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Student Writing Intensive

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    College-bound high school students are expected to write essays. Of the many, there are two essays that are once-in-a-lifetime experiences the SAT essay and the college entrance essay. These are very specific types of writing tasks and are quite different. One is a timed response to a prompt. It must be completed quickly, coherently, and legibly. On the other hand, you can take as much time as you want writing the other. It must be as close to perfect as possible. You can prepare for these writing experiences. Andrew Pudewa, in his own inimitable style, shows you how in this entertaining, six-hour seminar. This video seminar is contained within a four DVD set two discs each covering the SAT essay and the college entrance essay. There is a bonus CD-ROM disc providing all the necessary handouts in PDF format to be printed prior to watching. These PDF handouts are also available in printed format in the Student Workbook. Also included on the bonus disc is an audio essay preparation seminar by Julie Walker in MP3 format.

    Discussion of the SAT essay includes an examination of the six-point scoring rubric - critical thinking skills, reasoning examples, language and vocabulary, sentence structure, organization and focus, and grammar, usage and mechanics - as well as analysis of scored essays and specific preparation strategies.

    Starting with an overview of what colleges are looking for in essays, the discussion of the college entrance essay progresses to an analysis of samples as well as specific writing strategies including the TRIAC model.

    As expected, the most important preparation activity for these two types of essays is to write - a lot. You can, nevertheless, make the best use of your preparation writing activities by utilizing the strategies presented in this seminar. ~ Janice

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    Think it might be fun to learn a little history from the land down under? This writing course will give you that option or it could be used to supplement a full-blown Australian history course (theres a book and movie resource list in the back). Either way youll find this course to be an interesting way to learn and practice the IEW writing skills note taking, writing from notes, summarizing narrative stories, summarizing references, writing stories from pictures, research reports, creative writing, essay composition, and writing reviews/critiques as well as their stylistic elements. There are 2-4 lessons for each of these units (23 lessons total) that cover history, animals, landmarks and biographical sketches all pertinent to Australia. Lessons typically include the objective, a source text(s), specific instruction about both structure and style skills, and a check sheet. The consumable text is written to the student and could be used as a sequel to the Student Writing Intensive or as a beginning writing course if the teacher/parent has viewed the Teaching Writing Structure & Style course. Note: the Australian author uses the British spelling of some words (i.e. summarising). 140 pgs, spiral-bound ~ Janice
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    ISBN: 9781579240752
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    Daily writing. How many of us have that as a goal for our students? Or at least know that we ought to be doing it more regularly? If you fall under that particular home school guilt umbrella, theres hope - and help! This book will get your student writing and keep them writing. Each project is designed to take about 15 minutes, will give your student something to write a paragraph about, requires only common knowledge and not research, and includes a wide variety of projects questions, definitions, descriptions, opinions, letters, instructions, explanations, and poems among many others. If your goal is to develop vocabulary and critical thinking skills, then your student will be off and running er, writing. Although projects are corrected daily, theres no real emphasis on the actual writing process (i.e. draft, edit, rewrite), so you will probably want to expand some of the projects or periodically complete a brainstorm-to-publish project. ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9781623410957
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    Suppose your junior or senior high student has been through Level B or C of the Student Writing Intensive (SWI) seminar and has a good understanding of how to write a paragraph using topic and clincher sentences. He may even have a little bit of experience with essay writing but you feel he needs more instruction and practice with essays. This course is for you! Focusing specifically on the structure and content of essay writing, its an extension and refinement of IEWs Unit VIII (on the formal essay). Utilizing a four-step teaching strategy which includes preliminary instruction, modeling, practice with help, and on your own work, this ten-week course by Lesha Myers takes the student step-by-step through the essay-writing process. Teaching units include thesis statements, essay organization, transitions, introductions, and conclusions and end with descriptive and persuasive essay practice. The course book includes student pages with instruction written directly to the student and teacher pages that include helps (grading and schedules) and unit by unit lesson plans.

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    ISBN: 9780743932738
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    The way you introduce poetry to young students can make a huge difference in the way they approach poetry for years to come. This workbook helps you introduce students to poetry as a fun, creative chance to write down their thoughts and feelings in silly or meaningful poems. The first few pages present the different kinds of poems covered, so the teacher can gain familiarity with the examples and the unique qualities of each poem. Then worksheets are given to introduce students to the different poems, including couplets, free verse, haikus, limericks, acrostics, sensory poems, personal poems, chants, and much more. The worksheets provide students with simple ways to get started writing poetry, from making word lists, to answering questions, to completing frameworks. Templates are given for each different kind of poetry covered, and students will enjoy completing them. Pages near the end hold lots of seasonal patterns and stationery for young students to work on. A very light, but complete introduction to creative poetry for young students. Reproducible, 96 pgs. - Melissa

  • Item #: 020436
    ISBN: 9781888344059
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    Maybe Dave Marks cant grade all our Writing Strands assignments, but his book will help. Common writing problems and how to fix them are discussed. The bulk of the book is devoted to reviewing assignments actually written by students, with commentary about the writing and what steps the teacher should take. How to correct problems like repeating words, Dick and Jane writing, ambiguity, tense errors, sentence fragments and run-ons, and a wide variety of other writing weaknesses are addressed. The book first shows a rough draft a student has written and then includes remarks the parent or teacher has made. Both the draft and the remarks are commented on so parents can see how best to evaluate all different types of writing. The book recommends that comments made on student writing be straightforward and to the point. Evaluation is provided for using Writing Strands 2 - 5 for grades 2 - 8, although this book could be used as a teacher resource regardless of the curriculum used. Now get that red pencil out! 96 pgs, pb.

  • Item #: 044441
    ISBN: 9781557996084
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    This reproducible Evan-Moor workbook is packed with activities that provide students with practice writing narrative, descriptive, how to, and compare and contrast paragraphs. Part One details the different parts of a paragraph and helps students write and identify topic sentences, main ideas, and supporting details. Part Two gives students actual practice with writing the four different kinds of paragraphs. It includes activities like filling in blanks to make complete paragraphs, finishing sentences in paragraphs, and writing paragraphs from scratch, all with useful prompts and topics that students will find fun and personal. Part Three focuses on teaching students to plan out paragraphs by using a web diagram. Part Four teaches how to write a paragraph using an outline. Part Five includes reproducible sentence strips and picture cards to be used in a Paragraph Writing Center where students put sentences in the order that makes the most sense, use picture prompts to write paragraphs, and use open-ended topic sentences as paragraph starters. The final section of the book provides forms for students to practice writing paragraphs in science, social studies, and math. With fun topics, lots of practice, and a focus on trait-based writing, this workbook is a great supplement to any writing program. Additional useful contents include teacher and student checklists and eight transparencies for use with a few of the activities. 80 perforated pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 019836
    Retail: $8.99
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    This is a simple, fun introduction to poems. It begins gently, with students identifying rhyming words and choosing their own sets, and then filling in the blanks of a poem to make it rhyme. After a few worksheets, students begin composing their own original poems. Beginning with the couplet, students write triplets, clerihews, haikus, tankas, cinquains, diamontes, concrete and stair poems, free verse, nonsense, similes, metaphors, and alliteration. Each different poem is worked on for a couple of pages, with various exercises and examples and a chance for students to create their own. Worksheets are reproducible and perforated. - Melissa

  • Item #: 031442
    ISBN: 9780764142345
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.15

    If you have a student who thinks writing is painful, maybe they would benefit from the tips in this friendly, laid-back book. Rather than starting from the very beginning, this book offers a handful of strategies to improve writing by targeting some common problems. Nine chapters written directly to the student focus on cleaning up preposition clutter, enlivening your writing, silencing the passive voice, reducing nominalizations and activating your writing, smoothing out your writing, harnessing the power of the comma, adding rhythm, spotting gremlins in your writing, and creating a template for term papers. Within each of these chapters, helpful and conversational text helps students spot these potential weaknesses and offers practical advice for correcting each problem. Short exercises called Brain Ticklers give students the opportunity to put their newfound knowledge to use cleaning up poorly written sentences. Learning to avoid these pitfalls will go a long way in improving students term papers, essays, and other writing assignments, and hopefully, it will also give them confidence that the writing process wont be painful. 246 pgs. Melissa

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