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  • Item #: 069400
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $19.50

     The classic 60’s & 70’s game of lightning-quick robot-boxing action, remade for a new generation. This version features a slightly smaller boxing ring, two buttons for each player (left and right punch), and the ability to move robots left, right, forward and backward in a small circle. The goal is the same: be the first to outmaneuver your opponent and deliver a jaw-popping blow to the chin! Please note that this is not the original version.

  • Item #: 038318
    Retail: $39.95
    Rainbow Price: $35.95

    This award-winning kit features a binary-navigating robot which the builder can program themselves using simple binary code. When assembled, this 3-wheeled, translucent yellow robot features two DC motors, a 3-speed gear box, an infrared sensor, and a memory disk. Memory disks consist of two rows of blank boxes, which can be "programmed" by coloring some black and leaving some white. Different patterns can activate either of the two front wheels to make the robot go forward, left, right, or stop. The disk is replaceable, so the student can create new ones for different movement programs. Adjusting the gear box will also change the robot's movement. The robot kit includes all the parts, including a pre-assembled circuit board, hardware, and a mechanical drive system. Requires a screwdriver for assembly and four 'AA' batteries (not included). With this kit, building the robot it only half the fun! - Jess

  • Item #: 052822
    ISBN: 9781936749751
    Retail: $15.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

    Robots are everywhere! Not just in toy stores or science fiction movies; did you know that robots are also in hospitals, factories, household appliances, and outer space? Through hands-on projects, Robotics teaches kids about the many functions of robots in science, technology, math, and everyday life. Each chapter focuses on a different topic, such as robot development, bodies, motion, and sensors. The text manages to be technical while remaining accessible and kid-friendly. Each chapter includes diagrams, fun facts, and bolded vocabulary words keyed to "Words to Know" glossary boxes. Twenty projects are included for kids to build their own robots, each containing an overview, list of supplies, and step-by-step instructions. While you'll likely have some of the more common items around the house, you'll probably need to make a trip to the hardware or hobby store for some (unless you already have DC motors or extra electrical wire lying around!) The book also suggests dollar stores as a resource for inexpensive motors and such, gained from cheap hand-held electric fans, keychain lights, and other items that can be taken apart for parts. You can even use salvaged parts from recycled toys and other household devices for some of the projects! Projects include: Art-Making Vibrobot, Hack a Line-Following Robot Car, Robotic Arm, Rolling Ball Tilt Sensor, and Binary Bead Jewelry. Several "pen and paper" Logo programming projects are included as well. The front of the book includes a robotics timeline; glossary, list of resources, and index are located in the back. Whether you complete all of the projects, or just a few, the information alone makes for a great read and is sure to spark curiosity in the STEM fields. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 067031
    Retail: $12.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

       This set includes a robot with swiveling head, arms, and upper body, 15 bolts, Design & Drill screwdriver, and sheet of stickers. Little ones can insert the bolts into the pre-assembled robot and customize the look using the stickers.

  • Item #: 048306
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $23.95

     Buzzes and lights up when metal objects are detected.

  • Item #: 048247
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $23.95

     Stops, backs up, and changes direction when sensing an obstacle.

  • Item #: 062175
    Retail: $43.95
    Rainbow Price: $31.95

    Are you into robotics, but don't just want another nameless, bumbling, human-shaped thing? Perhaps you crave something that mimics nature's many wonders… like a Frilled Lizard robot. Well, amazingly, you've found that exact thing! Once assembled, this interactive robot can be set on two modes: "defense mode" and "pet mode". When set to "defense mode" this little guy will detect threats and respond accordingly by backing away, opening its mouth, puffing its frill, and running! On "pet mode" this reptile companion is a bit friendlier, albeit still cautious. It will still display its frill when feeling threatened, but when it feels safe it will follow you around adoringly. Although the recommended age range is 10 and up, it is worth noting that assembly is somewhat complex and requires time, patience, and vigilance. Instructions are diagrammed pictures, so little reading is required. However, there are some recommended tools not included. These are a diagonal cutter, a Phillips head screwdriver, a knife, and a hammer. In addition, the robot requires four AAA batteries (not included). The perfect gift for a robotics/model lover, a reptile lover, or someone looking to entertain their cats! Winner of Creative Child and Dr. Toy Awards in 2015.

  • Item #: 048598
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $23.95

     Moves when receiving natural or artificial light signals.


  • Item #: 050193
    Retail: $60.95
    Rainbow Price: $43.95

    This robot is a good middle-ground for someone who wants to build a robot but doesn't want it to be a project requiring a myriad of tools and tons of time. Besides the mechanical and plastic parts included in the kit, all you need to provide are a diagonal cutter, a screwdriver, and 4 AA batteries. The instruction manual first outlines the steps (through pictures) of building the control box. Then it provides ten modules to build all of the pieces necessary for the robot – the base module, gearbox module, track and arm modules, fork modules, and link modules. These modules are then used to build any of the three models possible – the gripper, the rover, or the forklift. Instructions are included for assembly and disassembly of all three models so you can switch the robot back and forth as many times as you want. Once you've built a model, use the control box to move it forward or backward, turn right or left, or make the forklift lift or the gripper grab. The pieces are well-made and lend to easy construction and a sturdy end product. - Melissa

  • Item #: 051701
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.95

    Includes 5 robot designs, 5 stands, 1200+ sticky foam pieces, and 10 stickers.

  • Item #: 007078
    Retail: $4.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.25

  • Item #: 048298
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $23.95

     Moves when receiving an Infrared signal from any remote control.

  • Item #: 047651
    Retail: $21.95
    Rainbow Price: $16.95

    From tank to scorpion to upright robot – once assembled, this fantastic model transforms easily from one to the other. And all of its energy comes directly through the included solar panel – no batteries are needed! This snap together kit also includes a sheet of stickers to enhance the look of the model.

  • Item #: 062048
    ISBN: 9780753472040
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95
  • Item #: 038217
    Retail: $129.95
    Rainbow Price: $116.90

  • Item #: 031778
    Retail: $59.99
    Rainbow Price: $39.95

  • Item #: 003518
    Retail: $20.95
    Rainbow Price: $16.50

    A terrific kit for the student just getting into robotics, this simple kit allows kids to build four different models (with four different types of movement) and easily transition between them. The central red module forms the basis for "Grandpa-Bot," a tractor-trailer, a cricket and a two-legged "Beast." Gears and accessories fill in the details. The core module runs on two "AA" batteries (not included).

  • Item #: 068367
    ISBN: 9780753473443
    Retail: $3.99
    Rainbow Price: $3.50

  • Item #: 034330
    Retail: $15.50
    Rainbow Price: $11.75

     Build an electronic robot with an alarm, a note holder, and pen holder. Requires 1 AA battery.

  • Item #: 068022
    Retail: $59.95
    Rainbow Price: $53.90


    Robotic arms are a remarkable scientific innovation that function and appear similar to a human arm. Often, they are able to perform tasks with greater strength, accuracy or speed than their human equivalent--and tasks deemed unsafe for humans. Weaving together mechanical engineering, electrical structures and computer systems, robotics is a field that excites children. Take advantage of their natural curiosity! Using a pneumatic system to activate the models, children construct a pivoting robotic arm, a robotic hand, grabber, claw and exoskeleton legs and arms. Full color instruction manual provides 6 experiments in 3 difficulty levels, step by step illustrated instructions and 204 pieces to set your child free to test their mechanical engineering skills. You supply scissors, ruler or measuring tape. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 068020
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $20.00

  • Item #: 003519
    Retail: $20.95
    Rainbow Price: $16.50

    Similar to the T3 Transforming Solar Robot Kit, this one is completely solar-powered (no batteries required!) and includes all of the parts to build four different models including a bipedal robot, a T-rex, a drill vehicle and a six-legged rhinoceros beetle. The parts in this kit are also slightly larger than those in the T3 kit, so younger brothers or sisters can get in on the action as well. – Jess

  • Item #: 038319
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.95
  • Item #: 038320
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.95
  • Item #: 036784
    Retail: $33.95
    Rainbow Price: $24.95
    While robot kits are very entertaining and educational, they can be expensive. This kit is considerate in this regard, as it recycles its parts for up to 14 robots. Your kids can learn about solar power as an alternative energy source while putting together and playing with such creatures as Turtle-bot, Beetle-bot, Quadru-bot, and more. There are also two levels of complexity for the robots, some being simpler to put together, and some more challenging. Instructions are included for all 14 variations.
  • Item #: 045090
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.95
  • Item #: 073547
    Retail: $43.95
    Rainbow Price: $31.95

  • Item #: 009040
    Retail: $129.95
    Rainbow Price: $116.90
    What's cooler than an R/C car? How about a car that you can control with your tablet or smartphone as you steer it through a virtual city? Oh wait, first you need to actually build the car – or, more accurately, you get to build one of eight programmable vehicles with four electric motors that guide the wheels. Once the car is complete, download the correlating app, toss the QR code cards around it, and point the tablet or smartphone at the car. The QR code cards "transform" into buildings, trees and other obstacles that you can steer your car around. Mom and Dad might enjoy this kit just as much as the kids… - Jess
  • Item #: 038321
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.95
  • Item #: 027140
    Retail: $33.95
    Rainbow Price: $24.95