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  • Item #: 045183
    Retail: $2.49
    Rainbow Price: $2.37

    This sturdy 12” plastic ruler measures in inches and centimeters and features color illustrations of all of the planets in the solar system. Each planet’s diameter and temperature is listed below the planet. The back of the ruler lists metric conversion equivalents for length, volume, weight and temperature. Lisa

  • Item #: 065924
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $4.25

      Something a little different for your visual learners, this ruler is made of a thin flexible, white plastic. The inches side shows 1” increments in blue, half inch in green, quarter inches in yellow, eighths in red and sixteenths in black. The metric side shows centimeters in blue hash marks and millimeters in red.

  • Item #: 018847
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $1.75

    This flexible plastic ruler has inches on one side, and a metric/inches combination on the other. The inches-only side is graduated in increments of 1/2 inch, while the metric/inches side has one edge measured in centimeters, one edge with 1/4 inch graduations. Sold by the each. Two are needed in the Saxon K-3 program.

  • Item #: 061293
    Retail: $1.99
    Rainbow Price: $1.58

    This simple wooden ruler is approx. 1” x 12” with inch and centimeter measurements on the back, and a picture of a cardinal as well as a complete list of each state’s official bird on the front in red printing. – Laura

  • Item #: 023646
    Retail: $1.99
    Rainbow Price: $1.50

    Bend them, twist them, and don't worry about breaking them! These 12" rulers are made of very flexible plastic and come in solid colors.

  • Item #: 022840
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $14.39

    Add a little LEGO fun to math time! This cute ruler has rainbow 8 bricks running down the center with centimeter marks on one side and inch marks on the other (includes markings down to sixteenths of an inch). Use all the bricks for a 12 ruler, or use half to form a 6 ruler. Ruler comes unassembled, but it is very easy to piece together and stays together as well as regular bricks. 1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs. Laura

  • Item #: 054481
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $0.50

    This heavy-paper ruler includes a foot ruler and 31 centimeters on one side, and the times tables through 12x10 on the other.

  • Item #: 002958
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $0.80

    This slightly textured ruler won’t slip out of little hands and can easily measure round or shaped objects! Measure centimeters or inches and half inches only. Printing is high contrast (black print on white), so great for low vision needs. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 061965
    Retail: $2.50
    Rainbow Price: $2.25

    If you have ever broken a stiff plastic ruler then here is your replacement. Clear plastic shows 12 inches (no cm) and the best part is you can bend it like a horseshoe and it won’t break! It relaxes back to flat easily and has an anti-slide strip on both front and back. It is not beveled. Phthalates free. Made in Germany by Kum. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 056280
    Retail: $1.99
    Rainbow Price: $1.89

    Teach your little ones how to measure with this fun colored inches/centimeter ruler. Rubber pieces on the top and bottom help it to stay in place. Three fun face stencils to liven up a project. Assorted colors. –Laura

  • Item #: 039901
    Retail: $1.49
    Rainbow Price: $1.35
    This brightly-colored plastic ruler will not only help students draw straight lines and learn to measure inches and centimeters, but also offers a "handy" reminder of which direction is left/right with labeled handprints on their respective ends of the ruler. The upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet are also displayed in the center of the ruler. – Rachel
  • Item #: 032261
    Retail: $4.50
    Rainbow Price: $3.95

    10" sturdy plastic ruler features 22 hieroglyhic symbols, and their corresponding English letters. Will make writing in hieroglyphics a snap; also useable as a ruler, when not in Ancient Egypt!

  • Item #: 039747
    Retail: $1.49
    Rainbow Price: $1.35
    Made of lightweight plastic, this ruler not only features standard inch and centimeter measurements, but also reminds users of the traditional cursive alphabet, both upper and lower case letters, which are written in a fun rainbow strip down the middle. – Rachel
  • Item #: 039824
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $0.50

    Sturdy ruler marked in inches on one side and millimeters on the other. Transparent, light blue.

  • Item #: 022762
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $1.15

    A very sturdy, bendable 12” ruler with easy-to-read English and metric measurements. Rulers come in assorted colors; although we cannot guarantee particular color requests, if you order more than one we will assort.

  • Item #: 056276
    Retail: $2.99
    Rainbow Price: $2.48

    It's a ruler, wait, it's a compass, wait it's BOTH! This handy tool from Helix®—inches on one side and centimeters on the other—is made of transparent plastic for easy measuring. It has a handle in the middle to hold as you insert your pen into the various holes down one end, allowing you to create circles from 1.25" to 12" in diameter with 1/16" increments. On the other end, you have circle stencils to draw circles from 1/16" to 9/16" in diameter. Sold in assorted colors.

  • Item #: 012911
    Retail: $1.99
    Rainbow Price: $1.75
  • Item #: 035679
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $0.80
    Ideal for introducing children to measurement, this colorful see-through plastic ruler sticks to the basics, displaying only half inches and inches on one edge and centimeters on the other edge. Includes holes for easy storage in a ringbinder. Assorted colors.
  • Item #: 012508
    Retail: $1.99
    Rainbow Price: $1.42
  • Item #: 032821
    Retail: $2.39
    Rainbow Price: $1.95

    If your kids keep breaking plastic or wooden rulers (not sure how that could happen, tee hee), then a metal one may be just what you need. These would be great for a classroom set, as they are really durable. Each is 12" long and has centimeters & inches marked. The backing contains a thin, non-skid foam cushion & the ruler has a hole in one end that you could hang it by, or put a string through it to hang. I love the bright colors: lime green, hot pink, neon blue and a grapey purple (our choice). ~ Sara

  • Item #: 057651
    Retail: $3.99
    Rainbow Price: $2.47

  • Item #: 056283
    Retail: $1.19
    Rainbow Price: $0.85
  • Item #: 056284
    Retail: $1.59
    Rainbow Price: $1.40
  • Item #: 057650
    Retail: $3.99
    Rainbow Price: $3.75

  • Item #: 025531
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95
    This combination of masking tape and a ruler can be used by student and parents/teachers alike! Displaying both English and metric units, this tape is great for teaching measuring concepts, or stick it to the edge of a project table to easily measure materials. The entire roll is 1" wide by 500" long and yields forty 12" rulers. – Rachel
  • Item #: 067833
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    Rainbow Price: $0.95

  • Item #: 012503
    Retail: $1.99
    Rainbow Price: $1.75
  • Item #: 049537
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  • Item #: 008083
    ISBN: 9780743904575
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.75
  • Item #: 008052
    ISBN: 9780743904414
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.50