serve your family well, no matter the ages; and one that can be used for many years. 240 pages, hc. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 004455
    ISBN: 9780823415076
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    Introduce the night sky to children through the lens of the history of stargazing, stars and constellations, telescopes and the planetarium.

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  • Item #: 012202
    ISBN: 9780794528058
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    Provides information and statistics on the sky, telescopes, space missions, astronaut training, satellites, the sun, moon, stars, planets, and more. It also lists Internet sites for additional information.

  • Item #: 008431
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    Protect your brushes on the go! This round translucent case features a telescopic action that allows you to adjust the case longer or shorter to accommodate your different brush lengths.

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  • Item #: 061215
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    Since the beginning of the 20th century, discoveries about the universe have spurred a plethora of questions about man’s existence, the universe’s formation, and even God himself. Enter the “conversation” as scientists discuss these “big issues” of the Universe in this in-depth documentary. Much emphasis is placed on world views: their influence on the formation and reaction to scientific theories. Beginning with the history of astronomy and the development of modern day science, the discussion examines the uniqueness and mystery of our solar system and universe. Theories are well-explained with video, narration, interview segments and animation. The documentary includes two length options: 55 and 35 minutes. The material is also accessible by chapters: Take off Into Space; Cosmology and Worldview; How the Universe is Explored; How the Universe Began; Finetuning of the Universe; Earth, A Special Planet; Are We Alone in the Universe?; and Searching for an Explanation.

    As a bonus, 40 minutes of interviews focusing on the potential and limitations of natural sciences are included. These interviews would be great to show at the introduction of high school science classes since the scientists themselves discuss their interpretation of scientific goals (what it is and isn’t and when it is applicable to life and when it isn’t) and how the scientific process affects other areas of life. Well done. From Vision Video. ~ Ruth

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    ISBN: 9781607109495
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