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Spelling Grade 2

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    ISBN: 9781888827132
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    A handy reference and complete spelling program all in one! Aptly titled, the Natural Speller groups words "naturally," both by sight and sound patterns. Contains grade-level word lists; phonics rules; spelling rules; punctuation rules; skill-building activities in spelling, writing, grammar, dictionary use, vocabulary; homonyms; Greek and Latin roots. Help your child become a "natural" speller!

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    ISBN: 9781929683291
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    ISBN: 9781583312384
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    Grade 2 focuses on words with short and long vowels, blends, diagraphs, contractions, and variant vowels. The word lists also include plural nouns and past-tense verbs.

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    ISBN: 9781419034060
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    ISBN: 9781930443648
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    ISBN: 9781879478206
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    Do you want to see improved spelling in your students' writing? Research shows that 90% of English text consists of just 1000 words. This book focuses on teaching the most commonly used and misspelled words and ensuring that students of all ability levels receive intense instruction on core words. The book is divided into four main parts; Incredible English, Spelling and Teaching, Recommended Teaching Techniques, and Spelling Lists.

    The Incredible English chapter lists rules for spelling and then lists exceptions to the rules. It also compares the difficulty of spelling other languages to spelling English and covers the history of the how the English language has evolved. It also gives arguments for and against spelling reform in a humorous manner.

    The Spelling and Teaching section discussing ways a spelling program can be transferred to writing. Many students spell words correctly on tests but then forget to use the correct spelling in their writing. This part of the book gives ideas to keep that from happening. It discusses the importance of good spelling and explains why schools do not do a better job teaching it. It talks about the different types of memory a student uses to assist with spelling and gives suggestions for improvement.

    Recommended Teaching Techniques is the section of the book that suggests a few teaching methods that provide the greatest amount of practice in the least amount of time. Daily Practice provides six guided practices per word per day, each in about thirty seconds. Homework provides eleven independent practices per word per day, each in less than one minute. Diction provides distributed practice and allows the teacher to continually reinforce spellings, homophones, punctuation, capitalization, and form. Personal Words provide an optional method for dealing with misspellings in student writing in an effective and flexible way.

    The Spelling Lists section includes the 1000 Word Core List. It provides lists for grade levels K-6 and pretesting, review testing, and post-testing to assess students' learning. It also includes spelling rules and lessons and worksheets that correspond with the lists. This instructional book also includes a word bank and other teacher resources like a step-by-step checklist and challenge spelling lists. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 024901
    ISBN: 9781601592651
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    This colorful workbook is chock full of fun, non-threatening activities that make spelling fun! Consonants, beginning sounds, ending sounds, short and long vowels, blends, silent letters, and prefixes/suffixes are some of the skills covered. Activities include: matching, coloring, crossword puzzles, word searches, and basic writing activities (e.g. writing the word that matches the picture, sentence completion). Brightly illustrated pages hold kids' attention and periodic reviews throughout the book tie topics together. Extra word search puzzles are included in the back. 320 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa

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    ISBN: 9780838876022
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    • Provides a review of basic phonics rules before each lesson
    • Begins with short vowel sounds
    • Proceeds through to more difficult words, such as "neighbor"

    Short vowels; long vowels; silent e; "ck" sounds like "k"; double consonants; "th" "ch" "sh" "c" may sound like "s"; "ai"; "ay"; "gh"; "ei"; "gh"; "ei"; and "le."

  • Item #: 002784
    ISBN: 9781888827392
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    Homeschool teachers will go to great lengths to help their students overcome difficulties. Take Beverly Adams-Gordon, for example. An engineer and Montessori teacher, she left her teaching job to homeschool in an effort to solve her youngest daughter's severe spelling problems. Finding no suitable material, she thoroughly researched the subject and developed her own spelling curriculum.

    So what is different?

    • * It's all in one book. One purchase for all years for all kids.
    • * A chapter on research details the most effective methods of spelling instruction.
    • * Complete instructions for introducing, implementing and evaluating the program. Directions are given for adapting to different learning styles and ages.
    • * The program takes only 15 minutes/day.
    • * Extensive Word Lists are based on research done after 1979 of most frequently used and misspelled words. Word lists used in most other programs are based on lists created in 1915 or 1947. Two lists are provided, with 5,000 and 12,000 words, respectively.
    • * General and specific placement tests start each student right where he needs to be.
    • * Program is based on phonics and spelling rules, not phonics alone.
    • * Review is built into the program which uses a "spiral" approach (repeated and spaced review) similar to the approach Saxon takes in it's problem sets.
    • * Directions for over 100 games and activities are included which concentrate on specific skills and make spelling more interesting. Most are individual or partner games, but some can be played by up to 6 players.

    Now available in its 4th edition. Spelling Power retains all of its award-winning effective procedures, but it is more user-friendly with larger type and more graphics. Easier to read and less intimidating, there is also improved organization of resources. The 4th edition Spelling Power package includes access to the Teacher's Online Resources on the publisher's website and an updated Quick Start DVD seminar. The Quick Start DVD provides a personal step-by-step introduction to using the Spelling Power program featuring author Beverly Adams-Gordon who explains each step as "real" homeschool moms and students demonstrate. The Teacher's Online Resources includes printable forms, searchable word lists, charts, printable Activity Task Cards, bonus activities, and the Digital Spelling Tutor which allows you to create spelling lists for multiple children, offers learning, drill and testing activities, tracks several children's progress, allows you to create and print progress reports, and can be used with any spelling word list.

    Spelling Power provides the most thorough coverage of spelling that we have seen. This one is a "classic."

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    ISBN: 9780736768566
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  • Item #: 001894
    ISBN: 9781483811758
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    The Grade 2 lessons concentrate on using contractions and homophones, building compound words, and recognizing sight words and common words. They also build on the previous lessons on long and short vowels.

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