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Spelling Wisdom

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    This small, unassuming text was, at one time, the favored primer for learning the basics of reading. While some things have changed over the years, there is still much about the English language that has remained the same and this reprint of the 1777 primer retains the original text with only a few changes throughout. These changes include the modernization of archaic word usage, updating the spelling of some words (like using s instead of f), syllabication that has been updated for modern times, updated alphabet rhymes, and the inclusion of 70 basic phonograms, 20 basic spelling rules, a list of ninety-nine most frequently used words and the I Can Read a Book story section. This edition retains period artwork and illustrations throughout, and includes Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, The Lords Prayer, The Ten Commandments, a rhyming alphabet, two catechisms, Bible questions, a dialogue between Christ, youth and the devil, and the words of wisdom a man left his nine children before being martyred. Wanda Sanseri has also added nine easy-to-read stories utilizing high-frequency words taken from Spell to Write and Read. The quality, hardcover binding will survive the use of many children. 118 pgs. Zach

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    ISBN: 9781932096606
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    Finally, a learning styles book that spends more time giving you practical ways to teach than it does naming, testing for, and describing learning styles. Keeping its “understanding learning styles� section to a minimum, the majority of the book shows you how to develop the ability to take any learning activity, in any subject, and find ways to incorporate different approaches into your teaching. Calling these “keys� to unlocking understanding, it shifts the emphasis from a child that is failing to learn to a “key� that has failed to teach. It’s then up to the teacher to find a different, more effective key. The result? Lightbulb-Led Learning. You have to love the instant understanding the term brings. We want those light bulb moments for our children, and we want to be the ones to light them up. Author Carol Barnier gives you lots of power. Each subject section (spelling, writing, reading, math, history, geography, science, and reviewing) contains a plethora of suggestions, activities, and wisdom especially useful for those out-of-the-box learners who are bound to be part of your household. Enjoy! Janice

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