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  • Item #: 073547
    Retail: $43.95
    Rainbow Price: $31.95

    As robots go, KIKO has personality. Maybe it’s the blinking eyes and sound effects. Whether following the movement of your hand or working its way through an obstacle course that you set up, KIKO seems to interact with you. KIKO is a 107-piece robot that includes infrared sensors and artificial intelligence. Mobility (360-degree) comes from the movement of his 6 legs. He can operate in two modes; Follow Me (I would love to try this one behind our cat) and Explore. Another great robotics kit from our friends at OWI.

  • Item #: 039506
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $19.50

    This is not your average board game. Yes, there are cute playing pieces, obstacles and rules, but everyone plays the game until the end AND learns programming fundamentals along the way! The game is played by 1-4 "Turtle Masters" who are trying to get their turtle to the matching jewel on the grid-like game board. In the most basic game play, the players lay out action cards for their turtle, and the parent (or older sibling) acts as "Turtle Mover" and acts out the turtle's movement on the game board. As players get comfortable with the game, you can add "unlockables" to the game board – obstacles like ice walls, stone walls and crates. Turtles must work around each of these obstacles in a different way. As players advance, there are options for upping the ante, like having players lay out all of their action cards in a complete "program," then moving the turtle across the board all at once and seeing if he ends at the jewel. Created by a computer programmer and dad, this is a unique way to show kids how programming works in a fun and visual way! For 2-5 players. – Jess

  • Item #: 036784
    Retail: $33.95
    Rainbow Price: $24.95
    While robot kits are very entertaining and educational, they can be expensive. This kit is considerate in this regard, as it recycles its parts for up to 14 robots. Your kids can learn about solar power as an alternative energy source while putting together and playing with such creatures as Turtle-bot, Beetle-bot, Quadru-bot, and more. There are also two levels of complexity for the robots, some being simpler to put together, and some more challenging. Instructions are included for all 14 variations.
  • Item #: 074283
    Retail: $149.99
    Rainbow Price: $127.50

    Why get a robotics kit to build one robot when you can get one that builds five! The RoboMaker Kit contains the cybernetic brain, 3 motors, 2 IR sensors, touch sensor, speaker and 250+ interchangeable components to build five increasingly complex robots with different capabilities. Abilities include changing directions and speed of movement, producing sound effects, simulating behavior of a predator, following a line, scanning for intruders, and sorting objects by color. Programming is done manually on the robot or on tablet or smartphone via app. Truly learn how robots work with this flexible kit.

  • Item #: 073410
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $18.95

  • Item #: 062175
    Retail: $43.95
    Rainbow Price: $31.95

    Are you into robotics, but don't just want another nameless, bumbling, human-shaped thing? Perhaps you crave something that mimics nature's many wonders… like a Frilled Lizard robot. Well, amazingly, you've found that exact thing! Once assembled, this interactive robot can be set on two modes: "defense mode" and "pet mode". When set to "defense mode" this little guy will detect threats and respond accordingly by backing away, opening its mouth, puffing its frill, and running! On "pet mode" this reptile companion is a bit friendlier, albeit still cautious. It will still display its frill when feeling threatened, but when it feels safe it will follow you around adoringly. Although the recommended age range is 10 and up, it is worth noting that assembly is somewhat complex and requires time, patience, and vigilance. Instructions are diagrammed pictures, so little reading is required. However, there are some recommended tools not included. These are a diagonal cutter, a Phillips head screwdriver, a knife, and a hammer. In addition, the robot requires four AAA batteries (not included). The perfect gift for a robotics/model lover, a reptile lover, or someone looking to entertain their cats! Winner of Creative Child and Dr. Toy Awards in 2015.

  • Item #: 052535
    ISBN: 9781338219630
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $18.75

    Another great project book, complete with all the LEGO® elements needed, from your friends at Klutz. Starting with ever-popular LEGO® components, the book guides the user to make 11 different machines of varying usefulness. Build a working claw, a catapult, or a gravity-powered claw. Components include specialty pieces such as wheels, gears, and pins that work with your existing bricks, so use the prompts in the book to design even more complex projects on your own.

  • Item #: 039097
    ISBN: 9781570544286
    Retail: $18.95
    Rainbow Price: $14.50

    Inspire fun use of the good old pencil and pen with this great set from Klutz. In an enjoyable format, the book teaches how to write in 10 different wild and wacky lettering styles. Easily learn how to write in Robot-O, Mix Up, Bubbly, and more! The book is hardcover and spiral-bound with a pouch holding eight double-pointed colored pencils, four marker pens, a sharpener, and more. Five plastic stencil pages are also included so you can trace the letters you are drawing.

  • Item #: 029518
    Retail: $52.95
    Rainbow Price: $37.95

    Go beyond the study of solar power, salt water-fueled vehicles, and robotics - expand your learning of hydraulic power and physics with this awesome kit. After you build your hydraulic arm out of the 229 included pieces, it will grasp, grip, pick up and open at the command and control of the operator – no batteries or electricity required. The instructions are easy to follow, but will still challenge your beginning engineer. Enhance your science, technology, engineering, and math studies with this great hands-on learning option.

  • Item #: 025970
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $28.25

    My childhood was plagued with overcomplicated electronics kits with massive breadboards and a tangle of resistors. After completing several of the 40 experiments, I feel this kit is much more concise than many and easy to construct. This hands-on lab is designed especially for those who need a knowledge of electronics leading to a career in electronics, computers or robotics. This Tronix Book 1 lab kit will provide a good foundation in basic electronics concepts and components. A 93-page workbook provides 40 briefly described lessons that follow a 3-step process: taking inventory of parts needed; building the circuitry; and performing the experiment (with procedure and observation). Experiments range from basic electronics lessons (how to use the circuit board, reading values, etc.) to component lessons (how diodes, resistors, photocells, transistors, etc. work) to more complicated electronic project lessons. My favorite experiment was the moisture detector. Others include the light controller, police siren and insanity alarm game. Additionally, 13 pages of lessons cover basic DC electronics (Ohm’s, Kirchhoff’s voltage and current laws, and resistors in parallel and in series). At the end of the workbook are 9 pages of Build-the-Schematic exercises, in which the more advanced student will view a schematic, read the theory behind each item and follow the procedure to build. Students can also fill in the date of each schematic’s completion. Parts are identified visually and also according to lab used: includes a 6.5” x 1.5” breadboard, a 9V battery, ceramic disc capacitors, light emitting diodes, an integrated circuits/timer, a photocell, a battery snap, a timer, 3 standard LEDs,2 silicon rectifier, 4 pnp transistors, a speaker, resistors, a diode, a push-button switch, potentiometer, semiconductors, and 20 solid wires at different OHM ratings. While most helpful if learning alongside someone with some electrical experience, the variety of in-depth experiments allow high school students to have plenty of fun while learning ohm’s law, circuits in parallel versus series and voltage principals. ~ Steve

  • Item #: 072964
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.25

    How well do you know the elements? If you’re not a pro, don’t worry – these cards will get you there! The basis of this freeform game is a set of 118 element cards. Each has a crowded but clean set of “quick reference” information: name, description, melting / boiling point, atomic number / symbol, etc. But the key to each card is a cartoon illustration of the element’s purpose or identity: cadmium, for example, is used in batteries and is depicted as a battery-powered robot. Each player starts with 5 cards and gameplay progresses through a series of “mini-game” challenges like War, Go Fish, or other classic card games, but with elements – comparing highest atomic value, for example. The first player to 10 collect cards wins. Other card & trivia games can be played with the Periodyx deck as well, but the most interesting aspect is certainly the cards themselves. Once you’re finished with the games, the can be easily integrated into chemistry studies as entertaining flash cards and other reference material! For 2-10 players.

  • Item #: 071846
    Retail: $59.99
    Rainbow Price: $53.95

    Includes 3 squares, 2 diamonds, 2 panel diamonds, 4 long arms, tube coupling, 3 tube connectors, 4 short arms, 2 wheels, 2 motors, IR transmitter/receiver, 4 track wheels.

  • Item #: 066519
    ISBN: 9781338106367
    Retail: $21.99
    Rainbow Price: $16.50

    Introduce your younger students to the world of electricity in this hands-on, fun kit by Klutz. Mold 15 different clay projects using 5 colors of clay, 20 LEDS, a battery pack (requires 4AA batteries, not included), and over 50 punch-out paper pieces. You will get four colors of conductive clay blue, green, orange, and black; and one block of white, insulating clay. The conductive clay allows electrons to flow through, and the insulating clay is firmer and doesn't allow the flow of electrons. The kit includes a 52-page book with numbered instructions with illustrations for each clay project. Make a Rocket, UFO, Flower, Shooting Star, Jack-O-Lantern, Flashlight, Cupcake, Snowman, Astronaut, Robot, Night Window, Police Car, and Dragon all with light-up features. The book also includes a list of other things you might need for the projects (household items), LED care, cleaning up, powering up the battery pack, clay shaping basics, how to use the paper punch-outs, and explanations of simple circuitry. Jess, Ramsey, and Gemma made the dragon, and he was adorable with his light-up eyes. I think the amazing thing is that you can use clay to teach basics of circuitry in a way that really makes sense to young learners. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 065363
    Retail: $13.00
    Rainbow Price: $9.95
  • Item #: 040279
    Retail: $104.95
    Rainbow Price: $57.95
    This kit features the same easy-to-snap-together parts as its Snap Circuits cousins. Set includes parts and instructions for 23 projects revolving around building and operating a remote controlled vehicle. Kids can create a Rover with working headlights, sidelights, sound effects and more which they can run with the included wireless remote control. Different projects encourage them to focus on producing various systems for the vehicle such as gears, sounds, lights, a generator, capacitors and more.
  • Item #: 031837
    Retail: $79.99
    Rainbow Price: $59.95

    A 77-piece activity set, fit to create any number of challenges for Botley to overcome. Includes Botley and the remote programmer, detachable arms for Botley, 40 coding cards, 6 double-sided jigsaw tiles, 27 obstacles, and a manual with coding challenges included.

  • Item #: 031778
    Retail: $59.99
    Rainbow Price: $45.95

    Includes Botley, detachable robot arms, the remote programmer and 42 coding cards (printed cards which can be used to visually portray a series of commands).

  • Item #: 022405
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $349.95

       Combine LEGO® with technology and Mindstorms® is the result. I have been told that Mindstorms® is one of the hottest kits on the market. From a science perspective, a kit like this meets the new STEM/STEAM push; from a Lego® perspective, this is a great kit with possibilities to take them to the next level. Build and program robots that can walk and talk – as easy as downloading the EV3 Programmer App for PC and Mac. You can even get the instructions for building more models at the LEGO® website – or create your own!

      This kit gets great reviews from all ages, because you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy building and creating with LEGO®. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 022163
    Retail: $11.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.59
  • Item #: 022153
    Retail: $11.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.59
  • Item #: 003518
    Retail: $20.95
    Rainbow Price: $16.50

    A terrific kit for the student just getting into robotics, this simple kit allows kids to build four different models (with four different types of movement) and easily transition between them. The central red module forms the basis for "Grandpa-Bot," a tractor-trailer, a cricket and a two-legged "Beast." Gears and accessories fill in the details. The core module runs on two "AA" batteries (not included).

  • Item #: 047043
    Retail: $22.95
    Rainbow Price: $16.95

    Young astronomers will have fun learning as they build, paint and watch their very own Solar System come to life with real solar energy. Planets orbit around the solar-paneled "sun" that drives a motor so the planets actually move. This excellent educational solar kit provides a hands-on lesson about how solar power drives a motor. The kit comes with 6 colors of opaque acrylic paint, plus brush—which makes for the perfect exercise in science and creativity.

  • Item #: 046141
    ISBN: 9781465446060
    Retail: $4.99
    Rainbow Price: $3.95

  • Item #: 042698
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.49
  • Item #: 041078
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $34.99

     Build and customize a solar-powered water sensor for a potted plant and construct a “thirsty plant water bomb” and more.  You will need to supply a small plant and needle-nose pliers. 

  • Item #: 039540
    Retail: $49.99
    Rainbow Price: $39.99
    Includes 18 square and 12 triangular Magformers, made up of 108 encapsulated magnets.

  • Item #: 038321
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.95
  • Item #: 031783
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $15.95

    For additional robot hijinks, consider this set of dominoes, balls, hammers, and other interactive obstacles. Includes an activity guide.

  • Item #: 027140
    Retail: $33.95
    Rainbow Price: $24.95

    Robotics kits with multiple builds are some of our favorites. This versatile kit from OWI combines solar and hydraulic power to propel 12 different robots with no batteries needed. With solar power becoming more popular, and hydraulics a staple in machine engineering, this kit will teach real-world skills in an exciting way. Builds include wheeled units like forklift and excavator that turn and lift, as well as animal-like robots that walk, grip, and bite. Kit includes 230 pieces and a detailed instruction manual. Finished projects range in size from 4.4”x3.7”x4.3” to 9”x9”x10.2”.

  • Item #: 015014
    ISBN: 9781624142819
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.95

      There is a whole lot to love about Legos, and now motivating our children’s creativity and craftsmanship just got easier. Part step-by-step projects and part inspiration, this book contains a mix of easy and challenging projects. With 50 projects to choose from, there truly is something for everyone in this great book - projects include robots, dragons, tigers, a catapult, fighter jet, or a Formula One race car. Also included are creative concepts, which list key building elements with sample pictures but do not give step-by-step instruction, allowing children the opportunity to investigate and develop personal and unique projects. Concept samples include a playground, candy dispenser, marble run, and a variety of tabletop games. Written by a homeschool mom with input from her 4 boys and 1 daughter, these tried-and-true projects are sure to captivate the enthusiastic Lego creators in your family. SC. 192 pgs. ~Deanne