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    We have had numerous requests for a homeschool report card, and your pleas have been heard. This simple report card is printed on sturdy grayish cardstock and folded in half. On the front, there is a picture of an apple; blanks to record the student's name, grade and school year; and the Bible verse 2 Timothy 2:15. When you turn the cover to view the inside of the report card, there is an academic progress chart on the left hand side and a character development chart on the right. The academic progress chart lists 8 subject areas (Bible, reading, mathematics, English, spelling, penmanship, science, and history/geography) and three blank spaces to record additional studies. To the right of each subject are four blank boxes for you to record the grades earned in that subject each quarter of the year. Below the chart is a grading scale. The character development chart is very similar, except for instead of school subjects it lists personality traits (courteous, dependable, cooperative, truthful, willing attitude, hard working, kind, and appreciative.) Below this chart is an explanation of the symbols used to "grade" their character - A =Achieved, I = Improving Steadily, and M = Making Some Progress. The backside of the card is blank aside from a short sentence with blanks in the appropriate places stating that [name of student] has been promoted to the [?] grade under supervision of [Parent's signature]. - Melissa
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    ISBN: 9781483811130
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    ISBN: 9781483811123
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    ISBN: 9781483811147
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    This inexpensive CD contains a number of printable forms to help make your home schooling as organized and pain-free as possible. About 70 pages are included for planning, pricing, locating and scheduling curriculum, scheduling daily lessons and assignments, making an 180 days at-a-glance subject planner, scheduling daily lessons, keeping a reading record, and setting life goals. Also includes templates for logging grades, creating report cards, making a general high school planner or high school science lab chart, and a form for students to use when writing a book report. A bonus document includes step-by-step instructions for creating your own yearbook pages. All forms and templates are available as Microsoft Word documents and Adobe Acrobat files. Win/Mac compatible. Rachel P

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    These clever idea cards include 40 projects for your student and accommodate a variety of learning styles. Using Bloom's Taxonomy for levels of comprehension and the Multiple Intelligence (MI) profiles, you can choose the card that best fits your learner or push their boundaries with projects outside of his natural learning direction. If you are not familiar with the term MI, you might still recognize the intelligence categories: naturalist, musical, verbal/linguistic, interpersonal, bodily/kinesthetic, visual/spatial, existential, and intrapersonal. Bloom's categories include: remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. At the bottom of each card, the relevant categories are highlighted. On the back of each card is a 16-point grading rubric. Students can use this as a guide as they complete their project, and parents/teachers can use it to assess their student's work. The cards vary in complexity and have both individual and group/partner activities centered on the elements of non-fiction such as setting, theme and tone. A small guide for using the cards and a short explanation of the MI and Bloom categories are included. Here is an example: Plot or Setting Map – Is there a location in your book that is important to the people in it? Do the people in your book travel somewhere or go on a journey? Create a map of a journey or location that is important in your book. Look at similar maps for ideas, and then create your map. The highlighted MIs for this card are logical/mathematical and visual/spatial. The Bloom levels are remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, and creating. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 046172
    ISBN: 9780965372329
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    You’ll find things in this homeschool planner that don’t show up in others. And they’re likely to be just what you were wanting. The expected 36 weeks of planning pages are there – M-F across the top horizontally with nine vertical unlined boxes (1 1/8” x 2 3/4”) labeled Scripture, English, History, Math, Science, three blank boxes, and Notes. Then, there’s the might-be-expected – sheets for daily attendance, field trips, chores, daily schedule, daily grade sheet. Lastly, there are a few things that will surprise you: a list to prepare “our family rules,” character development chart, instructional sections on grading and preparing a transcript, reproducible report cards, and short essays with helpful hints and anecdotes. Definitely the work of an experienced homeschool mom from a Christian perspective. Janice

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    ISBN: 9781411469310
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    Includes Pumpkin, Lemon Yellow, Rojo Red, Cobalt Blue, and Violet

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    Pink, Blue, Canary, Green, and Lilac

  • Item #: 020087
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  • Item #: 023703
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    Includes Blue, Gray, Cherry, Tan, and Lilac

  • Item #: 062022
    ISBN: 9780787713980
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    Fifty 4 x 8 flashcards help you dig into any book. Questions differ on each card but are in the categories of character, plot and setting. For instance in character: What gift would you give to the main character in your book? Why? For plot: Describe a way that your book could have ended sadly. If the ending is already sad, think of a new way. For setting: How would the plot and characters from your book be different if it were set 100 years earlier? On the back of each card is an extension activity such as Create a newspaper front page that features articles and pictures about one of your books main events. The beauty of these cards is that you can use them with any book; go through the set and then use them over and over again with books at a different grade level. As a thank you for using this product, the publisher has made bonus activities available for download from their website. Just use the item and pass code included with the flashcards. ~ Janice

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  • Item #: 068356
    ISBN: 9780829445886
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       Kindergarten material in this series is new. Course components are two oversized “Big Books,” a large box of Writing Cards, and a Teacher’s Manual and are only available as a Kindergarten Kit. The Grammar Big Books, designed for the teacher to hold and show, cover 36 grammar concepts with clear definitions and examples. The Writing Cards are writing prompts - 90 cards in six different genres (personal narrative, friendly letter, directions, description, book report, and informational writing). There are three different levels of writing proficiency that allow students to start at their current level and grow. These two strands are woven together through the scripted Teacher Edition. Provided are materials lists, and reproducible blackline masters along with CCSS correlations. Lessons with both grammar and writing aspects are covered weekly.

  • Item #: 063593
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    "This is Michelle Walters, reporting to you live from outside Meeple City. Even I don't understand the full impact of what's come over this city today – giant monsters, mostly. The townsmeeple flee in horror as the creatures reign destruction upon the cityscape! It's truly a sight to behold – cars being thrown, buildings being toppled, rooftops blown off due to the sheer lung capacity of these terrors that appeared out of nowhere. I'm lucky to have escaped the city, but my fellow citizens aren't so fortunate. There's no stopping the utter annihilation as these horrors march their way across the city, wrecking and devouring all in their path! This can only spell doom for the townsmeeple… but a ton of fun for you!"

    Your goal is simple – leave no stone unturned, no meeple uneaten…if too many meeples escape from the city, it'll trigger some unfortunate consequences. You'll be competing against other monsters for the title of the biggest, baddest monster, and you may even slug it out and break a few teeth. But hey, just because you're all after the same thing doesn't mean you're all the same; even monsters have unique identities. At the beginning of each game, monsters will each get their own character, power, and secret superpower cards. Maybe you're a romantic Kung Fu master who has the secret power of invisibility. Where does your monster get all of its awesome strength? You! You are the destructive force behind your monster – use your power to flick vehicles across the board, your mightiest breaths to displace meeples and structures, and your accuracy to move your monster and destroy buildings. Unleash your inner beast! For 2-4 monsters. Game time: 30 minutes.

  • Item #: 037519
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    Children today tend to be more technologically savvy than their parents and even older siblings. Yet the importance of learning the foundational skills remains. This engaging typing program has been uniquely created for young typists. Through the charm of various Disney characters, children are taught to use their "magical typing skills" to reach the palace. Whether freeing the Princess from the hedge that has engulfed her to the typing games found at the Palace Faire, children will be motivated to learn the typing skills necessary as the delightful, enchanting stories unfold. Children will practice their typing skills through various Disney stories including Pinocchio, Tangled, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Snow White and the Severn Dwarfs, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Princess and the Frog, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.

    The CD-ROM provides ten typing courses to reach all skill levels, visual hand guides, progress reports and hundreds of lessons and challenges. Your children may beg you to play Mickey's typing adventure (shhh, the educational value secret is safe with me!). Powered by the time proven Typing Instructor. Personal License: Install on up to 2 computers and not to exceed 5 family members. Internet access required to activate. Computer requirements: Pentium 4, Windows PC-Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP. 400mb Hard drive space, CD-Rom drive, 16 bit sound card, and speaker/mouse. Mac requirements: Mac OS 10.6 or higher; Power PC G4/G5 or Intel Core Duo Processor, 500 mb Hard drive space and speakers/mouse. Both require 1280x768 16 bit or higher display. ~Deanne