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Rod And Staff English 4

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    This inexpensive book contains eighteen lessons that teach students to become better poets. Each three to five page lesson covers a different topic such as rhyme, rhythm, topic, grammar, word choice, alliteration, or religious poetry. The lessons begin by presenting several short poems that contain elements of the topics covered in the lesson. The poems are followed by a lesson, which explains and analyzes the poetry topics. Next are exercises for students to practice their own poetry-writing skills. The exercises vary in length and complexity; some are fill-in-the-blank type exercises that involve completing the lines of a poem while others require students to write their own poems based upon concepts taught in the lessons. The poems used throughout the book are taken from Rod and Staffs Poems for Memorization, so many of them have religious themes. For additional motivation, the end of each lesson features examples of poems written by actual students. Several review exercises give students the opportunity to tie together multiple poetry concepts. Answers included. 80 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa

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    A very complete, structured, thoroughly Christian writing program for grades 1-12. This program emphasizes all the basic elements of writing: descriptive, narrative, informational, and persuasive. Success or mastery of these skills is insured by the systematic, progressive building of each concept in the daily lesson plans. The plans are also very comprehensive, requiring very little, if any, parent preparation. The lessons at grade levels 1-6 must be presented by the teacher. At higher levels, students can work independently. The 360-page curriculum is divided into three parts. Part I is a discussion of the approach used in the program. Part II addresses the specific elements of content, style, and mechanics to be mastered, with examples of each. Part III contains the actual lesson plans, divided into levels 1-12. It is not necessary to begin at level one or actual grade level - a Diagnostic Check list in the appendix will help you locate the starting point for your child. Even when starting at a higher level, author Susan Braderick explains that all students, even high schoolers, will need to study writing content and writing style materials from level 2 onward. This is required to assure complete understanding of these skills. Older students will be able to progress through this material more quickly, however, so they should have no trouble completing the program through level 12, despite a late start. Reproducible PET (Planning Evaluation and Testing) sheets are used in the program as tools to help students plan their writing before they begin, functioning as a blueprint for their compositions, and as a parental reference for evaluation of the students writing. A 50 page tablet of PET sheets and a durable plastic line template to use in lining unlined paper and stationary are included. Note that Understanding Writing is purely a writing program - concentrating on mastering God-honoring written communication. Phonics, handwriting, spelling, and reading are not included. Additionally, the program requires the use of A Beka and Rod and Staff English handbooks, a good dictionary, a thesaurus, a comprehensive grammar course (at levels 7 and above), and the book Elements of Style for levels 9-12.

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