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    ISBN: 9781428432673
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    ISBN: 9781428432680
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    ISBN: 9781428432697
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  • Item #: 002784
    ISBN: 9781888827392
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    Homeschool teachers will go to great lengths to help their students overcome difficulties. Take Beverly Adams-Gordon, for example. An engineer and Montessori teacher, she left her teaching job to homeschool in an effort to solve her youngest daughter's severe spelling problems. Finding no suitable material, she thoroughly researched the subject and developed her own spelling curriculum.

    So what is different?

    • * It's all in one book. One purchase for all years for all kids.
    • * A chapter on research details the most effective methods of spelling instruction.
    • * Complete instructions for introducing, implementing and evaluating the program. Directions are given for adapting to different learning styles and ages.
    • * The program takes only 15 minutes/day.
    • * Extensive Word Lists are based on research done after 1979 of most frequently used and misspelled words. Word lists used in most other programs are based on lists created in 1915 or 1947. Two lists are provided, with 5,000 and 12,000 words, respectively.
    • * General and specific placement tests start each student right where he needs to be.
    • * Program is based on phonics and spelling rules, not phonics alone.
    • * Review is built into the program which uses a "spiral" approach (repeated and spaced review) similar to the approach Saxon takes in it's problem sets.
    • * Directions for over 100 games and activities are included which concentrate on specific skills and make spelling more interesting. Most are individual or partner games, but some can be played by up to 6 players.

    Now available in its 4th edition. Spelling Power retains all of its award-winning effective procedures, but it is more user-friendly with larger type and more graphics. Easier to read and less intimidating, there is also improved organization of resources. The 4th edition Spelling Power package includes access to the Teacher's Online Resources on the publisher's website and an updated Quick Start DVD seminar. The Quick Start DVD provides a personal step-by-step introduction to using the Spelling Power program featuring author Beverly Adams-Gordon who explains each step as "real" homeschool moms and students demonstrate. The Teacher's Online Resources includes printable forms, searchable word lists, charts, printable Activity Task Cards, bonus activities, and the Digital Spelling Tutor which allows you to create spelling lists for multiple children, offers learning, drill and testing activities, tracks several children's progress, allows you to create and print progress reports, and can be used with any spelling word list.

    Spelling Power provides the most thorough coverage of spelling that we have seen. This one is a "classic."

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    ISBN: 9781888827132
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    ISBN: 9780936785707
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    ISBN: 9780936785714
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    ISBN: 9780936785721
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  • Item #: 015120
    ISBN: 9780865303669
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    Covers commonly misspelled words, words with double letters, "i" before "e", exceptions to spelling rules, silent letters, "gh" and "ph", prefixes, roots, special endings, vowel combinations, homophones, and more.
  • Item #: 002418
    ISBN: 9780764147135
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.50

    Think of this inexpensive book not so much as a spelling program, but more as a spelling instructor. The focus is on letter sounds and spelling rules. For instance, the long o sound can be made with the following letter combinations: o, o_e, oa, oe, ow, au, eau, oh, ol, ou, ough, eo, ew. At our house, spelling instruction coincides with phonics instruction in the early grades. We commonly study a letter combination and related words one day, a different letter combination that makes the same sound (with related words) another, then give words with both letter combinations another day to ensure they have really learned the words. This book does a good job of listing letter combinations that can make each sound (common, unusual, and oddball), as well as giving many other spelling rules on plurals, prefixes and suffixes, compound words, homonyms, and Greek and Latin root words. 104 activities, with answers in the book, are included. Recently revised, the book also includes free access to an iPhone/iPad/Android app. Consider this one if you want a basic framework on which to base your own spelling program, or if you have a junior high or high schooler needing remedial spelling work. 284 pgs, pb.

  • Item #: 000334
    ISBN: 9781880892237
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    ISBN: 9780838818527
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    ISBN: 9780769652665
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    ISBN: 9780838818503
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  • Item #: 015134
    ISBN: 9780794540166
    Retail: $4.99
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    In this helpful activity book students are taught how to correctly spell 300 tricky words, while they also gain needed exposure to a number of useful spelling tips and rules. The book is organized so that students are exposed to a grouping of three words on each page, with each grouping sharing something in common. Space is provided so that students can test their ability to spell each word correctly. This resource would be a nice supplement to any spelling or writing curriculum. 112 pgs, pb. ~ Mike

  • Item #: 002898
    ISBN: 9780838818473
    Retail: $40.25
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    ISBN: 9780838818541
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  • Item #: 009489
    ISBN: 9780439764216
    Retail: $9.99
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    Just the spelling, thank you. Beginning writers understand more words than they can spell (for some writers, this will always be the case!). This spelling dictionary contains over 15,000 words without definitions to provide a very usable spell checker in book form. The list is purely alphabetical, meaning that different forms of a word may not even be listed together. The sole purpose is for a child to be able to check the spelling of a word. Words are syllabicated and stressed (di•gres•sion) so this book will be useful for work in these areas as well. In order to help students find a word (since it's sometimes hard to find a word when you don't know how to spell it - like a catch-22), the author gives students a method to follow, basic hints on other possible ways a given sound might begin, a "dozen and one" spelling rules, and a "Misspeller's Dictionary" to use if all else fails. This peculiar dictionary is appended at the end and includes common (it-really-sounds-like-it-starts-this-way) misspellings, along with correctly spelled words. He also includes a "Memory Tricks" section (which is priceless itself), containing 150+ words that are often misspelled, along with a memory aid to help remember their spellings ("Ma, the mat has mathematics written on it"). A nice addition to your child's reference library for all those "Mom, how do you spell...."? times.

  • Item #: 002891
    ISBN: 9780838818480
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  • Item #: 003848
    ISBN: 9780769642611
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  • Item #: 034507
    ISBN: 9781573105576
    Retail: $10.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.50

    Beginning spellers may respond well to the fun activities found in this supplemental workbook. Featuring a 2-page layout per activity (26 activities in all), a beginning sentence tells about the picture. Students are then instructed to find the items in the picture that begin with the target letter. The picture is black and white allowing children to color the specific letter items. Students then will spell out the words on the blanks provided. On the bottom of the page, more challenging bonus words are listed for additional seek-and-find activities. A "how to use" section is found at the beginning of the book and the answers are in the back. Please note, for the letter "O" the theme is "Jack-o-lanterns in October." SC. 64 pgs, reproducible. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 003851
    ISBN: 9780769652641
    Retail: $9.95
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  • Item #: 060400
    ISBN: 9781940384221
    Retail: $39.99
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    It’s not hard to guess the connection – Hooked on Phonics; Hooked on Spelling. Just like its “kissing cousin,” Hooked on Spelling is fun, colorful, and easy-to-use. The general format of the program is familiar as well: Learn (a short 5-7 minute, computer-based lesson), Practice (5-7 minute segment with the engaging workbooks), and Play (another 5-7 minutes having fun with new skills). Each lesson ends with a celebration and a sticker on a progress chart. In fact, this celebration is part of the overall educational philosophy of the program which includes working side by side with your student, encouragement/praise, mastery, being patient, not overdoing it, working in a quiet place, employing real-world spelling activities, surrounding the child with words, and lastly (most importantly?) reading with the child every day. There are two levels: Yellow – roughly corresponding to the 1st grade level of HOP Learn to Read – and Red, corresponding to HOP Learn to Read 2nd grade. Program components for each level include a CD-ROM, a worktext, a spelling study card, a progress poster and stickers. The CD-ROM lessons (20 including reviews) each provide instruction plus interactive reinforcement. Worktexts are for practice and include exercises, reviews and family-time activities. Each word is written at least three times in this segment. The wipe-off Spelling Study Card is available for more practice and provides some guidance for effective mastery. Stickers applied to the Colorful Poster (11” x 7,” laminated) track your student’s progress. All instruction centers around the computer component and although the computer program is professional with good audio and practice, there is no way to skip forward through the lessons. If typing is a roadblock for the child, it may be frustrating. The Yellow level (six words per lesson) covers beginning consonant and rhyming word families, ending consonant sounds, short vowels, beginning and ending blends, word families with ending blends, “ch,” “sh,” “th,” and some irregular words. The Red level (eight words per lesson) covers short vowels vs. long vowels, blends vs. non-blends, “c” sounds, “g” sounds, “y,” plurals and other endings, and some irregular words. ~ Janice System Requirements: Windows 2000, XP or higher; Mac OS 10.1 or higher.

  • Item #: 003849
    ISBN: 9780769652627
    Retail: $9.95
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  • Item #: 003850
    ISBN: 9780769652634
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    ISBN: 9780769652658
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  • Item #: 021561
    ISBN: 9780764144592
    Retail: $14.99
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    From the publisher Barron's is another quality book to simply make learning easier for you. Let me run through with you all that this comprehensive and logical spelling program covers: a 10,000 word ready reference spelling list; chapters on why to bother spelling correctly, why spelling is so difficult, why we misspell, how to become a good speller, and mnemonics; the section covering rules for spelling, which is broken down further to detail better spelling by ear, some special problems (-sede, -ceed, and -cede etc), prefixes, confusing suffixes, plurals of nouns, the final-y, the final-e, doubling final consonants, and the difference between British and American spelling; English as a second language; special devices such as the hyphen, the apostrophe, capital letters, and spelling abbreviations; and troublesome words like homonyms and homophones, word building, most frequently misspelled words, demons and superdemons, science and technology, computer terms, and medical terms. From the theory behind different aspects of spelling to the technical how and with what - I don't think they skipped a single step in teaching spelling. The chapters are clear, and they teach using many examples. Exercises are included throughout the book, and there are seven achievement tests in the back of the book to help test progress. Answers to all the exercises and tests are also included in this book that really does make spelling look like an easy thing to learn. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 026850
    ISBN: 9780130449788
    Retail: $34.00
    Rainbow Price: $26.95

    This is a ready-to-use spelling program for anybody who struggles with spelling difficulties from fourth grade through adult. Learning to spell through memorization just doesn't work for some people, and that is where this program comes in. Since approximately 85% of the English language follows consistent patterns and rules, this program focuses on its structural regularity. There are six basic concepts taught: sounds, syllables, word building, rules, generalizations, and compensatory strategies (for words not spelled in a regular way). There are two sections. The first addresses issues and concerns about how students feel about spelling, tests for checking student's knowledge in certain areas of spelling (like consonants, vowels, blends, digraphs, and sound/symbol correspondences), guidelines for assessing the student's needs, ways to teach irregular words, how and when to teach homonyms, teaching dictionary skills, and checking spelling with computers. The second section contains the 40 lessons. Each lesson consists of these same parts: getting started, introducing new information, practicing with individual words, practicing spelling in context, reinforcing activities, and extra interesting facts. Everything needed to present the lesson is given in the book. The philosophy and methodology of each part of the lessons are described in the introduction. Knowing this will help the teacher effectively present the lessons and activities to the student, helping them gain the confidence they need to succeed and excel. The activities are varied and interesting, and all 200 consumable activity sheets in the book are reproducible. This is a complete program for individual students or small group instruction, starting with the basics and working up. Each lesson takes several days to complete, though that pace can be determined according to the needs of the student. Answers included. 415 pgs, pb. ~ Zach