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Right Brain Math

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    ISBN: 9781943122127
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    Does your child struggle with retaining math facts or forget how to perform basic math computations? Do they need to use math manipulatives for basic math facts, even into their middle school years? With the majority of math curricula written for the left-brain learners who easily understand the drill-based math facts taught through black and white images, what is a parent to do with a child who learns differently and is not able to grasp math as traditionally taught? This DVD may provide the key to defeating frustration and overcoming forgetfulness! Beginning with a brief overview of right and left-brain learning as it applies to mathematics, Dianne Craft shares effective strategies to help struggling learners retain math facts and processes. While recommendations for math curricula workbooks are offered, these techniques would work with most math programs that you are currently using-with just a bit of tweaking! Strategies to teach addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, Algebra (order of operations), fractions and multiplication by 3 digits are included. This totally different teaching method will retrain the “non-math” brain into a math sponge, giving your child confidence and skills for math success! While not part of the Right Brained Math Series from Child First Publications, this DVD could be a vital forerunner to that series, providing parents and teachers a foundational understanding of right brain leaners and their distinctive needs. Part of the “Struggling Learner Seminar” series. DVD runs approximately 40 minutes. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9781936981977
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    ISBN: 9781936981557
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  • Item #: 058387
    ISBN: 9781936981199
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    This brand new version of the Multiplication & Division book strongly utilizes right brained elements to help children learn and remember their facts. Additional elements in this edition include full color images, color-coding within the instructional pages, clear directions for the teacher or parent, hands-on practice, skits to act out, and practice problems complete with answer key. Right-brained elements included in this book: • embedded symbols in VISUALS • use of PERSONIFICATION • PATTERN DISCOVERY • use of STORY • COLOR CODING • BODY MOTION

    Paperback: 124 pages. Full color.

  • Item #: 058386
    ISBN: 9781936981540
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  • Item #: 069185
    ISBN: 9781947484009
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    ISBN: 9780983084033
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     Multiplication Cards are double sided with a math problem with embedded pictures on one side and related story on the back side. Covering multiplication facts 0-9, these glossy cardstock cards measure 11x8 ½”. I greatly appreciate the large bold font used for the story line which makes it practical for individual or group use. 

  • Item #: 064821
    ISBN: 9780985329815
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     Visual Number Cards allow you to teach the whole with the parts by this unique system containing the number with an embedded picture on the front of the card and the related number story on the back. Set includes numbers 1-9, cards are single hole punched with a hinged ring and measure 5 1/2” x 4 1/4”.

  • Item #: 064819
    ISBN: 9780985329839
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    Package includes: Right Brain Phonics Program book, Brain Integration Therapy Manual, Teaching the Right Brain Child book and DVD, Right Brain Phonics Flashcards, selected Right Brain Dolch Sight Word Cards, Dyslexia and Other Reading Problems DVD, colored reading transparencies and quick start guide.

  • Item #: 026217
    ISBN: 9780794508531
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    Even though there are lots of mysteries left about how the brain works, scientists have discovered a lot about this amazing part of the body. In a friendly and entertaining way, this book gives a very good overview of the brain, including the anatomy of the brain, components of the brain, how the brain develops over time, intelligence, eyesight, memory, mental illness, drugs that effect the brain, animal brains compared to humans, computers compared to humans, how the brain functions, the history of how we came to know about the brain, and more. It really is a good overview, with a solid amount of information given on each page. This is accomplished by using full-color, cartoony illustrations, speech and thought bubbles, information boxes, fact-filled captions, and short paragraphs that get right to the point. The illustrations and speech bubbles add a lot of humor to the book, so students will enjoy perusing it just for fun. It's also good because it gives you some great examples of how the brain works by providing real-life examples students can relate to that deal with the brain, and even a few puzzles to solve that will require the use of brain power. Like many Usborne books, this one includes quicklinks, which are recommended website links that explain more about a specific topic, give examples, or provide a fun activity dealing with the topic. Even without the links, this book is full of fascinating and fun-to-read information about the brain. By Rebecca Treays, 32 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 011132
    ISBN: 9781585429202
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    This hefty drawing book provides instruction for the serious drawing student. Without assuming much prior instruction, the author begins simply and progresses in difficulty. 12 chapters include "Drawing and the Art of Bicycle Riding," "Crossing Over from Left to Right," "Perceiving Spaces," "Drawing a Profile Portrait," "Using Your New Perceptual Skills for Creative Problem Solving" and more. While there are many exercises included, most of the book is meant to be read, with accompanying illustrations and diagrams. Topics include negative space, portraits, light and shadows, perspective, edges and contours, color, and features. The author offers lots of practical advice, sound instruction, and helpful tips. A drawing classic! 284 pages. - Melissa

  • Item #: 052567
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    This DVD could easily have been called, "Effective Teaching Strategies for Children Who Just Don't Get It!" Focusing specifically on teaching strategies for right brain learners, the ideas and concepts presented here will facilitate learning for many of your children. In this presentation, Dianne Craft explains the differences between right and left brain learning and defines the targeted audience for teaching with right brain strategies. While success has been documented in a variety of children including those with auditory processing issues, attention and focusing issues, underdeveloped memory and poor hemispheric integration (e.g. Dyslexia), the strategies presented will work for any child that other teaching methods are not working for.

    Beginning with the premise that most curricula is written for left brain learners who thrive on a sequential, repetitive, and mostly plain (non-distracting) presentation, Mrs. Craft explains the differences found in the right brain learner and provides a wide range of teaching suggestions in multiple subject areas including Spelling and Vocabulary, Phonics and Reading Comprehension, Math and Writing. Suggestions for following directions and study skills are also included.

    This DVD lecture is bursting with strategic ideas for teaching struggling learners and I personally took away many nuggets—valuable ideas that this "left brain mom" is incorporating into her home. One of the greatest tidbits I received was the idea that writing was not the best learning gate for all children and often times children feel penalized when made to write everything we strive to teach them-as a mom who incorporated a great deal of copywork in our homeschool, this explained a lot of the struggles I went through with one of my children. An accompanying 38 page comb-bound Study Guide provides overhead transparencies and additional "how-to" information. Mrs. Craft is an engaging and thoroughly enjoyable presenter. My only lament with this DVD is the low sound quality at times (the teaching segment was recorded live in a large room), and the overhead projections are often difficult to view. Fortunately, the study guide does a fine job of aiding the viewer in following the presentation.

    Mrs. Craft's materials can be used independently, or in tandem as they complement each other. While there is minor overlap between the Brain Integration Manual and her workshop DVDs/CDs, using them together provides parents with additional tools. 126 min. Deanne

  • Item #: 021235
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    Play a fast-paced, cattywampus thinking game that will sharpen your visual, spatial, number, and thinking skills while having lots of fun. Every player gets 12 diamond-shaped tiles, and each tile has colored pie-slice shapes with numbers at each point. Challenge chips are placed in the middle of the table, and everyone works simultaneously to conquer the challenges a sum less than 12, even numbers, two colors, same color more than 30, etc. Place your tiles appropriately to match your colors or numbers to complete as many challenge chips as possible in each round. Play for 3 rounds and the person with the most points wins. The instructions show several variations to the game there is more than one way to look at each challenge!

  • Item #: 039444
    ISBN: 9781585429226
    Retail: $19.95
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    Created as a supplement to The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, this spiral-bound workbook offers 40 exercises that act as "guided practice" in drawing. The exercises are divided into the five basic skills of drawing, including "Perception of Edges," "Perception of Spaces," "Perception of Relationships," "Perception of Light and Shadows" and "Perception of the Gestalt." Each exercise includes a short section at the beginning which explains the purpose for the exercise, a list of materials needed, step-by-step instructions, helpful illustrations, and examples. Blank pages and large open spaces are included in the workbook for the student to complete the exercise, which keeps everything neatly in one book and makes it easy to look over your progress. A motivating forward, a list of all the materials needed for the workbook, and a glossary of drawing terms all get you started on the right foot. If you're working through The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, this will give you plenty of extra practice! – Jess

  • Item #: 052565
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    Dianne Craft is well known for her successful approaches for equipping families (and teachers) to overcome problems faced by their struggling, but bright learners. Designed for home use, this manual provides an overview of how the brain works, right brain vs. left brain traits, detailed information on the four identified learning gates, brain training exercises, suggestions for a weekly sequence plus daily lesson plans for struggling learners.

    Overwhelmed yet? Don't be. Mrs. Craft has created an easy to use resource that may save you hundreds of dollars in occupational therapy. Beginning with a clear introduction to brain integration therapy she walks you through a brief overview of struggling learners, the importance of crawling and understanding the function of the brain with a focus on the role of the left and right brain.

    With the foundation of the importance of brain integration put forth, she then introduces us to the four learning gates: Visual Processing, Visual/Motor (writing), Auditory Processing, and the Attention/Focusing/Behavior. Observable characteristics of the blocked gates are presented alongside simple activities to determine if your child presents with a blocked gate in one of these areas. For example, a parent might recognize that their child who is struggling to learn to read has a blocked Visual Processing gate if the child needs to underline or point to each word as they read or reverses letters (or words) while reading. While the manual focuses on therapies to improve blocks in the first three gates, Mrs. Craft does offer detailed information on correcting a blocked Attention/Focusing/Behavior gate in her Biology of Behavior audio CD series, which we are pleased to offer separately.

    The remaining sections in the manual are dedicated to explaining a variety of exercises to improve brain integration. These include detailed explanations and step by step instructions paired with numerous black and white photo demonstrations, which leads me into one of the most valuable aspects of this manual: the detailed schedule suggestions.

    The suggested schedule is divided into three areas: Brain Training Sequences designed to be done daily Monday through Thursday; the once a week Brain Training Session which provides exercises specific to one of the blocked gates, and daily lesson plans for reading, writing and math. Parents will find time spent in each subject varies but parents should anticipate 30-45 minutes daily on each subject.

    All in all, this is a user friendly guide for home use. The exercises are well explained and laid out. The background information provides the parent with a deeper understanding of our children with learning glitches. Detailed diagnostic checklists, a diagnostic reading grade placement test, case studies and the optional online support from Mrs. Craft provide parents with necessary tools to best meet the needs of their unique learner. One caveat I would make is regarding the time commitment necessary to gain full benefit of the brain training. The program described will be time intensive for the parent, and the author acknowledges that a parent's willingness to devote a consistent and fairly intense effort is vital to success. If you are looking for something more specific in scope, we also offer Dianne Craft's Teaching the Right Brained Child DVD and Smart Kids Who Hate to Write DVD. Mrs. Craft's materials can be used independently as standalone products, or use them together as they complement each other well. There is minor overlap between the Brain Integration Manual and her workshop DVDs, but there is not a great deal of redundancy and using them together provides parents with additional tools. 2013 Edition. Spiral bound with included 18"x 12" Writing Eight Exercise template. 151 pgs. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 059812
    ISBN: 9780985472528
    Retail: $24.95
    Rainbow Price: $19.25

    I love the line on the front cover: “Math is often taught as all scales and no music. This book contains the music!” Our math study is indeed lacking if we don’t see how it can be used to do wonderful things. The book’s first premise is that we learn through being challenged. Students, secondly, should be presented with these challenges in ways that intriguingly connect math and the real world. Each chapter introduces concepts and discusses the real world situation using a charming animal companion and an Einstein-like character drawn in black and white cartoons. The formula and key processes they discuss are highlighted on a drawn chalkboard. The 21 chapters each pull from a wide variety of topics: astronomy, problem solving, algebra, probability, ratios, perimeter and circumference, area, volume, analogies, speed, bases and more. First in each chapter come problem sets. You can easily select the difficulty of problems to specifically challenge your student. All material covers four different levels of difficulty: easy, somewhat challenging, challenging and very challenging. Each problem set has “warm up” exercises with one problem for each of the four different levels. After a few pages of problem sets come extended sets of questions at each level--a good handful (5 or so) of questions per level. Answers are provided in full and comprise 125 pages of the book. Pages are reproducible for classroom use. 398 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 068494
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     These brainy word puzzles will get your math gears turning--or maybe leave you stumped! The metal tin securely holds all 64 cards and instructions--great for traveling. Play it by yourself, or competitively: the player to guess the correct answer keeps the card, and the first player with five cards wins. 3.25” diameter x .75” thick

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    ISBN: 9781454900313
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    ISBN: 9781454900337
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    ISBN: 9781454900320
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    ISBN: 9781454900344
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    ISBN: 9781943122189
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    ISBN: 9780985329860
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    Whether you have a child who is a right brain learner or one who has attention and focusing issues, this DVD may be the perfect tool to enable them to succeed with writing skills from sentences to essay. Beginning with a review of left and right brain learning, Mrs. Craft provides parents and teachers with a teaching outline to assist beginning and intermediate writers whether they meet one of the criteria above or if they simply need a “Plan B” because their current textbook curriculum isn’t working. Beginning Writers focus on writing one good sentence using a stimulus picture. Once they are able to write 3 sentences well, they are ready to move onto the Intermediate Writing instruction. Stressing that the key to success is modeling, she ‘models’ for the viewer the teaching methods that have been successful for struggling writers. With the modeling paradigm, parents/teachers will be actively involved in the writing instruction. Wonderfully practical and relatable, parents and teachers will quickly warm to the teaching ideas presented and feel qualified to share these valuable strategies with their children. Includes contact information for additional teaching resources. DVD runs approximately 40 minutes. Part of the “Struggling Learner Seminar” series. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 033690
    ISBN: 9781569111826
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    This handy little journal is the perfect accompaniment to any math program. 64 blank pages provide room for students to show their work when solving problems. Left-hand pages hold lines while the right hand pages are 1-cm graph paper. Inside the cover are helpful math tips - terms describing number operations, common math terms, 5 steps to solving word problems, and a 12x12 multiplication table. ~ Steph

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    If I were to give you these four clues "Elijah," "Esau," "Jacob" and "Nazarites," could you tell me which one didn't belong? How about the connection between the other three? Not one of those feel-good, easy-cheesy Bible games with answers like "church" or "pew," this game will have you dredging the trenches of your memory looking for solid (and many times obscure!) facts straight from the pages of the Bible. Fun and educational, it works like this - the board features a triangle-shaped track with 30 spaces along which players move forward for correct answers, but may have to, in certain situations, move backwards for incorrect answers. Players are given four clues, and they must decide, for 1 point, which of the four doesn't belong, and for 3 points, the connection between the other three. They must always answer in this order; players cannot get points or name the connection without first eliminating the one that doesn't fit. If a player answers both parts correctly, they continue to get questions until they answer part of a question incorrectly. Bonus points are available for the next player to "steal" that question. "Give" and "Take" questions add an extra element to the game; if the player receiving a question doesn't know the answer (and thinks another player may not either!), they can slap down one of their "Give" cards and assign it to them. If that player doesn't answer both parts correctly, they must move backwards four spaces, but if they do answer correctly, they move forward four. If it's not your turn, but you know the answer and the receiving player hesitates, slap down your "Take" card and shout out your answer. If you get it right, move forward 4 spaces, but be careful - if you don't answer the whole thing correctly, you move backwards 4 spaces! With 500 double-sided cards, for a total of 1000 questions, players will be scrambling to study their Bible before the next play date! References for each fact are given at the bottom of each card in italics if you'd like to research anything. (Oh, do you want to know the answer to the puzzle – or have you already figured it out? The one that doesn't belong is "Jacob" – because the other three are hairy.). For 3-6+ players, game time is approximately 40 minutes. ~ Megan

  • Item #: 041356
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    Kit includes Math Card Games book (with DVD), 6 special card decks, laminated fraction charts, and Standard AL Abacus.

  • Item #: 001006
    ISBN: 9780983084017
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  • Item #: 066097
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     Consonant Blends: fl-, sl-, cl-, gl-, bl-, pl-, gr-, dr-,cr-, fr-, tr-, br-, sp-, sk-, st-, sw-

  • Item #: 066098
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     Covers consonant blends: sh, ll, ng, ch, nd, nt and endings –ed, -ing

  • Item #: 026178
    ISBN: 9780985329846
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     Covers vowel patterns: -at, -ad, -an, -ap, -am, -ag, -ab