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  • Item #: 028803
    ISBN: 9780792264545
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    Most books that tell about Columbus and other explorers coming to the New World describe an advanced civilization coming to a savage and uncivilized land. Not so with this fascinating book, which gives a world-wide look at the time period and shows how the Age of Exploration spread aspects of various cultures around the world. While the text is easy enough for younger students to read and great illustrations are liberally included, even adults will find the information intriguing. In short sections, the book tells about various explorers like Columbus, Balboa, John Cabot, Jacques Cartier, Sir Francis Drake, Ferdinand Magellan, Zheng He, and more. Interspersed with their stories are those of notable rulers and people who they met on their adventures like Atahualpa, Malinche, Montezuma, and Pachakuti. Focusing on the Inca and Aztec empires (but including general information about the continent as a whole), the book shows that America was actually fairly civilized before anyone else arrived. The book goes on to show how different cultures began to share things and while many books only tell of the advancements brought to the New World, this book also shares cultural aspects that spread worldwide from America. It really is a fascinating look at how the meeting of two previously separated lands created the world we know today. Art reproductions, beautiful maps, photographs, and other illustrations with detailed captions fill up much of the pages. Informative timelines also highlight important events in different areas of the world. If youre looking for a well-rounded, intriguing introduction to the Age of Exploration and how it changed the world, this books for you. 64 pgs, hc. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 040707
    ISBN: 9781933339092
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.95
    Volume Two picks up where Story of the World Volume One left off, and it tells the fascinating story of the “Dark Ages," from the fall of Rome through the Renaissance. This volume has been written very similarly to the other also, with a very readable text, appropriate for young children, told in a clear and engaging style. Each of the many chapters is relatively short, and broken up into smaller chunks that are the perfect length for curling up together and reading aloud. Also like the preceding book, this story of history doesn’t limit itself to a dry, white-bread-without-the-crusts retelling of a primarily European history, instead it is a rich, whole wheat blend of European, Indian, Chinese, Australian, Arabic, Japanese, Jewish, Mongolian, Turkish, African, Russian, and American history during the period, providing the young student with a much more complete view of what was going on all around the world during that intriguing time period. To cover every event in each of these diverse histories would take a whole library, however, and just as Susan Wise Bauer tells us in her first volume, use this volume as a springboard to more detailed readings about any events that you and the children find interesting and want to learn more about. A timeline and an index are included at the back.

    Like its predecessor, the Activity Book corresponds chapter-by-chapter with the text from the Story of the World readings, and the sections and activities are well-organized and easy to implement. Each chapter begins with review questions for the book. Narration exercises are also included, so that the child may write or dictate to you a summary of what they learned. A list of books for additional reading follows, each with a concise summary and an approximate reading level to help you find those most appropriate for your child’s ability and interest. Corresponding literature, consisting of more "story-like" volumes such as cultural tales and myths are also featured to liven up your history reading, lending a little more interest to those lovers of fiction. An excellent range of activities follow the reading lists, including map work, a coloring page, and projects, which include art, crafts, games, and other more "involved" activities. An abundance of opportunities for "beyond-the-book" learning about here, but as the author mentioned in the activity book for Vol. 1, you should not feel pressured to read every book and complete every activity - history studied in this manner should be a fun and enjoyable journey for all involved, not an endless checklist of items you "have to" complete to pass a test. These courses lend themselves very well to family study, and a lot of the activities would be much more enjoyable with at least a couple siblings or friends. Fortunately, Susan Wise Bauer has anticipated this, and has denoted chosen activities with a "C" to highlight its use as a good co-op or classroom activity. All in all, this looks like an very well-rounded, extremely enjoyable, and solidly chronological approach to history

    The text is available spiral-bound in the first edition or in paperback or hardcover in the revised version. the Activity Book is a bound paperback and is the revised version.

  • Item #: 010992
    ISBN: 9781933339009
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.95
    In the quest to cover a little of everything from a particular time period AND present it at a level that a younger child can understand, most elementary history texts are, well, probably just a bit lacking in the exciting and shall we say “interesting" department. At least, I found it as such when I was much younger, although it led me to do a lot of self-reading to complete the picture in the areas that interested me. Susan Wise Bauer attempts to remedy this difficulty in presenting a chronological history to the younger set using a classical approach to history. The Story of the World is structured around a text and a curriculum guide/activity book that serve as a springboard for your futher history explorations. The readings in the text provide a background of the time period covered, augmented by the use of the guide, which contains review questions, suggestions for supplemental readings, appropriate literature selections, and also map activities, coloring pages, as well as an abundance of projects that span history, art, and science that are sure to excite the student.

    The text itself serves as the starting point and backbone of each unit. Each chapter covers a particular time period, and is placed in chronological order. For example, in Volume One: Ancient Times, Chapter One begins with “The Earliest People" followed by chapters detailing periods of Egyptian, Sumarian, Jewish, Babylonian, Assyrian, Indian, Chinese, African, Egyptian, Phoenician, Greek, Persian, Native American, Roman, Christian, Celt, and Barbarian history. The book goes in strictly chronological order, so one time period of a civilization will be covered, and then a different civilization may be covered, returning to another era of the first civilization later, to encompass a significant historical event of that civilization. Each chapter is further split into smaller, more bite-sized amounts that lend themselves well to a younger attention span. The chapters are presented at a level they will understand, but at the same time, find fairly absorbing. History is presented in more of a story-type format that they will appreciate, and the author emphasizes that the book is not intended to give a complete overview of the time period, but rather to give the student a chronological order of major events and an appreciation and understanding of different cultures while presenting it in a way that will foster an enthusiasm and enjoyment of the subject matter. For example, while not every ruler of a civilization may be named, along with major accomplishments, an overview of the period highlighting important events and rulers, along with details of how the people in the civilizations lived comprise the short chapters. Mythical stories as well as historical fiction-type passages about young children from different cultures are woven into the narrative to stimulate further interest. These almost story-type chapters are meant to be read aloud to younger children, or those with reading difficulty, while good readers and older children can read or take turns reading the chapters aloud.

    When a chapter has been completely read, you and the students then turn to the curriculum manual/actvitiy guide. At the beginning of each chapter in the guide, corresponding page references are given from four recommended supplements Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, The Kingfisher Illustrated History of the World, The Usborne Book of World History, and the Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History. These selections further flesh out the history lessons, particularly for those periods or civilizations where less supplemental reading is available. When all the chapter reading has been accomplished, the next order of business are the reading comprehension-type review questions for each chapter section. Following the questions, the student is asked to summarize the chapter in a few sentences. The author again stresses that important facts be included in this narrative, but not necessarily every single one. A few sample narrations are also supplied for each section. The student’s narrative is then written, illustrated with his/her favorite part of the lesson. The narratives can be collected and put into a loose-leaf binder, to create the student’s own world history. After these activities have been completed, a list of readings chosen to supplement and complement the history lesson are supplied, as well as a following list of corresponding literature suggestions to further flesh out the lesson, with books telling stories from that era. Author, publisher, copyright date, and a sentence summary of each book are given for ease in locating the book.

    Now for some real hands-on work! The activities commence with “Map Work," where a map of the appropriate area is supplied, and the student identifies and marks pertinent areas, routes, and features. The geography section is normally followed by a coloring page, highlighting some aspect of the history lesson, or some other word activity. Finally, the chapter closes with a selection of projects to do to really “get into" the featured civilization or time period. These may be arts, crafts, writing, or science projects, or just fun supplemental activities. Most require only common household supplies and art supplies such as paints & paintbrushes, boxes, newspaper and waxed paper, self-drying clay, etc. Several projects are provided for each chapter, covering a wide range of activities. These could include anything from building your own hut to making your own cunieform tablets, mummifying a chicken, brick-making, baking an African or Greek feast, purple dye, an erupting volcano, an olympic wreath, a Native American sand painting, a Roman chariot, making paper, and LOTS more. When you’ve covered the chapter content as much as is desired, move on.

    While the breadth of activities and readings may seem overwhelming or time-consuming, keep in mind that not every suggested book needs to be read, and not every single project needs to be completed. (But Mom, can’t we embalm the chicken today?) Spend as much time in an era as suits the students, pacing yourself to cover everything that is of interest. The structure of the curriculum makes it especially easy and enjoyable to use with several children in this age range, although I’m sure the older kids would love to get into it too!

    Volume One was revised in 2006 and now features more illustrations, maps, several timelines and additional parent/teacher notes. The text is paperback, and the Curriculum Guide/Activity Book is a bound paperback. - Jess

  • Item #: 041239
    ISBN: 9780393059748
    Retail: $35.00
    Rainbow Price: $21.95

    Have you found yourself wishing that the information found in Story of the World was available for an older student, or maybe for yourself? Well, now it is! Corresponding to the time period covered by SOTW, Vol. 1 and written by Susan Wise Bauer in her highly readable style, this is a grown-up version suitable for older students and parents. Accompanying the text are maps and timelines, even a few photos. This book just begs to be read. I started reading the section on Spartacus and soon found myself enthralled with the details of the Gladiator Wars. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 005984
    ISBN: 9781623411183
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $29.00

    Subtitled "Historical Context for the Good and Great Books" from the Institute for Excellence in Writing this collection of book titles includes writings, biographies, plays, recordings, and films to portray a history of mankind. Created in a simple spreadsheet format, the columns represent: description/time period, title of resource, author, and approximate age/ability level of student. The material is chronologically indexed using Ancients, the Middles Ages, Renaissance/Reformation and the Modern World.

    The purpose of this resource is to save parents/teachers time planning out lessons. It can be used with any homeschool approach or teaching style. Use this guide to organize your history and literature studies from elementary to high school. Add a date to when your student completed a resource, and you can then transfer that to a transcript. Literature for the Ancient period (5000 BC-400 AD) includes: Streams of Civilization, Book of Virtues, Adam and His Kin, Great Pyramid, Epic of Gilgamesh, DAulaires Book of Myths, and many more. Some examples from the Middle Ages (400 AD-1450) are: Tales from Shakespeare, Story of the World Volume 2, Famous Men of the Middle Ages, Making of a Knight, Lantern Bearers, Beowulf, and several more. Books for the Renaissance/Reformation (1450-1850) include: Americas God and Country, Leonardo DaVinci, Kite Fighters, Luther the Leader, Tempest, Under God, Along Came Galileo, Leviathan, and many others. Some selections for the Modern World (1850-present) are: Big Sky, David Copperfield, Uncle Toms Cabin, Little Women, Old Yeller, Moccasin Trail, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Winston Churchill, Dracula, Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Hobbit and more.

    Each page has a quote from a resource and many of these have Christian content, mentioning God, the church, Christ, faith, Gods sovereignty and mercy, and prevailing with Gods help. 92 pgs, pb, spiral-bound. ~Sara

  • Item #: 034085
    ISBN: 9780792236603
    Retail: $17.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.95
    This National Geographic biography features the story of Alexander the Great. The book is a excellent resource as it shares information from Alexanders life in four sections. The first shares about his childhood, including information on his parents and his favorite pastimes. The second informs us about his young adult life, becoming king, and his wives and family. The third section tells about his military conquests and gives details on all the areas he conquered, as well as his tactics and strategies. The final section depicts Alexanders final days, what happened to his body, and the legacy he left behind. Throughout the book, color pictures show relics from the time of Alexander, including art, statues, and ruins. A timeline runs through the entire book at the bottom of each page, highlighting important events. Famous quotes from Alexander or things said about him are sporadically accented. The story-telling tone of the book makes it easy to read and, coupled with the great illustrations, makes the historical information come alive. A short glossary and index are included. Hardback, 64 pages. ~ Rachel S.
  • Item #: 000670
    ISBN: 9780440402152
    Retail: $4.99
    Rainbow Price: $3.95

    This books tell the life story of Sacagawea. In a story-telling tone, the book shares info about her childhood, growth, main achievements, personal events, and how she spent the last years of her life. A lot of the info is shared from that her perspective, and the interesting text and short chapters make reading about her a joy. Several black and white illustrations and a timeline of Sacagaweas life is also included. Approximately 100 pgs, pb.

  • Item #: 015286
    ISBN: 9780942617429
    Retail: $17.95
    Rainbow Price: $16.50

    In this book, Richard Maybury presents an idea-based explanation of the First World War. He explains how the explosion of the battleship Maine in 1898 was the beginning of a chain reaction that continues even today. Like other Maybury books, this one is written as a series of letters from Uncle Eric to his nephew. He focuses on the ideas and events that led to the war, events during the war, and how things led into WWII. Using stories and examples, he gives interesting and clear explanations on topics that can be difficult to understand. Timelines, maps, and quotes add to the book. Index and glossary included. ~ Rachel S.

  • Item #: 031209
    ISBN: 9780972860338
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.95
    Enthusiastic users of Susan Wise Bauer’s Story of the World will be excited to rediscover the modern era, “From Victoria’s Empire to the End of the USSR." Formatted similarly to the previous volumes in the series, the Modern Age text contains 42 chapters highlighting some of the major people, places and events in world history, from 1850 to 2000. Some highlights include: the Crimean war, the American Civil War, the Second Reich, the Japan’s Meiji restoration, the Suez canal, the Boers, Western expansion in the U.S., the Boxer Rebellion in China, the Mexican Revolution, the rise of Joseph Stalin, Hitler’s rise to power, the Holocaust, the Atom bomb, the partitioning of Palestine, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, Chernobyl, the end of Communism, and much more. As usual, students will get a “balanced" view of world history, with events from nearly every country in the world - not just Europe and the U.S. Each “story" from history is told in an exciting, readable way, which is sure to hold students’ attention - especially as they cover history in the not-too-distant past! The activity book is once again substantial and invaluable, containing both teacher and student portions. The parent’s pages feature review questions with answers, guidelines for an outlining exercise for the student, suggested further reading and literature tie-ins, map activities, and hands-on projects related to the topics covered in the text. As usual, the projects are very creative and I can definitely see kids getting excited about doing them - one of the activities for Chapter One definitely caught my eye! In this activity, kids will get to time themselves and compare “loading" two different “rifles" with cardboard tubes, homemade “cartridges," and a few other kitchen materials! The parent’s portion for each chapter also features cross-references on the same topic to other resources, including the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, the Kingfisher Illustrated History of the World, the Usborne Book of World History, the Usborne History of the 20th Century, and the Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia. The student’s portion of the activity guide includes partial outlines for each chapter for them to finish, outline maps for map activities, worksheet activities, and timeline figures including world flags from each country’s independence or establishment. The tests and answers for this volume are bound into a paperback, 3-hole punched volume, and include tests and answers for each chapter. Once again, Susan Wise Bauer has put together a very exciting and multi-faceted history study that everyone will love!

    The text is now available in either paperback, hardcover, or spiral binding, for your convenience. The Activity Book is a bound paperback. - Jess

  • Item #: 010750
    ISBN: 9781892427069
    Retail: $49.95
    Rainbow Price: $36.95
    Linda Hobar, the author of this world history series, states in the beginning of this book, I believe history is the story of God revealing Himself to mankind and that He did it most perfectly through the person of Jesus Christthe mystery is the gospel of Jesus Christ. What a refreshing and different view from most world history curriculums! Those looking for a world history program that aligns the stories of mankind with the living story of God will truly appreciate this Bible-centered approach to the history of the world. Picking up where Volume 1 leaves off, this volume begins with the Pentecost and the first followers of Jesus (including Paul) around 29 A.D and chronologically continues through the early church and moves into the Middle Ages, covering the years through about 1456 A.D. The format of this book is very similar to that of the first volume; however, there are some small differences. Firstly, there are fewer lessons (84 as opposed to 108), but these lessons are slightly longer, offering more information on a given topic. Lessons generally take the form of real-life biographies, sharing the stories of men and women who changed the world while simultaneously showing the relationship between God and the world during that period. Another new feature is the bolding of key words to aid students in finding the information again later for activity or vocabulary purposes. As in the first book, this volume includes pretests to be given at the beginning of each week, end of the week reviews, memory card suggestions, bi-weekly quizzes, quarterly worksheets, and two semester tests. Memory cards are fact cards that students create for each lesson, capturing the main points and dates on an easy to review flashcard. The end of the week reviews continue to hold timeline and mapping exercises, providing students with helpful visuals of when important figures lived and where places studied are located. This volume also contains even more activities following each lesson than the first volume. This is simply to provide you with more choices, not to overwhelm you with feeling like you should do them all! These activities are generally categorized into younger, middle, and older student activities in order to accommodate the curriculum to a wider spread of grade levels, with the youngest comprised of many hands-on activities to help them experience history, middle activities a combination of hands-on exercises with research, and the older ideas centering on research, encouraging students to learn more and dig deeper into the people and lessons from history. The activities and memory cards, as well as the weekly and quarterly reviews and tests, are meant to ensure long-term retention of the key events and people throughout history, as opposed to the short term memory capacity we often hold history (and other subjects!) lessons in. The back of this hefty 700-page book contains the outline maps for the lessons, additional fun supplemental activities, suggestions of books and resources for further study of many of the topics, a chart of materials needed for the activities found in each lesson, and a full answer key. The fascinating journey across the continents continues as students discover who lived when and the way God worked His plan throughout this period of history. ~ Steph
  • Item #: 044860
    ISBN: 9781599151588
    Retail: $13.95
    Rainbow Price: $13.75

    Europes fascinating and varied history is chronicled here by acclaimed historian and childrens author H.E. Marshall. From the fall of the Roman Empire through the Reformation, we learn about the roots of various nations, systems of government, pivotal conquests and battles, the expansions and contractions of empires, the conflicts between and within religions, and specific people who were very important to the shaping of Europe during that time. From Russia to England, the Holy Land to Portugal, and all places in between, the broad history of the continent is laid out in an easily accessible format that includes maps, timelines, and genealogy charts for houses of royalty. 336 pages in paperback. Zach

  • Item #: 028389
    ISBN: 9780756670795
    Retail: $39.99
    Rainbow Price: $25.95

    This volume covers the history of the world, from the beginning through modern times (into the 21st century). While not an in-depth view, it covers all time periods and shows readers what was happening in all regions of the world. All events of note are included with brief write-ups and lots of photographs, paintings, and pictures. The text is very readable, and every page is eye-catching with full color examples of tools, weapons, historical sites, and more. Timelines are included showing events from around the world happening at concurrent times. Republished by My Father's World (with permission of DK), the first two chapters, Introduction to Human History (570MYA-40,000) and Early People (40,000-5000BC), have been removed to make it more Christian-friendly. Following chapters cover the First Civilizations (5000-1200BC), Traders and Warriors (1200-500BC), Growth of Empires (500BC-AD1), Decline of the Ancient World (1-400), Religious Worlds (400-800), New Nations (800-1000), Monks and Invaders (1000-1200), Conquest and Plague (1200-1400), Expansion of Knowledge (1400-1500), Great Rulers (1500-1600), Commerce and Colonies (1600-1700), Age of Inquiry (1700-1750), Age of Revolution (1750-1800), Independence and Industry (1800-1850), Rise of Nationalism (1850-1900), World Goes to War (1900-1919), Peace and War (1919-1946), and One World (1946-2000s). Christianity is introduced with major events like the Exodus, Christs crucifixion and such being discussed (although usually introduced as stories with no historical evidence). Overall, this is a good look at the entire world as it has grown and changed from ancient times until today, full of fascinating facts waiting to be discovered. ~ Megan

  • Item #: 016088
    ISBN: 9781609926304
    Retail: $18.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.50

    (Publisher Description)

    The story of the War, brought to life through illustrations, photographs, diaries, and newspaper reports.

    In this illustrated exploration of World War I, readers discover what caused the war and why it eventually affected every corner of the globe.

    The key battles, events, and figures are all explored and recounted in succinct and easy-to understand text while illustrations and photographs bring the past vividly back to life.

  • Item #: 041538
    ISBN: 9780753461532
    Retail: $10.95
    Rainbow Price: $7.95

    It was the end of an era when the wall came down. Tearing down the wall symbolically signaled the end of Soviet Communism in Eastern Europe. For Germany, as well as the rest of Europe, it was a momentous occasion. The Soviet Union withdrew and signed a treaty with England, France, and the US officially ending occupation. Serge Schmemann was chief New York Times correspondent in Germany at the time, and he was right there in Berlin to experience the event in November 1989. His first-hand account tells of the jubilation of the people as they witnessed the power of freedom changing their world. Giving background and historical context, the author tells the story of the Wall the when, how, and why of its construction and the circumstances of its eventual failure. The second half of the book features articles on life, Communism, freedom, reunification, and more. Full of pictures, maps, and timelines, this is a fascinating resource to go along with your modern history course. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 039672
    ISBN: 9780531178461
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $6.78
    Eleanor Roosevelt was a multi-talented woman who made countless contributions to the world, both loved and hated by the American public of her time. This biography shares the details of her life; her tragic and difficult childhood, her relationship with Franklin, her struggles as a political wife, her growth of confidence, her involvement in the human rights movement, and the legacy she has left behind after her death. Each short chapter in the book tells about a different time in her life with text that is easy-to-read and full of captivating information. Shaded info boxes throughout the book give short bios on important people in her life or expand upon significant events. Black and white photos are also included on every other page or so, showing Eleanor at different times in her life. As a dutiful wife, mother, and first lady active in both the civil rights and feminist movement, Eleanor had a full life, and this book does a good job of capturing all the different aspects of it. Back of the book includes a copy of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a timeline of events during Eleanors lifetime, and an index. By Allison Lassieur, 112 pages, softcover. Rachel
  • Item #: 008081
    ISBN: 9781426205330
    Retail: $40.00
    Rainbow Price: $27.75

    Much more than just an atlas, this reference book from National Geographic traces the development of the three civilizations that occupied parallel (sometimes intersecting) but divergent places in the Medieval world (400 1500 AD). The history of each century is gloriously traced in 30 page segments of this majestic, colorful, hardcover book. Rich in lyrical and captivating stories with colorful characters, exciting battles and alluring intrigues, voices of the day speak from words of rare manuscripts, landmark documents, and classic works of literature. Within each century the notable occurrences in European Christendom, Eastern European Byzantium, and Middle Eastern Islam are highlighted along with a timeline showing their relationship to each other. In addition to historical description and analysis, side-bar commentary covers beliefs, arts & letters, personae (biographical sketches), innovation, edifices, and locus (writings/books). There is considerable text surprising in an atlas but there are the expected maps as well. Within each century, there is a modern map showing the boundaries of each civilization during that time frame as well as historical maps reflecting the at-the-time perspective. There is also a world overview map that gives a summary of what was happening in the other parts of the world during that same century. Interesting, illustrative material abounds: art reproductions, artifact photos (in color), jewelry, photos of modern-day cities or artistic representations of historic ones, portraits, buildings, etc. There is much more here than a casual skimming of the pages provides. This book is used as a textual reference for some history programs, and its easy to see why. Although not quite in the category of high school world history text (but close), it provides a detailed secular look at three amazing religion-based civilizations, two of which directly impact later centuries. 384 pgs, hc ~ Janice

  • Item #: 046379
    ISBN: 9781426302848
    Retail: $9.95
    Rainbow Price: $7.50

    Learn about Plymouth Colony, from its beginnings in England through the first Thanksgiving. This book is more detailed than your typical social studies textbook. It includes a timeline along the bottom of almost every page that informs readers about what else was going on around the world during that time. Boxed excerpts provide interesting information on events such as the civil war in England or topics such as what the colonists brought with them on the boat. While the book is not about Myles Standish per se, it uses him as a vehicle to tell the history of the colonization. It is written in a narrative style, easy to read, and illustrated with black and white sketches. An excellent addition to lessons on colonization or early American and English history. 143 pgs, pb. ~ Alissa

  • Item #: 050379
    ISBN: 9780195178449
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $36.95

    Weaving together primary sources containing eyewitness accounts, original writings, detailed maps and numerous colorful illustrations; this is not your typical Middle Ages History text. In fact, you may quickly agree that this book breathes new life into world history! Beginning with an introduction to the cast of characters students are quickly transported back in time as the storyline unravels revealing this pivotal time period that is crucial to understanding our own times. The history of the Middle Ages is one of believers and barbarians, popes and peasants, competing empires and unforgettable leaders. It also the story of the fall of the Roman Empire, invasion of the Huns, the rise of feudalism, and the reign of plunder brought by the Vikings. But it is also a story of faith: Augustine and Aquinas, Francis of Assisi, Joan of Arc, and the Crusaders; the spread and reform of religious institutions; expansions of trade and city life, the rise of regional empires and local feudal regimes and the revolutionary advances in science and technology. Engaging writing, abundant illustrations and a detailed timeline all flow together to create a telling of history that will delight teens and adults alike. Recommended for the Beautiful Feet Medieval History Literature guide, this book would be a valuable asset to any study of the Middle Ages. Hc, 189 pgs. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 026753
    ISBN: 9781601441447
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $34.99

    Are you looking for a way to challenge your middle school students while your youngers are enjoying Story of the World (or another world history course)? Becoming a world history detective will do it! This course combines critical thinking and reading comprehension skills with your students standards-based history studies (ancient and medieval history)! Covered skills are impressive for this grade level: using supporting evidence, drawing inferences and conclusions, distinguishing between facts and opinions, understanding chronology or sequence of events, use of vocabulary using context clues, geographical and concept maps, and timelines. Theres even grade appropriate experience with college-level analytical essay questions. The worktext provides a passage to read followed by a series of questions - both multiple choice/short answer as well as short essay. A complete answer key is available in the back which includes sample essay answers that identify key points). Free bonus review lessons are available at criticalthinking.com/whd1). 362 pgs, pb ~ Janice

  • Item #: 036500
    ISBN: 9780140455168
    Retail: $16.00
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

    This classic, historical book was written by Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus, who was born in AD 69 and became the private secretary to Roman Emperor Hadrian. The book includes twelve chapters, each telling the life story of one man who gained power over Rome. The men include Julius Caesar, Augustus, Tiberius, Gaius, Claudius, Nero, Galba, Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian. Follow the events of Rome as the book shares about the powerful men who ran it. The book is full of great anecdotes, wry observations, detailed physical descriptions, and personal and public information about each leader. This edition was translated by Robert Graves, and it includes the straightforwardness of the original in an easy-to-read version that has become very popular. The book also includes an introduction by Michael Grant, a detailed index, maps, a timeline, keys to terms and places, and more. 364 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 046460
    ISBN: 9780966706758
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $13.50

    This book compiles twelve historical fiction stories about the Middle Ages written by Margaret Leighton. The stories all feature children from the time period and provide a great way to teach the general timeline of the Middle Ages. With a Christian view, the stories feature settings and events that actually happened with lots of adventure and a focus on younger characters that will make the stories resonate with younger readers. From the Crusades to Gutenbergs printing press, many aspects of and events from the Middle Ages are included in the twelve stories. 198 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 012152
    ISBN: 9780802817778
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    The first paragraph from the preface of this book offers a wonderful insight into this book. It reads: "The story of the Christian Church is intensely interesting. It deals with some of the most dramatic episodes in history. For the children of God it is also instructive and inspiring. They regard it as a heritage that should be passed on to their children." This book was created as a textbook for a Christian-perspective class about church history. The text is divided into five sections, and spans history from 33 A.D. to present times. The five sections cover the young Christian Church, the Church in the Middle Ages, the Church in the Reformation, the Church After the Reformation, and the Church in the New World. Each section is then further divided into chapters which discuss the growth of the church, divisions, rises and declines of power, reformations, the church in various countries, various denominations, and lots of other components of church history. After each chapter, review questions are offered to promote further thinking about the chapter and its relevance to current life. The questions can be rather complex and are probably best used with students from the upper grades. Maps and timelines throughout the book correlate with the text, and dozens of black and white photographs with captions illustrate the events. 412 pgs w/ index. ~ Rachel S.

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    ISBN: 9781932786538
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    What better way to ground your studies of ancient history than with a solid understanding of the geography of those cultures? Written in a similar style to the first two volumes, the third and newest volume in the A Childs Geography series explores the classical world - including Italy, Greece, Malta and the Balkans in 15 chapters. The text in each chapter transports readers to the region, imagining that they are touring the country, weaving in details of people they may meet as well as the history and stories of some of the buildings and sites. Full-color pictures of the landscape, landmarks and ruins adorn just about every page, giving readers the chance to see the places visited in the text. Occasionally youll also find web links to encourage further exploration. I also love the various menus with popular dishes listed! Each chapter ends with prompts and questions for notebooking and discussion, and youll find timelines, map activities, hands-on projects, recipes, the prayer guide and more on the enclosed CD-ROM. While the content of this course makes it a perfect companion to an ancient history study, you can also enjoy it on its own. You can work through it in a year spending two weeks on each chapter, or spend a semester on it going through one chapter a week. Even if you havent tried either of the previous volumes, I would encourage you to jump into this one; it is well-produced, interesting and you will learn an incredible amount about the geography and culture (present and past) of the birthplace of Western Civilization. 224 pgs, pb. Jess
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    ISBN: 9781465402264
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    I love Shakespeare, so I know how amazing this handbook really is. It includes full commentaries with plot summaries on all 39 plays, a survey of both stage and movie adaptations of each play, and an introduction to Shakespeares sonnets and narrative poetry. With clear, non-academic text, amazing illustrations, historic and contemporary photographs, and graphic icons for organization, this book is great for students, teachers, theater-goers, or people like me who just want to learn about one of the worlds greatest playwrights. The first section of the book gives biographical, cultural, historical, literary, and cultural reference to the life and times of William Shakespeare. Antique sketches, reproductions of paintings, and contemporary photographs illustrate what was happening in the world during Shakespeares time, and the text follows his life, giving concrete proof of events whenever possible. Timelines throughout this section label world and national events, as well as personal events in Shakespeares life. The handbook then presents the plays, organized by genre and then by the approximate date of their composition. A genre overview is given before each type of play (history, comedy, tragedy, and romance), with a detailed discussion of each genre as a whole and exploration of the overlap between genres. Each play is then discussed in great detail over a number of pages, which are divided into distinct sections. An introduction looks at Shakespeares inspiration for the play, its probable first performance, early production history, and the background story to the plot. Then, a page lists every character in the play, giving short descriptions of their role and the number of lines they speak. Role profile boxes highlight one or two of the most important roles within each play. A plot summary is then given, with specific points within the story highlighted. Next, a very useful section looks at approaching the play as a text and points out aspects of the language or plot that are known to cause frustration to first time readers. An overview of the plays performance history is also given. It discusses the issues surrounding performing the play on stage, from characterization to set design and visual effects. Famous actors who have performed the plays are included in this section, along with photos from both stage productions and movies based on the plays. The most frequently performed plays feature an additional page which looks at the plays wider cultural significance. A small section then introduces Shakespeares sonnets and narrative poetry with the same detailed text and stunning illustrations as the rest of the book. With fully-illustrated pages, engaging text, actual lines from the plays throughout, and a format that provides easy, at-a-glance reference, this handbook is a must-have for Shakespeare students and enthusiasts. 480 pgs, durable pb.

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    When they say complete, they mean complete! At a massive 688 pages, theres plenty of meat to this one. Since it comes to you from Eagles Wings Educational Materials, you know that each page will be packed with information. The book is written for Christians who dont know much about the festivals, and for those with a Jewish background who dont know much about Jesus. Like other books from Eagles Wings, these are softcover worktexts with reproducible black and white pages with lots of activities.

    The first pages of the book show the major feasts in graphic form, with a very brief summary of what they are and when they are. Also, many of the Hebrew names are shown right next to the English names. So if you dont know that the Pesah is celebrated on the 14th of Nisan, the schedule calendar tells you that in 2011 Passover is celebrated on April 19. This calendar shows the 7 major feasts and our calendar equivalent dates through 2023. Since some of the festival dates relate to the typical agricultural timetable, a circular chart shows the relationship.

    The first section is Year Round Activities, which you can use, well, year round. Sections include Jewish Studies (including food, signs, and numbers), Hebrew Alphabet, Knowing the Books of the Bible (both name and content), 26 pages of Crafts, 21 pages of Banners, and 29 pages of Games.

    Section 2 is about the Sabbath (Shabbat). Various meanings of the Sabbath have been held over the centuries by Jewish people. The word means rest, but emphasis has also been to Refresh body, soul, and mind, Recuperate from fighting to survive, Revel in the beauty of nature, and Rest from trying to control the world. This section includes the Introduction; Services; Songs, Poems and Stories; Recipes; and Studies, Crafts and Activities.

    The next section is the New Moon (Rosh Hodesh), which is a mostly forgotten festival with few traditions. Then comes Passover (Pesah), with nearly 100 pages devoted to it. The Introduction covers the background and importance of the festival. The Seder includes ideas for preparation and the meal, followed by the traditional prayers and blessings in both Hebrew and English. Plenty of options are given here for Plays and Readings, Songs, Poems and Stories, Recipes, and Studies, Crafts and Activities. One of the helpful activities is a timeline of Jesus last week.

    For the Christian, Pentecost comes 50 days after Easter. For the Jew, the Feast of Weeks comes 50 days after the Feast of Firstfruits. All the normal sections mentioned above are included, with the Studies, Crafts, and Activities section being larger than most due to the 20 pages that the Bible Timeline game takes up.

    The Jewish civil new year begins in the month of Tishri, and is celebrated with the Feast of Trumpets. This falls in September or October in our calendar. The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) is celebrated 10 days later. Tishri is a popular month for festivals, as the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) is a week-long fall festival which was one of the mandatory pilgrimages to Jerusalem.

    Hanukkah (Feast of Dedication or Festival of Lights) is an eight day celebration in December. Dont bother looking for it in the Old Testament, as it was first celebrated in 168 BC. Antiochus IV, a Syrian ruler, terrorized the Jewish people and desecrated the temple and altar. The Maccabees, a group of Jewish people who had fled to the wilderness to practice their faith, successfully fought against him and restored the temple, which was cause for much rejoicing and a lasting festival remembrance.

    Purim (Feast of Esther) is an unusual feast. The overall theme is persecution, and, sure the Jews were saved from annihilation by Esther and Mordecai, but this is a festival marked by hilarity, silliness, and antics. The book of Esther is read aloud, and every time the villain, Haman, is mentioned, everyone boos loudly.

    We carry other books on the Old Testament feasts; most of them are less than 10% the size of this one. If you really want to know about the festivals, and incorporate Jesus (the Fulfillment of the Law) into them, go for this one.

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    Personally, I love these activity guides. Theyre well done, tell a good story, give a lot of good details, and offer some really neat projects to accompany the study. This study is especially interesting, as it focuses on a period of history that is normally not covered in any great depth - that of the ancient Israelites, the Phoenicians, and the Philistines. Several important aspects of each of these three civilizations are studied, including their history, architecture, clothing, language and writing, work, food, and religion. A nice timeline is included at the beginning, featuring a strip for each individual civilization, so you can see what was going on in each of the other countries at the same time. An introduction gives you the basics on the land you will be studying, as well as the time period - from 1200 B.C. to 538 B.C. Then we jump into the Israelite section. Much information as to Israelite history is drawn from the Bible, although, since the book is from a secular publisher, it is not taken to be infallible evidence. Much archaeological evidence is cited for the history of each civilization as well, which is fascinating, and sparks some neat projects! Each topic is discussed in each civilization on several pages, in a highly readable and interesting style packed with pictures such as artifacts and preserved buildings. Interesting related facts are frequently included off to the side. As mentioned above, the activities are great, and enough of them are included so you can pick and choose to suit your time and interests. For instance, in the Israelite section, you may construct a model pillared house, complete with some spare furniture, write in the ancient Israelite alphabet on a smashed pot, make your own stamp seal, create a model terrace farm, carry water on your head, stomp some grapes into juice, cook up an ancient Israelite meal, and making a blessing scroll. Thats not all; Im sure the kids will also really get into making a costume for each civilization, including headwear and other accessories, such as jewelry. Including an activity guide like this in your history studies will definitely add some spice - and a lot of fun! - Jess

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