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Science Grade 8

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  • Item #: 054687
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    Same basic format as the General Science Notebook Journal. Space is provided for On Your Own and Study Guide questions and for developing Lab Reports. Graphic organizers to help with concept development and Module Summaries are provided for each module. Digging Deeper sections give the student the opportunity to strengthen critical thinking skills. Grading rubrics for the lab reports are provided in the Appendix.

  • Item #: GENSET
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  • Item #: 054686
    ISBN: 9781935495703
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    User-friendly companion that provides space for answering On Your Own and Study Guide questions as well as for developing Lab Reports. Study helps include graphic organizers and a Module Summary for each module (fill-in-the-blank). Digging Deeper sections provide opportunity for practical applications and writing activities. For the teacher there are grading rubrics for lab reports and suggested answers for some of the graphic organizers. The History of Science module includes a nicely done timeline.

  • Item #: 051463
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    Physical Science: Students study living organisms and their responses to the environment. They also study population growth, food chains, and ecological succession. Students learn to read a weather map and study weather instruments, fronts and masses, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning and clouds. The curriculum includes hands-on laboratory experiences, research projects, textbook information acquisition and note taking techniques. Students also study speed, velocity, acceleration and gravity. Through experiments they evaluate chemical reactions. They study air, water, and chemical pollution as well as fossil fuels, solar energy, and energy conservation. Also studied are: electric currents, fields and circuits along with magnetic fields and electromagnetism. Special lab items are necessary at this level and include beakers, safety goggles, gram scale, copper sulfate, 0.5 M acetic acid, crucible tongs, and zinc (mossy).

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  • Item #: 000137
    ISBN: 9780867176612
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    Lifepac Set plus Teacher's Manual. General Science II. Science & Society, The Structure of Matter I, The Structure of Matter II, Health & Nutrition, Energy I, Energy II, Machines I, Machines II, Balance in Nature, Science & Technology.
  • Item #: 002380
    ISBN: 9780740337666
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    General Science II. Units: Science & Society; Structure of Matter (1 & 2); Health & Nutrition; Energy (1 & 2); Machines (1 & 2); Balance in Nature; and Science & Technology.
  • Item #: 006177
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    This kit from Nature's Workshop includes supplies for many of the labs from the DIVE curriculum, but some have been omitted because of packaging and safety constraints. Materials are included for the following labs – 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.1, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.1, 4.2, 4.4, 4.5, and 4.6. Each lab comes with a materials sheet. DIVE materials sold separately.

  • Item #: 015476
    ISBN: 9780890517277
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    Using the True North series and Awesome Science DVD series together, you can teach your students about what the rocks tell us about the earth and its history. This planner pulls them all together to make a full one-year curriculum that equals one high school credit. The 180 daily lesson plans lay it all out for you, along with reproducible worksheets (for ten or less and homeschool families), quizzes and tests, and the answer key. The worksheets include activities, discussion questions, short answer, fill-in-the-blank and vocabulary. The daily schedule is formatted in an easy-to-follow chart that also includes space for assignment due dates and recording grades. Lessons take 30-45 minutes daily, and some labs are suggested but not required. If you have a geology buff in your family, why not take the time to teach them about the geological record from a biblical perspective? ~ Donna
  • Item #: 036334
    ISBN: 9780890514665
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    14 chapters cover motion, the Laws of Motion, gravity, simple machines, energy, heat, states of matter, save motion, light, electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism, nuclear energy, and future physics. The early chapters incorporate plenty of scientific history, and include biographical details of Aristotle, Galileo, Isaac Newton, Johannes Kepler, and others.

  • Item #: 050667
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    Contains 250 ml glass beaker, alcohol lamp with stand, bar magnet, electrostatic kit, graduated cylinder, horseshoe magnet, inflatable globe, iodine solution, iron metal filings, large marbles, mass scale, Milk of Magnesia, phenolphthalein solution, pipette, Plaster of Paris, plastic funnel, pulley, red and blue litmus paper, ruler, safety goggles, cover slips and slides, spring scale, stirring rod, stopwatch, test tube rack, test tubes, thermometer, and wire test tube holder. You will still need to gather some common items from around your home to use in some experiments. The curriculum for use with this kit is sold separately.
  • Item #: 050665
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    Contains acetate sheets, bar magnet, 100 ml glass graduated cylinder, acrylic cube prism, adding machine tape, alligator clip, steel ball, D-cell battery with holder, bulb with holder, carbon paper, 8 ½"x 11" cardboard, 2" C-clamp, Burette clamp, modeling clay, compass, converging lens, digital pocket scale, Dynamic cart set with spring, electrostatic kit, 6"-20mm glass tube, graph paper, grooved plastic ruler, microscope slides, iron metal filings, liquid graphite, oleic acid, pen light, pipette, threaded pith balls, polarizer analyzer, protractor, ring stand with base, rubber stoppers, rubbing alcohol, semicircular petri dish, slinky, spark timer, helical spring, stopwatch, student thermometer, talcum powder, tongue depressor, tracing paper, weight set with hook. You will still need to gather some common items from around your home to use in some experiments. The curriculum for use with this kit is sold separately.
  • Item #: 048673
    ISBN: 9781622236381
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    Kit includes: 8 oz glass jar (w/out lid), alcohol burner w/ stand (fuel not included), baby lima bean seeds, baking soda, large balloon, 250 ml glass beaker (2), Benedict's solution, black construction paper (3), black marker, blue food coloring (2), blue tissue paper, cardboard (2), cardboard, cardstock (2), chalk, clear tape, cooking oil, corn seeds, corn starch, cotton ball (2 pk), cotton swab, dialysis membrane (2), dish soap, economical magnifier, flashlight, 12 oz glass jar, glucose test strips, green construction paper (2), green tissue paper, honey, household ammonia (50 ml), insulated copper wire (6"), iodine solution, 8 oz jar lids (2), large 3" nail, lima beans, lime water, large marble, 4" masking tape (2), metal nut, microscope slide & coverslips (10 pk), mint candy, paper towels (5), pencils (2), phenolphthalein solution, clear 12 oz plastic cups (8), plastic graduated cylinder (10 ml), plastic knife, platic petri dish, plastic pipette, plastic red bowl, plastic spoon, plastic zip lock bags, prepared slide of a leaf, protractor, PTC paper strips (10 pk), radish seeds, single-edge razor blade, red construction paper (2), red food coloring, red tissue paper, rennet table, rope (10 ft), small rubber bands (5), #00 15 mm rubber stoppers (2), rubbing alcohol, wooden ruler, safety goggles, saltine crackers, scissors, small block of wood, small mirror, spectroscope, 250g spring scale, stopwatch, large straw (3), string, styrofoam cups & lids (2) test tube holder (clamp), test tubes (6 pk), thumbtacks, toothpick, tuning fork, vinegar, white construction paper (2), white paper (10), white trash bag, world map w/ latitude & longitude lines, and yellow food coloring.
  • Item #: 006140
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    Kit includes: ammonia (50 ml), bar magnet, glass beaker (250 ml), black construction paper (6), permanent marker, cardboard (8.5" x 11"), cardboard tube, chalk, cheesecloth netting, clear 12 oz plastic cups (6), clear tape, compact disk, cooking oil, copper strips (3), non-insulated copper wire (3 ft), directional compass, drawing compass, dry cell (9 volt), electrostatics kit, flashlight, blue food coloring, galvanometer, 8 oz glass jars (2), insulated copper wire (4 2ft pieces), iron filing tube, knife switch, large 3" nail, kitchen scale, measuring tape, paper clips, paper cup (7 oz), paper lunch bag, paper towels (3), pencil, plastic container, plastic knife, plastic spoon, red drink mix, rope (2m, pulley cord), rubber bands (2), ruler, safety goggles, salt, screw, single pulley (2), small blocks of wood (2), small nail, spool of thread, spring scale (250g metric), star & planet locator (star map), straight pins, 6" styrofoam ball, sugar, thin pieces of wood (2), thin white box, toy car, vinegar, white cotton string (4 pieces), white paper (4), and zinc strips (3).
  • Item #: 006138
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    Kit includes: bag of rocks, baking soda, large balloons (5), black construction paper (3), small brown gift box (2), chalk, clay (Play-Doh), cocoa, comb, cone-shaped drinking cup, copper tube, dry cereal, flashlight, flat baking pan, food coloring (blue), glue, index cards, inflatable globe, large glass jar (12 oz), large glass jar lid, lima beans, magnifying lens, mass scale, matches, measuring tape, moldable wax, small nail, paper cups (10), paper towel sheets (4), pencils (2), permanent marker, piece of lined paper, pieces of rubber (2), plastic wrap, potting soil, red drink mix, rubber band pack (6 different sizes), ruler, salt, sand, sandpaper, scissors, small glass jar w/ lid (8 oz), small mirror, small wood block, sponge, stickers (4 pk), stopwatch, straight pins (3), student thermometer (2), tea light candles (3), thumbtacks, toothpicks, tuning fork, vinegar, waxed paper, white cotton string, white paper (5), wire coat hangers (2), and wooden dowel 6".
  • Item #: 006086
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    Kit includes: alphabet chart, banner paper, bolt, butterfly kit, cardstock, circular pie pan, clear tape, clothespin, comb, construction paper (10 pack, plus 1 orange), cotton ball (2 pk), cotton string, crayons, red drink mix, economy magnifier, envelope (4" x 8"), feathers, glue, grass seed pack, large paper plates (5), large straw, large test tubes (2), limestone rocks, Marigold seed packet, metal nut, microwave popcorn bag (2), mirror, paint set w/ brush, paper sack, pattern blocks, pebble, pencils (2), personal-size handheld fan, picture pack, pinwheel, plastic ruler 6" (3), pulley-single (2), rope, sand, sandpaper, scissors, screw, small bell, student clock, tissue paper--blue, toothpicks, white paper, wooden board, and a wooden ruler.
  • Item #: 001862
    ISBN: 9781483811727
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  • Item #: SFPGR8
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  • Item #: RBW8SP
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  • Item #: 065956
    ISBN: 9781428438484
    Retail: $69.47
    Rainbow Price: $38.18

    Teacher Book provides lesson objectives, materials, application and practice, and a weekly vocabulary routine (to define, demonstrate and apply). Additional Teacher Resources include a comprehensive word list, morphological elements and generative words, general academic words, and lists of words that are subject specific in Science, Social Studies, ELA and Math and 60 pages of differentiated learning options for helping struggling, not native speakers and advanced readers.  Meets current Common Core National Standards. 225pp

  • Item #: 065955
    ISBN: 9781428438477
    Retail: $69.47
    Rainbow Price: $38.18

    The Teacher Book provides lesson objectives, materials, application and practice, and a weekly vocabulary routine (to define, demonstrate and apply). Additional Teacher Resources include a comprehensive word list, morphological elements and generative words, general academic words, and lists of words that are subject specific in Science, Social Studies, ELA and Math and 60 pages of differentiated learning options for helping struggling, not native speakers and advanced readers. 225pp. 

  • Item #: 051301
    ISBN: 9781942192930
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  • Item #: 008548
    ISBN: 9780740307331
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  • Item #: 017505
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    Included in the 8th grade supply kit: safety gloves, lab apron, safety goggles, digital scale, set of 4 specific gravity cylinders, wooden ruler, 25 ml & 250 ml graduated cylinder, glycerin, glass pipette, protractor, string, 1" washer, straws, bamboo skewers, inflatable globe, modeling clay, tape measure, tea light candle, cardboard, 50ml & 250ml beaker, 6-volt battery, bulb holder, screw base for bulb (2.5v), C-clamp, dowel rod, USA map (political) placemat, insulated copper wire, right angle clamp, ring support stand, Alum, stirring rod, 3x/6x magnifier, Magnesium Sulfate, 1.5" Alnico bar magnets, rock & mineral test kit, 100g spring scale, Hydrochloric Acid, Trilobite fossil, Marble stone, cheesecloth, 1000ml beaker, hydrometer with thermometer, paper cups, thistle tube, watch glass, pill bottle w/child proof lid, sand, soil test kit, pea gravel, Plaster of Paris, clear plastic cups, rubber stoppers, test tubes, test tube rack, foam board, dowel rod, 1" screw, outdoor thermometer, rubber bands, compass, index cards, push pins, The Night Sky Star Map, straight pins, cardboard tubes, 50mm and 300 mm convex lens, balloon, fishing line.

    1CHOKING HAZARD (1, 4). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 026972
    ISBN: 9780890514122
    Retail: $14.99
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    This fascinating book explores many different facets of mathematics, and is an intriguing read for anyone - whether or not they enjoy the actual subject! It begins with a chapter which discusses the calendar - how it came about, problems and changes that were corrected and re-corrected, how the months were named and the days were divided amongst them, different people who influenced the calendar, and finally the system that we have today. Did you know that our calendar will have to be adjusted again, assuming we reach the year 5329? By then, our current calendar will be off an entire day. The text is so interesting it's hard not to just keep reading. Throughout the text, questions, puzzles, and problems are offered as a challenge for students. Some of the topics covered include measuring, practical mathematics, number names and patterns, endless numbers, math for scientists, and computing machines. Lots of history is given with each topic, so students learn not only about the concepts but how they were formed and developed over time to give us the functions we commonly use today. An excellent supplement to any math curriculum, reading a chapter from this book would provide an excellent break from the daily math lessons. 157 pgs. - Melissa