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    This small kit allows students to create a simple electrical circuit and see first hand what causes open and closed circuits. Everything needed is included in the kit, except for a "D" size battery to supply power. Components include a knife switch, two bulb holders, two small light bulbs, a battery holder, and five alligator connector cords. The circuit is very easy to put together and the directions tell you how to flip the knife switch to create an open and closed circuit and why you get that reaction. A simple but effective way to demonstrate how circuits work. ~ Rachel

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    ISBN: 9781454918110
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     You wait at the dock as a cabin cruiser approaches. Joining six other people (three men and three women) you embark on journey four miles from the mainland to Montague Island. Your mission is to solve a variety of murder mystery activities which leads you to learn more about the guests, the house, the island and even a secret about the mansion itself. A unique, thought provoking twist on the typical logic book. Solutions included. Spiral bound. 96 pgs. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9780794540289
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    This full-color activity book provides children with a series of forty map-themed mazes to explore and complete. The map mazes direct youngsters to travel across continents, walk the streets of world-famous cities, and explore long-lost lands. This super collection of mazes gradually becomes more challenging as young people move through the book. A complete solution guide or answer key is included at the back of this well-designed publication. Measures 10" x 12". 64 pgs, pb. ~ Mike 

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    There are so many puzzle games around, it's difficult to find one that stands out from the pack. IQ Twist differs from the rest in several regards – its simplicity, its small size, and its originality. To play, you decide which of the 100 puzzles you want to do, and fit pegs into the board to match that puzzle. Then you try to fit all the twisty puzzle pieces onto the board and over the pegs– matching the color of the piece to the peg it fits over, of course. Each puzzle has only one solution, making some of them downright impossible. An excellent travel game, and a great way to boost IQ and spatial reasoning. ~ Mark

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    ISBN: 9780486782485
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    These pictures look exactly the same, except, wait, wasn’t that orange flower blue before? Enjoy 25 different picture puzzles, each with about 10 or so differences to spot. The color photographs are full of fun details, some simple, some tricky! Perfect for the waiting room or in the car. 64 softcover pages with solutions. – Laura

  • Item #: 001607
    ISBN: 9780486435329
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    Whether you're going on a quick errand or an extended trip, keep little ones entertained with this mini activity book. The forty-eight travel-themed activities include: drawing, matching, mazes, word puzzles, and simple math problems. Bring along crayons to color in the pages after completing the activities. Solutions are found in the back. This book is a Dover Green Edition printed on partially recycled materials. 62 pages, paperback – Rachel
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    This Tetris-like puzzle features 12 different shapes of between 3 and 5 beads with thin connecting plastic. The puzzle board is a 5 x 11 region of dents in which you will configure your shapes. The object of the game is to fit all 12 shapes on the Kanoodle board, starting with the positions on the cards. As the cards get harder, you will start with fewer and fewer puzzle pieces. Each setup has hundreds of possible combinations but just one solution. It can get quite frustrating when you end up with one bead off the board and one open spot, but the more you try the closer (and farther) you can get. Once you master the 2D setup, you can play 3D Pyramid Kanoodle with the same key concept but one challenging twist - use all 12 pieces to make a pyramid. I hope you find this as fun and challenging as I did.

  • Item #: 012091
    ISBN: 9780689801785
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    Twenty-two hundred years ago, King Chen became the First Supreme Emperor of China. King Chen came up with a brilliant solution to protecting his people from the Mongol horsemen who raided villages and threatened to invade. He would build a wall. After ten long years of hard work, the 3,750-mile wall was complete. This true story is told in a simple, storybook manner so children will enjoy it while learning about history. Black-and-white drawings illustrate the book. 30 pgs. ~ Rachel S.

  • Item #: 071237
    ISBN: 9781849944007
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     Forty-five of the 20th century’s most famous buildings, from a wide variety of architects, have been transformed into challenging dot-to-dot puzzles. The numbers are tiny and there are lots of them! Most puzzles go into the 200s, but some go into the 500s. There are some simple lines that give hints and the solutions are in the back. It would be fun to do some further research into the various styles! You could color in the finished image to match the real building and have a reference book when you’re done! 9.75x9.75”, sc. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 046585
    ISBN: 9781857441154
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    Both beginning and advanced chess players will benefit from this thorough book. The book contains two volumes in one: Volume One teaches beginning principles, while Volume Two teaches winning methods. Volume One introduces students to the chess board, game pieces, and basic moves for game play. Volume Two focuses on game strategies, with a study of openings, attacking techniques, and a guide to endgame themes. The book contains 400 examples (ranging from simple to difficult) of various chess moves, accompanied by black-and-white diagrams of chess boards with detailed instructions. Solutions to the game examples are located after each chapter, and an index is located in the back. 174 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 002759
    ISBN: 9780156569804
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    If you have ever had the privilege of speaking with a young child, you may have experienced kid logic, or a very simplistic and often silly explanation for an impossible or complicated phenomenon. This book is a beautiful story of kid.

    When a young princess is very sick, she says she can be made well if the moon is brought to her. The king gathers all his great thinkers who ponder and puzzle and can come up with no solution. It is the simple jester who goes to the princess and, after asking her a few questions, comes up with a clever answer. The charming childlike responses from the princess combined with squiggly, colored illustrations make for a whimsical story that is perfect for bedtime. 48 softcover pages. Laura

  • Item #: 057033
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    50 challenges, countless configurations! Interlock is a game of logic that challenges the player to think outside the box. The objective is to create connected geometric shapes using the twelve 1x1x2-inch blocks in a manner that hides all visible sockets or plugs. Interlock seems deceptively simple at first, but spikes in difficulty rather quickly, becoming a true test of skill, inventiveness and spatial reasoning. A booklet is included which offers hints as well as a solution to all puzzle configurations. However, another interesting facet of this game is that the answers they present are only one of many possible resolutions to a puzzle! ~ Nick

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    ISBN: 9781454912453
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  • Item #: 032295
    ISBN: 9780486255316
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    Here is a great first book of mazes for your children. These 46 cleverly illustrated mazes are not only fun, but they help develop puzzle-solving skills, too. Simple rhymes accompany each maze, telling you what you need to do to reach each goal. Your kids will enjoy helping a cowboy 'round up all three of his steers that got loose, finding mittens for kittens, and showing the spider the way to his friend who is waiting for him at the cobweb's end. The book's small size (4 3/16" x 5 3/4") is also perfect for little hands and would be ideal for car trips and other excursions. This paperback book has 64 black-and-white pages, and solutions are provided. ~ Elise
  • Item #: 286401
    ISBN: 9781606824580
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    The Algebra 2 Teacher's Edition (3rd ed) provides presentation suggestions and motivational ideas for teaching Algebra 2, including additional Internet keyword searches leading to interactive activities and supplemental material. Additional problems, common student errors, math journaling suggestions, graphing calculator tips, and one-on-one activities are also included. The Teacher's Edition also includes a detailed Lesson Plan Overview and a Common Core State Standards Correlation chart that can assist in lesson preparation. Grading is made simple because of reduced student pages with overprint answers and complete step-by-step solutions.

    The Teacher's Toolkit CD is also included with the Teacher's Edition. It contains extra reproducible activities (with answer keys), Projection Ready Answers for exercise sets, a Mathardy review game, related visuals, and other resources. (description provided by Bob Jones University Press)

  • Item #: 057014
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    A logic game with a Noah's Ark theme! Each animal wants its own place on the ark—your challenge is to fulfill those tricky requests. For example, the kangaroo wants to sit next to the lion, but that's the spot where the panda wants to sit to chat with the zebra. Oh, and the giraffe doesn't want to sit in the back. This game includes a simple, slotted wooden ark, 7 painted wooden figures (Noah, giraffe, kangaroo, lion, hippo, panda, and zebra), and a ringed card deck with 60 challenges. The front side of each illustrated card presents a challenge to complete with visual clues (no reading; some with numbers) that show where certain animals want to sit. Try to solve the puzzle by arranging the animals in an order (and facing the directions) that make all the animals happy. Challenges progress through four levels of difficulty; solutions are on the reverse side of each card. For one or more players.

  • Item #: 024233
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    Everyone knows that bubbles are fun, but they can be educational, too. This kit includes everything you need to make amazing bubbles, plus bubble-themed experiments. What's the first step for making bubbles? Start with a good recipe. Follow the directions in this kit to make a couple of different types of soap, including one specifically for making giant bubbles. Begin with a few simple experiments to see why a bubble does what it does, learning about the surface tension at work. Then on to the fun stuff, as you experiment with different bubble sizes, shapes, and variations (like blowing a bubble inside a bubble). You'll make giant bubbles, linked bubbles, bubble bridges and more! This kit includes soap solution concentrate, parts for a bubble frame, a bubble ring & tray, a toy car, a couple of measuring cups, a funnel, two pieces of colored paper, and three drinking straws. The included experiment manual has 48 pages full of facts and photos. –Chad
  • Item #: 004189
    ISBN: 9781402788215
    Retail: $8.95
    Rainbow Price: $4.10

    Ready for a real brain puzzler? The simple word search concept has been turned on its head in this book – literally! Letters are oriented in four different directions, and depending on which way you're looking at it, some letters change into a different letter. For instance, it might be an "E" when right-side up, but an "M" or "W" if you rotate it to the left or right. And it might be used as any or all of those three! When you finish a puzzle, the leftover letters will spell a quote and its author. 72 of these puzzles will probably take a while to get through! And yes, don't worry, solutions are included in case you get stuck. 96 pgs. – Chad

  • Item #: 053704
    ISBN: 9781402766992
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    I double dog dare you to try this puzzle! It seems innocuous enough, 12 brightly colored plastic shapes that look like children's toys. Each pentomino equals 5 cubes and loosely resemble letters. These have been around a long time under different names like Polyominoes and Hexus, as mathematical recreation. The book of patterns is your challenge. I tried the first page of puzzles thinking they must be the easiest and won't take long to finish. Boy, was I wrong! Pentominoes are quite tough to solve. I thought I must be missing something simple, so I asked other people to have a go. We were all stumped and engaged in this compelling math puzzle. The book states that ages 8 and up should be able to complete the patterns, but I would say it is for older students and adults. Even a child with a very mathematical, logical brain will be challenged by this. Just trying to get them back in the box was a puzzle in itself. The book has 365 puzzle patterns to try and follow. The solutions are in the back and an introduction and some tips are in the front. The pieces themselves store inside the book in a plastic case. Kids can even create new designs and record them on graph paper. I would call this one deceptively simple and a lot of fun! Keep your brain "in shape" for a long time to come. 96 pgs, spiral hc. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 013805
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    The Chem 60 Kit will provide hours of experiment fun without harmful chemicals. Topics covered in the activities are chemical reactions, acids and bases, chromatography, crystal growing, surface tension, solutions and colloids, expansion of gases, magnetism, optics, growing plants,

    The Chemistry 60 Kit will provide hours of experiment fun without harmful chemicals. Topics explored include: chemical reactions, acids and bases, chromatography, crystal growing, surface tension, solutions and colloids, expansion of gases, magnetism, optics, growing plants, and much more. While some activities will require adult supervision, many of them can be done independently. Most items are provided in the kit, but you will need to gather household items to complete some of the activities.

    Each activity is colorfully illustrated with step-by-step instructions, and a very simple explanation for each activity is offered at the end. Students will test for acids by using red cabbage juice, write a magic message using lemon juice, build an erupting volcano, see and hear gas expand, grow salt crystals, and much more.

    Kit contains sodium hydrogen carbonate, iron powder, sand, plastic test tube rack, plastic test tubes, test tube holder, stopper, magnifying glass, green felt tip pen, plastic beaker, 25 milliliter measuring cup with lid, safety goggles, measuring spoon, eye dropper, funnel, tweezers, magnet in holder, washers, paper clip, pH scale, pH paper, thread, mirror, drinking straw, modeling dough, rubber band, Styrofoam, and instruction booklet. Stir up some ChemFun and learn some basic chemistry! ~ Donna

  • Item #: 015607
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    Programming isn’t just for the computer in this game! The idea is to “program” your way through each puzzle, using a specific combination of movements. Included in the game is an avatar, a portal, various move tokens (actions your avatar can take such as jumping, sliding, or running), power crystals, and enemy tokens, along with a map book and guide book. The map book contains puzzles of increasing difficulty with color-coded paths, which indicate which movement you need to go down the path, numbered spaces for power crystals, your avatar, and the portal. The guide book is your “program”: you place movement tokens on the various slots available in that puzzle, and then “run the program” by moving your avatar based on what tokens you placed in the guide book. The goal is to program your avatar to collect all gems, fight enemies, and navigate your way to the portal. Once you have a successful program, you can move on to the next level! But be warned: though the early levels are simple, there’s only one solution to each puzzle. Later puzzles feature loops, one-way paths, and non-linear programming logic in the guidebook. While the main goal is to demonstrate how computer programs “think”, the game is also great for developing planning, sequential logic, and problem-solving skills. Code Master is a single-player game, but can easily be passed around level-by-level for some family fun!

  • Item #: 038305
    ISBN: 9781929645442
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    Sudoku puzzles have exploded in popularity in recent years, and this product allows you to enjoy the logical puzzles with colors instead of numbers. Instead of using numbers from 1-9, Colorku uses nine differently colored wooden marbles on a large wooden board. The high-quality wood board measures 13.5" x 13.5" and is divided into nine rows, nine columns, and nine 3 x 3 squares. It has 81 wood marbles in 9 vibrant colors. The board and marbles are covered with a plastic tray that holds the balls on the board when storing, and flips over to serve as a ball holder while playing. The board comes with 100 different puzzle cards that come in four different difficulty levels and tell players where to place the first few marbles. The solution to each puzzle is achieved when the player ends up having one and only one of every color ball in each of the nine rows, columns, and 3 x 3 squares. Solutions are included. There's even a color conversion card that shows you how to alter any Sudoku puzzle from any book or news-paper and solve it using your Colorku board. Think the 100 puzzle cards that come with the game won't be enough? Luckily, there are a few Expansion Packs, which offer additional puzzle cards at a variety of levels. Each pack offers 100 puzzles with solutions. The Beginner Puzzles are fairly simple, the All Level Puzzles offer puzzles for four different difficulty levels, and the Advanced Puzzles will drive you crazy. The durable wooden game and fun yet challenging puzzles will be enjoyed by new and old Sudoku fans alike. ~Rachel
  • Item #: 060818
    ISBN: 9781601448866
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    Rainbow Price: $39.99

    The word 'Algebra' can strike fear into the hearts of many, but Critical Thinking Press has done their part to calm your math nerves and prepare students for higher level math in Understanding Algebra. The newest member of the Mathematical Reasoning line is a full one year algebra course for students at the junior high and high school level in a consumable format.

    The information in this worktext is a user-friendly format and presented in a step-by-step fashion. The text makes a connection between the arithmetic of the elementary years to the algebra they need to succeed in high school math. Twelve chapters begin with the basics and build upon each other Our number system, Evaluating Expressions and Solving Equations, From Words to Algebra/Translating and Solving Word Problems, From Words to Algebra/More Word Problems, Inequalities, Polynomials, Factoring, Working with Radicals, Linear Functions, Systems of Equations and Inequalities, Other Types of Functions, and Working with Algebraic Fractions.

    The author begins the book with a simple explanation of "What is Algebra," and then jumps right in. Each chapter is 20 to 30 pages in length and broken into topics. Each topic or lesson offers the student explanations and examples in a very visual fashion. Colored charts, illustrations, and graphs are incorporated for clarity of explanations. Within the lessons, students will be asked questions to assure they know the concept being presented and a 'more practice' section rounds out the lesson. Sets of 'Enrichment Problems' are scattered throughout the chapters to offer additional practice in higher-order thinking using plenty of word problems. There are no chapter tests in this book, so you would need to assess your student's understanding of the concepts by other means grades from the practice sets and exercises might be your best tool for assessment.

    New for the 2017 edition are chapter reviews covering and a final exam.

    A glossary that includes algebra vocabulary and an answer key are found at the back of the book. These are answers and not solutions. A helpful reference page is included. Students will learn about the history of math as they learn math strategies to help them with algebra and beyond. 378 pgs. pb. Reproducible for home and single classroom use. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 007512
    ISBN: 9780988707085
    Retail: $120.00
    Rainbow Price: $110.00

    From the creators of the KidCoder and TeenCoder series comes this ultimate course in digital literacy! The goal of the program is to help middle-to-high-school students develop a foundational understanding of hardware, software, file management, Internet safety, and more. The course is divided into two semesters (about 33 weeks) of material; the first covers basic concepts, including an introduction to types of hardware, software, and popular programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, and more. The second semester delves into more hands-on topics which include social media programs, basic Internet utilities, designing web pages, and creating simple programs.

    At the heart of the course is a simple online interface which tracks student progress and helps organize teachers. Two online access codes are sent out with each copy of the product: one for the student, and one for the teacher. The students have access to several tools for each lesson: Lesson Video, Text, and Quiz. The videos are key to understanding topics and are both animated and narrated to help both visual learners and students learning English as a second language. The automated quizzes ensure students have a good grasp of each concept before moving on and are automatically scored for every student and sent to the teacher for review. Teachers likewise have access to a Teacher Guide, a Quiz Answer Key, and Activity Solution Guides / Files, in addition to syllabi, activity overviews, and chapter walkthroughs. These resources are provided at the teacher's leisureeach can be used by itself, left alone if deemed unnecessary, or integrated with the teacher's own supplementary material.

    The full range of topics covered includes: Fundamentals of Computer Hardware / Software, Operating Systems, Computer Files, Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting, Computer Networks, Search Engines, Computer Security, Word Processing, Spreadsheet Programs, Presentation Programs, Database Technology, Project Management, Digital Images, Internet Communications, Social Media, Creating Web Pages, Programming Concepts, Digital Logic, and Careers and Professional Skills.

    The course caters to group teaching as well; the online software allows teachers to track each student's scores and progress individually. The program is also age-friendly, allowing multiple students of different middle-and-high-school ages to work together as one class. In addition, it is a moderately fast-paced coursethe stated average workload amounts to roughly 3-5 hours of work per week over 33 weeks, but if this is too rigorous for students or you have younger kids in the class, the course is designed to be self-paced. If you are looking for a full-blown course on digital literacy that caters to a wide range of students, this is certainly one of the best! System requirements: Windows 7/8/10 or Mac OS 10.7 or higher. ~ Stephen

    Note: Requires a laptop or desktop with an internet connection and Microsoft Office (latest version recommended).